Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production

Marijuana crop by Barbetorte

Marijuana crop by Barbetorte

<National Report>Indianapolis, IN–Multiple states are rushing to get in on the trend of legalizing marijuana and Indiana is taking the next step in the process by not only allowing adults to buy, possess and consume up to 2 ounces of marijuana, but also opening the gates for farmers to grow and manufacture hemp and hemp related products.

For farmers within the state, a proposed annual fee of $150 in addition to $2 for every acre of hemp planted would be accessed.  Plants will be regularly inspected to ensure they contain less than .3 percent THC (keeping it below the concentration of the psychoactive ingredient which causes the “high” from smoking or ingesting marijuana).

Indiana has seen its better days.  As the Midwest has shifted away from traditional agrarian type lifestyle into the modern age of technology, states like Indiana have struggled to keep up.  The state has been hit hard by losses in manufacturing coupled with fluctuating commodities markets which have made America’s farmers some of the lowest paid of all industrial workers.

A bipartisan group of legislators in the predominately Republican state Senate have held several closed door sessions to discuss the benefits of legalization for the states struggling economy.  According to a high ranking state official, who chose to speak to National Report on the condition of anonymity:  “It’s a great idea.  As Republicans we have the upper hand in these discussions.  We are a party that thrives on individual freedoms, we believe strongly in state’s rights and are fierce defenders of capitalism.  Legalization provides a real opportunity for Republicans to shift public opinion and could lead to a permanent super majority at both the state and federal levels.”

JC Franco, Director of the group Reform Indiana, told local ABC Affiliate WISHTV:

“What we have seen within the GOP in Indiana is a real paradigm shift away from the Reefer Madness type portrayal of marijuana and marijuana users towards one of competition and economics.  It only makes sense for a state like Indiana to embrace such reforms.  The fed has been subsidizing Indiana farmers for decades, growing corn that is processed into high fructose corn syrup and fed to us at every turn.  This new legislation will allow a certain number of farmers to apply for permits to convert their corn farms into industrial hemp operations.  Indiana is the perfect place  for growing, processing and manufacturing hemp related products.  By taking this bold move, Indiana could see a large boom in jobs as outside groups rush to get in on the ground floor of the hemp industry.”


A recent poll conducted jointly by Reform Indiana and the state’s Department of Agriculture found a surprising number of Indiana farmers support the initiative. Paul Horner, an 89-year old local farmer, was pleased to hear the news. “I think it is a great idea. From what I hear, this hemp can be used to make all kinds of things from clothing to plastics and papers, and to be honest, we have more farmland in Indiana than we know what to do with,” said Horner.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that the Department of Justice would allow states to enact new marijuana laws despite the fact the US government still considers help and marijuana to be a Schedule 1 controlled substance that is therefore illegal to cultivate on US soil.  Colorado has also passed legislation allowing for the cultivation of hemp on a large scale.

Leave us your thoughts on legalizing in the comments section.

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310 Responses to "Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production"

  1. Amber says:

    ….well it’s a start, but you still can’t buy a car on Sunday!!!

  2. greyson mils says:

    You sure that indiana has legalized small amounts of marijuana . I believe the story is incorrect .The bill that passed is 357 a hemp only bill. You story indicates that bill 315 passed and I don’t believe it did…………. Please let me know

    • chev1117 says:

      I would like to know if this is true to. Sorry no it’s been awhile since this post. Please let me know if you ever got a anwser on this. Pretty sure my buddy just got caught with a joint a couple months ago and got a possession charge. Pls reply.

  3. Pugsley says:

    It’s about time Indiana came to it’s senses and did something to benefit the farmers, economy, and people….Way to Indiana keep up the good work..

  4. Steven says:

    For the Pro-pot community, if want to be taken as a serious, intelligent person whose opinion deserves serious consideration, then you need to sound like one. You need to have something intelligent and rational to say and you need to have it based in fact, not fiction. It also helps if you sound like a grown adult. All the ranting, raving, cussing and name-calling does not do any of that. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone.
    Just saying. Help the cause, don’t hinder.

    • stuck says:

      Hear, hear Steven well put,

    • blitzedwolf says:

      Wow u must be one of those assholes that think its bad and that good stuff,but do to recent technology we have noticed that weed grows lots of pain killing chemicals it helps reduce seizures and of you don’t believe that look up charlates web on you tube. I know if my kids was on the verge of dieing I would do anything to keep my child while I can before the good lord decides for them to come home. You need to research this before you open your mouth thinking all pot heads are stupid congrats on making yourself feel good putting people down.

      • Pot head says:

        I’m a 40 year old Hoosier with an engineering degree I earned at Purdue. I’m sick with Berrits disease and degenerative bone disease. I’m an intelligent person by any standard,and I’m a pothead! Fact is I’ve smoked for twenty plus years and I’m no worst for it! For you hypocrits out there that want to talk down on others for getting high on pot ,well chew on these facts morons! Not one person in recorded history has ever died from pot. Not one person has ever been convicted of vehicular homicide due to being high on pot. Not one documented case of people being abused due to someone being high on pot and out of control. The lies that J.Edgar Hoover and his cohorts started in the early 40s about the destructive nature of marijuana was and is bullshit. The people now know the ridiculousness of that notion, sorry hypocrits but it’s over for you people pointing fingers at others for being pot smokers. The fact remains you people who drink alcohol and think drinking is just a ok because its legal and people who smoke pot are losers because some paranoid,pasty white closet homosexual says pot is evil,please! You are the one who is foolish mr. Steve! Just hush your mouth because nobody gives a rats ass what you think sir. Just go online and look at the body count due to boozers . The fact is pot heads are not hurting anyone and never have. The Feds will save billions a year when the cartels in South America and Mexico can no longer peddle their dope here in the U.S.! People will no longer clog up the justice system and the dept. of corrections over petty pot offensive. Not to mention the stigma or the harassment from dicks like your self who want to point a finger at people for something you find offensive. Look in the mirror the next time you have a drink and point your finger ! Respectfully submitted, well educated pot smoker!

        • lou says:

          I have said the very same thing for the last 15+ years, about people that smoke pot have never killed a bus load of kids after smoking pot.
          Have never lost there home, job, family because they can’t manage there addiction.
          I am a 55 year old disabled vet. I have worked hard my entire life, having my first tax paying job at 14. Over the years I’ve had health issues concerning my back, hips, shoulders, legs and hands. For 5 yrs. I’d wrap myself in saran wrap from the bottom of my breasts to the crack of my hind-end to be able to work, along with a bottle of 500 ibuprofen every week or so. I sought help from my family Dr. to no avail, I worked the elderly, physical and mentally disabled people. In hospitals, nursing homes and in their homes. I could not get any pain killers for that reason, he would say.
          My brother gave me a marijuana cigarette to smoke, he said just 3 or four puffs would help me, he thought. I could not believe how much it helped me.
          I have been told by my Dr. that I shouldn’t work any more that I need to
          sign up for disability, so he can prescribe the meds I need to be able to function and perform my daily household needs.
          I’ve been disabled and on strong narcotic pain meds for the last 6 yrs. I’ve asked for medical marijuana but am told it’s not legalized here in Indiana for medical use.
          I am so tired of taking pain pills, but I can’t do anything without them, I have become dependent on them.
          The Federal Government has made it hard for Pain Management Dr.’s to treat their patients. Some have been made to shut their doors for reasons that are Hyped, I’m sure. My Dr.’s office just recently had to shut their doors because of a couple of idiot patients abused their medication and overdosed themselves. I am left to search for another Pain Management team, meanwhile I’ve tried to cut my doses in half. That was no good, the pain was unbearable. I skip every other dose to stretch my medication. My family Dr. is afraid to give me anything to help me.
          I’ve smoked pot a couple times to see if it would help me. It does help me.
          I will sign any petitions anywhere anytime to help legalize marijuana for medical use. I haven’t been able to function much with the dosage I’ve cut myself down to. I took 3 puffs off a pot cigarette, I was able to get my son
          up and ready for school and get him out the door in time for the school bus. I’ve not smoked anymore since because of being afraid of failing a drug test when I do get an appointment.
          Lets vote the right Politicians in Office my fellow Hoosiers that will push the Senate to Legalize Marijuana in Indiana.

        • Tony says:

          Hey Pothead:

          Thank you, that was very well put.
          I’m also a disabled Vet, 52 yrs old.
          I live in Northern In., about 5 miles
          from the Michigan line.
          All of my health care goes thru the VA
          since it’s their fault that I’m disabled.
          I have inquired of them about Medical MJ.
          I was told that if I lived in Michigan or any other
          state where it was legalized, the VA would be cool
          with it. Since live in a state where it is not legal, I would
          loose all of my health benefits and pain meds if I were
          to use MJ and get busted on a wiz-quiz.

          • Tony apparently knows exactly what he’s talking about. I recently did research on this subject and can add that the federals have acknowledged state’s rights for legal / medical mj. However if you’re a veteran, or disabled and on SSI, or are in some other way receiving any type of federal aid the federal gov’t exercises its control to refuse patients care and medication and do cut them off for having tested positive for mj. These recently authorized so-called “pain doctors” are a scam. If your personal doctor refers you to one of these phony so-called specialists you’re screwed. These phony pain docs will take your medication away for your 3rd positive test for mj. They can do that because the gov’t opened up this new medical field that recognizes pain docs as specialists, which many are not. This new field is regulated by Uncle Sam. Pain docs must be licensed not by your state but by our federal masters who mandate the rules these turds follow. Since testing is part of the agreement you signed when you first signed up with your federal doctor they will test you over a period of time. Federal rules also mandate you be cut off your pain meds upon your 3rd dirty test. What a piece of shit time we live in today. Your masters in Washington DC now control health care, they educate the nation’s children to be good little federalists, they employ over 50% of American workers and control them with their payroll and benefits, and those today who live by others means are the dangerous ones. And federalists are liberal dogs who support what conservatives have known for a century… liberals don’t want to be challenged, to work and want Uncle Sam to powder their ass every night before bed and to care for them until they pass. Liberals have sold the country out, just like their black masser “o”bama.

        • Steph says:

          You got it Pot Head.

      • mdgoodwin says:

        I have epilepsey and 4 other medical problems my doctor said it would help
        with but i might have siezure and die while waiting for them to leagleize for
        medical use in indiana

    • Tim G. says:

      Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, well here’s mine.

      This whole website/newspaper regarding legal industrial low THC pot for Indiana is basically about votes. The far right tea party republicans like Ted Cruz and Sara Palin pictured at the top of the page are made to believe that they endorse legalization. These politicians are some of the top anti pot advocates in government. Some of these Christian based tea party republicans have no intension of making this evil cannabis to be legal. To them this drug was first used in the jungles of S. America by Cannibals in ceremonies before they ate there enemies, hence the word cannabis. They make you think that they’re not 100% anti-pot. This is to try to win over those pro-pot independence and democrat voters. Think about what it would take to grow low THC plants. #1.The plant cannot grow in this climate(not in temperate zone, needs constant sun, warm temperature, humidity, soil, fertilizer). #2.Greenhouses would need to be large with high wattage lights, generators/fuel, irrigation. The cost would be astronomical and to think that they can sell this high production cost at a low enough price to compete with already established plastic, paper, or oil producers. #3. Even if they found or created a strain that could grow here, where would they grow it? Would they have pot fields next to there cornfields, soybean fields and inaccessible to the public? The only way that it would be profitable is to use greenhouses and leave the high THC levels and sell it like tobacco. This will never happen in this red(republican) state.
      Here is a reply I got from your governor Mike Pence regarding a letter I sent.

      Dear Tim:
      Thank you for contacting me to express your support for the legalization of marijuana. It was a pleasure to hear from you.
      I am committed to combating illegal drug use in our communities. Illegal drug use lowers the quality of life of the individual drug user, hurts the family, and damages the wider community. It is for these reasons that I do not anticipate supporting efforts to legalize the possession or use of marijuana.
      Again, thank you for contacting me. It is an honor to serve as Governor and have the benefit of your advice. If you would like more information on this or any other issue, please visit my website at http://www.in.gov/gov.
      Mike Pence

      • EmeryKush says:

        That’s Bullshit My Friend, I Know For A Fact You Can Grow Outside No Problem, It Will Grow Anywhere, Take This From A Grower With Over 30 Harvests Under His Belt from all seasons except winter. And For The Colder Months We Used An Energy Efficient Stealth GrowBox. Now I’m not Saying its not a lot of work but what i am saying is there would be no problem for us Hoosiers to grow Cannabis Here.

        • tim g says:

          sorry emeryKush man, i know certain strains will grow out here in indiana, i was pissed off at this website the day i posted this and still pissed off because its still not legal since i first lit up in the seventies. I live 8 miles from ohio and plan on moving there when they legalize it next year.

    • Nipples says:

      “if want to be taken”
      how about you work on your grammar before you try and act like you are a high and mighty “intelligent” person

      • tim g says:

        the people that read this gossip rag magazine(National Report) shouldn’t take it serious. Just read some of the stories.Example(Prince William isn’t the father, john Kerry prescribed pot, etc.)really? Can’t believe everthing you read. Just read the articles.

        • Dear Tim G,
          As America’s # 1 Independent News Source the National Report has built a reputation among our readers of stalwart trust. Though not always easy to accomplish in a world where every drunken asshole with a compooter thinks he’s a journalist. Though you may smear our good name, National Report is internationally recognized for our journalist integrity and excellence in reporting.

          • tim g. says:

            I’m sorry sir Nigel I offended you and your newspaper news source (National “enquirer” Report). Let’s face it, no reputable lawmaker will ever take anything in this publication serious, so people commenting about there views concerning pot are just venting. This great country, United States of America should just be called America. In it we have the country of Colorado, country of California, New York, etc. Then there is Washington D.C. which is not a state nor a country, basically it’s in limbo. I graduated H.S. in 1976 and being the pessimist that I am well never see pot being legal nationwide while I’m alive. If it is, yippee, if not, status quo! I’ve smoked on/off for years and unless the same drug companies that manufacture addictive dangerous painkillers can design a drug that can flush THC from the bloodstream quickly then forget about it. Bye the way, I don’t drink and I know how to spell the word compooter. Don’t worry, this will be my last comment on this website.

  5. Jose m medina jr says:

    Finally something natural then having to drink a few for rest.

  6. Alex says:

    For whoever said its a bad enough problem with the kids now is dumb to not want to legalize it because if it was legalized we would be able to control it a little better and not have drug dealers everywhere, but no matter how you look at it their will always be marijuana around legal or not same with the other drugs. By legalizing it the states will be able to get a better control on the selling of marijuana and they will be able to tax it and make profit for the state.

    • Thank you!! I have been saying that for years. marijuana will always be around why not be able to text it to help bring jobs and more money to the economy of Indiana and other states. I have M.S., fybro, degenerative disc disease in my lumbar and cervical and many many other health problems. I dont smoke it…but would like to have to choice if I want to. This would benefit many people with disabilities.

    • Jones bonez says:

      Well said, perfectly stated. Could not have said it better myself. I could. I could have though.

  7. Cutie pie says:

    Amen! Steven you told the facts not just opinions I don’t know anyone who’s OD on pot you can smoke a lot and like you said your going to sleep or your going to eat a lot lol but your not going to die. but alcohol is legal and you can kill yourself or someone else and that’s ok
    People with cancer really need this medicine and shouldn’t be denied it!

    • Ashley says:

      Marijuana helps me with a lot of things, I have gallbladder disease, helps the nausea before and after i eat, if not for it i would be dead today. i dropped in one month 60 to 70 pounds. I was ruining my esophagus from vomiting everyday because of eating, i even changed my diet, no greasy, spicy, cheesy, milk, made food. no soda no sugar no caffeine. I work, drive walk and function fine. i also have an problem sleeping and this fixes it, i don’t walk side ways as you would with drinking beer, i can actually say i don’t even think there such a thing as munchies (stoner’s mind lol). It does not make me hungry it make me able to eat. i will vote yes to proposition 420 lol

    • destiny says:

      thats my nigga

  8. Nicole says:

    This is fantastic news for our state, and our country! I firmly believe that drugs are not the answer to life, but marijuana… Marijuana is like coffee to me, but nicer to my stomach. It wakes me up, levels me out, and sends me on my way. It helps me take my time during the day to not just go through the motions, but actually take a moment to appreciate the world I live in, while still getting my work done, and then some.

    As I said, drugs/marijuana is not for everyone, like coffee (which is also a drug, and more addictive than mary jane). But for the people it is for, they need it. Not in an addictive way, but in a way that helps them love life a little more. For people it is for, I hope they get to see the world through different eyes sometime. Marijuana has helped make colors brighter and sounds much sweeter.

    So, for everyone who doesn’t “like” smoking, don’t. That shouldn’t be grounds for everyone else to have to quit. For those who are bothered by smoke, it can only be smoked inside the house or through a vaporizer.

    Additionally, farming marijuana in the United States under regulation would help with the drug trafficking problems we have. We won’t need to rely on foreign sources to get our drugs, we can get them from safe, public, and government regulated stores that sell at correct weights, know the exact content, and can offer suggestions as needed.

    One thing I don’t agree with about this bill is the THC content allowed. 0.3% THC is a very low concentration, and the fact that the article explicitly states that marijuana will not get one “high”, why are we smoking it then? It’s like tobacco then. Not to be a snob, but marijuana is not that low in THC content nowadays.

    I think the problem a lot of people have with pot smoking is that they have this notion that everyone who smokes is a “pothead”. And if by “pothead” you mean someone who does nothing productive with their lives, I think the word you’re actually looking for is “lazyass”. Pothead, in my the way it’s been used, is offensive. I would call myself a pothead, I smoke pot every day. However, I hold 2 jobs, pay for a brand new car, and am successful in school. There are so many people who do what I do, even more than what I do, and smoke every day. Multiple times a day. You would be surprised the people I can say I’ve smoked with in my life.

    All I ask is that fellow supporters, stand up! And protestors, please reconsider. There’s a life out their you’re missing, where people are friendly and pleasant and flowers smell lovelier than you can imagine. It makes you hate the world a little less.

  9. workingdan says:

    I’m tired of the debating already. Just legalize it so we can move on to more pressing issues. Let’s legalize it and stimulate the economy. While we’re at it let’s stimulate our minds as well…as an added to bonus to all the other benefits of marijuana.

    Too many good folks, many of them outstanding parents, are overcrowding our jails and prisons for using a harmless plant. I’m tired of looking over my shoulder every time I want to smoke a joint and relax after a hard day’s work. The only reason people suffer from paranoia after smoking is that it is illegal. Legalize it, problem solved.

    The medical benefits should just be all the more reason to make it legal. It’s like the cure-all wonder drug. It helps with pain, stress, PTSD, depression, has been found to benefit cancer patients…the list goes on.

    Legalize it!

    • Misterjones416 says:

      I have a d felony for possession second offense of a roach I can’t be seen as a ptsd or add or adhd medical user I’m lookEd at like A drug dealer and a horribly person when my four year old knows American sight slite Spanish ABc’s 123’s all his shaps colors and animals as well Math and i dropped out of schook in ninth grade legalize It

  10. Jerome Scott says:

    Legalize it, tax it and have to post office ship it. #whatnationaldebt?

    • Steve says:

      Really, where is the debate? The roads are falling apart, teachers are overworked and underpaid and schools are closing. Just a few of the several dozen money problems the state has. So should we spend more money to put tax paying people in jail for it or make money from it. DUH! what the hell is there to argue about? I really don’t understand.

  11. Valerie SHerman says:

    This would be AMAZING for me…. I’ve struggled with crippling pain due to reflexive sympathetic Dystrophy for the last 6 yrs. Of course since I see a Pain management doctor AND am a law abiding citizen I haven’t tried marijuana for pain relief even though for people that suffer from RSD it tends to work miracles its sucked because my best chance for living a more normal life would mean I’d HAVE to move but unfortunately that isn’t something I can do since I’m disabled and need help surviving. My whole focus every day is just surviving the on slot of incredible pain from my nerves telling me that even a gust of wind is super painful. To actually be able to take something like this would be amazing since not only would it be WAY cheaper. (I pay 1000’s in meds a yr and my one med without insurance runs around 700 and I still have to pay for 3 other meds) but my biggest issue is that I’m allergic to most pain killers to begin with and those I can take I have horrible side effects one of which is ALWAYS being sick to my stomach since RSD also causes intestinal problems and meds don’t help one bit! Obviously if I could use Marijuana not only would there be no meds to make me sick but it would also help with the rsd related stomach issues. That alone would make it totally worth it because who wants to do ANYTHING when they are sick to their stomach ALL the time plus having to force yourself to eat AND the only things you enjoy tend to be crappy foods since their more addictive and then the final and best is that it would be WAY less addictive then the meds I currently take!

    • Julie Allen says:

      I share your sentiments, Valerie Sherman. My daughter suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. She is only 15 and has chronic debilitating pain, just like you. I would give her Canabas oil in a heart beat if it was legal. I would not want her to smoke it, but to use it as an oil. I pray that it will become legal, because right now, i don’t feel like breaking the law is an option. I am an RN and would not be willing to lose my license if caught. I also don’t want to buy it on the streets, and wonder if it is pure without any dangerous additives. My daughter, like you, is also on many medications that are worse than marijuana, and I would love the chance for her to try Marijuana and potentially get off some of them and have a better quality of life….including a restful sleep and less anxiety. God bless you….really understand where you are coming from, and your story is very similar to my daughter’s.

    • Im feeling your pain. Im sick of all the pills that no longer help. Im tired of not being able to eat or sleep or lack of love for life bc my life is nothing but pain nonstop. My kids have to help me walk or even sit up in bed cause im paralyzed from waist down and shear pain.

  12. Mick says:

    Its foolish to not reap the tax benefits like the other states that have . Colorado exceeded their budgeted tax income by about 170 million. ,that would pave lots of roads,buy lots of books for schools, feed the homeless and pump up the economy !

  13. Jason Bosney says:

    Plants will be regularly inspected to ensure they contain less than .3 percent THC (keeping it below the concentration of the psychoactive ingredient which causes the “high” from smoking or ingesting marijuana).

    It seems that no one has even noticed…. The State only wants to legalize adulterated marijuana…. The state will allow you to buy a small amounts, collect taxes on it, but, it will not be natural marijuana. It will have a very weak or non existant effect. This is not a paradigm shirt towards tolerance and personal freedom, but rather, is about money and continued control. Just legalize freedom and natural marijuana and leave people alone!

    The government may fool the majority, but they don’t fool all of us!

    • Steven says:

      Actually I did notice, and your right. Everyday we move closer and closer to fascist country, and very few seem to notice it. We will end up in a military state and by the time people do notice it will be too late to do anything about it.

    • bianca says:

      that was in regards to the HEMP growing. NOT what would be sold for consumption. Please at least read and understand before responding

  14. cody says:

    I think the state could really benefit from legalizing it not only them but also the citizens of our great state so let’s do LEGALIZE IT I support this

  15. tony says:

    I am 59 years old and i hate to be high in public but i love it for relaxing at home and its a very great sleep aid. much better for you than prescription drugs. doctors should be attested for freely peddling pills.

    • Steven says:

      medical community at large has known of the medical benefits of marijuana for dozens of years. Despite the fact that the government insisted that there was none whatsoever. Anybody interested in the reality of why some people are fight so hard to keep it illegal? If so check this out: http://www.thenation.com/article/180493/anti-pot-lobbys-big-bankroll?page=full , If you can grow your own medicine in your backyard… just who is on the losing end.

      • Pot head says:

        I’m a 40 year old Hoosier with an engineering degree I earned at Purdue. I’m sick with Berrits disease and degenerative bone disease. I’m an intelligent person by any standard,and I’m a pothead! Fact is I’ve smoked for twenty plus years and I’m no worst for it! For you hypocrits out there that want to talk down on others for getting high on pot ,well chew on these facts morons! Not one person in recorded history has ever died from pot. Not one person has ever been convicted of vehicular homicide due to being high on pot. Not one documented case of people being abused due to someone being high on pot and out of control. The lies that J.Edgar Hoover and his cohorts started in the early 40s about the destructive nature of marijuana was and is bullshit. The people now know the ridiculousness of that notion, sorry hypocrits but it’s over for you people pointing fingers at others for being pot smokers. The fact remains you people who drink alcohol and think drinking is just a ok because its legal and people who smoke pot are losers because some paranoid,pasty white closet homosexual says pot is evil,please! You are the one who is foolish mr. Steve! Just hush your mouth because nobody gives a rats ass what you think sir. Just go online and look at the body count due to boozers . The fact is pot heads are not hurting anyone and never have. The Feds will save billions a year when the cartels in South America and Mexico can no longer peddle their dope here in the U.S.! People will no longer clog up the justice system and the dept. of corrections over petty pot offensive. Not to mention the stigma or the harassment from dicks like your self who want to point a finger at people for something you find offensive. Look in the mirror the next time you have a drink and point your finger ! Respectfully submitted, well educated pot smoker!

        • Steven says:

          I think you have confused with someone else, i am all for legalization. The morons in the government are only interested in money from Pharmacutical companies who stand to lose billions a year if it is suddenly legal to grow your own medicine. And the people who believe all the propaganda are either making something from it or are just too stupid to think for themselves. I am constantly amazed at the people who actually believe that the American government is honest, trustworthy. The only thing you can trust about our government, is that you can’t believe anything they say. ” Their lips are moving” and we all know what that means.

  16. 420gal says:

    I have crohns disease and marijuana helps with inflammation and pain, also helps my appetite.legalize it, they will figure out a way to tax it. many people use it and its no different than drinking a glass of wine or drinking a beer to relax and marijuana has medicinal properties where alcohol doesn’t. stop debating and move on. I don’t understand the problem, good for the economy, jobs and better quality of life for so many people.

    • piggy420 says:

      i have leukemia (blood cancer) and the medicine i take has horrible side effects including bone pain, joint pain , muscle pain , basically pain everywhere all the time . although the side effect of not taking the medicine is death… i have lost 70lbs in 5 months partially due to a major lack of appetite ,once i do eat i cant hold it in . marijuana definitely helped me to eat and reduce the queezy sensation while and after eating and greatly reduced the majority of the pain and helped me to function on a somewhat normal level. but i have had to quit because in this state they dont care if it helps …. every other day you see commercials from attorneys because of medications made by major companies that cause major issues including death but they remain legal … or alcohol which causes liver and kidney disease or death by drinking too much or by drunk driving accidents …. ive never heard of a person dying from marijuana . and most users would rather stay at home and relax . anytime ive driven while high i drove slower and more cautiously out of paranoia where as with alcohol that wasnt the case, thankfully ive never caused an accident but ive learned since my younger dumber days and no longer drink …. as a parent i would rather see my kids (18 and older)use marijuana responsibly than drink … ever….. medicinally speaking the benefit of marijuana definitely outweighs the negative effects of the man made medicines they prescribe for pain ….. Man made beer God made marijuana .. who do you trust?

  17. IndianaMan says:

    Hell yes it should be legalized. I am only 36 years old and have already lost friends and class mates due to their habits. A couple of them died in drunk driving accidents and several of drug overdose or heart failure as the paperwork say’s. You ever hear of a 30 year old mans heart exploding over smoking Marijuana? The Medical aspects for Marijuana is off the charts as we already know, it’s good for Cancer, Personality Disorders, O.C.D, Glaucoma, A.D.D, Muscle Spasm, Eating Disorders. That is just a few, the jump start it would give our economy would be immense I am sure since hemp used to be grown in Indiana as a use for rope during previous wars, not to mention all the uses that it is known for in today’s age. I personally believe We would be ignorant not to want Marijuana legalized, besides that’s what the people really want any ways they are just to scared to speak up because of the Government.

  18. Darrell Waltz says:

    Mabey we got the wrong people in office. But not Mark Kessler. He a good man and friend

  19. Esprit says:

    Please DO legalize it, even for Medical! Good lord, Pence has been pushing his agenda so hard and speaking for the hoosiers without even CONSULTING us, I’m shocked there is not demand for his impeachment. I know, I’ve searched for one to sign on.

    And, making sure the THC levels are less than .3%? Really? You KNOW we will fight that. We will. THC doesn’t even harm! The ONLY part of smoking marijuana is in SMOKING it. Removing the THC is NOT going to change that, and many people will use it in edibles and vaporizers anyways.

    The ignorance and inhumane thinking of these “leaders”, these DIPLOMATS who have not felt or considered their own true feelings and humanity since they decided this is what they would become are the last people who should be deciding what is and isn’t good for consenting adults. I know what is good for me.

    How dare you?

  20. Quentyn says:

    I am a student, about to leave high school and I had no way in life. I love smoking weed and its been my dream to grow and sell marijuana and marijuana products. I’ve heard it takes a PHD… I had no intention in going to collage until now. This is more then enough for me to get the motivation to go to collage. It’s my dream and nobody going to stop me. If this goes through I will have a good future.

  21. Tony Paul says:

    Plain and simple, America is supposed to be a free country, but government has become so big that it has begun to smother that freedom. Why should it be up to a career politician to decide whether or not we as American citizens can consume marijuana for medical use, or even recreational use? These elected officials are supposed to be the voice of the people, but if that were the case, these ridiculous laws would have been repealed long ago. Rather than be a voice of the people they represent, they use their positions of power to push their own values and agendas, and in many cases, to do unethical and immoral things, even things that they have the people they represent put in prison for, i.e. steal, extort, embezzle, and the like. If those politicians and citizens are adamantly against marijuana, then just like those who are against alcohol, tobacco, firearms, organized religion and so on, they can simply choose to not be a part of it. That is what makes the idea of “freedom” so great, we all have a choice, as long as we do not infringe on the rights of others, as to what we eat and drink, who or what we worship or don’t worship, whether we use firearms or not, whether we consume alcohol, and/or tobacco or not, etc… By continuing this preposterous prohibition of marijuana, the government is infringing on the freedoms of all people who desire to consume marijuana, while grouping them in with thieves, rapists, child molesters, murderers and so on, if they decide to use it anyway. We need to get back to the principles this country was founded on, the rule of law, equality, inalienable rights, the social compact, and LIMITED GOVERNMENT. These things are what led to these United States of America being considered the greatest country in the world at one time. These ideals have been trampled on and abused for so long that many of them are no longer recognizable, and this abuse has stemmed from those who, upon taking their positions, swore on the bible to, among other things, preserve and protect our constitution. So in conclusion, put the decision making power back where it belongs, in the hands of each and every one of the citizens of this once great country, and then with time, patience and hard work, we will once again be able to call our country the greatest in the world!

    !!! LEGALIZE IT !!!

  22. Christopher Blake says:

    Less than .3%? Don’t get me wrong I’m all in for any legalization… But it’s the THC that has the medical benefits. Nothing else. Psychoactive… Though the word has meaning here, they are using it as a scare tactic. The effects are not bad and do not cause violence. They bring anywhere from a mellow buzz to a deep sedated state of calm. They sell alcohol at almost 100% and they are still trying to discredit THC under the cover of legalization.

    • Andrew Shireman says:

      Please read the article again. The .3% requirement is for plants grown for hemp production, not marijuana grown for recreational or medical use. The article does not mention any limits on THC content in recreational or medical marijuana.

    • piggy420 says:

      good point psychoactive THC is the benefit of marijuana medically ,, opium is still illegal in this country but its also one of the most effective pain medications available in this country (fentanyl patches) which is also highly addictive but Doctors are still able to prescribe it even though people die each year from using it or abusing it … let us not forget that alot of the schedule 1 narcotics on the illegal drug list were originally made by doctors like heroin and cocaine. hell cocaine was in coca cola and they made coca cola as a non alcoholic way to ingest your cocaine for any list of ailments bothering you and a Great “pick me up”.. but as anything people enjoy or indulge in, the government has to have complete control … but marijuana grows from a seed and matures into one of the most entirely useful plants known to man (next to corn) . from its fibers to its THC everyone could benefit from clothing to medicine …. WAKE UP AND LEGALIZE its only NATURAL

  23. Phil says:

    I think its great…dont know whats taking so long being as this post is over 4 months old. But i believe is great for people to be able to choose marijuana over say xanex, and a million other synthetic drugs with 1000 side effects. Or just for recreational means. Everyone knows by now, id hope, that it is a whole lot safer than say alcohol which usually induces anger, violence,theft, rape, , ect, ect, ect(those of which ive never seen happen with someone using marijuana). Not to mention the boost it will give the economy. If you dont like it. Its very simple….dont do it. Lets get this ball rolling already.

  24. kyle says:

    I whole heartedly agree that marijuana should be legalized. Unfortunately it wont be until enough of the old geezers are replaced with a younger generation because they have their own agenda. If the public, patients, farmers and uncle sam all benefit from it, then why the hell not? I like many have lost a love one to alcoholism, drunk driving, overdose, etc but never have I heard of a stoner going 80 down the highway and smashing into a car(s) because he was too high. Most people wouldn’t get behind the wheel if they’re too stoned, they’d order pizza and take nap. America is the home of the free? Dont make me laugh. “Men in denim helped build this country; men in suits are helping destroying it”. If you wont legalize, at least lower the penalty. Up to a year in jail, probation, community service, drug and alcohol class, and bullshit court fees for under 28 grams. I know because I faced those same charges. I was fortunate to have all charges dropped cause I had a good lawyer and the officers could not get their stories straight in the deposition. Unfortunately not everyone can afford a lawyer so they have no choice but to take a plea which is pretty much all of the aforementioned but only 3days in jail with good behavior. End of my rant. Legalize it already!!

  25. James Martin says:

    I also am a very strong believer in marijuana being a cure all. I have been dealing with scoliosis and blown discs in my back for well over a decade. I used to smoke everyday up to a quarter ounce or more. I now am no longer able to smoke because of the narcotic pain meds I am on and due to the fact that I am going to a different doctor and they test for marijuana. My other doctor only tested for other narcotics to make sure I was taking mine and to make sure I wasn’t taking something else with it meaning other types of pain meds. Since I have had to stop smoking I hurt a lot more than I used to including more nerve pain. If they would hurry and get this going maybe I could lower my dosage of meds. Also I think it would lower the od rate and the use of heroin. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND HEMP NOW!!!

  26. Dan says:

    “As Republicans we have the upper hand in these discussions. We are a party that thrives on individual freedoms”

    Which is why they fight so hard against gay marriage. Right.

  27. Andrina says:

    As a rape/torture survivor with extreme PTSD I would greatly appreciate marijuana being legalized so that my day to day life can experience some relief. I hate taking anti anxiety meds…benzos which are highly addictive and lose their effectiveness. And it would be amazing to not have to rely on anti depressants that carry the risk of siezures. I make marijuana edibles all the time to carry with me wherever I am in case I experience a PTSD attack. I hate to smoke anything. It’s like always having a non toxic version of a benzo with me. It’s amazing and seems to be the only medication that helps me!!!! Please please please decriminalize and allow the cultivation and selling of marihuana for patients of all ailments to experience a REAL quality life.

  28. Chris says:

    Believe me I would like it legal, but in the Governments hand? Maybe it will be better than the so call; Affordable Health Care Act, Social Security, The border, etc.. No Government is the only way it will work. Just figures one dealer, The Government.

  29. john says:

    it will never happen! People are more concerned about what others are doing than what is right!

    we should all be ashamed of our selves. we have just accepted what we have been told instead of looking for the truth because its easier. We all crave security and sold our morals. rather its giving up freedoms , or just working overtime to get ahead. all those extra hours allowed the school, T.V., radio, videio games, computer, partent down the street, etc. mold and raise the children, and for what? nothing really. Its time for everyone to look their self in the mirror and ask your self who am I, and what really matters to me. freedom for all is the only answer to true freedom.

  30. Dani says:

    The only thing marijuana does is make people a threat to cake!

  31. Jon says:

    I am a diehard Republican but I also want Legalized Mary Jane. It will NEVER EVER happen with Republicans in charge which is why we currently have the most strict Marijuana laws in USA. So for a few election cycles we must sweep Republicans out of office and vote Democrat. Soon as we get weed legal we must get Republicans back in office before the Democrats bankrupt the state.

  32. Prowe says:

    take a lot of the crime out of it , and put some money into education. the war on drugs has done little to help !!

  33. Great idea maby it’s finally coming marijuana heals it never hurt anyone hope it gets here soon it would make a lot of money the legal way and help a lot of people

  34. SMOKEDOGG says:




  35. elmer bradus says:

    i think its great. only we need to legalize marijuana for farm hemp, medical, recreational and any other aspects that we may later find uses for

  36. rocky cossack says:

    i beleave medical marijuana can help with pain hunger for those who cant eat some poeple to stae calm from higher tesson as long as its not abused so i say legalize it help those who need it not all docs in other states cant be wrong thank you for reading and concedering my post

  37. legalize it! says:

    I love pot! Pot is the best thing on the planet! I smoke everyday and it helps me with every single one of my problems. Legalize it indiana! It would be the best choice we have ever made! Stay burnin!

  38. tony says:

    If pot is legal, there will be no more pot smuggling in America. How many times do you see Canadians sneaking whiskey over the border anymore?

  39. I am a disabled Viet Nam vet and I am facing a D felony for possession and was offered 3 years plea bargain. I am 63 but I am fighting this. I do not believe Indiana will legalize because they are the best example of a police state in America. All they want to do is control you and take your money, hell they still ave debtors prison in this commy state, you dont believe that/ THEN OWN THEM A FINE AND SEE WHERE YOU GO. Every-time I hear somebody say thanks for your service I want to throw up! When I came home I was called many names including baby killer. I did not ask to go I was drafted into the Army. Now in Adams County I was busted in my house after it was searched without a warrant. My ex-girlfriend said I had pot and i went to jail. This is the most corrupt state in the Nation so good luck with this bullshit. This story is a flat out lie! Come to my Face-book page and check out my wall. Dewayne Calvin Higdon I will friend you.

  40. Two Democratic lawmakers have filed bills that would allow the use of medical marijuana in Indiana, although neither measure is likely to advance in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

    Sen. Karen Tallian of Portage and Rep. Sue Errington of Muncie are sponsoring bills that would allow Indiana residents to use marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor’s recommendation.

    But Errington told The Star Press of Muncie that her bill has been assigned to a House committee where it’s unlikely to get a hearing.

    Tallian’s bill would create a state agency that would oversee a program for those who use marijuana for treatment.

    In recent years, Tallian has tried with five different bills to decriminalize marijuana, but no bill has passed a committee. This year, she has decided to take a new approach by focusing on medical uses for the drug.

    Democratic Leader Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City, said he supports the measure because of personal experience when he lost his father to cancer. Pelath said he would have wanted his father, who was in a lot of pain before he died, to have access to marijuana if it would have helped.

    Twenty-three states have legalized medical marijuana around the nation, while Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska have legalized it for recreational use. Washington, D.C., also approved a marijuana ballot initiative that will be subject to Congressional review.

    Looser marijuana laws face widespread opposition in Indiana.

    Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long, R-Fort Wayne, said legislators should wait and watch to see how the rest of the nation handles the controversial topic before acting.

    And House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, said medical marijuana would cause “more family and personal disasters” than it would “issue way of relief.”

    “I don’t personally” think the marijuana bill should get a hearing, Bosma said. “I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug.”

    Randy Miller, executive director of Drug Free Marion County, says his organization hasn’t developed a firm position because legalization is “so far down the road.”

    Drug Free Marion County’s main concerns about the issue stem from two ideas – medicine shouldn’t be approved through politics and usage might be increased if medicinal marijuana is legalized, he said.

    “Never in the history of our country has it happened where a substance or medicine is approved by legislation,” Miller said. “We’re not saying there isn’t value; we’re just saying we’re going about this the wrong way.”

    Another concern sprouts from the feedback other states are receiving. The use of edibles and vapor uses are becoming widespread, both medically and recreationally, leading to more opportunities to use marijuana among young people.

    “Use rates in Marion County are above state and national norms significantly,” Miller said. “Twenty percent of eighth graders used marijuana in the last 30 days. We already have a significant problem with marijuana as it is.”

    The Indiana State Medical Association opposes the legalization of medical marijuana. The issue is not a legislative priority, said the group’s communications director, Adele Lash.

    Drug Free Marion County is also looking for more information on the potential benefits of additional substances inside the marijuana plant — research that has not yet been conducted.

    Other states are having issues after legalization.

    Nebraska and Oklahoma have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to toss out parts of Colorado’s marijuana law, claiming that federal law supersedes the state’s right to legalize pot.

    The New York Times reported this week that in Colorado, “amateur marijuana alchemists” are blowing up homes trying to extract hash oil, but courts are unsure how to address the legalities of the actions.

    And other reports claim that increasing numbers of car accidents and emergency room visits in Colorado can be blamed on the legalization of marijuana.

    “States that have loosened up the restrictions,” Long said, “I think they are beginning to find and will find that there are consequences for that.”

  41. Tim G says:

    I have brain tumor, epilepsy, glaucoma, depression and need a variety of meds that cause negative side effects. I know pots not a cure all but it does eliminate allot of extra expensive meds that also makes me angry that drug co’s are profiting on my illness. Not a big fan of edibles that are easy for kids to use, cross country transport, possibly used in food to non users w/out their knowledge, etc. I’ve used on/off for yrs. and compared to quitting alcohol, cigarettes, I can lie in bed for a day, be irritated for a week and be clean except for what’s detectable in my blood. There’s also the moral issue that separates me from my non user friends, relatives, other Christian’s. Let’s face the facts, there’s no border fences between states. Let’s be smart about it and try to educate those who refuse to believe the benefits.

    • Tim G says:

      .3% industrial hemp for cloths, plastics, or paper? Really! We can make toilet paper and numb our asses with it or we can make paper to roll the real stuff with it. Get real people!

  42. chev1117 says:

    I think it’s great that Indiana is considering getting on the marijuana wagon !!! My mom is a patient of medical marijuana and nothing but positive effects. She is a lot happier, getting around better, and most importantly she is able to spend quality time with her family. Think you marijuana !!!

    • tate Foley says:

      I think it’s complete bs the law’s we have now I’m going through a divorce and the courts want to take away my kids because I smoke i have always been a great father and now I don’t know what to do I’ve stopped but am suffering from major depression from a brain surgery and it’s the only thing that has helped me to not put a bullet in my head for the last two years

  43. no name says:

    it will never happen.

  44. HarshTreatment says:

    I’m currently serving 16days house arrest 14 months probation & that’s after serving 14 days n jail held without bond. U would think I did something horrible but NO that’s the result of possessing a gram of marijuana. It’s harsh sentences like that which make no sense. Unless you understand how our small towns thrive off us. I’ve performed 22 breathalyzer’s n the last 10days for marijuana poss. How does that make sense?? Our government is ass backwards!!! People know your rights when the law pulls u over!

    • Dear Harshtreatment,

      Thank you for your comment. And thank you for a great laugh at the top of my Sunday morning. As I read the abhorrent treatment you’ve been forced to suffer at the hands of the ruthless state courts that have followed in the footsteps of the oppressive, iron fisted “o”bama régime I felt your pain.
      When you spoke of the 14 days of imprisonment you suffered in county and how at the hands of the filthy prisoners and sadistic guards your ass was shaved clean and you were repeatedly anally and orally violated made me sick.
      Only to be released from that pit of hell to serve hard time for 16 days in your own home brought to mind those old WWII black & white photographs of stacks of dead bodies, of the men, women & children murdered inside Nazi concentration camps.
      There’s no question in my mind sir that you’ve suffered greatly. You sir are a victim of government violence. Its abhorrent to know that our public servants emasculated you, degraded you, humiliated you and showed you nothing but utter contempt.
      After reading your comment sir all I can say is best of luck to you. The fact that only an idiot of the highest order would go so far as too risk everything including the brutal punishment of the state as you described above for one gram of marijuana is a dead giveaway that you sir are a degenerate and desperate narcotics addict who is a slave to your addiction. Thank you for reading National Report.

  45. john says:

    the state can give junkys needle (how stupid) for free that we pay for from taxes. they think weed is bad that just show we elect the most dumb ass people in office.wise people we need to legalize it but there so dam greedy they have not figured away too line pockets from it they maybe getting a kick back for the needle companies

  46. Pot makes me sick says:

    And what about the people that don’t tolerate pot??? Just the smell of it triggers migraines and nausea. If people claim it helps them.so much, then test it like a legal drug. Put it in a pill form. Standardize it, test it, distribute it through a normal pharmacy. Otherwise I think you just want to smoke and get high. I am pretty sure.heroin and method addicts think their drug of choice.cures.all their ailments too. Should we legalize those next? Why is it OK to make other people suffer because you want to smoke pot, or even tobacco.for that matter? My idiot neighbor is on welfare and food stamps but still has the money to light up a joint every day and that horrible smell comes right through my vents and doors and windows. I get sick every time the jerk starts and her little kids are living with her nasty drug habit. Should be legal in a pill form, it it is.proven to work medically but illegal to smoke it

    • tgalli4010 says:

      I use a carbon air filtration system($60) in a designated room. Sorry that others are less considerate. Edibles are easier for kids to get, but to compare pot to heroin, meth aren’t the same. Those users will steal, hurt to get there fix. I know some welfare recipients smoke but some smoke cigarettes and drink. Prescription is a good idea, I prefer the taste and some pot doesn’t smell like skunk weed. Best wishes to you

    • taylor48 says:

      Then lock yourself in a prison cell. Nobody in this forum wants your negativity

  47. taylor48 says:

    Indiana will end up running of the younger generation and their workforce ultimitley if they do not act soon. Why would we want to live under a dictatorship? Indiana is a lot like that. Its time to stop living in the past. The future is ahead indiana. Better wake up

  48. HG Bongs says:

    Indiana is going down. We had our last hearings in 2011 and I testified. Since then we have had Senator Karen Talian attempt to schedule additional hearings. In true myopic form and while IMPD police Chief Rick Hite suggests a connection between drinking poisoned Kool Aid to cannabis users mentality, the legislature, using a single chairperson as a censor, denied the people of Indiana the right to redress a grievance two years in succession. They are so scared We The People have the numbers they won’t even let us talk about it now. If a religious lawsuit is what it takes, so be it. Both the State and Federal constitution already have provisions for choice of conscience and I’m exercising that inalienable right as I type. The state will have to show a compelling interest in stopping cannabis use during worship inside a building and that is the fine line between making sweet sweet love to your partner or being charged with PUBLIC indecency. The city of Indianapolis says a 6 foot privacy fence protects children from my evil swimming pool. But ONLY a pool apparently. Good thing too because pools have killed before… This is a plant I will not be denied. Period. Make no mistake. Let me be clear….boy, I can pontificate like the best of them!! Family “friends” employers and teachers have all shown me the repugnant abuse of intolerance. I have done the research both on the facts and on the plants. 25+ years of use growing and breeding this IS MY LIFE; we can talk about Anslinger The La Guardia Committee report photosynthesis Mendel Michele “the O is silent” Leonhart etc. But they would rather stand on the periphery with slander insults and lies. I got mine. We still have a commercial jet liner “missing” Japan contaminated with fallout (US designed reactors) and a wait and see to the Gulf Oil disaster. The clock ticks and they point their “drug free” fingers at ME. Oh that’s right, give the Iranians nukes; pretty sure I trump that as Public Enemy Number One because i choose a plant. Can I select my final meal now?

  49. this sounds like a gateway fraud on the governments part. selling weed that wont get people high. Is the direction we want to allow our government to move into.

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