Meltdown in Washington: President Obama Reported Sedated Following Emotional Breakdown

The President Seen Returning to the White House

The President Seen Returning to the White House

By Nigel J. Covington III

<National Report> Late this afternoon White House insiders leaked information stating the president has suffered a mental breakdown and is presently resting and under a doctors care. This afternoon the National Report received three calls on our nationwide hot tip line (206) 222-1975. Two of the three callers are insiders known to the National Report to be reliable confidential informants.

The caller unknown to this publication is a low level employee who could only state that there was some kind of a medical emergency involving President Obama. The other two callers known to us are both support personnel within the Obama administration. Both confirmed this week has been a political disaster for the president and this has taken a tremendous toll on him.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Recently Shamed Obama on the World Stage

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Recently Shamed Obama on the World Stage

Earlier this week Russian President Vladimir Putin derailed the president’s plan to bomb Syria and bury the U.S. in another war the people want nothing to do with and can ill afford to pay for. Putin negotiated a deal with Syria for control over its chemical weapons providing a peaceful resolution to a certain US attack. With the world watching Obama was forced to stand down causing him a great deal of shame and public embarrassment.

Before Putin extended the olive branch of diplomacy to resolve the Syrian crisis, he also agreed to grant asylum to Edward Snowden, the man who stole US secret documents that exposed the NSA secret program already underway and approved by President Obama to spy on all US citizens. Not only did Snowden expose the top secret NSA program to the world, he escaped US authorities in China and arrived in Russia where he repeatedly bitch-slapped the president by releasing more US secrets to the media.

Safely in the arms of Mother Russia Snowden, showed the world people how helpless and weak the Obama administration is at being utter failures at diplomacy, tact and statesmanship. While Putin and Obama were engaged in “negotiations” over Snowden’s extradition, Snowden and Putin were engaged in conversation about Snowden’s defecting to Russia.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden Exposed Obama-NSA scandal

Whistle-blower Edward Snowden Exposed Obama-NSA scandal

In one of the most crippling moments of President Obama’s tenure Putin cut a deal with Snowden for asylum giving the Russian president tons of other US secrets. Edward Snowden now lives safely beyond the reach of Obama’s dirty scandal ridden administration who would’ve imprisoned or killed Snowden without a trial clearly disregarding all of Snowden’s civil liberties and denying him the opportunity to explain his actions before a court of law who would determine Snowden’s fate… not Obama. Then Putin told Obama ‘no’ on Snowden’s extradition completely shaming the president in front of the world.

In the past couple weeks the big winners on the world stage have been Syria, Russia, Snowden and Putin; all at the expense of America’s impotent and fraudulent president.

Remember what Obama “sold” the American people in his 2008 bid for the presidency? Obama the “agent of revolution” guaranteed “change” instead he lied to everyone by promising the “most transparent” government – “no special interest” – “a new way of doing business” – “most honest” – “most righteous” – “the new beginning” – then there was the abortion of Obama’s world tour… what a national mortification. And today how many of these promises has the president kept?

President Obama - Epic Failure Shames America

President Obama – Epic Failure Shames America

Then today’s Gallup poll results have been absolutely devastating for the president and the Democratic party. Obama’s approval rating dropped to the lowest in presidential history, and support from the Democratic Party plummeted more than 25% from this time last year.

Our sources confirm late this afternoon a doctor was summoned to the oval office and remained with the president for about a half-hour. When the doctor emerged he was heard to say the president needed rest and would be sedated once he was moved to his bed. The White House has remained silent and has yet to make a statement publicly.


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665 Responses to "Meltdown in Washington: President Obama Reported Sedated Following Emotional Breakdown"

  1. LeCarre says:

    Thank you, uber-racist far-right nut-jobs and other sordid & sundry freaks, for obsessing over fantasy issues such as President Obama’s birthplace and birth certificate. You were successful only in providing a distraction (and comic relief) from legitimate objections to Obama’s policies. You have helped, immeasurably, to strengthen a mediocre presidency (not an “evil” presidency, just rather inept). Keep up the looney-tunes and let’s see if he can hand back control of congress to the democrats!

  2. Wuuut says:

    Wuuuut is going on in here! If I was president, I too would have a melt down! All you fools who has no concept on the REAL rulers of this earth needs to recognize! So much is going on with the elite and the powers that be that “president” no matter who he is, what color he is, where he is from is just a puppet to the real voice that runs our country and you all are falling victim to the puppet masters and turning hateful until we all kill each other to depopulate this empire they are trying to create in which we are in the way! Research, be a truth seeker! Dang!

  3. Martin says:

    I am a British citizen and have spent the last hour reading some of your comment regarding your presidents birth right, what the truth is I am unsure, but what I will say from a an out siders view of your politics in the US he is doing a good job in spite of others trying to trip him at every move it would seem that the rich have the ability to stop what would be advantageous for the poorer majority in your society because of the belief that the poor take more than they give , as a percentage this is untrue (there will always be a few in all societies who take advantage) The US has the best and the worst within it’s boarders I have travelled the world for the last 35 years and have seen places in the mid west of America that are third world and yet you give money to so called third world countries who quite frankly are better off than large swathes of the US. These must be political payments as I see no validity for some of them.
    I hope that I am not being presumptuous by advising American to travel more (I believe that 85% of you don’t have pass ports) Canada and Mexico are no comparison for the education that awaits the bold, I recently spoke to an American couple in Europe from Minnesota who’s friends thought that they were taking risks by traveling in Europe , it made me smile after all the mass shooting in the US. You are very safe in Europe No guns. He who Dares wins.

  4. DeeDee says:

    IF you are a true American, you need to wake up and find out the truth about Obama. I don’t care if you are a Dem or Rep or and Ind. or the color or your skin, we are all American first. First of all, his birth certificate is a fraud. It states HIS FATHER was born in Kenya. —-False, Kenya didn’t become a state until the 1960’s. It States he is African—–False, blacks were called Negro at that time. It states that he was born in a merged hospital. False, the 2 hospitals didn’t merge until after Obama was born. (Look it up). Obama is a PUPPET of George Sorros (aka Gyorgy Schwartz). Sorros is a Jew, but when Hitler was rounding up the Jews for the gas chambers, Gyorgy changed the family name. (Look up Geo. Sorros and find out for yourself). Before Obama ran for election of President, he SAID he wasn’t born in the U.S. He was here as a foreign student. It’s in the Congressional Records that the Democrats tried 8 times to change the Constitution so Obama could run. Obama is ALSO a Radical Marxist Muslim. In his book ” Audacity of Hope” Obama states and I quote, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. (Check it out). Even Michelle Obama stated after their trip to Kenya (on TV) that her and Barrack took the AIDS vaccine to show the people of “Barracks Native Land” that it was safe. Also, foreign student, Obama, traveled to Pakistan in 1981. Under what passport did he use, it couldn’t be U.S. as the State Dept. had Pakistan on a “NO TRAVEL” list. And think about it, no one has ever come forward who knew him. He has a Connecticut social security number and that definitely is a fraud. Just having all your records sealed should have been a “red flag”. I recommend that everyone go to their library and read his books and you’ll see who Obama really is. He hates America and wants to bring her down. He has a great dislike for the white race. He’s anti-American and anti-Capitalism. Another interesting study is look up “Obama’s Czars”. Obama has already proved that he’s a pathological liar. God help America to wake up.

  5. Tina says:

    I really wish you guys would give this man a break. He has done more in his presidency than any other. The Bush Clan are the ones who drove this country into a catastrophic state. This is sad & the bad part about it, it is only because of the color of this man’s skin. All of you should be ashamed of yourself. There is a hot place in hell for all of you.

    • Tina says:

      I forgot he tried to rebuild, however some people do not care for HNIC…. Too bad, he served with dignity & class the entire time. Something that most of you know nothing about. Get your tail in the White House & lets see how well you do. Sideline politicians are what you are!

      • Bonnie says:

        I deon’t expect my post to say very long. The one I wrote on the 15th of October seems to have disapperedl. Either some idiot wing-nut complained about it and wanted it removed, or ditto for the editor. Too bad too because they apparently have no knowledge or capacity to know about “Freedom of Speech. Tsk, tsk.

  6. sweetpea says:

    LOL. Oh, National Report, look what you’re doing. You better take it easy with some of these stories; you’re stirring up the crazies too much.

  7. Bonnie says:

    I hate to say this but there are so many uninformed people on this list it makes me wonder if any of them went to school. I’m ashamed that so many of them are my countrymen. Like it or not, lets’ clear some rumors, lie, and falsehoods up. Let me say though that Birthers lead the top in ignorance follwed by the tea party, those only got as far as 6th grade, and those that are just plain stupid.

    First, yes, Obama WAS born in in Hawaii and out of the several birth certificates floating around out in space, there is only one real one. It has not been altered as some people claim. It’s real so get over it.

    The birth notice from the newspaper is also true. Are some of you so stupid as to think that at the time of his birth, his mother had the notice planted because he was going to be president in 40+ years.

    Read your Contitution. Because his mother was an American, this half-white gentleman was also an American and since he was born in Hawaii (it having been a state for several years), again there is a reason he REALLY is an American citizen.

    And do you really believe he had an emotional breakdown, as shown on this website? You people make me either want to laugh or cry at you. It’s hard to make up my mind.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass whether you like the man or his politics, but he is a legitimate American, a legitimate President. and unlike other presidents, he has been vetted down to his bone marrow. It would surprise me if his DNA was secretly taken in order to see if he really have any other blood type besides half-Caucasian or half ? /half-Negroid.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news (well, not really because you deserve it for being so stupid) but I have not seen so many lies, falsehoods, and hoaxes in my entire life. There are plenty more of these I could correct you all on but these seem to be the top 3. i don’t have the time to do all the others, but I will give you a hint. On Google or your favorite search engine, put in your question or simply “hoax sites” and you will come up with a bunch of them. When you find the search box on the main page, put in your question or just put down, such as ‘Where was Obama born” Of course you can find it online on the .gov too. The bold

    font on snopes.com is snopes’ comments.

    And then sit back and feel dumb. The best advise I can give you folks, if an email comes to you and smells fishy or strange, like someone saying they have the Golden Gate in their back yard and it’s for sale, then you know it’s fake. It might not be that dramatic, but it you are paying attention, you also might look up on Google on how to tell if some email is a fake or false.