LA Clippers Owner: “I Thought Blake Griffin Was White”


LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling with his girlfriend, not looking creepy at all.

by John D. Delta <National Report> LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has come under fire for racist comments caught on tape by a woman alleging to be his girlfriend. Sterling made several comments berating her for inviting black people to Clippers games and for posting a photo of herself with NBA legend Magic Johnson, who is black.

Sterling has not backed down from his comments, even after the NBA announced that they were investigating the matter, and as some in the media, particularly in Oakland, are urging Clippers players to boycott the rest of the playoffs. Sterling was questioned by reporters today as he attempted to leave a West Hollywood restaurant, and was hostile and combative in his responses.

Sterling said, “You motherfuckers are getting to be a pain in my ass. I can run my team however I want, talk to my girlfriend however I want, and rent apartments to whoever I want to. Leave me the hell alone.”

Sterling owns numerous apartment complexes in Southern California, and was investigated in 2008 for violations of housing laws. Several of his former property managers testified that Sterling ordered them to “clear out all the Mexicans” and that he complained continually about black and Hispanic tenants. He is also currently being sued by former Clippers General Manager and NBA Hall-of-Famer Elgin Baylor for alleged racial discrimination during Baylor’s tenure with the team.

Pretty fly, for a white guy.

“Nobody told me that Blake Griffin was black,” Sterling said. “I thought I had found a honky I could build around. That’s why I called him ‘The Vanilla Gorilla.’ Now what am I going to do?”

Sterling also admitted, “The real reason I fired Vinny Del Negro last year was because I found out that, in Italian, his name means ‘Vinny the Nigger.’ All I want is for there to be one team in this damn league that looks like the Celtics used to.”

Reaction around LA, where it is not creepy for an 80-something billionaire to have a hot, young girlfriend, has been mixed. Reaction everywhere else on the planet has been uniform in it’s condemnation of Sterling.

“That’s just gross,” said Claire Macadoo, a waitress at Chili’s in Batesville, MS. “I don’t care if he’s a go-zillionaire, I ain’t sleeping with some nasty old man just so I can sit courtside for a stupid basketball game.”



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3 Responses to "LA Clippers Owner: “I Thought Blake Griffin Was White”"

  1. suitcase says:

    I thought Blake Griffin was the son of Howdy Doody and took a lot of steroids to look like he does.

  2. Tyrone says:

    Why are Clippers fans more sensitive than the Lakers fans?
    Kobe Bryant got in less trouble for “date raping” a hot young White woman.

    I suspect interference from hot young Hispanic women to be the deciding factor in determining whether rich white men get in trouble with their mouth, versus rich black men getting in trouble with their penis.

    Word … Peace Out.

  3. miller says:

    I am so thankful I can afford sites like Ancestry.com. I did a search of Donald Sterling and discovered the real reason for his racism. His family has been traced as far back as 200 BCE to Nigeria. His great-great grandfather, (a black man), was forced to marry a white slave in a shotgun wedding. Subsequent generations of that union were decidedly fair-skinned. Donald is a Negro in denial. It also explains why he dates negresses.

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