Killer Of “Tejano Queen” Selena, Yolanda Saldivar, To Be Granted Early Release From Prison

Source:  Jos ontiveros

Source: Jos ontiveros

UPDATE 04-02-15: Yolanda Saldivar Seeks To Publish Book Revealing “Secrets And Truths” About Selena Murder

Yolanda Saldivar, the woman who murdered beloved Tejano star, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, could be released from prison as early as January 1st, 2015.

The former nurse who later became president of Selena’s budding fan club shot and killed the singer during a argument in a hotel room on March 31st 1995. The murder took place after Saldivar had been confronted over her role in embezzling large sums of money from Selena’s fan club and boutiques.

Saldivar was arrested following an intense standoff with police that lasted several hours. She was convicted of Selena’s murder shortly after being detained and has remained incarcerated ever since. Her sentence has been served primarily in isolation due to death threats from Selena’s loyal fans, spending 23 hours a day for the last 20 years in a 9 by 6 foot cell at the Gatesville prison Mountain View unit. She is permitted to have visitors once a week for two hours at a time.

Saldivar’s original eligibility date for parole was March 30 2025, but due to her failing health and recent legal modifications which allows ailing prisoners to petition for early release, she could be released as soon as January of 2015.

Within the last 4 years Saldivar has been suffering from kidney ailments which require frequent dialysis treatments. Monica Shapiro, who is the current health coordinator for inmates at the Gatesville, prison described her deteriorating condition. “We no longer consider Ms. Saldivar to be a threat to society. Taking into consideration the long term prognosis of this disease being highly unlikely, we would like to assist her in her petition for early release.”

Many Selena fans have already caught wind of Saldivar’s impending release. They didn’t hesitate in sharing their displeasure over the fact that Saldivar may become a free woman once again. Longtime Selena fan, Beatriz Garcia, has already created a petition in an effort to prevent Saldivar from ever being released despite her health issues. “What she did was absolutely unforgivable. Let her rot.”



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178 Responses to "Killer Of “Tejano Queen” Selena, Yolanda Saldivar, To Be Granted Early Release From Prison"

  1. Fransces Perez says:

    I agree with many she should rot in hell. Most people get sick ok he has the flu let him out he’s a child molester. Do u think it’s right. No so let her die in jail. She still needs to pay for what she has done. Selina was a good latina singer. Her murder should not b let free. She should pay for what she did.

  2. Cheyla says:

    she should stay there for the rest of her days if shes let out people will end up killing Her

  3. Aurora says:

    Who care about Selena let her R/I/P she done her time some ppl don’t even get punish for killing just because she was a good signer

    • ESTHER says:

      Really?! Are you related to Yolanda? It sure does sound like it.. It’s not just because she was a good singer you fool, she was a person, a human being, and on top of that a beautiful person inside and out. She was loved by the world, the only thing I can say about Yolanda is I hope she has repented for what she did, because she is old and she will have to give account to the Lord for what she has done, just the was she had to pay here on earth what she did she will pay after death also.

    • Melissa says:

      Dumb bitch fk u and Yolanda… that bitch can rot in hell…

    • Malati says:

      you dumb bitch go to hell

    • Musicman says:

      aurora,are you really that freaking STUPID?? You must be a complete dumbass moron to come here and type such an ignorant statement.
      You should read what you wrote and maybe someday you will realize how stupid you are for saying what you did! You owe everyone on this board along with Selena’s millions of fans an apology for writing such a heartless comment and I seriously doubt anyone will accept it!
      You must be related to yolander because no one else would say such a terrible thing and if thats the case I actually feel sorry for you because I sure as hell wouldnt want to be associated with her in any way,shape or form!
      You are obviously just jealous of Selena’s success,fame,fortune and beauty because you are a NOBODY!
      You should promptly apologize or you will find out what the word KARMA means.
      It amazing how stupid some people can be and your dumbass comment is a perfect example! You should learn how to keep your rude comments to yourself! I bet everyone that knows you wouldnt be surprised that you wrote that because they all know that you are a jerkwad! You should ask yourself why you dont have any friends..because they are sick of hearing all the dumb fucking things you say!
      What a complete dumbass person you are!

  4. S.Fuentes says:

    God says forgive and he will forgive.like the other
    person message sald.I really wasn’t Selena’s fan but I know that she won a lot of heartsits a great loss but no matter what she yoland has and still be paying the price

  5. I am not her judge. She should stay in jail. She is a cost to society one way or another. I forgive her and God has forgiven her.

  6. tina says:

    We all suffer more when she took someone life away that why there nurses in the prison.why she should be release… Till this day we miss the life she took so did Selena parent

  7. Michelleeeee says:

    I know no one deserves to die but this bitch does she killed a beloved singer , bith should rot in there even tho’ selena’s legacy still lives and forever will … Yolanda took her away she should just stay in jail till’ she was able to get out no an early realese thats some BS

  8. i love selena i am 9 years old i am researching her for a class project. Yolanda took something very special away from me yes i think she should be in prison for a little bit but still be able to come out…………………………
    P.S and yes i do get the situtation.
    P.S.Sand what if u where Yolanda what would you do?

    • ESTHER says:

      I would pray that I would find true forgiveness of God then I would also pray to ask her family for forgiveness, but sincerely not fake.

  9. Neat says:

    Leave her ass in there. Simple. She already old. She can casually spend the rest of her life in prison.

  10. kathryn says:

    We all have made mistakes and learned from them people change forgive others I’m sure you done things wrong and people forgave you right God has a plan your not God so don’t judge others judge yourself first because no one’s perfect

  11. ashley says:

    she deserves to rot in there as any other piece of shit that takes a innocent life

  12. VERONICA says:


  13. Juno says:

    If her health is bad, let her ass die in there where she is at oh well why should she have the comfort in being released, she killed someones daughter someones sister someones wife and someone who was so loved by many fans and nothing will bring her back, wheres the justice???!!!

  14. trevino says:

    Salena was a good singer… but yolanda deserves early release she’s suffered enough isolation and health issues… thats punishment enough… and it’s not like she’ll be getting the red carpet when she gets out… let her free already. Plus even she’s out I’m sure ppl Will still hate

  15. marybeth says:

    It should not make a difference or not if she is sick she is still a cold blooded killer and she serve all the time she was given and well deserves god don’t like ugly that’s why she is sick to beigin with karma is a big *itch may selina rest in peace and my god bless her family to lose a family member on that term is one of the hardest things to deal with I know

  16. Nick Grammar-Nunez says:

    Ok, I don’t think she should be released any how. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions but think about this first. The woman was a great budding Tejana singer struck down by a low life thief over huge sums of money. That was someone’s daughter and sister and possibly a future mother. For all you idiots that say who gives a f*&% then shut the f@&% yourselves. Inconsiderate asses. What if that was your daughter, sister, or mom? Wouldn’t you want the killer to rot forever? Her race or fame status doesn’t matter. For those of you who don’t like her music that’s cool too. I bet if the same thing happened to a white young female musician you guys wouldn’t like it all and would demand blood. So shut the f#%@ up hypocrites. A life was taken away. Rest in peace.

  17. phonda says:

    well i hate to say this but yolanda will not last in the public..someone will do her in..matter of time

  18. basilio says:

    3 sides first if she gets out 1 of selena real fan gonna be waiting for her outside 2 I believe selena was an amazing person and if she were alive she would forgive yalanda. Now i think cause she took a 23 yr old life she herself should spend at least 60 to 70 yrs total cause that’s how many yrs she took from selena. And im not saying this cause it’s a famous person it should be like this for anybody

  19. dejaih says:

    I understand both sides. i was raised to forgive those who hurt you but never forget. but use what has happen to help others. I do believe that she deserve to be in jail for the rest of life. She took someones life!!!! not only because it was Selena but if it was anyone. she did an selfish act! but im not the judge! if the judge feels that Yolanda served enough time…then all we can do is help the family get through this hurdle. I get why people dont want Yolanda to walk around in this world free.. i mean Selena doesnt get to walk around freely. Why should she enjoy the rest her life while Selena family cry every year on her birthday,christmas,new years etc. Selena family lost a child, sister, wife etc. they cant bring her back. but i also see that people feel that she served her time for her crime. But just think if you were put in Selena’s family place….you know???? Honestly, if Yolanda sits in jail,, gets the death penality, dies from sickness, or even walk away a free woman… its never gona heal the family hurt and pain

  20. Jen Salaz says:

    I was raised to forgive and forget. Just as the Lord has forgiven me and forgot about what i did. But i am a human. I do not think people who get a life sentence for murder for any reason should be set free at all. I don’t care if you change your ways,are Ill,or a model inmate. YOU still took a life. and need to pay for what you did. and life means life, you shouldn’t be able to get out and be free and have a chance for a free life. Did you give that option to your victim? NO so why should you get it?

    • Trigger says:

      You have to spend 30 years in prison for 1st degree murder she has only done 15 and no she has not done her time still needs 10 more. She still has to burn in hell afterwards. Thou shall not kill

  21. Brittaney says:

    No that bitch should rot in prison and never get out hope she suffers for killing Selena

  22. T Barrett says:

    Even if God chooses to forgive Yolanda for taking a
    Life, she will never get to live with God because she
    Took a life, Yoland will gain a lower degree of glory butt
    She will spend eternity in a place that will never have the
    Presence of God! We are required by God to forgive everyone.
    I feel sorry for her because the whole purpose of life is to prove
    Ourselves worthy so that we can go back and live with our father
    In heaven and she because of her action will never know

    • I really feel Selena would be so ashame of all the repulsive language on here in her honor. So much hate…you should all lower your heads in shame and let Selena rest in peace. At the end of the day…the Lord is our judge and jury!

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