Israel Begins Construction Of Concentration Camps Outside Gaza

(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa, File)

(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa, File)

<National Report>The Israeli government has begun the construction of several strategically placed concentration camps outside of the Gaza Strip. Reports indicate that in the weeks leading up to the Israeli offensive in Gaza a closed-door vote was held in the Knesset that not only authorized  the construction of the detention camps, but also created a legal pathway for the eviction of the Palestinian people from Gaza. The native Peoples of Gaza have been classified as an existential threat to the Israeli state and her people, and as such measures will be initiated to remove that threat.

The Israelis have brokered a deal with the Egyptian government which will allow all Gaza residents to become Egyptian citizens. The Israeli government will compensate each adult Palestinian deported to take up residence in Egypt the equivalent of  thirty thousand U.S. dollars, roughly five years of per capita income. The concentration and deportation facilities under construction will each house roughly twenty thousand people at a time, with ten such facilities being constructed in total. The facilities will provide for the orderly and incremental integration of the Palestinian people of Gaza into Egyptian society. Egyptian government spokesman Hani Salah discussed the Egyptian governments rational for agreeing to participate in the forces deportation. “There is no political solution that will allow the peaceful coexistence of the Palestinians and Israelis. We are helping our Palestinians brothers and sisters receive a new, better life in Egypt. One in which they will not have to suffer the repression Israel brings down upon them.”

The Israelis expect concentration and deportation facilities to be able to transfer the Palestinian population to Egypt no later than November of 2017. After that point Israeli military forces will be authorized to conduct a pogrom on any remaining Palestinians within the borders of Gaza, who will be designated terrorists and enemies of the state by the Israeli government. The move has been met with outraged outcry by leaders of the Arab world, who liken it in nature to the very horrible acts perpetuated on the Jewish people by Germany during World War Two.  Israel has countered that charge  by stating that every Palestinian in Gaza will be provided with the chance to start a good life, at Israeli expense, in lands more ideologically akin to themselves.  Violence will only be perpetuated on those who stay and threaten the Jewish homeland. The cost for relocation and providing relocation stipends has been estimated at roughly two hundred and eighty billion dollars.

Israeli members of the Likud party have stated to the press that President Obama has been applying secret pressure on the Israeli government to backtrack on legislation legalizing forced deportation of Palestinians. They charge that his administration has threatened to pull financial aid and military support to the Israeli state if they continue forward despite his strong objections. “This man does not support Israel”, said Moshe Levin member of Knesset Likud. “This man speaks words of support for those who attack Israel, for those who question our right to exist, for those who will not rest until we are nothing but rubble under the foot of Islam. This man hates Israel, but Israel will endure in spite of him.”


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88 Responses to "Israel Begins Construction Of Concentration Camps Outside Gaza"

  1. Sandra F says:

    This is utterly deplorable. The Israelis should be ashamed of this disgusting action.

    • Alex Taylor says:

      You stupid stupid women, do you actually believe everything you read. This is total trash!

    • Betrayed Rosse says:

      Not only is it total fallacy – the use of Holocaust terminology to describe the alleged buildings is just deplorable. Wrong on so many levels. When did it become OK to hate Jews, I thought that was why we got rid of Hitler in the first place?

      • GStorm says:

        Hardly. The initial formation of Israel was led by a Jewish fascist faction. Research Einstein’s letter at the time, signed by many prominent American Jews who opposed the formation of the state. Not much has changed it seems.

  2. Ben G says:

    Good. The Palestinians are gonna get what is coming to them. Maybe they will stop acting like savages once they get to Egypt.

    • joe jay says:

      I hope someone comes into your house and kicks you out and kills your whole family . To see how you react so I can call you a savage .

    • sana m says:

      you think like an israeli, heartless

    • Emily P says:

      You’re an idiot. And clearly need to brush up on your facts.

    • Tufayl says:

      I wonder at your blindness & ignorance Ben! Israelis are the savages stealing land and property that does not and has never belonged to them!

      Palestine will be free and all right minded supporters of justice will support Palestine and its peoples rights. Israel will be destroyed because it’s a cancer that’s causing mischeif in the region and corrupting the situation!

      • Ken says:

        “Palestine will be free and all right minded supporters of justice will support Palestine and its peoples rights”

        Are you aware that they beat and oppress their women, kick their animals, kill their gays, and force violence on their kids?

        • rahul says:

          Israel has killed more than 150 small kids who has nothing to do with israel confict.
          Israel occupying Palestine land, Please everybody pray for Palestine. It will we Free.
          Israel killing Palestine who has no Army, no Navy, No Armed forces. Israel killing innocent Palestine children and Women with Bombs are jet Plane .

          Humanity is sleeping , whole world is sleeping. ISrael must be vanished from this world to keep peace

        • Max Kensington says:

          What? What in the world are you talking about? This is not true whatsoever…Thanks for spreading lies and ignorance around just to support your point…The Palestinians are living in the most densely populated area in the world and working so hard to provide for their families which unfortunately isn’t enough sometimes… Let alone waste many hours everyday getting through ridiculous security checkpoints because of the many illegal Israeli settlements (which break international law by the way) that are built in Palestinian land just to get to and from work… Please get your facts straight guy .. These are innocent people that have had their people and families murdered and land taken away from them in 1948 and now for fighting back to reclaim their land, they are labelled as terrorists and savages? Wouldn’t you fight back if someone came into your home? And on top of all they’re going through, you have the indecency to spread lies about them like that?

        • ross says:

          pretty sure, they don’t beeat their women. where do you get your facts?

      • Ben G says:

        You all evidence a blind ignorance of idealism. Nations rise from the ashes of the vanquished.

    • Sarah says:

      WOW…you think Palestinians are the ones acting like SAVAGES? have you been living under a rock buddy? open you eyes and see which side’s DEATH TOLL is increasing!!! innocent civilians ad KIDS are dying with experimental weapons used by the israel, you think Palestinians are the save ones???? ignorant twat

      • Sarah says:


      • joy says:

        first of all, all said in this “article” is not true. The facts about the cocentration camps are redicilous.
        Yes, there is a war with many casualties. If only the Hammas agreed to cease fire (like israel agreed 3 times already), it would ll be over. I dont understand why you dont understand that israeli cities are bombarded with rockets and there is no “nicer” way to stop the terrorosts of Hammas

    • Tom says:

      I am with you! Palestine is going down big time!!!

    • Rafi Z says:

      The reason Palestinians retaliated in the first place was because the Israelis were uprooting the Palestinians and killing them if they resisted. What would you do if someone killed your family and friends and made you move out of your house and no one is raising a hand to keep it from happening? How would you retaliate? That is the position the Palestinians are in because of Israel

    • ross says:

      what is it, thats coming for them. for many years and is real wants more land? why is that, because they’re fucking selfish. ZIONISM. ever heard of it? its something thats brainwashing you right now. when iSREAL stop occupying more land, and using their advanced weapons and sending their illegal poisonous chemicals, then Hamas probably they will stop. Why do you think Hamas was created?!? because the palestinians were sick and tired treated like shit. they were sick of the Israelis stealing more land and everything from the Palestinians. theres illegal settlements in palestine, and no one can do anything, if an arab protest, they go to jail, even the tiniest things!. the sad thing is, even before this war and before Hamas the Israelis took control over all palestine. which was illegal! Do you know the history about palestine? Has hamas killed any innocent civilians? no their going after the isreali soldiers, the tanks. unlike the isrealis soldiers killing all civilians, and whoever is in their way. How many isreali civilians died? ZERO. hamas is going after the soldiers. its national defense. Israel commits regular acts of terrorism to the people of Palestine. it is illegal for Israel to occupy palestinian territory and the people in palestine are allowed under international law to fight back against the occupiers. they are freedom fighters against Israeli oppression.so the Isrealis are allowed to use their missiles and tanks and palestinians aren’t allowed to use anything? they work what they got.

    • john says:

      Ben, I hope you are joking. Honestly WW2 indiscriminate bombing campaigns should have needed with WW2.

      I thought that the Isreali people were intelligent human beings.

      Honestly, this is not right what is happening on both sides. However and that being said, if you were pushed out of your homeland to the point of extinction how would you expect your people to react?

      I sincerely hope that America and Britton don’t pull support for the Israeli Government as I believe many normal good human beings will also be lost in a further conflict.

      You said yourself that the Palestinians are savages which must make you a higher being. If that the case you would understand that men, women and children are either being externally scared or killed is wrong.

      For a nation persecuted by the germans in the second world war would not do the same to another people…….Afterall, we are all human beings.


    • John says:

      Do you know that these Palestinian people have been
      Cut from the rest of the world for over a decade??
      I’m sure you will make more sense once you do your home

    • Jane Doe says:

      Who is footing the bill? Dumb American goyim? German holohoax $$?

  3. Moon says:

    Israelis homeland?!? Hey? There is not such a thing like israeli homeland!!!
    Deportation??? Ohhh how short is jewish memory!!! They do exactly what Hitler did to them nearly hundred yrs ago. The f**** zionists should get some hard history lesson as they obviously didnt pay attention at school.

    • Jeremy says:

      Moon. Read The Bible. Jerusalem is clearly the Jews homeland.

      • aaheart says:

        Jeremy, the Bible is neither history nor a real estate covenant. It’s spiritual teachings through the telling of stories. Most of the people on the land are the remnant that was not lead away into captivity, who did not leave for safer havens after conquest by the Greeks, Romans, and Turks. The chosen people are still on the land that was to be theirs. Like Jacob stealing the birthright of Esau, the Zionists are stealing the birthright of the people who have been there from antiquity.

        There was no Exodus from Egypt because the land into which the Bible claims the Hebrews came was still Egypt.

        There was no Diaspora because the Romans did not disperse populations. They did, however, erase Jerusalem, even digging up the foundations.

        There is no remains of the Temple of Solomon because that WAS totally removed. Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus was there and wrote about it in his history. The last commander of Masada visited the devastation and confirms the total removal of everything Jewish from Jerusalem. All that remained was the Roman encampment called Fort Antonia, built by Herod.

        Today Jews wail and pray at a vain thing. It never was a temple. It was the edifice of their nemesis, the Romans. Similarly, they lust after a kingdom that did not exist, claim a birthright that, if it existed, belongs to others, and live on land that is not theirs and was never given to them, but to another.

        Palestinians are Semites. Any cruelty to THEM is anti-Semitic. They launch rockets that fall on their own land as a reminder to the land pirates who really owns the land.

      • David says:

        Jeremy: Read your Bible and your history books: God turfed them out!

      • sana m says:

        so you are saying the bible is the reason for all this killing? and you are saying christains and muslims who live in palestine for thousands of years has to go? and to where?

      • rahul says:

        hahhahahahaha big lol for this.
        When the Great Hitler Killed you Jew all and around 10 lac of you jews were killed like ant then some countries let you poor jews live in Palestine in Camps, but you guys are real terrorist , killing innocent Palestine kids with bombs , SHAME OF JEWS, SHAME ON ISRAEL


        • SZA says:

          Dear Rahul,
          Please don’t say that. I agree with you all who think Ben G and the others who support Israel’s ethnic cleansing are misguided and actually most likely mere ignoramuses who was abused as children, hence their lack of humanity or compassion. But never wish for the anhiliation and destruction of an entire people. What Hitler did, what Pol Pot did, what Netanyahu is doing now are all equally horrendous. We must never lower ourselves to think like hate mongers do.

        • Sfia says:

          Are you really this ignorant and stupid? you judge them for trying to eradicate a whole people based on race and religion and in the next sentence want to do the same to THEM!?!?!?! WTF is wrong with you? they’re killing them so lets retaliate by killing all of THEM???? why don’t you just help everyone out and go hide under a rock somewhere!

  4. atik says:

    Jeremy. Where were all the jews 100 years ago. If u look in history the palestinians never kicked them out. Also how did all these palestians just come from thin air in palestine. Basic common sense. The original jews must have either left or converted to islam. Either way palestine belongs to muslims now as it was never given to me. These people must have always lived there.

  5. Who Cares says:

    Who cares??? Israel is a disgusting wasteland. They are the ones who should be in the concentration camps.

  6. Thomas says:

    What other way than to describe this as ‘ethnic cleansing’??!!

  7. justice forPalestine says:

    Ben …u really are a twat….missiles into ur gardens…u come and take over so.some else’s home and land and think its urs…u are like rats ..infested…lobbying missiles…Israel is a terrorist state and I will say the biggest terrorist state there is…killing and murdering…the world is not asleep now…they can see what they do…u may take over land and homes but what a disgusting way to live…constantly looking over ur shoulder…ur military constantly on patrol…sad sad sad lives…read the bible…go and educate urself …and u are not the chosen people…get over urself!

  8. Andrew says:

    The media is one-sided, you only see what’s happening in Gaza. Hamas uses its citizens as human shields and that’s why so many civilians get hurt. Hamas is responsible for the deaths in Gaza: it is forcing civilians to hide rockets in their homes; and they even rejected a cease fire 2 or 3 times!

    • Sfia says:

      here has been so much raw information, misrepresented information, and sheer deliberate misinformation that it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate facts from propaganda. OP is correct in saying that Hamas didn’t fire any rockets and even sent active patrols to prevent others from launching rockets (and Israeli news sources even corroborate this) since the 2012 truce. They didn’t start firing rockets until the Israeli bombing of Palestinians and Hamas began anew – which began prior to Protective Edge. The prisoners freed as part of the truce were rearrested, several homes (residential, not military targets, even by Israel’s admission) were demolished based on suspicion alone.
      You may call bias into this, so I will use only Israeli sources here:
      Since the 2012 ceasefire Hamas has refrained from rocket attacks on Israel. I know what you’re thinking – rockets were coming out of Gaza and landing in Israel between November 2012 and now, and that’s definitely true. But these rockets didn’t come from Hamas and more importantly, Hamas was trying to stop them.
      >Hamas deploys 600-strong force to prevent rocket fire at Israel
      >Hamas arrests terror cell responsible for rocket fire on Israel
      >An Israeli army general says Hamas is stopping attacks against Israel and even ‘keeps the peace’ when the IDF operates along the border.
      So now that is out of the way let’s look at this conflict from where it started (some will say it started with the death of 2 Palestinian teens who were shot during a protest) but I’ll say it started with the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens in the West Bank.
      After those teens were kidnapped the Israeli government started rounding up Palestinians and arresting them, many of those arrested are still being held without charge. At the time Israel was saying that the operation was under way in order to find the kidnapped teens. Later on it was revealed that the Israeli government knew that the teens were dead but issued a gag order as to the evidence that would suggest that while at the same time insisting they were alive and maintaining that the operation in the West Bank was to find the kidnapped teens.
      >Details of the ’100′ call (the local equivalent of 911) and what investigators discovered in the car used for the kidnapping of three Israeli teens earlier this month were well known by security service heads, top ministers — and even journalists — early on in the affair; but not by the public because it was all placed and kept under a tightly held gag order. The blood found in the car, the sound of gun shots in the emergency call, evidence of live ammunition and the fact that there hasn’t been a single instance of two or more people being held hostage in the West Bank in decades – all that led to a single logical assumption: the teens were no longer alive. Yet at the same time, the Israeli public was told the teens were being held by Hamas, and a public campaign calling for their return was launched.
      As this all happened, Israel’s government was blaming Hamas for the kidnapping of the teens – despite showing no evidence to support that claim.
      >As far as is known, the Hamas leadership in Gaza was not part of the chain of command behind the abduction, carried out by a Hamas cell from Hebron on July 12.
      But despite all of this, Hamas didn’t react. They continued trying to stop the rocket attacks on Israel and were hoping that the unity government that was just set up would give them a diplomatic way to deal with the prisoners.
      Keep in mind that while these attacks didn’t come from Hamas (Hamas takes responsibility for their attacks, they denied involvement in the ones preceding the Israeli retaliation) Israel would always strike Hamas targets in retaliation.
      Then came the straw that broke the camel’s back, at least for Hamas:
      >Hamas has had no interest in a major escalation, and had not been directly attacking Israel until the last few days. But ever since one of its members, Mohammed Obeid, was killed in an Israeli border attack at the end of last month — an apparent error: the IDF thought it was firing at a rocket-launch cell, but actually struck Hamas members deployed to prevent rocket fire — it has changed its approach.
      One of their members was killed by Israel while trying to stop rocket attacks on Israel. For the first time, Hamas started firing rockets back at Israel and took full responsibility for firing those rockets.
      Say what you will about Hamas, but they fully admit when they are launching rockets and when they abduct Israelis – and their operations have been focused on military targets.
      Edit: Most of the info in this comment comes from /u/moeloubani ‘s comment in /r/Canada a few days ago. He deserves full credit for the research and sources

      • Justin says:

        Sfia don’t think that these Palestinians are so innocent and friendly, the call for Americas destruction, and they burn the American Flag whenever they get a chance. Don’t forget that they went out on the streets to celebrate the success of 9/11! Hamas and Al-Quida seek for the destruction of the Western countries, and the domination of Islam in the world. The Muslims must change the way the view all the people who aren’t Muslim…

  9. Amir says:

    Wow this is horrible. Obama gives Israel $3B per year and they say he doesn’t support Israel. How twisted.

    Also I think they mean $280 million, not billion in the article.

  10. Nira says:

    This is a fabricated story from start to finish. Apparently, any antisemite can say anything about Israel and its citizens and there will always be enough idiots to believe the lies.

    • Altog says:

      Nira! No one now is buying this Antisemitic garble and crocodile tears any more… it’s over; you are the Nazis now.

  11. muhamad says:

    it’s funny how you all stand against israel, when in syria thousands of thousands of people are murdered in the streets, almost 170,000 arabs souls died in syria and you all talk about israel ?!?!? who is only try to defence it self ???
    stop being hypocrites !!!! you all motivated by hate speeches and ignorance!

    • A person who graduated high school says:

      Burn the Israeli witches…

    • Sfia says:

      uhhhh SYRIA has a CIVIL war going on….thats an INTERNAL issue we cannot control except try and send aid or ask for the international community to intervene/help/ ISRAEL is bombing and occupying another COUNTRY and its people and is killing innocents. WHERE is the comparison even VALID!?!?!?!? DEFEND itself against a civilian population that has no aviation, no army, no civil infrastructure has been under blockade for 2 decades with their air space, sea and borders closed off…..ISRAEL is illegally usurping their land and they are fighting back….what part of that do you not understand? and FYI, if you want to compare ISIS and the syrian rebels to Israel….you go right ahead…they are all terrorists….

    • Betrayed Rosse says:

      well said muhammad – nice to see a rational voice of islam

  12. blakey says:

    the back and forth on this thread, shows what a long way there is to go until understanding and peace

  13. joseph says:

    what a fair and impressive plan! Holocaust happened in Europe, Jewish accommodated in Palestine and now Palestinians have to leave and be accommodated in third country, instead of being accommodated where they been living for centuries, peacefully co-existed with Jews before Israeli occupation of 1948 and massacre of innocent Palestinians till this day.40 KM Gaza it self is concentration camp for Palestinians for last 10 years of sanction, if they can’t even come up with home made katusha rockets and sling shots to counter most sophisticated merciless Israeli military attacks to resist the Jewish Nazi’s with all these innovative ideas of settlements, they should just leave.

    • Sfia says:

      its just so depressing to witness…..the world is STILL reeling from World War 2 and the after affects of the holocaust. Millions killed and massacred and evacuated…their lives and homes snatched from them which created a whole generation suffering from PTSD and anger and bitterness and paranoia….and what has that led to? more of the same….now we will have a whole generation of bitter and angry Palestinians who will not rest till they get back to their homeland and will resent and hate the Israelis. Why don’t people see that forced expulsion…massacres….military force…pogroms….sense of entitled righteousness has gotten us NOWHERE!!! Humanity is just reduced to angry people hating on everyone else…..if history is anything to go by….this will never end….never.

  14. Lina says:

    Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian Christians, and Jews lived in Palestine side by side for thousands of years in peace and prosperity. This whole Palestinian/Jewish issue was created by zionists in Europe as they concocted a master plan to ethnically cleanse Palestine of the Palestinians both Christian and Muslim alike. The majority of Jews in Palestine now are from Europe, Russia, Africa, ect. They were brought to make a population while hundreds of thousands of peaceful Palestinians were either expelled from their homes and villages or exterminated. There was never a report of any Jew ever being mistreated by Palestinians before the Zionists took over illegally. And that is a fact. The terrorism started by the zionists in 1947 when they came into Palestine with only one goal in mind: ethnically cleanse Palestine of all Palestinians. It’s a shame because my grandfathers best friend was a Jewish man. They grew up on the same street and Palestine and raised their children together in peace and love. Now their children and their grandchildren (and hopefully generations to come) still have ties together and love each other. I am a displaced Palestinian who is not an antisemite. I hate no one. I do, though, hate zionist ideology. It has created havoc in the Middle East. Zionism has negatively touched almost every nation in the Middle East. Every Arab leader that stands up to Israel or tries to unite the Arabs is somehow taken out or civil war mysteriously breaks out in their country. This is Zionism. Divide and conquer. And unfortunately Arab countries are foolish enough to fall for it instead of uniting. I blame them. Look what happened when the West Bank united with Gaza. Hundreds have been killed. It’s not about the 3 teenagers that were killed. They don’t even know who did that. No investigation, no evidence. And believe me, they got their revenge from the 6 Palestinians that were killed, hundreds that were wounded and arrested, hundreds of houses and offices that were destroyed in the weeks after the bodies were “found”(perfectly preserved after being in a ditch in the hot sun for 18 days). Since January of this year, 14 Palestinians in the West Bank have been killed and hundreds imprisioned without charge or trial. Homes have been destroyed, trees uprooted, land stolen ect, ect. These are daily happenings in Palestine by the Zionist government. And the reason why the Zionist government wants to clear Gaza out is not to protect itself, it for the natural gas fields in Gaza. They don’t want Gazans to take advantage of their newly discovered wealth and build up their country and their pride. And I’m sure that Egypt is glad to help Israel so maybe they can get a cut. It’s all about politics and money. And innocents have to die. It’s a shame. It’s unjust. And it’s starting to come out. People can be played for fools for only so long. And eventually the truth will come out. Peace.

  15. GoodDeedsLeadTo says:

    Everybody, pray to God to destroy these oppressors of human beings, Amen.
    This is not a war, this is about mass murder of defenseless bunch of people, who have been robbed & oppressed for long.

  16. UK Prince says:

    Wake up Americans. YOUR taxes ($4bn a year) and your Innocent sons and daughters are being sent to Israel to carry out these terrorist Atrocities. How is this any different to what Hitler did to the Jews, This is Genocide pure and simple. WAKE UP!!

  17. jr says:

    One of the hundreds of articles that besmirched Israel bluntly and most terrible, falsely.
    and i realy want to ask “how?” how did the palestinian fooled you over an over through out our short history together.
    Israel has been suffering from palestinian attacks for moreover than almost 100 years (1929 riots) and its always escalate.
    Time for you to open your eyes and look for the truth, And not the sordid narrative offered by hamas.
    Stop being blind. youre better than that.

  18. Barthol says:

    If the USA wants to invite another 9/11 as punishment for the active support of war criminals, violators and rapist of the most basic human rights, please go on. But don’t cry when a second 9/11 is deployed on USA soil…Because who is looking to the independent news (yes, it exists) formed by the modern media Twitter, Facebook, direct amateur movies filmed with mobile cameras or similar, has to admit that what is happening in Gaza are pure ‘war crimes’. Just as justified as the nazi German bombing of Warschau and Rotterdam to break the resistance. You simply dom’t bomb or shell one of the most dense populated areas in the world, indiscrimated from the air, with artillery ashore, with artillery at sea and with tanks from a 5 kilometer distance. You do this to kill, to kill and to terror as much civilians as you can. The movie made with a mobile telephone of a man, searching in the rubble of his bombarded house for his belongings and deliberately killed by an Israelian sniper in a second shot, after has wounded him and fallen down on the rubble, is now one of the some many proves that this behaviour is normally seen in WOll with the German nazi troops and the SS troops. Not with a decent and western country, with the best armed army in the region. This is disgusting!

  19. Johny says:

    I believe that this is a LIE. As a foreigner who lives in ISRAEL, I know this is not true. There’s a deception act in hand here and this will not stand.

    I have opened my eyes and I understand now fully what’s this all about:
    The complete inhalation of the Jewish people in ISRAEL.
    And the most amazing thing is that everyone’s are at it – All of the ISLAMIC WORLD is supporting this cause and the Palestinian-ISRAELI conflict is just an excuse of that target.
    Listen, this wont END NEVER…. until they (RADICAL ISLAMIST) will fulfill their goal: NO JEWS ON THE LAND.

    There’s ONE word that describes this… you, me and everyone knows it by heart: NAZISM

    This aint a joke and I aint trolling… it is clear to me like the sun that:


    And I wont give it a chance! DOWN WITH RADICAL ISLAM!!
    This wont stand – NEVER!

  20. Professor Teabag says:

    It’s about time!

  21. iOS says:

    how nice is to post anonymously…

    Dear world, kind representatives from all over Europe, South America and the rest, all far far away.
    I couldn’t read all replies in here but I have some words, which you might wouldn’t read or to be more precise – might wouldn’t want to read or care to read, but I will say anyway…

    Your hypocrisy is so clear. You raise your arrogant head only when it comes to Israel of course. It’s being a trend for years. Blame Israel.
    UN Human Rights Council claims about Israel committing war crime. But shooting rockets from central Gaza onto civilians – kids, families etc – hmm… this fits a “naughty naughty Hamas”… Speaking of this council, consists of Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and some others who you know already what’s going on inside these countries for women, gays and kids education, legal elections etc…

    You never raised your nose when hundreds of thousands civilians are murdered in Syria, Iraq and the rest, you never said Syria should be wiped of the map.

    But that’s not my point. I’m not relying on the fact is someone else is doing so we can do that as well. I only want you to think what is your source of the facts I’ve read in some posts above. I believe you read your daily “_____ TODAY” or “_____ POST” or watch the “_ _ _ News” and see what one-sided people tell you.

    So let me tell you this – you have no idea how your reality is twisted. You should only visit Israel just once in order to understand my final bottom line and I hope you got till here to
    read this:

    If Palestinians put their weapon off – there wont be war.
    If Israel puts its weapon off – there wont be Israel

    Wake up, be a judge from HERE not from your far countries.

    Proud Jewish Israeli.

  22. PALneeds help says:

    THE REAL REASON For THis WAR has nothing to with the murdered teens or rockets being fired at Israel…. .but for the large NATURAL GAS pocket found in GAZA ….Israel wants to own it any which way they can even if means to Killing civilians .

  23. Jeff says:

    It looks plausible as this has always been the Zionist aim. That’s why the coup took place in Egypt – to prepare the ground for such a move. They want to get rid of the Palestinians. But this report needs independent corroboration before it can be taken seriously.

  24. iOS says:

    “PALneeds help” – wow you found the real reason…you’re so clever…

    You probably don’t understand that this is not something Israel does, like killing for getting hold of a commercial resource, it’s just not what we do, period.
    If you still think that’s the main reason, you’re a miserable dumb. I’m not saying that cause I’m pissed off, but only cause you are really dumb, sorry.

  25. iOS says:

    and Sfia, I can see you’re jumping on any comment so here’s how your reality is twisted, when you’re using the word pogrom, another 10 people believe this and imagine IDF soldiers with knives slaughtering kids and raping women which is totally not true, so here’s how your hate and blindness is affecting.
    When Hamas is taking over civilian houses and store rockets, the IDF announces this building is going to be shot just so people can evacuate. There’s no army in the world that does such acts and deep deep in your heart you know it’s true.

    I’ll quote an example of one of your sentences – “their (Hamas) operations have been focused on military target”… laughed out loud… few hours ago I personally ran to find a shelter, taking my little kids cause of a siren alerting a Hamas rockets on its way to me.

    Now imagine the poor people of Sderot that this is their reality for the past 14 years.

    “military target”… lol

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