Jeff Hanneman Funeral Protest With Manfred Peregrine And The Westboro Baptist Church

Jeff Hanneman Funeral Protest

<NR>I am honored to announce the upcoming Jeff Hanneman funeral protest and my new-found friendship with Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. May 6th 2013 we are scheduled to picket at the funeral service of Slayer’s late guitarist, Jeff Hanneman. Having been an admirer of Shirey’s work for quite some time now I am proud to stand up as a witness to God’s glorious wrath. I will be present to declare my allegiance to Christ’s ferocious abhorrence of all things Slayer as well as to mock and taunt the hordes of sorrowful fans and family members as they shuffle along to pay their insincere respects to their worthless barbarian idol.

Since my original piece on Jeff Hanneman’s death I’ve received a monstrous load of vulgar e-mails from Slayer devotees. These rabid knuckle-draggers think they can mock my zeal for Christ and deny his scalding truths. Despite the relentless stream of contempt flooding my inbox, they all still seem to be oblivious to the fact that my glorious God is responsible for finally wiping their vile reprobate icon off the face of the earth after getting fed up with the atrocious din he created through his ridiculous band Slayer.

The Phelps family and myself expect our first amendment rights and our personal safety to be respected by fans who wish to attend his service. The local police department will be there to keep any unruly or intoxicated fanatics under control. The same enabling authorities who ensured Slayer were able to spread its cancerous racket worldwide for decades will also be present on May 6th to protect us from potential hassles.

As Daniel walked amongst the lion’s den without casualty (DANIEL 6:16) we will march proudly over the befouled soil under which Jeff’s Hanneman’s corpse shall rot.

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391 Responses to "Jeff Hanneman Funeral Protest With Manfred Peregrine And The Westboro Baptist Church"

  1. Jeff Heineken says:

    So much for love and forgiveness. More like ignorance and stupidity. Slayer fans will rip them apart. Wish I could be there to see it in person.

    • John says:

      He’s in the hospital now. I’m just ready to see it happen to Shirley Phelps and the rest of her hypocrite bastardized friends.

  2. FPJ says:

    “they all still seem to be oblivious to the fact that my glorious God is responsible for finally wiping their vile reprobate icon off the face of the earth”

    So anyone who doesn’t believe in “your” god is eventually murdered by your god? That doesn’t sound like a forgiving or loving god… Do you truly want this to be the advertisement for your religion?

    So what happens (god forbid) if a loved one close to YOU dies? Is that also “your God” murdering them? Or in that case do you just say, “oh well, god works in mysterious ways”?

  3. Gabriel says:

    Oh your so very christian. I thought Jesus and god taught you to turn the other cheek and so unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    I find it laughable that you act this way I know children with more sense than you.

    Oh by the way, Your sinning buy being so PROUD. Yes that’s right you full of pride and that its a hell worthy trespass.

    I’m not religious in any way shape or form but I take time to educate myself and learn the ways of those that are religious. And you sir are nothing but a bully and a spoilt brat who think everything has to be a certain way. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe your wrong about everything?? Of course you didn’t and why is this? Simple, its because your to PROUD to admit you could be wrong.

    I shall now leave you by saying,

    Have fun in hell and say hello to Satan. Yep that’s right your gonna be heading there when you die (if god and Satan exist)

  4. Dan says:

    I wonder what this dude’s life partner thinks about this.

  5. Adam Perez says:

    Been a fan of music, and SLAYER since I started listening to music… Religion is a joke, the church is a joke, and all this talk of god and satan is even more entertaining… Jeff Hanneman will always be a legend in music, and in heavy metal. Has nothing to do with religion, or satan, or any of that garbage. Jeff Hanneman was a musician, flat out. The dude changed people’s lives with his gift of songwriting, that sound’s more like somebody worth praising, rather than bashing. RIP champ!

  6. Aimee says:

    I don’t pray often, but when I do, I pray for bombings and mass shootings at Westboro Babtiste Church.. There is something seriaously wrong with them and this Manfred moron. I’m not religious and I’m not a Slayer fan, but “God” promotes loving and accepting everyone, and forgiving those who sin, regardless of their sins. You are completely demented and are in great need of therapy.

  7. Baba Booey says:

    Hey asshat… How can you protest his funeral when it’s not being held today, and there’s no such cemetery in Burbank?

  8. Brad says:

    This hate-filled article is Satanic. By contrast, most Slayer lyrics point out the evil in man, but do not condone it.

  9. Captain Anarchy says:

    Obviously this idiot writer is so ignorant that he doesn’t even know that Slayer themselves said outright, many, many years ago that they do not actually worship Satan anyay, and that their lyrics are purely an artform and for shock value. So this idiot, his artices, and his crusade are all pointless, and i wonder if anyone has even bothered to point this out to him yet ? I sincerely doubt it… and what a pathetic excuse for Christian anyway, regardless.

  10. Judge Not says:

    Speading hate only creates hate, love can only create love. What ever happened to building safe playgrounds and feeding the hungry? Whatever happened to helping people? The “New Testament” is supposed to be about love. I don’t see what the purpose of these little protest are. I am a Slayer fan, the music gave me a rush when I was down about something. It exposed the hypocrisy and evil in the world. It put it right in your face so you could stare it down and when the music was over you could sit there and recognize it and say to yourself “yeah, I know what your all about.” It taught me to be smarter and think for yourself, and how to recognize good and evil in a fucked up world. And now, I sit here looking at the WBC, and I can say full well “yeah, I know what your all about!” I really hope you didn’t/don’t show, because Slayer fans are a rare breed, and you may get yourselves killed. There is still hope you can stop this life of hate you live, and that you may, like a true religious person, spread some good in this world. You can’t do that if you are beaten to death by an angry mob.

  11. Lovin Every Minute of It says:

    Cults like the Westboro Baptists Cult are all the same they hide behind the guise called religion to make what they do all look like god’s work. When the bottom line is they are all fanatic media whores with no lives looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I look forward to the day when cults such as this will no longer be excepted in the civilized world and do foresee this as happening in my life time for the simple fact of the matter being that with each and every passing year organized religion is taking a hit in members due to the world is waking up to the fact that the bible is a loosely written history book full of malarkey. Science has been disproving the bible for years and will continue to do so in future years there is nothing that cults around the world like the Westboro Baptist Cult can do about it for their days are numbered and that makes me very proud to know. Secondly how can one believe in imaginary friends? Do these people believe in the Easter bunny, Santa Clause or how about the tooth fairy? The bottom line is so simple it is stupid if you cannot see something it simply doesn’t exist so what I am saying is simple god don’t exist never did never will. The invention of god was simply to put ancient man’s mind at ease do to all of the insecurities of the ancient world but fast forward to today and modern man still needs imaginary friends to be at harmony in the world you also have extremists like the Westboro Baptists Cult in line to steal money from their followers so that they can spread the word of hate to a funeral near you!

    Is it right that we as American’s allow cults like this to protest a funeral of someone whom didn’t do any wrong doing in life? After all we had a bombing suspect die recently and this cult by the name of Westboro Baptists are not denouncing that instead the people in this cult are so blinded that they are going after someone who did nothing to harm the human race and will cost the tax payers money for we the tax payers now have to pay for the police to be put on the scene of the funeral due to fanatics like the Westboro Baptist Cult this to me is what is a breakdown of the justice system in America for cults like this one should not be allowed by law to protest funerals for it does no one any good at the end of the day.

  12. METAL HEAD says:

    Hey DickEater….The inbread Shirly Felps wont be your friend YOURE A FAG! and the westoro inbred fucks hate FAGS! if you do go, after the throngs get done moshing your face off….HELL AWAITS!!! and the only way you’ll exit is going Piece by Piece! fuck off Manturd!

  13. Matt says:

    Mate, it must be an amazing feeling to be so riteous. Music aside, Jeff was an amazing guitarist and possessed a talent unlike any other. God is a man made deity; has many names and faces and rules. What makes you and your lot think that you are right and everyone else is wrong? Short answer is you are extremely vain, what God would want death celebrated by taunting and ridicule? I know your Satan would love that, spreading hatred is something you and your lot are supposed to be against. Seems yet again the rules of man/god are twisted to suit the agenda of a corrupt and naive group of ignorant idiots. Best of luck and peace be with you pal.

  14. Manfred Peregrine Manfred Peregrine says:


    I hope you soulless heathens are happy with yourselves! Look at what you’ve done to my brave and sexy man! He only wanted to preach the word of God… Is this what he deserved? To be beaten within and inch of his life??

    Monsters… All of you…


    • Kim Tollefsen says:

      Is this what he deserved? Yes.

    • Satan's Child says:

      damn right it is what he deserved.

    • Ken Miller says:

      Preaching and protesting are two different things. Being a self-righteous hypocrite does not give him the right to picket a well respected musician. He got what he deserved.

    • Ross says:

      Maybe that was God lashing out at your friend. Maybe your friend is the evil one for protesting someone’s funeral. Ever consider that?

    • Justin says:


      that was just a warning shot, lucky i wasnt there i woulda jamed the pole up his ass sideways.

    • moribus says:

      He got off easy… Step in the pit losers.

    • Paul "Born 2 Rock" says:

      When I had to look death in the eye and fight for my life during a period of 4 open operations on my head, when doctors gave me a 10-20% chance to live, it was guys like Slayer, Maiden, Manowar and exodus who gave me strength and will power to survive, with their music and lyrics and not some fake God loving-hate preaching b…rdz like peregrine. After he recovers plzzzzz send him to Greece, I will be happy to give him a re-run to the hospital. To bad he didnt die. Than we would see who would burn in hell. But than again, Good guys allways “go” first. Hypocrites like peregrine allways live longer. Just like cockroaches.

    • Harry says:

      God has judged MANFRED PEREGRINE…..maybe there is sin in his life and that is why he was beaten so badly…..lol

    • austin says:

      taste the hate bitch, i wish he would have died.

    • marc ribaudo says:

      He deserved worse you dip sh..t. Anyone who’d protest a funeral of a man who wasn’t even satanic, and is involved in impurities himself, got whats coming to him. We’ll see which maker welcomes him probably real soon !

    • Jared Brooks says:

      I am a christian, but I am also a metalhead. I have learned to live and let live. Manfred, you decide to pick a side that doesn’t like that philosiphy, and go with the one group that even the K.K.K. thinks is scum. If you are a true christian, then jump off the hate bandwagon, and started living and let live.

    • the truth says:

      maybeif your husband had stopped and thought about his words and actions none of this would of happened the self righteous piece of shit deserved what he got and i agree with the actions the slayer fans took religion is not a reason to hate others your so callled religion is based on the fact that god is in us all. so youare essentialy worshiping a diety who is also a rapist murderer theif ect.

      if you take a minute to think you will not face the consequences of your stupidity

    • Greg Lankford says:

      it is what he deserved but they should of done worse

  15. Sheponies says:


    So I usually try to avoid being vulgar or insulting on public posts but yeah that is going out the window on this one…I am not even going to read the comments below bc well I can only imagine the shit show going on over this…

    – first off if u believe these WBC and Phelps people are true spokesmen of god trying to spread truth then u are a fucking idiot…debate over

    – second if u are a member of the WBC then congratulations you are surviving the longest LSD trip ever! And also hire an artist and some writers bc ur signs are not only atrocious to look at, but also display ur severe lack of education. I know the Bible has good grammar and spelling yet ur lack of ability to retain any of that shows me u can’t possibly be smart enough to interpret the scripture itself correctly…again no debate there

    – now if you think u are enraged by an artists work or genre of music for whatever reason then the artist has done their job…as artists we aim to evoke emotion and Hanneman knew this all too well…tho most of u will be totally wrong in ur assessment of Slayers work it made u feel something and has forever cemented the legacy Hanmeman helped create…a true thinker and lover of art would nvr pass such ignorant judgement bc they know the erratic and organic process to which a mind like that works…

    what people fail to understand about metal music and artists like Hanneman is the principal of it all. U quickly jump to say they are satan worshipers drinking the blood of baby orphans based upon a type of sound and lyrical content. Think about it when a painter paints a painting or a writer writes a story they create a specific atmosphere and set a specific tone based upon who they are…true artists know that u can nvr guess what the artist was thinking bc no one wants to delve into the mind of an artist…sometimes the artist themselves doesn’t even want to bc it is the most draining process…it’s a world only we understand. I am not a metal fan personally but I can respect people that can operate instruments the way those guys do…it is a god given talent just like anything else.

    – Now if you think you or anyone else has the right to determine the word of god or say they are acting in his name then u need to stop taking the LSD like now bc it’s damaging ur brain and spinal cord. Thats not an attack on religious people. Bc true religious people live good lives, love god and all his wonders, they do not judge, preach and push. They welcome and nurture. Too bad those ppl are being suffocated by the politicians of the churches of the world. Only a politician would think we had the right to dictate what god wants, write it down, then package it as ultimate law. Only a politician would then go off and wipe out all other beliefs to gain control of land and say it was in the name of god…yeah that’s what god wanted. If that was what he wanted wouldn’t it have been that way from the start…DUH!!

    god understands evolution bc well he created it…his job is to delegate energy and give it a job so the universe doesn’t fucking explode…he is not ur personal wish list or scapegoat for being a piece of shit. He did not give u this amazing life to spend it in all in a church worshiping him every second…and he certainly did not give u the go ahead to bash gays, protest funerals or manipulate the masses…he gave u this life to live it and interact with the amazing planet he gave us to live on…I also run a horse farm and i feel that caring for horses and teaching children the joys of horsemanship is way more what gid had in mind in the worshiping department. i also believe gay is simply gods version of population control…another enigma in his intricate web of order and balance. I’m sorry but the bible was written with a pen by men who we know nothing about. So why the hell do we believe every damn word they say? Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing and wonderful piece of literature and scripture. It’s just a dangerous tool in the hands of men…all scriptures and manifestos are. It’s not the pages it’s the idiots once again trying to interpret art and screwing it up…full circle!! Bam!!

    Before the Bible people lived by the original set of laws god created. U know the laws of nature that we are all born with…we are born knowing right from wrong and how the world is supposed to work. It’s the bullshit we try to teach that fucks it all up…think about it u can teach a 3 yr old fluent Chinese in a month but a teenager can’t get three sentences out after a whole semester…the practices and culture of early civilizations like the pagans have been twisted and manipulated to justify the mass genocide to the followers and gain control of the FACTS…history is written by the winners and if u think they are telling u the truth then just stop reading (if u even get this far) bc u there is no helping u…maybe ull get it in the nxt life.

    – Finally I will say this DIRECTLY TO YOU PHELPS FAMILY & WBC cult members (bc u are no church of god…fact) I am a person that can almost always see both sides of any argument in completely objective manner, however when it comes to you creatures and ur koolade induced psychosis I can only reason out the purpose for your existence…I can not reason with ANY of ur views, actions or delusions…I do believe that ur existence is a necessary evil in this world to serve as a beacon for all that a church or society should not be…and u guys seem to be doing ur job quite well so thanks for that…

    I am not here to say please stop what u are doing, please change ur beliefs and stop harassing widows for a living. I also am not here thinking I am going to enlighten you or make u see my point (I mean a make a good argument but I’m not Jesus over here) All I wish to do is flat out tell you this…Fred you are a plain as day closet case, self loathing gay. Obsessed with fags, soldiers and heavy metal icons? I mean really am I the only one who sees this?! This guy loves dressing up to ‘mock’ gays for the sole purpose of putting on a fabulous show!! He paints rainbows everywhere and writes the word fag over it so he can justify his excessive display of them…um hello!!! Gay much?! Any real hater of gays will stick to the old fashioned beat the gay out or pray it away in silence and secret …like well genocide. They would nvr run around all painted up like a 6 yr old at the fair (or the gay at the parade) with rainbow signs and bullhorns…The lady tho protest too much usually has the most to hide:) so…yes? we all agree, Fred, gay!! And it’s not a bad thing man just come out make WBC a YMCA and live happy life buddy.

    And to the rest of u WBC ‘members’ all I have to say is u are in for a surprise when u get to the gates to receive ur judgement and u discover the answer “because he was a fag” is not going to be good enough to justify ur life time of sin…thank u for showing us all who the devil really is and showing us we are def not smelling what he is cooking…I am sorry that u will waste ur life following a cult that traps u into a small and shallow life blocking u off from the best god has to offer. I feel for u knowing that u will one day realize this fact and will have to finish out the remainder of ur life carrying that weight…you bastards will live long lives for this reason, and the moment u see what u have done will come at the point in life where it is just too late. U know that 5-10 yr period just b4 u die when u reflect and reason out ur life…it’s gonna be a rough period for you…and those of u who left or got out GOOD FOR U NVR LOOK BACK!! No matter what the world does to u in the end it will be better than wasting what god gave you.

    “Truth will not change the way you lie…Youth will not change the way you die”

    Oh and congrats to those who made it to the end!!

    • Barbara Bagwell Barbara Bagwell says:

      Drugs are bad. I think I just saw an example.

      • Sheponies says:

        Seriously if that’s all the response you have congrats you fall under the f@*kin idiot category….moving on

      • Manfred Peregrine Manfred Peregrine says:

        I’m so glad I laid off the poppers when I did. It would be a shame to end up like this poor lad.

    • David says:

      too long, didn’t read.

      • Sheponies says:

        So don’t comment

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          I like to read from the bottom up, and really liked how you expressed your contempt with a minimum of cursewords, unlike most Slayer fans, or as they like to be called with their long pretty hair, ‘Slay-Belles”. It was great how freely you exchange ‘u’ and ‘ur for ‘you’ and ‘your’ even though it slowed me down checking for web addresses that weren’t there, but I’m not mad about the waste of time. Those WBCers sure know how to get whitey crumping! Anyway, thanks for having so many thoughts, and I’m sorry about all the horsemeat in your food and drug supply! P.U.!

    • no says:

      I agree with everything you just said.


      I don’t see how all these people are disagreeing with you to be honest…

      it was just lovely.

  16. Mikkel says:

    I can’t wait to see the Slayer fans go nuts on you sorry fucks. Slayer fans! The rest of the worlds metalheads are counting on you!

    • Manfred Peregrine Manfred Peregrine says:

      And I can’t wait until Ozzy Osbourne dies.


      • Jason says:

        Some man of god you are. God even said him self that you are supposed to pray for the sinner and even for give the sinner. The bible does not say any where in it that you should wish death on anybody. People like you are why we have bands like Slayer. God will deal with you for your acts and for you turning people away from him.

        • knd says:

          agree with you Jason. they hate on people who are ‘””””satanists'”””” (most of them don’t give a fuck about religion) and they don’t follow a single thing the bible says. hypocrisy everywhere.

          also, what does ozzy have to do with anything?


          read symptom of the universe, children of the grave, never say die, or even no more tears for fuck’s sake. he talks about love more than anything, he carries a motherfkn cross since the 70’s, he talks about god, HOW are you against someone like him? i mean you should be against Geezer if you hate satanists, or Jimmy Page, but none of you know shit and take only the famous people. Geezer does believe (or did believe) in Satan, in fact he wrote Black Sabbath because of a hallucination. That doesn’t mean he worships Satan or kills virgins for him (?!)

          “So you people of the world, listen to what i say. If you want a better place to live in, spread the word today. Tell the world that love is still alive, you must be brave, or you children of today are children of the grave.”

          That’s Ozzy Osbourne.

          Read a little

      • marc ribaudo says:

        And you call yourself a god fearing man ! Wishing death on someone. You’ll be very hot in the afterlife fool.

      • Slayerfan says:

        I can’t wait till you do cuntmotherfucker

      • Anti-WBC says:

        And I am still waiting for the day you die… Well, you and all that WBC people who don’t know what respect means, picketing the last goodbye to someone just because they think they are better or something… The day you die, Manfred, I will come to your funeral with a lot of other metalheads playing metal loud and show your church what it feels like for the family

  17. Wost says:

    He could’nt be hurt enough.

    Wanker, it’s easy to talk about someone who’s dead, i bet you didn’t want to tell him this in his face ?

    Can someone burn the hospital after removing all other poeple there?

  18. Manfred Perigrine's life partner says:

    Barbara, do you watch Manfred and I do the dirty ? of course you do, if I remember last night, you said you hadn’t seen so much assfucking before in your life. listen whore. no-one cares about what you or your little disease ridden friends have to say. now I gotta go Manny wants me to drain his balls, or you want to watch that too ?

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Chaz, you MUSTtake your yellow pill twice a day, even if you don’t feel like it!

  19. anonymous says:

    Isn’t God good enough to protect you from the fans?

    If you truly believe that what you’re doing is “right”, then why rely on the local police department and 1st amendment. Your god should protect you. Unless everything you stand for is a complete pile of shit…oh wait, it is.

  20. WarhawK says:

    Actually no one has permission to judge someone but God himself. God see everyone and only he may judge. All of you will see that his justice will be different than what we read in the holy book. God and his justice is something more than we humanbeings can understand. At the end you never know what is waiting for Jeff Hanneman or someone else. You don’t have permission to say ‘God will show no mercy’ because you can’t talk and judge with his name. The reality is hidden there behind the dark curtains beyond this world and the other world. Jeff joined the ones who knows what happenes beyond the curtain and we still don’t know.

  21. Regardless of what type of music Jeff played,he was STILL A HUMAN.And if you judge him on the type of music he played and NOT knowing what type of man he was,then YOU my friend are a idiot..So i guess that whole Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” doesn’t apply to those who are follower of “god”? This is the BIGGEST reason i got out of the church/god ordeal..I find that if you have to judge a person based off their lifestyle and NOT them as a person then you should go to hell cause that person may not be what they seem.

    I hope Jeff returns and comes after both you and that fake butt pirate bob larson and torments both of ya to the point of killing yourselves…sorry,but i’d rather be a person and worship no one than be a follower of “something that may or not be real” and lose out on a friend based off lifestyle judgement..

  22. jeff says:

    Slayer fans will rip you guys to shreds. Can’t wait!!!!

  23. Bas says:

    this whole site is killing me it’s just too funny

    • Allen Montgomery Allen Montgomery says:

      Glad you are enjoying yourself Bas, but a man’s anus was brutally violated yesterday by a mob of satanists…how can you be so cold?

      • knd says:

        music worshippers are not satanists. many of them probably believe in god or are atheists which means they don’t worship either ‘god’.. i listen to slayer and i don’t believe there is a god. NOW, is that being satanist?

        • knd says:

          why don’t YOU mind your own business instead of going to random funerals to bother people who have just lost someone they love. if they don’t believe in resurrection that’s it for them, so let them have their last moment with their loved ones and just stay home. w*stboro’s church sickens me.

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          music worshippers may not be satannists, but they definitely worship pole raping and talking about, thinking about it, posting about it,revelling in the thought of it,, imagining and reimagining it over and over with the big group of their buddies they are so glad went through with it to teach some guy a lesson, doing it to him over and OVER and over again, just, to…make….a….P O I N T!!!!!!!!! SLAYERRRRRRRR! YEAH! Yeah! sssSSSLLAYYYYYEaAARRRrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhh! rgh! RGH!RGH! sS llllll a …y y y e rrrrrr…..oh yeah.

  24. Mario says:

    shame on you filthy hate mongerer!

    Hell awaits!

  25. Mongo says:

    Get a life, moron! Have an iota of respect for the deceased, imbecile! The man was a MUSICIAN! NOT a rapist, terrorist, pediohile, criminal, murderer, politician, nor religious leader. He was a good man!

  26. RECTmetal says:

    Deus est mortuus. Logica obtinet.


    Westboro’s “church” is nothing but a cult, closer to an extremist jihad than any church or religious organization. Any one who supports this group of inbreds is an utter imbecile.

    At least when Slayer preached hate, it was about things that are true- the corruption and deceit of religion and humanity.

    Go hump a bible you losers.

  27. Alex says:

    yes, god will show no mercy, Manfred

  28. Jeff says:

    How is everyone feeling today?

    Hope you can convince your nurses to wheel your hospital bed to the funeral, where we look forward to greeting you with full Slayer-fan kindness.

    Strange that ignorance is now translated as Christian….Jeff Hanneman will ALWAYS be more Christian than your sorry ass.

    Enjoy the meds, hope God approves.

  29. Harry says:

    Who gives a fuck. Hell awaits all….you fucking crumbs who think you are in god’s favour….god hates us all…..

  30. Hell Awaits says:

    cool down guys, don’t waste your breath

    this whole site is a prank, treat it as it is

    though shoveling a stick up Manfred’s ass would be really funny, it ain’t what happened (well, may be next time)

    long live, Jeff, we’ll never forget you

  31. Robert says:

    The fact that the writer, who’s gay, is there with the West Baptist Church is the clearest give away that this is a joke. They hate gay people.

  32. marc ribaudo says:

    Go fuck yourself you self righteous asshole. To bad you didn’t meet your maker, when you took a deserved beating. There’s a forgiving lord, and you are sick. I’ll bet you didn’t even know the man !

  33. GoatMaster666 says:

    so how was it being protected by the police huh? you walk away unscathed? or did your “god” abandon you in that lions den when you desecrated another human being just because you didn’t agree with him? no i’m sure your fine.

    • Manfred Peregrine Manfred Peregrine says:

      Goat master, huh? You realize that’s what the Islamics call the local pimp don’t you? Do you raise goats for the sexual pleasure of the other members in your community? Is that something “metal heads” do?

  34. buzzcrush says:

    Jeff Hanneman would just love to know that his funeral is being protested by this group. He would have thought it to be the funniest thing ever.

    If God wanted him dead because of his “blasphemous” ways, Jeff would have died in 1983. But he didn’t. He wrote song after song. Played concert after concert. Slayer the band are in the twilight of their career, it’s waaaay too late to now.

  35. Natas says:

    Squeal piggy, Squeal!

  36. Slayer Fan says:

    this is an obscene article as it not only provokes the whole metalworld, but also bedraggles the christian faith. I am not a christian myself, i am agnostic. However, I really hope that people will understand that this is not the opinion by the general christian but by this small group that is totally and utterly disturbing

    Furthermore, I would like to ask the author of this article, Mr Manfred Peregrine two questions,

    1. what would you accomplish by this demonstation, the man is already dead.

    2 how would you feel if 2000 slayer fans came to your funeral to demonstrate and tell you that you will go to hell?

  37. A smart christian says:


    notice the “created 3 weeks and 5 days ago” on it.

    Try your propaganda elsewere, and leave the world alone because you’re just to stupid and a disgrace to christianity.

  38. Demogorgon says:

    Neither Jesus or you god even exist.Christian’s are ignorant and should be dealt with.Christianity is all about death,that’s what their religion revolves around.I can not stand their blindness to what life is.

  39. Demogorgon says:

    Hail Satan.Shemgamforash!Satanism is true life.we represent the ancient. And truth.

  40. Hell Awaits says:

    Seriously guys, calm down

    look, the whole site is like that

    you encounter a thing on the internet and immediately believe it’s true

    this article is just a bad taste is all

    no need to go over your heels with this bullshit

    long live, Jeff, you will always be remembered and loved

  41. Jeff says:

    Intrybto stay away from violence and I know that violence against the WBC only gives them power. However, when unread this article I couldn’t help but smile. I know this is wrong but there are few groups I cant stand than the WBC and their supporters. If I could I’d shake the hands of every person who participated in this beating. And if that makes me a hateful individual or a bigot or a bad person than so be it. Maybe the beating required his brain and he won’t spew such misguided hate brought on by pompous misinterpretations of the bible.

  42. Ivor Non-Divine says:

    Dear fellow Slayer fans,

    Please take a closer look to this website. It’s fake and all about nothing! Even if Manfred Peregrine would be a real person he still is all about nothing. Yes, the story is hatespreading but the only thing they do is fishing and we are biting. We are wasting our time here and better listen to Slayer. R.I.P Jeff!

  43. Long live Jeff Hanneman and long live Slayer! m/ ! ! Fuck all those Christian hypocrites they will be the first to burn I’d there is is hell! Your god us dead.

  44. slick says:

    i cant believe your going to the funeral to mock fans i got to tell ya pal slayer fans can get pretty crazy i like slayer they have some good tunes and the satanic thing is just a gimmick and a subject to write about at the end of the day its entertainment but you openly saying your going to mock fans id suggest watching your back as there will be alot more of them than there are of you just let the guy rest in peace and the end of the day he was just guy with a job

    • gest sebastien says:

      you won t burn in hell manfred cos there s nothing after death ! fool ! you call to hate what about the church compassion ! no forgive ! isn t that the shitly speech we use to hear from people like you ! that all fake ! wish the worse to you


  45. gest sebastien says:

    may you and all your family die in horrible sufferings son of a bitch ! what about your compassion ! sect member

    i don t believe in satan i don t believe in god but do respect those who believe in! shame on you clown manfred

    i wish you the worst for the rest of your life

  46. Knarrenheinz says:

    Salve Jeff Hanneman! Eventually those fundies while have their share of Hell’s Fire with no sweet jesus to deliver them.

  47. C. Heston says:

    Mr. Peregrine,

    I personally agree with you on every level. The commenters on this site will all most likely burn in hell.

    Please keep up the good work.

    You have my support and that of all God fearing Republicans.

    It is war. Satan vs. us.

    Please bring a gun and plenty of ammunition for protection from these heathens.

    Also, bring a gun for a friend. If you have to, buy more guns before the evil Liberals make it illegal.

    Remember Satan and Obama are trying to destroy America. The only way to stand up to them is by buying more guns.