Mainstream Media Falls for George Zimmerman HOAX – Social Media Abuzz

ZimmermanSanford, FL–Mainstream media outlets have egg on their face this evening after falling for a HOAX reported by the satire site TruthInk.  The headline of the story, “Zimmerman Arrested and Charged with Domestic Violence” went on to describe an alleged domestic disturbance between George Zimmerman and his girlfriend Samanth Sheibe at her home in Apopka, FL.  The story immediately went viral, was viewed over 1.5 million times and was quickly picked up by mainstream sources leading to a whirlwind of “shoot now ask questions later” type trial by media.

The hoaxers went so far as to hack into the Twitter account for the Seminole Police Department where they sent out the following tweet:  “SCSO arrests George Zimmerman for domestic battery and aggravated assault”.

The only problem with the story is that is it NOT true. Zimmerman, who has been a constant target of the left wing media, was nowhere near the scene of the alleged crime but was instead attending a luncheon hosted by Florida Carry, a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated toward repealing and striking down ill-conceived gun control laws.  Zimmerman was scheduled to be a guest speaker at the luncheon when the news broke of his arrest.

This story is not new to the Zimmerman family who has defended George following a rash of recent arrests.

In September, ZImmeran was handcuffed by police in Lake Mary, FL after his estranged wife and former father-in-law accused him of threatening them with a gun.  Zimmerman was released by police at the scene and no charges were filed, but not before a mediagasm that posted George’s face across the evening news.

Later that month, Zimmerman was stopped for speeding and received a traffic ticket in the amount of $256.

In July, Zimmerman was again pulled over by police in Forney< Texas where he received a verbal warning and was released without incident.

In August, Zimmerman was pulled over in Brevard County, FL for displaying an improper tag on his vehicle and for his vehicle’s “excessive tint”.

Zimmerman’s brother, Robert, took to the twitterverse in order to calm the frenzy and to restore his brother’s good name:




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8 Responses to "Mainstream Media Falls for George Zimmerman HOAX – Social Media Abuzz"

  1. Tom Baxter says:

    Zimmerman , An true American hero.
    He didn’t let the ‘f-ing perp get away.’
    Cops should shoot more and question criminals less.
    Even took in the local newspaper.

  2. I-like Candy says:

    The lame stream media is always making up things about American Hero’s like Zimmerman.
    Obama cannot even make change for a nickel.
    Those 911 calls are all part of the hoax, those voices sound just like Hillary and Obama.
    Hillary is rich so she can make change for a nickel, but I cannot believe she is a pro, I am soooo much better than her !

  3. Stupid Is As Stupid Does says:

    Are you serious? You will believe anything so to preserve your little conservative bubble.

    There are actual 911 tapes of the incident. Wake up people!


  4. Factchecking My Way Back To Your Babe says:

    I can do better. How about the actual Clerk of Court case?


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