Menthol Cigarettes Linked to Ethnic Violence

The FDA looks to fall short of the complete ban on menthol cigarettes favored by many.

<Washington D.C.> The Federal Drug Agency is close to regulating the amount of menthol that is inserted into cigarettes sold predominately in low income ethnic areas of this country. The share of the cigarette market has grown among African Americans and Mexicans starting in the 1960’s. This coincides with the before mentioned groups becoming more of an “Upward” looking faction of American Society.

There’s no denying that the link between the popularity of menthol cigarettes and violence in the ghetto areas of this country is more than causal. It’s suggested that black on black violence would lower by as much as 40% if menthol was banned in cigarettes. Just look at Brazil.

The ruling of the FDA is expected to be less than a total ban. Two former executive branch secretaries, Joseph Califano Jr., and Louis Sullivan from the Carter and Bush 41 administrations respectively, have proposed menthol bans. (https://tinyurl.com/klclmgo)

Advertising like this has contributed to the rise in menthol cigarette smoking in our nation’s ethnic communities.

The fresh and cool sensation that a smoke brand like Newport or Kool provides to ethnic Americans allows for a more forceful and deeper inhalation which adds to the drug’s increased impairment of blood reception in the brain. Studies have shown that with the diminished brain activity from menthol produced smoke in conjunction with the natural cognitive and social impairments that are already present in these groups is a leading cause of diminished brain activity that is required of human beings to make rational decisions in their lives. The rise in violence is a result of this diminished brain activity.

Figures don’t lie.

Admittedly, it’s not quite a scientific certainty that a ban on menthol would clean up the streets in our nation’s more economically depressed areas and doing so would almost certainly provide for a black market of the drug but it stands to reason that a ban would be initially helpful. Many church and social groups would agree with this assessment.

Read a USDH&HS Study on this issue: click here

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12 Responses to "Menthol Cigarettes Linked to Ethnic Violence"

  1. Fred Coyote says:

    Perfect example of a post hoc argument. This is pure unadulterated nonsense.

  2. Manfred Peregrine Manfred Peregrine says:

    Thank you for bringing this truthful piece of journalism to the forefront of America’s attention, Mr. Pen.

    I once took a wrong turn into what is known as a “ghetto”. It was as though I had been transported to some war-torn, third world country which bartered solely in Newport cigarettes, crack cocaine and prostitution. I quickly peeled out of there and even ran over several potential car-jackers that wouldn’t get out of the street. Frightening… It was like a horror movie…

    • Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

      I’m sure you were shaken by the experience. Thank God you’re safe after such an ordeal.

  3. I am consistently surprised by these articles, Cassidy. I had no idea Ghetto bartering could be done with Newports. I would have guessed Camels or at least something in a standard length. I guess 100’s are more economical. Also, I’d bet the menthol repels the Jerry Curl.

    • Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

      Most are satisfied with a regular length but I can tell that some certainly prefer a 100.

  4. julia sharp says:

    not really, thats a bunch of bull. just another reason to say that blacks are all violent, every race has violence and some non-violence. it doesnt matter what you smoke, it doesnt turn you violence, its a fact that most white people are violence. come up with another excuse why ethnic groups are violent

    • wow says:

      I hope that isn’t your real last name. If so you certainly don’t reflect it. You realize that this is satire right? Meaning not true story. Also, “it’s a fact that most white people are violence”. You might want to do a little more research into that. Perhaps look into the death tolls of Africa and the Middle East. And pretty much any big city like Chicago, Washington DC and LA.

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      julia sharp – After reading this story I didn’t come away with the angry racists claims you make in your comment. Personally I’d like to see a 40% reduction in violent crime.

  5. do you actually believe the crap you are writing!

  6. pirateswazey says:

    you are an idiot.

  7. Garvey'spirit says:

    Phew! It’s been a fortnight trying very hard to believe anything I read in this blog. What has, however, come across clearly is the racist undertones against Africans and African Americans by a few self-appointed lily white heart supremacists.

    As I said in an earlier posting, I was sent this link by a black sister in the UK so I could read what these phony writers had to say on the Trayvon murder and Zimmerman acquittal. As I also said I am a Kenyan proudly living in Kenya and who harbours no interest of coming to live in the US of (some) Asses unless that was the last thing I had to do (and it seems a highly unlikely thing).

    I have read the disdain with which most readers seem to take the stories appearing in this blog. I am appalled that such writing can come from so-called Christians whose very evil hearts are so full of hatred it could repulse their Jesus back into the clouds were he to attempt a second coming soon!

    Because of the above mentioned reasons, I have gladly unsubscribed from this valueless chit chat yellow journalism and wish to employ my time more profitably.

    As I know there must be some lily white heart racist whose haunches are raised and ready to spew some more venom at me for stating this, I remind them they won’t touch me because I’ve already left the blog.

    And I am sure many others will follow.

    But before I go, I remind you of Marcus Garvey’s warning after the British colonists gunned down Africans for demonstrating against their leader Harry Thuku in 1920:

    “You have shot down a defenseless people in their own land for exercising their rights as men; such a policy will only tend to aggravate the many historic injustices heaped upon a race that will one day be placed in a position to truly defend itself not with sticks, clubs and stones but with the modern implements of science. Again we ask you and your government to be just to our race for surely we shall not forget you. The evolutionary scale that weighs nations and races, balances alike for all people. We feel sure that someday the balance will register a change.”

    See you in Kenya some day!

  8. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    I tried to buy a cadillac in harlem once with a bunch of tic tacs (I had A LOT of them), but the only thing I could find I could trade them for was a perm from a Voodoo hair-stylist. I still get the occasional baby Water Moccasin falling out of my hair into my soup, but it usually stops if I bury a few unopened containers of orange flavored ones in the backyard.