Maryland Middle School Requires Children To Cross Dress For “LGBTQ Appreciation Day”


These Two Children Were Paired As A Post-Op And Pre-Op Transsexual Couple

(St. Leonard, MD) – Parents in the town of St. Leonard, MD were aghast after learning what the staff at Heritage Middle School required children to do for a passing grade. The outrage stems from an event held this past Monday, a day which the school had dubbed “LGBTQ Appreciation Day” instructing children to experience the homosexual lifestyle for a single school day or receive a failing grade.

Students were assigned the different roles throughout LGBTQ culture. Boys were given the task of being masculine homosexuals, feminine homosexuals, cross dressers and a wide variety of other gay archetypes. The young ladies were selected to be lip stick lesbians, or butch lesbians.

The students were partnered with members of the same sex and they were then made to role-played a day in the life of a gay couple. Holding hands, hugging and other innocent displays of affection were both encouraged and rewarded as extra credit by school officials.

This controversial event was the brainchild of school principle Caren Shandel. Caren is a longtime activist for gay rights and also holds the title of first openly transgendered school principle in the Nation. I spoke with Caren about her decision to hold LGBTQ Appreciation Day and she told me the following.

“I won’t rest until there’s an out-of-the-closet homosexual in every family!” Caren Shandel-

For decades the conservative majority has expressed nothing but hatred and disdain towards homosexuals and gay culture. Fortunately, progressive liberal reasoning has gained predominance which has enabled those of  us within educational systems to re-educate and replace many of the antiquated ways in which people perceive homosexuals and their allies. The Obama administration has opened up so many doors for us and I look forward to propelling this agenda forward. My goal is to make homosexuality the commonly accepted norm. I won’t rest until there’s an out-of-the-closet homosexual in every family!”

Parents in the area say they’re upset with what went on, claiming they had no prior knowledge of the days events before it took place. Tammy Prescott, a mother of one of the male students who was allegedly required to dress as a female and act submissively to the boy he had been partnered with claims Mrs. Shandel told her child that he would be a “CD (cross dressing) bottom, which is apparently a respected subculture amongst homosexual population. Tammy continued:

“If I had known what kind of deranged event they had been planning I would have taken my child out of that school immediately. I do not believe this activity had a single positive aspect to it, quite the opposite actually. My son has been acting very unusual since that day. He even asked to use my lipstick last week before school. This isn’t right.

It’s not that I’m homophobic. I simply do not think this sort of thing is necessary. How is this supposed to teach a child acceptance? It causes more harm than good…”

The school district has made no comment on the matter but they may be soon forced to do so in front of a judge. Several parents have been in contact with lawyers and are currently taking steps in organizing a class action law suit against the school.

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359 Responses to "Maryland Middle School Requires Children To Cross Dress For “LGBTQ Appreciation Day”"

  1. Roxee says:

    A satirical site holding up a mirror to each reader to see if the people who hate the LBGTQ community will fall for this confirmation bias story and reveal their bigotry. It’s so sad how many of them there are in the comments section. The LBGTQ community would never sanction this. If an individual did do this it would be because there was something else wrong with them, not because they were LBGTQ. Will the human race ever improve their humanity toward each other? It’s not looking hopeful.

  2. C Reese Nebeker says:

    My first clue this was a fake story? When she was quoted as saying “I will not rest until there is an out of the closet homosexual in every family.”
    Because it implies that people’s orientation can be changed. Anyone with a brain, who isn’t questioning their own sexuality, KNOWS there is no way to change sexual orientation.


  3. Johnnie says:

    Wow the fact that you all think this is a real news site is sad. This is satire. Now run along to meet your French models.

  4. Derek says:

    This story is completely false. It’s made up and now this site has lost all credibility.

  5. Dad of 9 says:

    Caren Shandel’s actions are that of an abusive psychopath. She has knowingly harmed Innocent children to pass on her perverted agenda. This is why parents are given the responsibility to be the primary educators of their children. Parents let this serve as a wake up call. Pull your children out of public school until the government offers a healthy alternative. My children expressed to me that they have spent more time watching new released movies than actually learning the 3 R’s. This woman needs to go to jail for fraud “falsely impersonating an educater” and violation of every parents right to freedom of religion in their own home.

    • Lance Desker says:

      I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of farce or sarcasm? Is it all lost on you?

    • laurie johnson says:

      do you know this person people are saying this is a false article I would like to know if it is true. where is this school?

    • haha says:

      It’s a good thing Caren Shandel is a made up person then! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, particularly not from a satirical website.

  6. Principal! I stopped reading the article after the misuse of the correct word…

    • Sarina says:


      You can’t honestly believe that a journalist would misspell “principal” by accident. It’s an intentional ploy to hint at the fact that it’s a satire piece.

      By using “principle,” which can mean “rule,” “assumption,” “convention,” “doctrine,” among other synonyms. Do you now see how this was a purposeful misuse of diction for the sake of the message?

      It’s meant to be humorous. Jesus. Lighten up a bit and quit taking things so seriously.

      • dave says:

        somehow i doubt it was intentional. this article is hardly smart or funny. chances are, she used the wrong one and it flew by spell-check.

  7. DDS says:

    Satire is almost too real

  8. Natasha says:

    It concerns me that this supposedly journalistic article misspells principal repeatedly. I personally can’t get past that to even begin to consider if this information is accurately reported. I have a music degree, not English, and I at least have a basic command of the language. Maybe you should worry more about homophones than homosexuals.

  9. Common Sense says:

    I have NO problem with Gays, “To each their Own”, because it’s not for me to Judge, but only 3% of the population is Gay, So they should not be Forcing their Agenda on the 97% of the Population, and to use Indoctrination on our children is wrong on so many levels, people need to pay close attention to what is being taught at schools these days, I’ve seen where they have reworded the 2nd amendment in history books, and this “Common Core” teaching is Dumbing down our childen for their AGENDA…….Wake Up America

    • Sgt Dixon says:

      I agree totaly. And they should stay in the shadows like they have in the past

      • SSG Green says:

        grow up! just because your homophobic don’t mean they have to stay imprisonment to themselves EO, learn about it or get out the US. the only reason there is only 3% that are there is because parents make it seem so wrong kids are scared to come out.

        • Lauren says:

          Your comment is so rife with grammatical errors and incorrect spelling, that I have absolutely no idea what you are making an effort to communicate. I presume you are taking upon yourself the self-anointed role of official Landlord / Chief Evictor of the United States, by exhorting people to either acquiesce to your opinion or leave the country. Good grief. Give me a break already. Pompous, illiterate idiot.

        • angela says:

          No it’s because it is a genetic or emotionally traumatic (ie history of abuse) flaw in the human race.It is not the norm and I do believe the 3% statistic is correct. To each his own. No judgments here, but that means no forcing sexuality on ANYONE…esp children. It works both ways. If you want straights to respect your rights then you need to respect ours!

    • vince says:

      actually its 3 % for the gay community theirs more gays out there but have not come out cause of everything bullying and or the hate crimes alls im saying theirs more then 3% of gays out there and if your not including the bi percentage its about the same as the gay percentage your basically down grading and saying only 3% of us are gay when were not theirs more then 3%

      • Lauren says:

        Again, learn proper grammar, syntax and spelling. Appropriate or even an attempted modicum of punctuation would be welcomed, as well. Where do you people purport to have attended school?

    • Nelly Queen says:

      I will not rest until everyone accepts cross dressing passive bottoms!!

  10. Markis says:

    ummmmm, how was this not previously known about? Did the school have a BUNCH of clothes to make the children change into ON that day?????

    Because if they had to bring clothes from home then parents would have known about it.

    I find it hard to believe that parents didn’t know about this before hand.

    I think something is missing from the story.

  11. Deuce says:

    Attention, readers:

    The school in question doesn’t exist.

  12. Nikki says:

    You all know this is fake right? You all don’t google for facts before you post your outrage? Come on folks. There’s not even a middle school by that name. In like the whole state.

  13. Nikki says:

    You all are so mad, and this story is so fake. Bottle your outrage, it never actually happened. Being gullible is unattractive.

  14. Carrie Griffes says:

    Enough is enough. We have very young kids being expelled for playing cowboys and indians, wearing tee shirts that might be offensive to someone, coloring their hair a color someone feels is inappropriate, and now, we have school principles who force kids to dress in a manner they would not choose to? Activisim for any cause is a volentary proposition and should never be forced on someone else.

    Raise your own children to your views and leave the other parents to raise their children with the views and beliefs that are theirs. We can teach tolerance for the human condition but to force personal views onto others is unforgivable, expecially when the views are forced onto those who are still developing their own identities.

  15. think before you react says:

    The idiocy of this article is nearly as repulsive as the ill educated ignorant people posting responses. What’s wrong with America is the narrow minded bigoted people that compile it. EDUCATE YOURSELVES!


    It is a hoax, a lie, a scam to get people fired up and enraged to the extent they start pointing fingers, stereotyping, and inbreeding hate!……congratulations, your obscene ignorance has successfully enabled such a response.

    This was yet another great attempt to increase hate, to fuel bigotry, bullying AND prove the ignorance of our society.

    Haven’t you ever heard the saying “you can’t believe everything you hear”! If you believed everything you ever heard think of how naive and gullible we as a nation would be; we would likely be apt to demonstrate such ignorance to our children that we would raise a society based on hate , fear, and civil injustice and who knows, maybe lead to such extremes that we find children being bullied to the extent that the stress, pain, confusion is more than their developing psyche can handle that it could become so extreme they take their own lives, maybe even take other lives with them….
    oh wait, that already happens…..

    If you truly want to make a difference, choose to educate, to think before you respond.

    or choose to remain naive, gullible, and ignorant (because that really helps)

  16. Guys this is SATIRE….this means NOT REAL. LOL…you’ve been had. Come on people even the studies say we’re smarter than this.

  17. William says:

    How does a website that dubs itself “America’s #1 Independent News Team” have a picture of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. No offense, but even they wouldn’t consider themselves independent.

    As far as this story, no way should this have been a requirement. I’m sure it made for a very uncomfortable student or two. My workplace heavily supports LGBT activities but I’ve yet to made to wear a dress to work 🙂

  18. CL Turner says:

    I don’t know who this author is, but she should be fired. There is no such middle school in MD. This entire article is bogus.

  19. Wendy says:

    Oh, this is do over the top. The principle atvthis school is forcing her cries in a negative way. This should have been a discussion not a dress rehearsal. She should be fired. What is next role play murders and rapists.

  20. mary says:

    I can find no school of this name.

    This seems like an elaborate hoax.

    It hurts the cause when people make up things.

  21. tim says:

    Caren Shandel and anyone else adult wise participating in this should be chained and flogged until almost death. Then explained repeatedly overa loud speaker as they’re being wipped why they should not be doing this to kids. Its a free country and there are rights. But, no-one has the right to do this to other peoples kids. Shandel you are sick and should be dealt with accordingly.

  22. Fidget says:

    Look at every other article on this site. They’re all utterly ridiculous fake news stories. Come on guys.

  23. Elysian says:

    This lady is truly sick for subjecting the children to do this activity. I consider this event highly abusive and I would consider it sexual abuse also. She should be removed at once as a principle, and she should be thrown in jail for a good while for this action. I am for gay rights and I have had a girlfriend in the past, and think this action is out rages and extreme. Poor kids and Poor parents and guardians that have been subjected to this sort of abuse.

  24. Fight For Freedom says:

    National Report is a satire sight. Everything on that web page is completely fabricated. And unlike the Onion it’s done to sound legitimate so that they can see how many conservatives they sucker with their misinformation.

  25. TA says:

    This is a hoax. The image is a photo shop. Open it. Zoom in on it. Notice the “ge Middle School” on the blue in the background on the edge of the stage? Take a closer look. Those words were added to the image and overlaid on top of other words.

    And there is no Heritage Middle School in this town. Nor in the State of MD as far as my research shows.

  26. Al says:

    What an abomination. You won’t be happy untill your wiped off the face of the earth like Sodom and gomorrah. I hope you like warm climates.

    • SRF says:

      Let the one with no sin throw the first stone, and don’t judge another person’s sin just because it is different from your own sin.

  27. Eve says:

    HOME SCHOOL! This is disgraceful

  28. marisa dane says:

    I think the story is also bull crap and untrue, way too many of these sorts of articles anyone can write anything about anyone, slap some fancy icons and crap to it, and post it, and watch the world go nuts. I think its all a lie.

  29. Devout says:

    This article is a total fabrication. Nothing could be far from the truth! NO SCHOOL IN THIS COUNTRY WOULD MAKE IT A REQUIREMENT THAT A STUDENT DRESS UP FOR LGBT APPRECIATION it would violate Federal law. Schools around the country are regulated by the U.S
    Department Of Education. Whoever wrote this article did so to start a lie circulating!

  30. This is so wrong !!! Just wrong and the homosexuals wonder why they are nor accepted? Because of the ones that do this kind of crap !! I have always said what they do is their business but do not flaunt it in front om me or my kids and grandkids !! And we wonder why our youth is so screwed up ? This is why !!! And the principal should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY !!!

  31. Nikki says:

    Ok, ppl keep commenting how angry and outraged that this happened. Peopl keep showing how big of a bigot they really are. Clearly these bigots are not aware that this story is 100% false? Google things before you show you comment and show us how big of a disgusting human being you are.
    Black, progressive, straight,professional, single mother over here. I added that so everyone knows for sure which disgusting names to call me later.

  32. Bob Kincaid says:

    It is an absolute delight to watch these TaePartiers and Xtian Fundies demonstrate for the world exactly how ignorant they are! They take an obviously false story for fact and then fulminate against it.

    Bravo to the editors and writers of the piece for doing such a wonderful job drawing the right-wing loonies out from behind the baseboards and shining light on them for us all to see.

  33. JImmy Russel says:

    To the people writing serious comments: are you so daft that you can’t tell apart reality and satire? Morons.

  34. Tom says:

    Wow, a lot of fucking dumbasses don’t know satire when they see it.

    Wow, just wow.

  35. Laurie Adams says:

    “I won’t rest until there’s an out-of-the-closet homosexual in every family!” Caren Shandel- –
    Really? What if there are no gays in a family? What?Does this freak think he/she can FORCE kids to be gay?.. I hope they sue and I hope they win and that idiot loses its job..

  36. GW says:

    To more accurately portray the “gay” experience I suggest inserting a baseball
    bat where the sun doesn’t shine and then see if Obama Care will pay for

  37. sam says:

    Don’t let FOX NEWS or the 700 Club get ahold of this, they’ll run it as a True Story

  38. Raejean French says:


  39. elon azov says:

    dont afraid, husbands & sons alredy did himself to use skirt hoses …

  40. Barbara says:

    Whew! What a relief. It sound crazy I was thinking this is a crazy bold person to have this kind of day at a school. I have heard we are headed somewhere but I am not going with it and no one will ever force me.

  41. thejerkstorecalled says:

    National Report rules. Keep stirring the pot.

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