Is Afrophobia Enough to Save George Zimmerman?

George(National Report) – The George Zimmerman trial begins today a year after the neighborhood watchman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an African American youth armed with candy and a glass bottle of iced tea.

Over the course of the past year supporters have defended Zimmerman’s actions as appropriate measure to the threat of being face to face with an unarmed black youth. Many of these arguments are predicated on the belief that afrophobia or negrophobia (a fear of black or African people, sometimes erroneously called racism by the left) is an uncontrollable mental phobia much like arachnophobia, mastrophobia or hobophobia.

Zimmerman’s attorneys are expected to argue the defendant’s mental state at the time of the fatal affray was reasonable for someone suffering from an afrophobic episode.

“Imagine coming face to face with giant, hairy spiders if you have a fear of arachnids. A reasonable person with such a fear would stomp, claw and fight against such a threat.” – One possible opening statement for the defense

Self-defense claims are usually viewed as time consuming goose races by the courts since it requires evidentiary proof that specific acts of the deceased are previously known to the defendant. Since Zimmerman and Martin were unknown to each other, it is doubtful such evidence could be offered successfully as evidence for self-defense.

Those with Afrophobia are usually on the heavier side. Since the incident, Zimmerman has gained over 140 pounds.

Those with Afrophobia are usually on the heavier side. Since the incident, Zimmerman has gained over 140 pounds.

The defense will be forced to put the six person jury in George Zimmerman’s negrophobic shoes.

The pig like squeals of George Zimmerman living his personal nightmare of being pummeled by a black youth provides some strong insight into the mental state of the defendant.

It will be interesting to hear how Zimmerman has struggled with his personal fear of black people, leading to the decision to pursue the youth even after dispatchers ordered him not to follow.

Precedence is well established for phobia being used as a murder defense. The publicized trial of officers accused of tasering a mentally ill homeless man to death in California may use hobophobia (fear of homeless people) or perhaps meningitophobia (fear of brain disease) as a defense.

The success of the phobia defense will rely on how well the six person jury is vetted through the voir dire process and the effectiveness of the defense to convey the serious life threatening situation that existed in the mind of Mr. Zimmerman.

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2 Responses to "Is Afrophobia Enough to Save George Zimmerman?"

  1. Denny Baum says:

    Did you know that Zimmerman tutored black kids??? That doesn’t sound afrophobic to me. Like training spiders if you are arachnophobic.

    • Barbara Bagwell Barbara Bagwell says:

      The trial of George Zimmerman has not concluded and while we all hope and pray that justice is served, I’m not sure your revelation would help his case. The use of fear or phobia as a defense for second degree manslaughter might, as the title of this article suggests.

      Also, it is commendable that anyone tutors young children – black, white, red or yellow. But in that particular situation, the environment may not trigger an afrophobic crisis. Much the way arachnophobic individuals can visit a zoo or purchase bananas at the grocery store even when a large spider might jump out and run up their arm, there are coping mechanisms that are developed over time to compensate for the crippling fear. One needs to shake that bunch of bananas and put them in the cart, because as you point out, it is difficult to train spiders.

      In the case of George Zimmerman, he wouldn’t be able to shake the neighborhood free of black youth. He would be forced to confront his phobia head on, thus possibly triggering an afrophobic episode.