Marijuana Kills! Fatal Strain of Cannabis Claims First Victim in California Town

Image courtesy of Bing /PD

Image courtesy of Bing /PD

By Nigel J. Covington, III

<NationalReport> Local Marijuana addicts in one small high Sierra, California, town have nick-named some “KGB” (Killer Green Bud) the “Deadly Dank,” after the chemically altered Marijuana resulted in the first recorded fatal overdose of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – A compound, C21H30O2, obtained from cannabis or made synthetically and is the primary intoxicant in marijuana and hashish, according to El Dorado County Coroner, Dr. Janet R. Gruber, PhD, whose findings have been confirmed by California Medical Examiner, Dr. Shanti Chopra, M.D.

Dr. Chopra spoke to reporters in Sacramento this morning and said, “People need to understand that this particular strain of cannabis was not naturally grown like the cannabis you find in a medical marijuana outlet. This strain was grown using a chemical process that accelerates THC production on the plant as it grows. It is the first time we have seen THC levels as high as 45% from cannabis.”

According to several medical marijuana outlets I checked with, the typical THC content for their top shelf high grade cannabis is between 22 – 26%. According to Wikipedia, “There has never been a documented human fatality solely from overdosing on tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabis in its natural form, though the synthetic THC pill “Marinol” was cited by the FDA as being responsible for 4 deaths between January 1, 1997 and June 30, 2005.”You can read the government report on these Marinol related fatalities at the follow link: http://www.oregon.gov/Pharmacy/Imports/Marijuana/Public/DeathsFromMarijuanaV17FDAdrugs.pdf

Clearly based on this report and the latest results coming in from California, Marinol the  synthetically produced THC kills, and with Marijuana on the street with a THC content as high as 45% proponents can no longer claim Marijuana has never resulted in a single fatality.

Lawmakers will now need to address this latest issue in states that permit the medicinal, or recreational use of Marijuana. In El Dorado County authorities have recovered the marijuana bud that claimed the life of the yet unidentified Pollock Pines resident whose identity has not been released.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s department said in addition to recovering the killer bud, they have identified the grower and have seized several other strains of the fatal drug from his grow operation also located in Pollock Pines.

Authorities have released some images of the toxic Marijuana and have identified the grower as, Randall J. Lang, 36, of Pollock Pines. Though no criminal charges have been filed authorities do want to talk with Lang whose where-a-bouts have remained a mystery since shortly after the fatality was reported in local news two days ago. The investigation is ongoing and charges against Lang are expected to be filed before the end of this week.

Ronald J. Lang Has Been Identified as the Grower, he Remains at Large

Ronald J. Lang Has Been Identified as the Grower, he Remains at Large


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76 Responses to "Marijuana Kills! Fatal Strain of Cannabis Claims First Victim in California Town"

  1. Julian Taylor says:

    You would be surprised at the number of grieving parents that I’ve had to console on account of their children overdosing on this fatal drug – not that the marijuanas lobby would allow such information to reach the general population.

    I have seen people die from injecting as few as three marijuanas, so the devil’s lettuce is nowhere near as benign as the junked up hipsters and strung-out street dandies would have you believe!


    • jon says:

      What? I assume you’re being sarcastic.

    • Nikki says:

      What exactly is three marajuanas and who injects it do you even have a clue about what your saying because you sound very ignorant

    • Jake says:

      ummmm excuse me …injecting “marijuanas”? you have no idea how stupid that sounds and if any of the “kids” whos parents you console are telling you their kids injected or that youve heard of someone injecting “marijuanas” is more then likely not injecting THC but probably a harder drug. Anyone that smoke marijuana knows that injecting is just dumb when there are such and array of ways to ingest marijuana and anyone that actually does inject “marijuanas” has other issues besides smoking marijuana

      • MadMax says:

        jesus christ I swear you’ve gotta be retarded to not realize he’s joking, how the hell are all you people so stupid? Seriously

    • Ryan says:

      Ok your statement really doesn’t make any sense!! How about this, this A hole found a way to increase the THC levels of marijuana, causing it to be much more potent, but in all reality, one reported case does not make it “devil lettuce” !!!

      Alcohol has claimed the lives of millions over the years, so lets not get so worked up of 1 incident.

      I am a patient and use marijuana for severe chronic back pain and insomnia as well as nausea and I do not fear overdosing on cannabis. Its the most natural form of medication on the planet and I’d choose it over any pill or drug any day. Julian, maybe u should do a little more homework on the subject before u voice your opinion and save yourself from looking like a fool!!!

      • jimmy says:

        Very well said .. people that dont know the true facts of marijunia shouldnt voice there opinion do me a favor people and watch the docamentry called the union then get back to me

    • John says:

      You are a moron you can not inject marijuana! it is a plant and has never killed no one until now you uneducated twit

    • colin says:

      oh my god every one of you commenters is literally retarded its hilarious… I peed a little. do you realize what site this is. its a satire news site, and thusly you shall find SATIRICAL comments in the comment section. quit taking everything so seriously…

    • Mauricio Zuniga says:

      Funny. Unless your serious. In that case, you’re a frickin tard

    • TruthBeTold says:

      Either you’re intentionally, or non-intentionally.. a JOKE. This death was NOT because of THC.. something chemical involved in the growing process aside from THC or plant matter itself was surely the culprit.

    • Russell says:

      You don’t inject pot you crazy psycho ladie you have no clue what you are talking about this isn’t the k2 stuff your kids probably smoke. it was chemicaly altered weed. the word ALTERED is the key here natural thc has not killed anyone. So keep your ignorant bullshit to yourself. because you obviously are about as smart as a toilet paper roll. and I do apologize to the toilet paper she makes it look highly intelligent.

    • Steve Anderson says:

      No its true! I was just released from court ordered treatment for my marijuana addiction! I had a $100 dollar a day habit which had evolved from smoking the kind bud to taking up to 10 injections in just two weeks. I was arrested and sent to treatment for hijacking a hostees truck 3 months ago. Life is so much better now, it is amazing how fast marijuana ruined my life! It starts so innocently ripping off bongs with your friends, then the next thing you know you are offering hashish dealers hand jobs for marijuana cigarettes! It is the devils weed trust me!

    • Lisa Farkass says:

      I hope you are joking……otherwise there is no hope for the Human Race if there is this monumental IGNORANCE continues…….

    • Wealldie says:

      Yeah obama bin ladin can suck it but anywho I took some TYLENOL yesterday and died so now I don’t know what to do guess ill keep posting from beyond the grave ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smoke weed everyday

    • kevin says:

      Hash is in the 50 % – 60 % range , this is just Stupid ..

    • Zach Bu says:

      Your a fuckin idiot!!!!!

    • Advocate for chronic euphoria says:

      You should really just stop.. It is people like you that perpetuate fear when you are either ignorant or illiterate in either case… You don’t inject Marijuana and certainly not three of them Marijuana is a plant… explain to me how you inject this? psssh …

  2. Injurahar says:

    particularly nice post, i certainly adore this webpage, keep on it

  3. unknown says:

    Really? This is a farce. Marinol is as stated a synthetic thc, not thc. Kgb is only the name of the strain that has been around for years. The concentrates extracted from the plant are at an extremely high purity of thc. If marijuana or thc is in any way a true factor in a fatality. I would only assume that it is only related through pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In which case the comany who produced the fertilizers should be questioned for any said fatalities. Not the consumer.

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      It was a local grower who produced the Deadly Dank at a residential grow operation. Authorities have seized chemicals used in the grow, but the death was not linked to any other chemicals besides THC.

      • Nigel Thornberry says:

        How do you sleep at night, knowing that you’re lying through your teeth?

      • Rich says:

        If he was smoking cannabis laced with all sorts of foreign chemicals then its not the THC that killed him, the chemicals did. Concentrates/ honey oil are reaching as high as 93% thc and consumed daily by medicinal users. I saw a guy once take a 2 gram dab of 90% thc oil and walked away just fine. The only way you can die from smoking cannabis is suffocating/ lack of oxygen to the brain. This story is probably a farse.

        • colin says:

          really? ya think so? I wonder what would happen if you looked at the other news stories on this site for a minute or two.

          • Advocate for chronic euphoria says:

            When I see it on CNN or NBC then I will consider believing it until then …..

      • John says:

        thc does not kill. this is propaganda. so before publishing a story do some research and learn the true facts

      • Levi says:

        Nigel, you suck. Are you just mad that your bud dealer quit fucking with ya cause you’re a douchebag? Is that why you’re aiming your anger at the sweet sticky dank that causes happiness?

  4. Injurahar says:

    I’d have to check with you here. Which just isn’t some thing I generally do! I get pleasure from reading a post which will make people today feel. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  5. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    Injurahar, No Thank you for commenting. Feel free to do so anytime.

  6. ShellBone says:

    I find it quite ironic that there is no indication of just how much of this particular strain he used. The article is left to make one assume that is was so powerful he took one puff and died.

    I think that it is EXTREMELY important that it is explained the nearing or exact amount that was used and in what fashion. Point being, you can die from too much of just about anything from aspirin to sugar and it is very irresponsible for the writer to leave such a critical point out! Now there is going to be hysterics going around with half-ass information, thinking that marijuana kills-as opposed to knowing that nearly anything in excess can put you over the top or in the grave! Additionally, it is the users responsibility to know and be educated regarding what they are ingesting/smoking, its quality, content and ones own personal tolerance. This is why it is so important to have a doctor regulate and prescribe accordingly for medicinal purposes only! Marijuana is NOT responsible for this death, just like alcohol and guns for that matter-none of these things kill…it is the user, not the “thing.”

  7. Karl Saggin says:

    FINALLY! Some sensible reporting. There was one time when I injected a few too many marijuana buds a few years ago and died. Luckily the EMT’s were able to revive me and I lived through it. What a horrible experience. I am living proof that the Devil’s weed is a scourge from Seitan and all it is here for is to test the will of all believers. Thankfully we have folks like Nigel Covington III who in his sober outlook and resolve has the sense and courage to wade through the fog and come out the other end with such intelligence and fine understanding of all the facts in such a fair and balanced manner. Thanks to him, we finally know after years of convincing proof (i.e.- Reefer Madness, et al…) that marijuana is DEADLY (probably more so than any other thing on Earth), and that the only people who smoke it are degenerate homeless deadbeat a**holes, hippies, coloured folk, and non-Christians.

    *One thing I know, I will never again inject Marijuana buds.

    -Karl B. Saggin

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      @Karl Saggin, Thank you for your kind words. We are dedicated to getting to the bottom of the truth here at The National Report and we look forward to seeing more of your comments.

    • none ya says:

      Reading your post made me laugh you poor retard. i own my own business. work very hard and smoke weed regularly. and im white. christian. and proud. and your sterotypical comment is just obsurd! you probably smoked some laced bud my son cuz not once have i seen a true death from marijuana. and who injects marijuanas? you are a fucking retard. this is not true of thc and if it was it would be more publicized than it is being now. why did they have to revive your retarded ass? fuck.

      • EJ says:

        Damn bro its a fake news site, the comments are sarcastic all of them. Everything here is literally a joke.

    • Jeff says:

      Please explain this ‘injecting’ process that has caused such devastating effects. I’ve spent more than half of my life recreationally using Marijuana, sometimes in extreme amounts, and never had anything worse than a stomach ache the next day from all of the snacks I ate. I have an I.Q. of 132 and my health is in immaculate condition so I hope you can see my confusion when you make statements about how deadly it is and how it makes you dumb. Also, on a side note, when ‘injecting’ your marijuana were you a degenerate homeless deadbeat a**hole? Or a hippie, or colored? Or maybe you just found Christianity after someone gave you a drug and you, uneducated and ignorant to facts, shot up something and “died”. If it took up to the near legalization of the plant for the government to manipulate the plant to kill so they could have a recorded death, wouldn’t anyone see that as an obvious attempt to get uneducated people as yourself on their side again? I guess not..

    • Levi says:

      LMAO. Funny Shit man. If you think about it, one might very well die from attempting to inject budz, but not from THC and only provided you could find a syringe big enough and it’d def have to go straight to the jugular vein. LOL. We found 3 oz of ground budz in his heart valve stem and we believe this to be the cause of death. LMAO

  8. Louise Blake says:

    Mr. Nigel Covington, please revisit your 3rd grade grammar text book. This is a horrendously written article, I spy around ten misplaced commas.

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      @Louise Blake, people’s lives hang in the balance and you’re worried about a few commas?

      • Lindsey Coco says:

        Peoples lives are hanging in the balance- why do you read the store- chemically altered bud. “This strain was grown using a chemical process that accelerates THC production on the plant as it grows.” so Chemicals are a factor. A huge on. people ingest 1000’s of chemicals daily through their food, drinks, lotions, and shampoos. So here you are generalizing a larger problem into a smaller issue. Why isnt this story on those chemicals that were used to alter drugs? seems like that would have been more responsible and accurate journalism. Please. use you short time here on earth more wisely. Like finding the cause of cancer. or figuring out why our lawmakers are allowing companies to fill us with their chemicals in everything we do? Maybe then we could get to the cause of cancer. Or maybe you could write about the harmful addictive pharmeceuticals that pour over the pharmacy counters daily? 2 deaths that were obviously chemically related should be reported properly.

        • colin says:

          First of all lindsey, the world is made of chemicals, and therefor we are chemicals. everything we eat is 100% chemicals. soooo saying we eat “1000’s of chemicals” would be a little bit of an understatement, its probably more along the lines of 1,234,872,587,349,582,347,528,753,547,872,345,782,348,762,364,567,237,462 chemicals that we come into contact with every day.

          now THATS what I call false reporting, I’m sorry to say you should probably retake highschool chemistry….

          Maybe if we all new what chemicals actually were, we wouldnt be dropping like flies from smoking the weed! I mean have you ever heard about Dihydrogen Monoxide? its one of the deadliest chemicals known to all life on the planet, nearly everyone and every thing who has come into contact with it has DIED! but you probably have not heard of it. and if you have? well… then you will get my overall point.

        • Levi says:

          I’m beginning to think that Nigel just wrote this article for shits and giggles and he’s really being sarcastic. Either that or he’s incredibly stupid. I’m guessing the first though based on his comments

  9. ??? says:

    I can’t tell if this is satire or not?

    People smoke hash oil with 70-90% THC levels all the time. THC has never been the primary suspect in a single cause of death… ever. It says so on the site you listed.

  10. time travel? says:

    i know i fell asleep but … did i wake up in the 1930s? i thought we were well past this reefer madness bullshit scare tactic stuff. where do you get your information nigel? cite sources.

    this is nothing but a collection of hype lingo which is poorly constructed at best by a hack that, as far as i can tell, is only out to inflate his exposure through inflammatory antiquated tabloid journalism.

    the THC molecule requires a higher bloodstream concentration than can bypass the liver of 90% concentrate smokers. what this means nigel, is that it is patently impossible for your story to have a single grain of truth to it. it is impossible to overdose on marijuana.

    see nigel, this is why we are past the reefer madness mudslinging… science.

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      @time travel? Please re-read the article and you will see there is a link provided for the Marinol reference and the names of the officials making this declaration have not been hidden. What do you want?

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  12. LouVuoto says:

    God, please stop.

    Can’t you find something more original to do instead of copying The Onion?

    Here’s some advice: whatever you decide to do, it probably shouldn’t be comedy.

  13. scalleywag says:

    This may be the dumbest website on the innertubes. Nigel Covington? What a perfectly WASP-y name.

  14. fred says:

    Better hurry up and collect the $1 million that was put up if anyone could prove death directly yo marijuana.BTW as mentioned before concentrates which have reached 90% thc No cannabis tested ever 45%. I know this is a joke site but not funny at all.we saw chevy chase 40 yrs ago on SNL trying to stick joint in arm. come on your shit ain’t funny!

  15. Swo says:

    I call it BULLSHIT!….. Nice try stupid fucking fear-mongering FEDS!…… You already lost the FAKE WAR on CANNABIS!

    Now pull up your big girl panties and fuck off!

  16. fuck says:

    You idiots are falling for nigels need for attention!

    Whether it be true, false, good or bad….this retard gets kicks off your reactions! And he likes the publicity, LOL

  17. Jagger says:

    THIS IS FAKE PEOPLE DO SOME RESEARCH http://nationalreport.net/disclaimer/

  18. meg says:

    Please don’t even reply to this bullshit probably work s for government and u people are buying into this bullshit ploy ploy ploy stop feeding into to it just say nothing is better than being drawn into bullshit every one needs to believe & not read to feed Please Please I’m begging

  19. TruthBeTold says:

    THIS story is why they have THIS:


    *DISCLAIMER: National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental . The views expressed by writers on this site are theirs alone and are not reflective of the fine journalistic and editorial integrity of National Report. Advice given is NOT to be construed as professional. If you are in need of professional help (and you may be if you are on this page), please consult a professional. National Report is intended for a mature audience and not for children under the age of 18.

    • Aldo Ginovera says:

      Lmao it’s a BS report ^^^ 45% thc even if we wanted a plant to produce that amount of thc remember its a plant it wouldn’t be able to build such a body of one sided chemical which analysts service did this test I know of 3 service test centres and they cost a lot to do the test so my last point is who payed for the test? It’s a propaganda report

  20. Jamie says:

    Absolute bullshit!

  21. FRazor says:

    This is bullshit. I’ve done this before the grower had injected his plants with cocaine or meth and let the cycle go on as normal

  22. Joe mama says:

    I call PURE BS!!! This is fake news, otherwise known as government propaganda! The timing says it all. The same week Uruguay LEGALIZES weed and the same week DR Sanjay Gupta of CNN goes on TV and tells the American public that he, and the American people have been deceived about the dangers of Marajuana. Wake up people! This is just more of the now LEGAL propagandiztaion of the American public on behalf of the super rich and elites who seek to control this burgeoning market place. WHat a crock of shit!!!!

  23. myke215 says:

    i smoke kiler bud daily, hourly, ect, ect……………..

  24. J says:

    This is the biggest load of $*!+ I’ve read in a while. If 40% thc killed you then how is everyone doing dab after dab of 70-95% thc doing just fine and happily medicated? The people who commented about injecting the “marijuanas” and the wanker with 100 habit who had to inject…..get a life, get educated and be a productive member of society instead of douche. Seriously.

  25. Jack Meoff says:

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jus injected some of this killer bud strain in my penis and now I have a permanent hard on!!!!!! Some one help please now i just wanna hump everything i see…. What do I do???


  26. kyle says:

    The THC content of the cannibis could not have killed him. There are no receptors for THC in your brain stem…. In other words it can’t kill you,it won’t stop you from breathing or ever hurt you in any way. People who are in the hash scene have been smoking oils well over 80% for years. If this news report is even real whatever killed the guy has nothing to do with THC, cannabinoids or anything to do with that lovely plant that gets us through this life.

  27. Darla says:

    I say bull crap. Good try though

  28. Dontbestupid says:

    I hope everyone realizes that this article is just a joke. 100% fabricated!!!! Trolling for dumb asses!

    • brett staples says:

      I bet your a pot addict as well you dirty hipster hippie pothead. why don’t you go back to potorado and washingbong with the rest of the dirty liberal hippie democrats. Ill pray for you because your on a path to overdosing with your drug PROBLEM. I’m surprised your dirty hippie liberal democrat mother didn’t get an abortion.

  29. snarfiganspray says:

    the only thing im interested in is those danke DABS… which runs between 70% to 90% thc. I guess I’m just a survivor of the most potent forms of devil lettuce. BHO ALL THE WAY!!!