Justin Bieber’s ‘Beached Whale’ Comment Leads To Teen Girl’s Suicide

RIPJULIEThe pudgy sunbather who recently endured Justin Bieber’s cruel taunts aimed at her husky physique has allegedly committed suicide. Julie Gunn was found dead by her roommate in their Harvey Bay flat. She had reportedly knocked back several pints of Tooheys before downing half a bottle of Valium.

Julie’s roommate Karan Willis revealed that Bieber’s brutal commentary towards her friend left her devastated. She had been drinking non-stop and refused to leave her flat. Every time she dared to set foot outside of her home, strangers would pick up where Bieber left off. Screaming vicious unkind words at her in regards to her corpulent figure. In the end, it became too much for her to bear.

“Julie was just living a normal, average life before Justin called her a beached whale, after that everything changed”, Karan revealed. “Everywhere she went after that, people just couldn’t help themselves from taking a jab at the Justin Bieber whale girl. The insults were relentless”.

Bieber was partying with friends at Perth’s Hyatt Regency in Australia when the incident occurred. Apparently the diminutive superstar sauntered up to Julie while she was sunbathing and began berating her voluptuous figure. Another guest who was present during the shameful display reported the following;”Justin looked over at her and said ‘What are you, Hawaiian or something?’ She said, ‘No, I’m not.’ Then he said, ‘You look like a beached whale’… The girl said, ‘Are you serious’ and he said, ‘You should go on The Biggest Loser. Everyone laughed as the girl ran away in hysterics. It was a scene straight out of a really crappy after-school special.'”

In Julie’s suicide note she refers to the episode as “The day the earth cracked open and swallowed me whole, like a whale… Like a big, fat, stupid whale sucking up krill in the ocean like a retarded moron”. Evidently her self-esteem had plummeted to such a degree that she had neglected all measures of personal hygiene after the matter took place. She was found dead on a filthy mattress wearing the same bikini she donned when Bieber unleashed his verbal vitriol surrounded by a moat of fast food refuse, feces and wine cooler bottles.

12-21-13 UPDATE: Bieber Accused Of Being Responsible For Teen Girl’s Suicide After “Beached Whale” Insult

12-22-13 UPDATE: Justin Bieber Announces Retirement After Allegedly Causing Fan’s Suicide

12-25-13 UPDATE: Justin Bieber Announces Retirement (Again) On Christmas Eve – Happy Holidays Beliebers!

01-10-14 UPDATE: Will Justin Bieber Be Taking Paul Walker’s Place In The Next Fast And Furious Movie?

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977 Responses to "Justin Bieber’s ‘Beached Whale’ Comment Leads To Teen Girl’s Suicide"

  1. Kumori says:

    I feel so sorry for this young lady.. I had it up to here with biebers attitude, I don’t care if he’s famous or not, NO ONE SHOULD DO THAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT. Such an idiot.. He better get charged, or at least go to jail….

  2. kokameini says:

    Why would a cruel, ugly, skinny, ether-voice, Elvis wannabe, be popular to begin with? I hope he gets beached and smothered in sand.

  3. Rena says:

    Justin music sucks and how he treated that young lady was very rude he should be charge with something . Words is the worst I know people look at me and I look at them and tell them to kiss off.

  4. Dr. Tomato box fairy says:


    Rest in peace, sweet angel

  5. J.J says:

    are you kidding me? You guys should learn your facts before going on rants. Yes Justin Bieber is a douche bag, but this never happened. You people are looking at a fake news site that even says “All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news.” Don’t believe me? http://nationalreport.net/disclaimer/ . Now can you people stop being so ignorant and naive.

  6. Mike says:

    I am no bieber fan, i never ever listened to any of his songs. But how is this his fault?
    How many fat people are called whales daily? I don’t think all of them kill themselves.
    A smart person would have done something about his wait, instead of going into destruct mode.

    Unless they do it to save someone else, I cannot respect suicide victims no matter how hard I try, especially when they do it over something so silly and childish.

    Yeah he was rude, but what do you expect of a boy who has been manipulated and used. Turned from a prodigy into a pariah for money. And the only lessons that he got while being raised were that the more scandalous he is the more money he gets thrown at him.

    You can’t blame him for the actions of a silly, over-privileged fat girl (insert nagging sarcastic tone:)”who’s little feelings got hurt”.

    Don’t you see how silly this all is? Think about it like this. What was she thinking? OOOH NOOO, Justin Bieber called me fat, my life is over, there’s no point to live any more.. seriously?

  7. Shad rouse says:

    Go to hell justin bieber watsvu did was just wrong just wait the day will come when ur judged by go himself and after wats u have caused May god have mercy on ur ugly ass thAt girl never deserved such a insult if it were up 2 me us rot in hell u soulless creep

  8. john says:

    Way to go beiber. Let everyone know that they dont have what you got.

  9. RenaNevada says:

    I love how everyone is threatening him to go to hell then saying to this girl rest i heaven angel. I love how everyone is picking on him because he’s famous when all these other people are bulling others and get away with it. Sure he should be a little bit more careful, but how can you say something whenever thousands of cameras are on your freaking back all the time.
    He didn’t make her kill herself. i hate when girls are being so stupid and yes I am a female and no I don’t do this, but when they thrive for attention. He didn’t let her or make her kill herself that was her freaking choice to do that. Thousands of people are worse and more broken down than she is and she was being stupid. I say that it’s stupid to put that in his hands because she chose to kill herself. Many of other girls are called worse than that and seriously, they don’t run off and kill themselves. I’ve been called a gorilla before because I’m 152 at the age of 13 and it’s over my average weight.
    I’m a Christian and so is he. I mean and either way it goes, this was a lie. He didn’t say that to her. Just going to let myself say that because he didn’t say it.

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