Iran Detonates Nuclear Bomb: Obama’s Continuing Foreign Policy Failures

ayatollah<National Report>Despite assurances from President Obama that Iran was at least three to five years away from being able to construct a nuclear bomb, the Iranians appear to have successfully detonated one. Scientists working for the International Monitoring System(IMS), established by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban treaty of 1996, announced that they have positively identified evidence of an underground nuclear detonation located inside the borders of Iran. Iran has so far refused to confirm or deny that nuclear weapons testing has taken place.

On Sunday scientists at multiple IMS installations picked up seismic and infrasound signals consistent with a possible underground nuclear detonation. After compiling the information gathered at each facility scientists were able to rule out naturally occurring earthquake activity as the signals source. The location of the explosion was tracked to an origin point within Iran’s Kavir Desert, far to the east of Tehran. The IMS places the yield of the detonation between twenty and twenty-five kilotons, causing a seismic event with an initial force of 5.6 on the Richter scale.The yield of this explosion was roughly two times as powerful as the device used to bomb Hiroshima during WW 2.

News of the Iranians joining the list of nuclear equipped states is another blow to the Obama administrations foreign policy record. President Obama refused to move against the Iranian regime despite their continuous efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. The Obama administration claimed that the Iranians were years away from producing working nuclear weapons, and that sanctions and diplomacy would dissuade them from producing any. This foreign policy failure, yet another in a growing list, leaves one of the most dangerous terrorist states in the world with the deadliest weapon at the disposal of mankind.

As of yet Iran lacks the ballistic missile technology to deliver a nuclear weapon to the United States, but could threaten American strategic allies in Western Europe and Israel. Israel has the most to fear from a nuclear equipped Iran, who has repeatedly called for the destruction of the Israeli state. Senator John McCain has called for military action to disarm the Iranians, calling them a threat to every Democratic state in the world. Senator McCain has also questioned present assessments of Iran’s missile technology, which predicts that Iran will be unable to produce a missile capable of attacking America until 2020. “what else is this President catastrophically wrong about”, asked Senator McCain? “Every day that passes lessens our ability to intervene in Iran for the good of the world. How bad will we wait for it to get under President Obama’s watch?”

What Next?

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10 Responses to "Iran Detonates Nuclear Bomb: Obama’s Continuing Foreign Policy Failures"

  1. Sandy G says:

    Something has to be done about them before they try and bomb somebody

    • fred says:

      God damped Obama can’take get anything done on the world stage. We could have averted this bull shit by having some balls and acting when we needed to. But no. We wait and wait under this guy’s “leadership”. So whathe happens if we try to intervene now? They decide to lob a few nukes at Israel or into Europe? You can’t let these regimes get nukes in the first place. Or else you end up with a situation like North Korea. Just gotta sit there and watch the fucks continue their evil for fear that they will actually start tossing around their nukes. Fanatics can’t have weapons of mass destruction

      • callmebeerbaron says:

        Are you actively smoking crack? Short of full-scale invasion of yet another middle eastern country, there is nothing to be done beyond the (extremely rigorous) economic sanctions already implemented.

        What exactly is your clever solution? “Balls” is not a policy position, you teabilly halfwit.

        • Q WIlliams says:

          +1 callmebeerbaron

          These teabag hill billies have nothing here but a bunch of biased reactionary partisan B S displaying the intellectual insight of a pack of small town teenagers… Anyone who quotes McCain of all morons is an idiot.
          Of course if we didn’t have a bunch of republitards blocking congress, Obama may have been able to do something about the the state of the US which should be it’s primary concern…

  2. suitcase says:

    If only we had Ted Cruz as our president. Then those Iranians would be peeing in their panties, and bowing to America’s every wish. Not like it is now, as the Iranians thumb their big noses at the USA.

    • drippy11222 says:

      Just like they did when Reagan was president?

    • Dan says:

      The Iranians have NO nuclear weapons, and anyone positing they do is delusional. If they were likely to pee their panties, as you so banally put it, they would have while Bush the Dolt and Darth Cheney were in charge. Or if John Blunderbuss McCain was in charge. Ted Cruz is a self promoting, truth challenged bloviator–much like his idol, Joe McCarthy.

  3. fred says:

    We need to bomb those terrorist scum back into the stone age.

    • Billy Ray Haucker says:

      Haven’t you seen the pitchers, ain’t nothing but camels and sand… looks like their already there.

  4. John Striker McKlaine says:

    Kill ‘em all, let Allah sort them out!

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