Why We Should Kill The Mexicans

killmexicansBased on the title of my post I already know most bean supporters will try and classify me as a racist. But before you get your Fabuloso cleaning underwears in a bunch, let me explain my reasoning for such a great call to action.

First off, Mexicans are dirty, they bring over foreign diseases that have been linked to aggressive strains of herpes, anal leakage, hair loss, polio even their food causes explosive chunky like diarrhea. Tortilla tossers are known as anti-hand washers. Everyday they are picking the fields while picking their anal caverns, shaking hands with whites after collecting their day’s pay. Then they go home and populate Maria’s uterus with more filthy taco gobblers, which spreads more death and higher tax rates.

Second, Mexicans are the direct cause of high murder rates, increase in kidnapping and decrease in moral values. Ask anyone who lives on the border what they fear the most and the most common answers with be either; being drugged and viciously orifice choked by Paco and his Amigos, kidnapped and dropped off in the desert while being held hostage at gun point for ransom or forced to work with a group of former convicted felons.

Three, they aren’t Americans. I’m sorry, if I moved to Germany, I wouldn’t be a American-German or if I moved to Mexico, Chile or some other Mexican state, I wouldn’t be a American-Spic, no, I’d be a (enter sub par country name here). If you can’t speak the English and walk around with a hyphenated nationality, you are a piece of Planned Parenthood garbage.

Four, their music. I’m tired of listening to Juan Direction music every time I go to Home Depot (which should change their name to Home Deportation). Every day it is “El Jarabe Tapatio” or some other song trying to convince us that Mexicans are worth a damn. The music is also directly rooted with sexual body movements that teach male children at a young age to insert their faddle finkles into as many taco sauce laced fish slits so they can hurry and have children which will allow them to live off of whitey’s taxes.

Let this be the year of deportation cheer and remove the southern threat before your kids become brown and proud.

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14 Responses to "Why We Should Kill The Mexicans"

  1. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    Tyson loved the piece on the Mexican wet problem here in the US of A. But how can kids be “brown & proud?” What do they have to be proud of? Don’t you have to have something you’ve convinced others covet in order to attain a level of proud?

  2. August Weisz says:

    If I wanted tacos I would go to Madrid or some other Mexican city. One problem is most of them have no idea where they are as they spend 80% of their lives hiding in trunks or under blankets.

  3. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    I hear they only flush every fourth or fifth time, if they even have modern plumbing.

  4. Giovanni says:

    Whoa you’re totally out your fucking mind,Mexicans are dirty….bitch the USA is known to have the largest obese and Ignorant population,only if you knew you idiot the strongest Mexican cartels buy their guns from the America government,you stupid fcuk how you dare talk about my people like this,you must be some southern piece of shit,someone who is educated and smart would never say such stupidity,and by the way if t wasn’t for the corruption in Mexico we would be in the top three richest countries in the world ,don’t worry later on this year when the dollar collapses you will be crying at the border of my fucking country when your government starts the next holacaoust

    • Giovanni is a loser says:

      Mexico has a higher obesity rate than the United States. Also, the obesity rate for Mexican-Americans is 40%. Since the US obesity rate is about 34%, which includes Mexican-Americans, that means the obesity rate in the US would be lower if all the Mexicans went back to Mexico.

  5. luis says:

    looks like something hitler would say

  6. Clive Thompson says:

    It seems the only good thing about being brown applies to not getting sunburned as badly when you are out tomato picking. (Or so I’ve heard.)

  7. Aredos Alpha says:

    So you guys say Mexicans are dirty, they need to be killed, they don’t flush their toilet and much more hate stuff like that… Do you think it makes you any clean? This world, the earth is for all of us to live along in peace, not in war and strife. Boundaries are worthless as they’ll have no effect when humanity finally realizes that everyone is “Human”. Racist sh!t like these do not deserve Ascention to the age when Earth finally unifies. Just a reminder, you non-native Americans were the ones who expelled the Native Americans from their homeland. And to be exact, Mexicans(considering the fact that they’re the probable grandsons of Mayans and Incas) were on the America Continent before you guys do. Some opinions just need to be changed.

    • Walter says:

      Put a fucking dress on.

    • Death to Brownies says:

      Yeah, you obviously have never read a history book. Last time I checked we celebrate Thanksgiving in memory of the American-Indians GIVING us their land. See they thought we were white God’s.

      Also, the whole part of Mayans and Incas further prove that they need to stay the FUCK out of America and in their own shit-hole of a country they made for themselves. Before you say some dumbass comment again, check you facts dipshit.

  8. Aredos Alpha says:

    1. @Walter, I’m ignoring your irrelevant comment.

    2. It’s not American-Indian, it’s Native American. You people say that just because of Christopher Columbus. The continent actually is named by Amerigo Vespucci.

    3. “Last time I checked” Does this something that can be changed? You really think that Thanksgiving is because ‘Native-Americans’ give their lands to you guys? “Thanksgiving Day: is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving

    4. Are you aware that American Continent is consists of two parts? Like North America and South America? Because saying ‘America’ means both.

    5. What a nice invader voice you got there.

    6. Cya.

  9. william says:

    ………………………….. no comment