93-Year-Old Grandma Kills ‘Knockout Game’ Thug

Granny kills knockout game thug

Gladis Bennett shows reporters the gun she used to kill her ‘Knockout Game’ attacker.

St. Louis, MO — 93-year-old Gladis Bennett was on her way to visit her grandchildren as she usual does every Saturday morning. The air was crisp and cool without a cloud in the sky. It was a special morning too. It was her granddaughter’s 14th birthday. Bennett who has a pension from the military was excited that she could afford the extra presents and treats for her granddaughter’s party that afternoon. She was waiting for the number ten bus that would take her into downtown. That is when everything changed forever.

“I was waiting at the bus stop and suddenly felt this sharp pain to the left side of my body. The blunt force was so strong that it knocked me down. When I looked up I could see a group of thugs laughing at me. Then one of them started kicking me. So before they had a chance to do more harm, I reached in my purse, pulled out my gun and shot the main aggressor. Luckily they all ran after that. I was terrified. I thought they were going to kill me.”

51-year-old Knoshon Mootron a homeless man from St. Louis who witnessed the attack told reporters that Bennett acted like a superhero. “I saw her get sucker punched from behind, hard. She hit the ground, then they all start kicking her, she grabs this huge gun out of her purse and BOOM! Headshot! Game over son, ya know what I’m sayin’? Poor n*gga never had a chance.”

“I was mugged about a year ago,” says Bennett. “It’s scary living alone. My grandsons are all grown up so I decided to get my NRA card and a concealed weapons permit. If I hadn’t done what I did who knows what those group of boys would have done to me.”

Bennett was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital with scrapes and bruises but was released later that day. As for her attacker 21-year-old Damon Williams, he was pronounced dead at the scene from a bullet inflicted wound to the head.”

St. Louis Police Detective Paul Horner told CNN the ‘Knockout Game’ is extremely dangerous and needs to stop before more people get killed. “How many more of our young African American youths will have to die before it clicks in their tiny little brains not to do this stupid sh*t anymore? It’s not cool, people are dying. These folks out there are getting themselves severely injured over some stupid game. This unnecessary violence needs to stop now. People are becoming more and more aware of this ‘Knockout Game’ so it is only a fact more and more people are carrying a gun to protect themselves,” Horner said, “You play the ‘Knockout Game’ and expect to be shot. It’s that simple.”

St. Louis Police Officers detained Bennett for questioning where she was soon released. As of this moment no charges are expected to be filed.

What Is The Knockout Game?

The ‘Knockout Game’ is a violent new trend which is growing in popularity among African Americans both young and old. The so-called “Knockout Game” involves assaulting people without warning and it is claiming lives.

The victims of the brutal game are chosen at random. Defenseless and unsuspecting people are attacked by groups of teens who have one goal in mind: to knock the victim out with one punch.

“One-hitter quitter,” “knock em’ and drop em,” “point em’ out and knock ‘em out” are all names for this disturbing new trend that is now drawing nationwide attention.

Recent attacks have occurred in New York, New Haven, Conn., Washington, D.C. and suburban Philadelphia. But the violent attacks go back several years too. In 2011, St. Louis, Mo. had a rash of incidents, one of which led to the killing of a Vietnamese immigrant. Some of the assaults are recorded and posted on websites such as Youtube by the attackers.

If you are a witness to the ‘Knockout Game’ immediately contact your local authorities. You could just save a life and receive a possible reward. As always you can remain anonymous.


What Next?

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75 Responses to "93-Year-Old Grandma Kills ‘Knockout Game’ Thug"

  1. Dennis System says:

    A story like this really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s the good conquering evil! Well done for her. Hopefully this will set a precedent so this knockout game nonsense finally stops!

    • Mark says:

      Did anyone else notice that the article said she felt a sharp pain to the left side of her body? The “Knockout Game” is always a shot to the head. This story is somehow suspicious.

      • Ro says:

        Did you notice how SHE WAS ASSAULTED? Whether or not it was “the knockout game” is not the point. She was assaulted, she fought back, the end.

        The only “suspicious” part is the article writer’s claim of “the knockout game” and that’s based on your claim of knowing the hard-n-fast rules of said game. TBH I’m more suspicious of how you know this rule.

      • Al Hoove says:

        Did YOU notice that the left side of the head is on the left side of the body? Damn, didn’t public schooling teach you anything?

  2. I’m just so glad the woman ended up being safe and no masturbation occurred.

  3. Kids these days.,. says:

    Kids these days, I tell ya. No respect for their elders. Such a shame

    • firebrand says:

      this is not just “lack of respect”. This is savagery as in the jungle. These punks need to be put somewhere away from decent people.

  4. Cyclonus says:

    Too bad the lady couldn’t get any more shots off.

  5. Thomas Zenthoefer says:

    Unfortunately she is committing a crime when she gets on a bus in the state of Missouri unless she has permission from Bistate.
    It is a law from the 1980s regarding bus hijacking. The Missouri legislature tried to repeal it this last session but the city of St. Louis fought it when they found out about it. This time around they won, the people of Missouri lost.

    • Narnal says:

      Ya lets focus on her instead of the thugs

      • JNJP says:

        You spelled “brilliant” wrong. Sorry, not trying to be a Grammar Nazi, but I couldn’t help but point out the irony in that.

        Did no one happen to catch the first paragraph? She was going to her granddaughter’s 14th birthday party? She should have GREAT-grandchildren that age if she’s 93 . . .

        • anon says:

          I was 11 when my grandpa was 93. He got married when he was 36 and then my dad got married at 40. Just because you don’t have it in your family doesn’t mean it doesn’t ever happen anywhere.

          To be frank, though, I am very much doubting the truthfulness of this story. Interestingly, the other one about the 60 year-old woman doing the exact same thing has turned out to be completely false. Also, since there is no real source for this and it is only on these conservative blog sites and Facebook posts it seems to be equally doubtful.

          Do some thinking before you believe something, people.

        • jimjames says:

          you spelled brilliant wrong also not brillliant geeeeeeeeee

        • VR says:

          Actually maybe not. If her granddaughter is 14 she was 79 when she was born. I’m pregnant with my first child and her grandfather will be 71 when she is born. It’s reasonable to say I could have another child in the next 8 years creating the same grandparent/ grandchild age difference.

        • Dana says:

          She may have great grandchildren. It was her grand child’s birthday she was going to. Why would she go to her great grand child’s if it was her grand child’s birthday?

        • Al Hoove says:

          “granddaughter” isn’t descriptive enough for you? 14 years old isn’t descriptive enough for you? She put away a useless thug and you’re upset you don’t know for sure which generation she was going to visit? My, such high standards.

    • elle says:

      rIDIOT !! She did the ®ight thing.

    • brian says:

      just so you know , if you actually read the peice she has a conceiled carry permt, so she can go on the bus , i looked it up that is just for open carry, plus she was attacked at the bus stop not on the bus

  6. Thomas Zenthoefer says:

    One of the TV stations in St. Louis checked into this story and has yet to talk to the woman

  7. Al says:

    Looks like Knoshon got to “Knosh-on” some high velocity lead. Mrs. Bennett you’re the B0MB!! I love your choice of firepower too. Wish I could send you a box of bullets.

  8. Tyler says:

    How are these games not hate crimes? Seems like the only people they target are whites.

    • latrel jones says:

      All ethnic groups suffer from abuse by the young.Hate crime,if thats what you want to label it. But will it have the same tittle when its a different group doing the same?

      • Other than Black says:

        Don’t Forget, Whites are not the Only Victims. There have been Asians, Latinos, Jews, Women(Non-Black), LBGT(Non-Black) too.

        One thing for sure, it 98% Black thugs. 2% is slightly Bi-Racial Black Kids.

        • Reverend Jim says:

          I checked your statistics, and you’re quite wrong.

          According to the National Center of Violence (ncv.gov), 74.5% are black thugs, 23.3% are white thugs, 2.1% are soccer moms and 0.1% is Justin Bieber.

  9. Zeke Gobfitz says:

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    I am going to tell all of my friends about the great deals that i got here.
    Gladis is one hot mama,i emptied my magazine;)

  10. Ticked Off Polar Bear says:

    God’s way of thinning the herd.

  11. AR_ME_OF_1 says:

    We won’t see this anywhere near where I live But those cities that banned guns , Wash DC you won’t be quite as lucky. Thats why most of them will get away with it,Good goin Granny

  12. Ceefax says:

    This didn’t really happen by the way, sorry for spoiling everyone’s day.

  13. Eric says:

    Nice kill! Hopefully more of these people get killed. Enough nonsense and enough waiting for slow ass trials, ridiculously low penalties, and kids under 16/17 being charged as minors when they indeed are committing assaults that could possibly kill their victims. Fuck ‘em, kill ‘em.

  14. Former Jarhead says:

    Detective Paul Horne “How many more of our young African American youths will have to die…”

    Sounds like the good detective is more concerned about the perpetrators than the victims.


  15. unclemonkey says:

    ye… and that, translated, with due regard to syntax, grammar and context, means….. um….. wut

  16. Other than Black says:

    Why are the Thugs 98% Black? You do not hear White Thugs, Asian Thugs, Latino Thugs or Rainbow Coalition Thugs doing this Savagery.

  17. Boom headshot. Game over… Poor nigga never saw it coming

  18. Cure666 says:

    Where are you going America…
    Monkeys like these (they are not people, they are animals – people are working and making good time with their families) should get a free history lessons, get the braceletts on their wrists and work 12 – 16 hours / day where noone wants to.

  19. Bartek says:

    Im waiting for B. Obama to confirm that if he had a son that black tennager would look like him

    • Al Hoove says:

      He could also tell us quite truthfully that if he had a grandmother, she would look like Gladis. So the question is, would Obama be on the side of his “son” hitting his grandmother, or on the side of his grandmother cakking his son? Inquiring minds would like to know, O.

  20. seruh says:

    And you wonder why we stereotype blacks.. Fucking idiots.

    • chuck says:

      Good for her wish she got off more shots any pussy that would hit a 93 year old woman needs shot .try hitting some one your own age oh yea they’re scared to get own ass’s wooped .sounds like a gang of pussies shoot them all!!!!!!!!

  21. thatboi says:

    Black, Red, White or Yellow these defiant jerks deserve AT LEAST a bullet to the head. She did the world a GREAT service. Smile on granny #DeathToThugCowards

  22. Tamika Bell says:

    Good for her!!!HIT HIS ASS WITH DEATH!!! Knock that out…Git Ya ads somewhere and sit down !!! This US the insidiousness that gets Black people a bad rep. God BLESS MRS. BENNETT!!!!LOVIN THAT ‘DIRTY HARRY’!!!!!

  23. James the Negro hatin dolphin says:

    Man these motherf*cking n*ggers need to be thrown in jail. Seriously though. The African Community is fucking crazy and is influencing many bad things. I got knocked out in third grade because I was white. Whoever says racism towards white people doesn’t exist, f*ck you, and f*ck your entire life and family because me and my family is getting tormented by black people because we’re white. There are some black peeps that I love to death because of how well mannered they are, so those, I love with all my heart. The thugs, fucking deport them.

  24. mike says:

    That is awesome.

  25. brian j conway says:

    Darvon the barsidges. (or Trayvon, whatever the hell his name was)

  26. Glers says:

    Stop calling this the Knock Out Game, it should be called the Sucker Punch Game

  27. Ted says:

    I love her!

  28. jane doe says:

    Funny how when somebody white is the victim of a crime and the perpetrator is black all hell breaks loose abd black people are the worst people ever. What about the kkk and the years and years of hate crimes black people faced??

    • Bobo says:

      What about them?

      The majority of people will agree they were dispicable thugs as well, but really, what does this have to do with (black) thugs attacking innocent people? Does the fact that the kkk did horrible things make the actions of these pukes ok?

  29. Ernest Truman says:

    In related news, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports:
    “Legislature Considers Proposal to Arm Seniors”
    In response to growing reports of violence directed toward the elderly, State Senator Steve Fitzgerald (R) representing the 5th District, has announced his plan to end the threat posed by the so-called Knockout Game, by providing seniors with the means to defend themselves.
    The Knockout Game is an increasing common form of urban violence, in which youth gangs attack randomly chosen victims, the object of which is to render the victim unconscious from a single blow to the head. Most often, the victims of these attacks are elderly persons.
    “The time has come to take a stand against this unprecedented wave of violence directed at our senior citizens”, intoned the Tea Party favorite at a press conference held Wednesday, on the Capital steps. “But the sad fact is, due to the misguided policies of the current Washington administration, many of our most vulnerable citizens are unable to acquire the means necessary to defend themselves from these roving packs of urban youths bent on mayhem, and all too often, murder.”
    Under Senator Fitzgerald’s proposed bill, called The Citizen Safety Act, legal citizens of Kansas, aged 62 years or older, will be provided with Safety Vouchers, redeemable at local sporting goods retailers for semi-automatic pistols or revolvers, with instructional safety and marksmanship courses to be provided by local law enforcement agencies.
    “This initiative”, the Senator went on to state, “so necessary for the protection of our elderly parents and grandparents, will be entirely funded by savings gained through phasing-out the Office of Labor Relations, which will free-up an estimated 3.6 million dollars.”
    The proposed legislation enjoys broad Conservative support within the Capital, where Governor Sam Brownback (R) has indicated his willingness to sign the measure into law.
    Also voicing endorsement for Sen. Fitzgerald’s proposal, is NRA President Jim Porter, who called the bill, “Simply common sense.”, before adding, “Hopefully, this law will serve as a model for many more like it. It is a monumental step forward in restoring safety to our homes and public places.”
    The measure has been met with strident opposition from many Kansas Democrats, led by Minority Leader Anthony Hensley (D), who decried the proposed legislation as, “An irrational solution to a nonexistent problem.”
    The Citizen Safety Act is expected to come up for a floor vote when the Kansas Legislature reconvenes following the Holiday recess.

  30. Rick says:

    Interesting side not to all of this, knockout game violence, is that not ONE black thug has been charged with a hate crime, BUT a recent incident with a white tug playing this game gets him charged by the feds. with a hate crime.

    • Bobo says:

      That’s because he was stupid enough to use racial slurs (on video I believe) when describing the incident, as well as using the same slurs when telling people (including an off duty police officer) about what he had done.

      Does that mean that the black thugs shouldn’t be charged with a hate crime? No, but there’s still burden of proof, even though we all know they choose their target based on race.

  31. Barrack Obama says:

    If I had a son he’d look like Damon Williams…

  32. biggie says:

    I have a feeling that a lot of truegoons are going to die this year.”Punk Boys” Hitting old ladies. Hmmm, Now your getting attention from the big wigs down south. One by one bye bye! Start running ,this knockout game is getting upgradedto( RIP GOONS)Thats right,any race or gender can be a part of this. If you hit old ladies or girls your a dead man…

  33. Stop calling it a game and maybe people won’t play it??? Call it mugging or stupidity on advertising it as a game on tv online or papers maybe if you stop giving them trophies to watch it won’t TREND!!

  34. sjrago says:

    Too bad she only shot one of the worthless welfare POS.

  35. Howard says:

    Don’t mess with the old folks they won’t think twice about shooting you

  36. She’s lucky she was hit by the side of her body, if it was the back or side of her head she would of blacked out in an instant! And those are not thugs, just stupid african american kids.

  37. Magda says:

    One less welfare check!

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