Kim Jong-Un Endorses Donald Trump

(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

Korean Business News Daily is reporting that North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un has allegedly thrown in his support for Donald Trump in the United States 2016 Presidential election. Kim Jong-Un, taking a break from controlling the weather, has allegedly been “closely following” both the GOP and Democratic debates and only came to this decision “after watching the Democrat debate on Tuesday night” according to KB News Daily.

“The Supreme Leader closely weighed and measured the talents all of the U.S. candidates and gave them all careful consideration,” says the alleged official statement from the DPRK government. “Supreme Leader has considered all of the choices and has named Donald Trump the official candidate of the DPRK.”

The North Korean statement continued to state that Kim Jong-Un “admired” Donald Trump’s plan to “build a wall to keep his people safe”. However, the Supreme Leader plans to “work to assist Donald Trump in less expensive ways of protecting his people from outside threats.” Jong-Un alleges that he “keeps the great people of North Korea say from Imperialist invaders without a border wall” and he reportedly feels that he can lend a hand in helping Trump work through the challenges he would face in his first term.

Jeung Sang Wook of Korean Business News Daily has been following this developing story and adds that, “Kim Jong-Un is not in favor of Donald Trump’s policies on guns as, obviously, he’d like to see an America that is weaker militarily. However, he does apparently feel that of all of the potential United States candidates, Trump has the closest mindset to himself.”

Jeung Sang Wook continues, “Surprisingly, Kim Jong-Un was nearly ready to endorse Jim Webb as the official DPRK backed candidate, but he felt that Jim Webb’s showing at the recent Democrat political debate was lacking. His (Kim Jong-Un’s) overall support of Trump’s immigration policy, combined with Webb’s inability to conduct himself on the world stage helped solidify the decision.”

It is unknown what exactly this “endorsement” by Kim Jong-Un will mean for Trump’s campaign. Will his supporters react negatively when finding out one of the world’s most infamous dictators agrees with an immigration policy they have shown their support for? I suppose only time will tell.

Jeung Sang Wook feels the endorsement is not a big deal. “Kim Jong-Un just likes to talk,” he concludes. “This is no different than him threatening to ‘destroy the West’. He is egotistical enough to feel he is affecting American politics by making a statement such as this.”


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5 Responses to "Kim Jong-Un Endorses Donald Trump"

  1. JKJones says:

    I really think that if Kim Jong-Un knew the personality of Ted Cruz better, he would be an all out Cruz supporter. In fact, I think that he would throw the entire financial weight of North Korea behind him. Aside from labeling himself a conservative Christian Ted Cruz and Kim Jong-Un have a lot in common.

  2. Diet says:

    North Korea does not need a “wall” to keep illegals from entering. Such a joke!

  3. Jay Low says:

    Wow, Kim Jong Un just professed to change his ways. Why? He has been following U.S. Presidential primaries and saw where Donald Trump said he would make him “disappear” via negotiations with China. In fear, Kim Jong Un says he will totally support Trump. Sounds like Putin who said same thing where pathetic U.S. media reports that Putin thinks he can “get over” on Trump. What delusion. The American media, the incompetent pathological liars they are, are tying Jong Un’s “turn about” as being due to O’bama actions (WTF) and not the real threat posed by Trump. The sad and incompetent liars of the media, the Democrats, and the Republican establishment will do anything to stop the pro-american Trump by refusing to give credit where it is due. Sad.

  4. Julianne Caesar says:

    “He [Kim-jung un] reportedly feels that he can lend a hand in helping Trump work through the challenges he would face in his first term.” LOL!!! Though who knows if Un’s ‘generous’ offer is simply typical babbling from one of the world’s crazier dictatorship families or comes from a need for the then-current ‘Dear Leader’ to remind the world’s superpowers they still exist and are still lunatic bad-asses, and don’t you forget it.

    Or maybe given Trump’s antics over the years, North Korea’s leader actually feels a certain… kinship with Trump. One paranoid, egomaniacal nutter recognizing another, as it were, willing to dispel wisdom and advice. Now there’s a thought (or nightmare scenario).

    Though unintentionally funny, you have to laugh at Jung-un’s remark about North Korea not needing a wall to keep illegals out. A country whose leader takes children when they are barely out of toddlerhood and starts training them to be soldiers. Who starves most of its citizens, gives them no personal liberties or freedoms or any remote form of due process/justice. Kills its citizens at the slightest provocation or maybe if he’s just bored. Who kills their own family members if they just *might* be or become a threat. Yet brags about no need for a wall around the country. Of course there’s no need, because PEOPLE WANT TO ESCAPE, not become citizens, lol. (And a wall to keep them in isn’t necessarily needed, is it? Not for a people so afraid, so beaten down, so sick/weak from starvation that a mass escape attempt is highly unlikely.)

    And yet Trump would probably be flattered by Dear Leader’s attention. (One more reason NOT to vote for Trump.)

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