Kanye West Outraged Over Wikileaks Release of IQ Scores

Not as smart as he thinks?

Not as smart as he thinks?

by John D. Delta

WEST HOLLYWOOD – Entertainment mogul Kanye West expressed outrage toward WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today following the release of a batch of IQ test results gathered by the Australian internet activist. The results showed that West’s score ranked lowest in the media or entertainment industry, with a mark of 52 on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale test.

West claims he was tricked into taking the test online when he thought he was simply updating his SnapChat profile. He said, “Computers numbers ain’t real! I’mma trancendentalize, uncalculatability factor that no tricky test try to make me take figure, though. Ya feel? WikiLeaks? Wiki! Wiki! Wiki! Whack!”

West’s comments came during a commercial shoot for Tashman Home Center, on Santa Monica Blvd. West was not involved in the production of the commercial, but was apparently dining at a nearby restaurant, noticed the cameras, and interrupted the production crew.

“He just barged right on in,” said Coop Cooper, director of the shoot. “You know how Kanye is. He cost us a day’s shooting and several thousand dollars, and now, from what I understand, is suing us.”

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