Jesus Christ Boycotts Hobby Lobby

Angry Jesus will punch hard for the children.

Angry Jesus will punch hard for the children.

(National Report) – Hobby Lobby, an American retail company that sells overpriced made-in-China labor camp manufactured “craft” supplies, does not carry items that might be considered non-Christian. Items like blue and silver centerpieces for Hanukkah, paper dreidel kits or Menorahs.

Several Jewish bloggers have criticized the management of Hobby Lobby for offering only Christian themed craft goods.

In a response to much of the criticism that Hobby Lobby only caters to the Christian theme crafter, the firm’s management responded with the following statement, published in the Washington Post:

“Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. is currently working with our buyers over our merchandise selection. Our customers have brought this to our attention and we are currently evaluating our Holiday items and what we will carry in the future.”

Steve Green, the spiritual leader of the 550 store retail chain and its owner, is a Christian. Carrying items that Christians will not normally use for religious holidays or home decor isn’t a priority or part of the management’s strategic forecast. It just isn’t good business to purchase these items.

It does not make Christian business sense for Hobby Lobby to offer Jewish craft supplies.

Buyers for Hobby Lobby hunt for value. Items offered by Hobby Lobby made by Christians in Chinese work prisons usually have a low labor cost and are anointed with the grace of Christian persecution.

Because the prison workers are making Christian products for sale in the US Hobby Lobby stores while imprisoned for their faith, the products offered by Hobby Lobby are blessed, as are the profits. If these prisoners were to make Menorah kits, they would not be persecuted Christians.

According to Billion Bibles, a watchdog organization with interests in Christian persecution in China, the persecution of Christians in China is evolving from simply torture, death and imprisonment to luring Christians of underground churches to manufacture idols for false gods.

“On the whole, the main thrust of Satan’s attack on the body of Christ in China has shifted away from brute force to the more insidious temptation of money and heresy. Rather than the euphemistically named Public Security Bureau kicking down doors, the bigger threats to the church in today’s increasingly materialistic China is the lure of health, wealth & prosperity and other false gospel, much of it imported from the West.” – Persecution of Christians in China, Billion Bibles


Jesus didn't say much about mixing business and faith, but he did hand out some asswhomp.

Jesus didn’t say much about mixing business and faith, but he did hand out some asswhomp.

The body of Christ, bloody and broken while incarcerated in Chinese prison gulags, needs to make low cost Christian products for companies like Hobby Lobby, not Jewish stuff. It is about freedom of religion guaranteed in The Constitution.

Some have noted that Jesus was raised in a Jewish home and that the Last Supper was a Seder, a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of Passover. Those people are heretics heck-bent on destroying a Christian business.

Hobby Lobby began as a family picture frame assembly project, funded on a $600 bank loan. The company’s management objects to providing specific medical care to employees that infringes on the management’s freedom of religion, whether or not those employees have an objection or medical need.

Through the sale of low cost crap from imprisoned Christians in China, Hobby Lobby management is able to donate healthy contributions to various religious groups that seek to spread the word of Christ to individuals that can be incarcerated in China and make more crap to sell at higher profits in Hobby Lobby stores.

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12 Responses to "Jesus Christ Boycotts Hobby Lobby"

  1. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    The Cleansing of the Temple was a great historical moment, when Jesus handed out beat-downs to merchants for appearing on the sabbath. So refreshing.

  2. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    Some labor just can’t be outsourced, not even with a miracle-produced schedule with just and fair bathroom breaks. If the christians want to ever produce any great art, they are going to have to step up their game from tinsel garland wreath kits and santa stencils, and fast! With an enslaved population of workers, their God isn’t going to be very honored by an armature shaped like a reindeer riddled with strings of lights, like metastasized spaghetti cancer or ribbon worms, not when He glances over at those pyramids in his old sandbox.

    You can buy a dreidel kit and bake the clay in your home oven, but that thing won’t spin right unless Jewish fingers were all over it at some point. The right slaves for the right jobs, have we learned nothing? The wood and paper ones just burn to ash, so caveat emptor and save your receipt. My uncle Sid cooked everything over a lightbulb just to be safe, until he died from chicken soup electrocution, and it wasn’t even christmas or chernobnukkha. Lame.

  3. Bilbo Flagons says:

    Once Christ teaches the Chinese to walk on water, we’re friggin’ doomed.

  4. Rojo says:

    Get over yourselves, you POS hypocrites. Hobby Lobby does a lot of great things in the name of Christ. Unlike this ignorant hate filled site.

  5. Zeke Gobfitz says:

    Wait a minute,Jesus boycotts Hobby Lobby?

    He isn’t even jewish,he is a CHRISTIAN!

    Just more lies from the Soros loving Lieberal Mediots!

    • Bullmeat says:

      Almost touche`. Christianity is the sole reiligion of St Paul. NOTHING from Christ himself exists in the new testament. It is all Rumor and Myth. ALL letters from those who never knew Christ.

      If that were true, then the letter of the Apostles would predate the Gospels, which were written at least 66 years after the adulthoods of them all. The median life expectancy in 1777 was 35 years. Living to 40 in biblical times was almost un natural. methuslah was most likely 986 MONTHS old, as ‘years were the cycle of the moon 5 millenia before CLOCKS and 500 years before the jewish calendar.

    • Joelle says:

      I guess you didn’t read the article. Jesus was accepting of all religions and beliefs – and no, Jesus was a Jew you idiot, Christianity is the religion that came into existence AFTER Jesus died on the cross. Christianity is the belief that Jesus was the prophesied Son of God, whereas the Jewish religion pre-dates Christianity and is the groups that believes that we are still waiting for the real Son of God and that Jesus was one of many prophets. There are a lot of details that push the religions further apart, but fundamentally that is how it all started. Christianity is further delineated with about 100 different variants in ritual and beliefs all based on one God and a Son named Jesus. Perhaps you want to review your own belief system if you aren’t even aware of the origins and history of the religion. Also read things before criticizing.

      Jesus (the historical figure) would have denounced Hobby Lobby for using labour camps in China, for limiting their clientele and for being greedy, so yeah he would have boycotted them.

      • ColaGirl447 says:

        yeah… :D I think there have even been some studies done that show that the more religious one is, the less they know about their religion,.. seems to be true most of the time anyway. :D lol

    • Eddy says:

      Christians couldn’t exist till after Jesus, so he was a Jew. Says so in that book about him.

  6. Bilbo Flagons says:

    Jesus, if he lived at all, is not the Christ pictured in the works of The Church. He was born in Bethlehem. Middle East. How many Caucasoid babies were born in Arabia? None. He was dark skinned and looked like every other middle eastern dweller. The first light skinned people of the region didn’t show up until the 1940’s, when New York started the borough of Israel. Even their predecessors were dark skinned.

    Hard to swallow, I know. But it is the Truth.


    If you need more Truth, hit me up! I never lie, and I’m always right!