Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production


<National Report>Indianapolis, IN–Multiple states are rushing to get in on the trend of legalizing marijuana and Indiana is taking the next step in the process by not only allowing adults to buy, possess and consume up to 2 ounces of marijuana, but also opening the gates for farmers to grow and manufacture hemp and hemp related products.

For farmers within the state, a proposed annual fee of $150 in addition to $2 for every acre of hemp planted would be accessed.  Plants will be regularly inspected to ensure they contain less than .3 percent THC (keeping it below the concentration of the psychoactive ingredient which causes the “high” from smoking or ingesting marijuana).

Indiana has seen its better days.  As the Midwest has shifted away from traditional agrarian type lifestyle into the modern age of technology, states like Indiana have struggled to keep up.  The state has been hit hard by losses in manufacturing coupled with fluctuating commodities markets which have made America’s farmers some of the lowest paid of all industrial workers.

A bipartisan group of legislators in the predominately Republican state Senate have held several closed door sessions to discuss the benefits of legalization for the states struggling economy.  According to a high ranking state official, who chose to speak to National Report on the condition of anonymity:  “It’s a great idea.  As Republicans we have the upper hand in these discussions.  We are a party that thrives on individual freedoms, we believe strongly in state’s rights and are fierce defenders of capitalism.  Legalization provides a real opportunity for Republicans to shift public opinion and could lead to a permanent super majority at both the state and federal levels.”

JC Franco, Director of the group Reform Indiana, told local ABC Affiliate WISHTV:

“What we have seen within the GOP in Indiana is a real paradigm shift away from the Reefer Madness type portrayal of marijuana and marijuana users towards one of competition and economics.  It only makes sense for a state like Indiana to embrace such reforms.  The fed has been subsidizing Indiana farmers for decades, growing corn that is processed into high fructose corn syrup and fed to us at every turn.  This new legislation will allow a certain number of farmers to apply for permits to convert their corn farms into industrial hemp operations.  Indiana is the perfect place  for growing, processing and manufacturing hemp related products.  By taking this bold move, Indiana could see a large boom in jobs as outside groups rush to get in on the ground floor of the hemp industry.”

A recent poll conducted jointly by Reform Indiana and the state’s Department of Agriculture found a surprising number of Indiana farmers support the initiative. Paul Horner, an 89-year old local farmer, was pleased to hear the news. “I think it is a great idea. From what I hear, this hemp can be used to make all kinds of things from clothing to plastics and papers, and to be honest, we have more farmland in Indiana than we know what to do with,” said Horner.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that the Department of Justice would allow states to enact new marijuana laws despite the fact the US government still considers help and marijuana to be a Schedule 1 controlled substance that is therefore illegal to cultivate on US soil.  Colorado has also passed legislation allowing for the cultivation of hemp on a large scale.

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151 Responses to "Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production"

  1. Jason says:

    This whole “gateway” saying is getting old.The gateway is a term used by people who don’t understand that food marketers do time and time again and last time I checked food releases neurons in the brain,the same neurons that fires when somebody uses heroine but that totally is acceptable because the marketers said so.So all this Mumbo jumbo about gateway is a pointless word,because in the end isn’t food a gateway drug?

    • mrivers says:

      There is no such thing as a gateway drug. The gateway is your friends, peers, and even parents in some instances, but never was it a drug. Calling marijuana, or any substance, a gateway drug is nothing but propaganda.

  2. DezzNutz1001 says:

    What a turn around Repubs!

    Last year, you were groveling to Pences whimsical delights and passed a law making possession of under a 1/3rd of an ounce a felony!

    Now, a year later, Repubs are thinking of cultivating hemp and decriminalizing possession of pot under 2 ounces.

    Its about time you guys actually put the freedom of choice and small govt that you preach about to reality…

    OF course ,the bill hasn’t been passed out of any legislative body yet

    • Diego says:

      Someone doesn’t know the facts. The Republicans last year voted to decriminalize possession of marijuana less than 1/3 ounce, not make it a felony.

      • dan says:

        fact or not..what’s gone on this 1920′s speaks for itself..plenty of time for free enterprising folks to have spoken up more vigorously..no one likes their noses rubbed in anything..but the quicker they move, quicker I forgive

  3. Bill says:

    Marijuana is already a huge industry in Indiana (and every state). Making it legal means that huge industry can be put to it’s best use, where people can buy it safely and underage kids would get carded (not foolproof but drug dealers don’t give a damn how old a kid is). Right now pot just fuels gang violence and criminal enterprise. The taxes and the potential for hemp as a crop speak for themselves.

    • Fedupwithstupidity says:

      Yeah, the drug dealers will just go away, all the little kids will be safe, and our state will rolling in money from the taxes so the schools will have all the funding in the world, license plates will be cheap, and…. Oh, sorry, I got it mixed up with legalized gambling. Schools won’t need the funding, because it doesn’t take much of a place for doped out kids to sleep all day.

      • Rodney says:

        you know, I kind of take offense to this statement. I was a regular everyday smoker throughout highschool and graduated with a 4.0 gpa and a folder full of certifications for the technology and automotive field. I don’t mean to cause an argument I just mean, don’t generalize

        • K.D. realist says:

          I second this, a 3.9 GPA through college, all the while smoking routinely 2 to 8 times a day. Only stupid people think pot makes people stupid.

          • Cody C. says:

            I completely agree. I smoked marijuana through high school and I was the guy who was hated by everyone in my calculus, chemistry, and physics classes because I looked like I had taken the classes several times before. They thought I was arrogant because I didn’t need to pay attention in class, I would sit while they learned and get my homework done for the upcoming night. On my last day of high school I wanted to really stick it to all the ill-informed persons in my school and ask them what they would say if I told them I was a stoner all through high school. My teachers and every student laughed hysterically and refused to believe I’d ever even seen marijuana before because I was well spoken, respectful, and was all of my math and science teachers’ favorite student. I used to stay after school to hang out with the science teachers. marijuana doesn’t make you dumb, people.

      • Ted Mishler says:

        Doped out kids?

        I am now in my fifties.

        In MY childhood, I missed half of school due to crohn’s disease and the pain and diarrhea associated with it, and would like to point out a few things to you.

        Warring on people in your own country is a crime, it is called treason.
        Not all who use cannabis are just doped out, some, like myself benefit from it.

        • cookie says:

          I know what you mean. I have fibromylgia and that says a lot in itself. I’ve been on antidepressant drugs all kinda drugs for pain. I’ve been in so much drug crape from the Dr. it wasn’t funny at one point I thought I was hooked on hydrocodone, oxycodone, tramadol, and yes durogesic patches. I felt spaced out and not myself. I came off all of it cold turkey. Now once in a while I smoke and I get along great. Hardly no pain from arthuritis or fibromylgia. If our state would pass medical marijuana I would be happy and go to my Dr. For a script

      • Hoosier says:

        @Fedupwithstupidity You must really hate yourself then cause your comment was well.. stupid. The Medical benefits of cannabis can’t be ignored. I know because my father has multiple sclerosis (research use of cannabis & ms patients) and I would rather give my money to the state then to my weed guy. ;)

      • dan says:

        I agree with Fed up about evil violence won’t just automatically disappear and to think otherwise would be reefer madness…

        But I have a strong suspicion my body would respond to a diet of omega rich hemp protein over soy and corn products…my family dna has soy and corn based products that makes mostly me but a few other family members dingy..

        • Beth says:

          Violence? Marijuana? You don’t actually know any pot smokers do you?

          The only time those two words bother showing up in a sentence together is when 1.) Stupid people make stupid comments or 2.) When drug cartels hurt people to sell drugs.

          Make marijuana legal and cartels will be spit out of luck. And then, we can all sit on the couch, study, and masturbate in peace.

          P.S. Getting stoned makes masturbation 1000% better.

    • carol says:

      I don’t pot has anything to do with violence . I think its drugs like meth that fuels violence. all the people I know that smoke pot just stay at home .SO why not make it illegal to smoke pot in your own home ? we do live in the USA

  4. Spencer says:

    The criminalization of cannabis was based on a supposition of ignorance. In recent decades the true nature of cannabis and it’s medical benefits, combined with the overwhelming support as a recreational substance, (one that is far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco) creates a scenario where it is almost hazardous to our economy, penal system, and the rights of our citizens to continue to masquerade this plant as a threat to anyone or anything except the illegal drug trade. So that raises the question… What do Hoosier lawmakers stand to gain from an illegal drug trade? We the people demand transparency and individual freedom.

  5. justin says:

    indiana should get on board with this,why not it’s going to happen everywhere ,when they see how much money you can get from this.come on people like to come home from work and smoke a j nothing wrong with that.

    • Levi Livengood says:

      Actually the economical forecasts are out, colorado is slated to gross over a billion dollars in revenue for the 2014 fiscal year. But what is really grating on my nerves is the ignorance of people it is being decriminalized up to two ounces it is not being legalized you will still have to purchase on the black market and if caught will get a citation. Also I think we should legalize to give our children a better chance because eventually legalization will get rid of street dealers at least to some extent. A dealer out and colorado was quoted saying he would be better off getting a job at mcdonalds rather than dealing because it has become a minimum wage job.

    • Cody C. says:

      Justin, I like that you mentioned the “COME HOME FROM WORK” part. Another common misconception is that stoners just lay around and smoke pot. No, I am a go-getter, a hard worker, and I take pride in everything I put effort into. That’s who I am as a person, weed doesn’t change that. People who are already lazy in nature will, of course sit around and do nothing but smoke pot but people who are driven by nature still will be when they smoke pot. This is a fact: A few years ago I was a stoner smoking all day every day and doing nothing but sitting around eating munchies until it hit me one day what I was doing (after only a month of doing it) so I made myself a promise that if smoking weed wouldn’t motivate me from now on I would quit. Starting the next day I woke up at 7 am, smoked a bowl then went and ran 5 miles straight, after 2 weeks of this every day I bumped up to 10 miles straight and I would start off each day burning a bowl and then going straight to that road. I lost 80 pounds in about 3 months. I also started lifting weights and got in the best shape I had ever been in and I can honestly say that that bowl each morning made it easier to make that run, it made me more motivated. If you’re a lazy person, youll be lazy, pot or not. If you’re a go-getter you’ll be a go-getter pot or not. End of story.

  6. Trish says:

    are the republicans trying to get back the voters since they screwed up so many lives by not giving the unemployed extensions? lol

    • Todd says:

      How do I have three jobs and yet there are people on unemployment that can’t find one? It’s so frustrating knowing that I’m supporting genuinely lazy people with my hard earned tax dollars just because they don’t want to change their lifestyles. If you haven’t found a job in years, you’re not trying.

      • Bob Parker says:

        Yes but the Corporate Congress is happy to hand out seventeen trillion of your tax dollars every year to the richest people on earth who pay little to no taxes and who do not need your welfare.
        People struggling to feed their kids do need and deserve our help,they cost each of us so little that not to help would be as morally reprehensible as those who harvest the rich bounty of this nation while giving nothing back in return except non-subsistence wages.
        Nice try though steering this thread off topic and onto your bullshit soapbox.
        I would just like to add: WEED! :)

      • Wall Dodger says:

        And the reason you have to have three jobs ? Maybe there aren’t any well paying Jobs?…And really … you don’t pay any Federal income tax till you make about 50 k… and the EMPLOYERS pay for the unemployment insurance ,, not the worker… so you AREN’T using your hard earned “tax” dollars on those “lazy” ones…sorry to burst your bubble.

      • mb says:

        Speaking of jobs…do you think our companies will just stop from randomly drug testing because this becomes legal?

      • Kellie Parks says:

        Ok let me tell you something my aunt worked at the same place for pretty much all her life. She’s a workaholic. She has been trying to find a job for the past few years and she is either over qualified or they just don’t want to hire someone with brains. So don you dare say there are people out there not trying you sorry s.o.b. The one thing I know about some people who have been trying for a few yrs to get a job is that they are great people it’s the it’s the people who are hiring who are afraid of actually hiring good hard working people that will actually stay around and not just up and quit because they don’t like something about the job. They want the ones who will quit after a few months so they won’t have to pay into the dam unemployment for the people who really need it.

  7. Jake says:

    It’s a very good idea the money that could be made is alone worth it. It’s a huge step for Indiana that will prove to be worth it in the long run.

  8. michelle allen says:

    Pot is such a good thing compared to alcohol an prescription pills ,not to for the bigger drug prob we have to with meth ,heroin,pcp !!!! Pot is going to save the world debt,save lives and its never been a gareway

    • michelle allen says:

      Pot is such a good thing compared to alcohol an prescription pills ,not to for the bigger drug prob we have to with meth ,heroin,pcp !!!! Pot is going to save the world debt,save lives and its never been a gateway drug I have smoked for 17 years and dont do pills ,drink or any drugs I raise my kids im a good loving mom who doesnt deserve jail over pot plese think of the people that get put in jail over pot really a waist of time when u got killers drug dealers an child molesters to catch and arrest hemp pot its a great thing

  9. Rodney says:

    I have been discussing about this issue for a very long time. Reagan’s war on drugs was a decent idea, until more people smoking pot are sitting in prison fir life, when their child molesting neighbor rapes a child and gets out a year or two later from a county jail, there definitely need s to be reformation. the government regulates and taxes 3 of the leading killers in America. prescription pills, alcohol and tobacco. it’s ok for someone to get out of work, get a thirty pack, get drunk and stupid loud? that’s usually what happens when people drink,and with the knowledge of that beinbusinessg the influenced decisions that will be made, legally.like honestly no kid grows up thinking, I can’t wait to be 21 so I can party and get drunk and sit on my bed calmly. No! You don’t hear about a pot head smoking a joint and going to jail for a night full of idiotic behavior.
    The economic side of hemp and marijuana would substantially impact not only Indiana but the rest of the United states as well. in way to many parts of Appalachia the way of life has been taken away. how are you supposed to make an undeveloped part of the country developed if you can’t move mountains. now they had the idea when they were cutting coal out of the mountains. but, well, Obama stopped that. now there is so many people that is riding the unemployment train or drawing social security that we have started taking away the security of the soldiers that have put their life on the line to secure our FREEDOM!
    Now after years of forgetting that if Americans hold firmly to a decision as a whole, then only will changes in society be made, I can see in just my low number of years lived that we see that we as a country made a horrible decision ever completed banning marijuana. tell me another drug you absolutely don’t have to worry about an addiction or death. now we have Marlboro releasing marijuana cigarettes. why can’t there be a systematic way of regulating the growth of cannabis in the undeveloped part of the country so that they can at least have a fighting chance to try to build an economy. small business through the country is the only way we will ever be able to get out of debt. Americans making an American product and selling it in America! it’s that not how it was before nafta? I’m pretty sure that we had substantial revenue. it has been proven that helm can be converted into bi fuel and a synthetic wood. let me ask you, does that not sound like the green house effect being reversed?. All my life all I have heard it’s our major problem is the greenhouse effect, ok let’s grow allot of an annual crop that can replace a significant amount of trees being cut, which has is the leading way to reverse the greenhouse effect and stop putting out air by burning fossil fules. I would love to see a change made but it will take a country pulling together ina crisis to make a resolution. I apologize abit grammatical errors. between auto correct and the layout of these comment bars, it was difficult.

  10. Nate says:

    This is great.. Gets rid of drug dealers and harmless people being jailed..this law would skyrocket our Indiana economy and create jobs also could be a great use for medicinal purposes instead of getting addicted to pills..do the right thing guys please..

    • cookie says:

      Your so right. Been there done that. Just found out that the herb is greater than the drugs from the Dr. I’m 66 years and feel better than I ever felt

  11. Elliot Spritzer says:

    marywanua is bad.
    One sniff of pot can change you ferever.
    lokk at this pickcher i fond thet egsplains et

  12. Beavis says:

    Sweet. Now maybe I can score a bag every once in a while. Getting old sucks.

  13. Say “YES!” to SB314 Senator Mike Young is refusing to listen to the voices of the people. Thousands have expressed their desire for decriminalized marijuana in indiana; and with a deadline of Jan.30 2014 Senator Mike Young has yet to allow a hearing! SB357 (legal hemp bill) cleared unanimously- we cannot allow its VERY important counterpart to expire! Visit our website for more info and tell our lawmakers you want a fair hearing on SB314 and marijuana decriminalization!

    Visit our facebook!
    Dont forget to share!

  14. cassy bass says:

    hell yeah i am supporting this bill 100% the benefits outway the disadvantages i say screw the discriminators marijuana is not a gateway drug and children can get there hands on anything these days so what is the difference alcohol and cigarettes are already out there marijuana causes no deaths …..finally people open there eyes and relise this is no drug ….this is medicine …….it helps medically and cures depression sleep disorders seizures and so much more i say please legalize this please pass this bill ..PASS THIS BILL

  15. cassy bass says:

    come on can you listen to we the people for once!forget people who discriminate we deserve some freedom!!!!!!!!!…………… free the drug dealers and people in jail for little marijuana issues .this will also save prisons and jails much money save government much money and medically help people who are suffering seizures diseases and disorders i mean go made plant……man made beer .and 0 deaths reported …….like come on do u put people in jail for smoking cigarettes?;..;;has anyone ever died from using this it is no harmful drug people sitting in prison jail loosing there kids to cps and so much more for what smoking alittle marijuana that has no know harm to a person or death …i say legalize indiana free the people save money returbn children to there families free the people in jail for little penaltys and give us our freedom we are suppose to be land of the free …… get it over with and legalize all the united states marijuana is safer then pills …hell its safer then me eating a peanut butter sandwhich i have a greater chance of choken on that before i ever died from smoking a joint …HECK YES …LEGALIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. marie says:

    Anyone who thinks this is not the right thing to do in anyway has obviously not done there research.our country is billions of dollars in debt if all states taxed this we could pay back thr billions of people owed.marijuana can cure cancerous tumors,help for anxiety, and just about any other sickness. People are aleays going to smoke pot so why not instead of paying drug dealers who will try to get you to buy all the other drugs he has hidden in his house, legalize it and there will be less illegal activity with marujuana.the government and society are turning pot smokers into criminals and meth smokers into saints. U got caught with a bag of weed and go to jail or prision. If u get caught with a meth lab ur back on the steet in no time. The way it all works is messed up. Legalizing marijuana is nothing but a blessing. Learn the facts.

    • Levi Livengood says:

      Its actually trillions of dollars of debt… to put it in visual terms if you stacked pallets of hudred dollar bills up the amount we are in debt would be taller than the empire state building.

  17. Paolo Fratianni says:

    Marijuana for recreational uses is probably not the best use of ones time. I do however believe it no worse if not better than the weekend warrior drinking nights out. Among other things people should have freedom, even to do things that might not be the best of decisions. That is how we learn and grow.

    With this said there are legitimate uses for marijuana medically (just do a bit of research) and can be modified and ingested other than smoking which is the most harmful.

    But the best thing I see with this proposed law is that it will get hemp production rolling again. It was only stopped because certain industries like cotton and tree industries thought they were a threat to their profits and therefor exerted influence to have it banned.

    Hemp at one point in history was not only widely grown for products like rope, paper (i.e. Government documents), and textiles (I.e. American flags) but was also required by law that all landowners grow it.

    Hemp has so many uses including food (a complete amino acid high in EFA), concrete (much stronger than without), and bio plastics (I.e. Car bodies).

    Though not a cure all it certainly would be an injection for the economy of this state and would make it instead of being somewhat backward to actually moving in the direction of progressiveness.

  18. bob searcy says:

    ive been trying to educate my legislators for 30 years on the mj issue. all the people who didnt have the guts to speak up should imo, be ashamed. there are mj abusers who never draw a sober breath but most are productive citizens and in fact take great pride in their work.

  19. Bob Marley says:

    Yeahhhh man! Let’s sign the bill so we can be jammin. Peace, Love and Prosperity

  20. Mama S L W says:

    I would like to comment on a couple different topics that are being discussed here.
    Marijuana is a medicinal product, not a drug. My brother is dying literally from all the prescription drugs these doctors have prescribed for him. It’s nothing but a guessing game with these doctors.
    Unemployment, I couldn’t leave this one alone. I worked at the same place for five years in management and the building was bought out. Once the conversion was complete, I was fired on 9/11 so that the new company could bring in all their own people that had been with their company for years. No one individual taxpayers money paid for my unemployment. Both, the old company of which I worked there for five years under and the new company had to pay me unemployment. Please don’t humor anyone by pretending to know what you are talking about when it comes to unemployment.
    Then you speak about us lazy people not wanting to work. Who do you think you are to pass judgement on or about any one considering everyone’s situation is unique. I am pushing 50 years old and have never been without work until I was fired for the first time in my life. All my previous jobs were in management. My last job as management of which I was fired from provided me with numerous awards, rewards, and letters of recommendation and I have searched faithfully on a daily basis for work with continued interviews and I’m either over qualified or they are looking for someone younger or someone to work cheaper. They ask how much I was making at previous positions and then dismiss the interview and/or I never hear back verbally from someone’s mouth or if I get any correspondence back at all, then it’s via email stating the position has been filled but thanks for your time. No, not everyone unemployed is lazy Pal. Try getting all the facts before you start running your mouth about things you know nothing about.
    If Indiana is in so much debt, how about legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. If it means more employment opportunities and less debt, then I don’t understand why this bill is even in question. Legalize Marijuana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 45yrs of Smoking says:

      Right on Mama!
      I served my country, earned a degree in Biomedical Engineering and worked 30yrs as a field service engineer, repairing automated blood chemistry analysers in Clinical labs & Hosps. Aboard the Aircraft Carrier during Vietnam Era and at school, I was constantly smoking after duty and after class. I also smoked after work every single day. I made great money, so I could afford the high concentrate THC weed.
      THEN, I was Totally Disabled by a hit/run driver. I required emergency surgery to repair a broken neck and lumbar herniated disc. I have been in chronic pain ever since and have recently begun to have diabetic neuropathy in my feet…pins and needles! I was prescribed a slow and fast acting MORPHINE daily. I eventually weaned myself off, because MARIJUANA was the only thing ( I won’t say drug because it is a “controlled substance”. If it were classified as a drug, your doctor could prescribe it!) that truly gave me pain free moments. Unfortunately the bill being introduced, would limit farmers in Indiana to crops producing .3 or less amount of THC, well below the clinical level that produces the HIGH:’(

      • Levi Livengood says:

        Here is a fun fact the president has the say to change it from a “schedule I” drug to make it completely legal and bypass congress all together… it’s coming every one just needs to be patient, the current administration has already called off the dea for the most part in states that are legal and has also advised banks on how to do business with dispensaries. Just food for thought.

  21. Republican Genius says:

    Marijuana should be legalized period it is a waste of tax dollars and my opinion cigarettes and alcohol are worse I graduated with a 3.87 G.P.A. with a Bachelors in Applied Science and I smoked every day even took my final exam stoned and got an A only stupid people believe that marijuana makes you stupid cause you never had any sense from the start

  22. anthony says:

    I for one think this is an excellent idea, the fact is that marijuana is an untapped source of revenue, theres potentially billions of dollars to be made in the production and sale of marijuana and then you have to look at the 50k different uses for cannibas both in the hemp side and the medicinal side of things, im a former smoker of marijuana and i know it doesnt make you stupid for some people it helps with problems such as adult ADHD and ADD by calming your mind and allowing you to remain focused. think of all that money that can be pumped back into the economy for education, police force, jobs, etc, everything you can think of the money could be used for, it would also help to take the money out of drug dealers hands even putting many of them out of business. Now im not saying that it should be available to any age at all, it should be regulated and taxed the same as alcohol and tobacco with age requirements and ID to purchase, its true that it would still end up in the hands of some but imagine your kids having to deal with some shadowy man that would be happy to hurt them just as fast as befriend them if they ever gave him a reason, or having other much harder drugs pushed on them by these people. In closing i say that the legalization of marijuana has been a long time in coming and not for the fact that people wanna get “high” but for the fact that its a large money making source, if it ever comes to a real vote i would be more than happy to add my name to the ballot.

  23. RS says:

    I love the comments on here….no more drug dealers…no more jail…the right to smoke pot…this has nothing to do with the pot that contains THC. This is to grow hemp for paper, etc. Smoking weed will still be criminal in some way.

    • Levi Livengood says:

      And a voice of reason^ this is a well informed well educated individual. Actually it will be a civil violation like a speeding ticket but like speeding tickets they show up on your record fpr like two years I assume marijuana will be the same with varying degrees of severity depending on the number of incidents….. they might even take your drivers license for it.
      But cheers man for being informed.

  24. Randal Davis says:

    My god, you have to be shitting me, we already have enuff problems with prescription drugs and over dose now with teens. Now you want this shit to be legal,

    Gee lets just give our kids a gun and say here is one bullet and let them play a fun game with it .
    To see how is going to go on to something bigger, Like Meth ..
    this is a bad ideal anyway you look at it.

    Not only for teens, but kids younger. when they are forced into doing the shit by there parents or other kids.

    We don’t need this ! not now not every. it like saying to our kids, Hey its OK, to drop out of school, and start a new life with dealing drugs. Or get into prostitution. Because you don’t have the money to buy it, so go out and make it, sell your self for it Or steal the money for your mom and dad and/or take on a life of crime, get in your car, and focus more on rolling a joint, then the road. and get into a head on crash with someone , kill them and /or there family`s because you were a dumb son of a bitch, and not watching the road. Oh wait we already have that its called texting and driving ..

    • Levi Livengood says:

      Your statement on it being harmful to children is entirely uncalled for and completely invalid do some research even cnn did about the effects of medical marijauna on children that suffer from debilitating and potentially life ending seizures. And as for kids getting ahold of it will still have to be done illegally because when legalized you do in fact have to be of age for medical and 21 years of age for recreational. Marijuana has not, is not, and never will be a gateway drug. So before you say it is harmful and a bad idea maybe you should do your research and enlighten yourself.

    • Andrew says:

      You’re a fucking idiot. Every kid over the age of 12 smokes these days anyway they can get it anywhere really. If it was legalized, you’d have to be 21 to buy it instead of a drug dealer selling it to a child. And i’ve never crashed my car rolling a joint buddy maybe you need to just smoke and chill out cause your argument makes no sense. Marijuana is not a gateway to meth, only to the refrigerator for munchies maybe. Marijuana is safer than the prescription drugs that ARE legal. Pretty sure if pot was legal, your kids would smoke that rather than try and get their hands on something else….

  25. normal kid says:

    I think that this bill is a great idea and will increase tax revenue by the boat load but if the government really wants to help it self it needs to let small businesses owners and farmers do what they have always done and provide tax dollars for things like schools and roads and with all the new technology schools are requiring children to have that cost more money but yet you won’t open a whole new door for tax money. not only are you not making money you are spending millions of dollars of police department time equpitment and are locking up innocent kids moms dads all for something that god put on this earth how can you say god bless america every day or say the pledge of allegiance every day when you won’t even listen to the people in you towns neighbourhoods or anywhere which is what the government tells everyone growing up that the people decide what’s best for this country no that’s bullshit money from big company’s and ignorant old senators and senate members who can’t get over the fact that marijuana isn’t bad it isn’t a gateway drug and it actually helps people has never killed a single human being but yet we sell alcohol and cigarettes to kids everyday that go drink and drive and catch cancer and I get harassed for smoking a joint that doesn’t hurt me or anyone else how am I supposed to trust a government that legalizes stuff that kills me and makes plants that come out of the ground illegal that have never hurt anyone could make them tons of money and let there police worry about bigger problems like method I grew up in a small town where I learned how to make meth before I was 18 just because how prominent it is I’ve never tried meth and never would but because I can’t go anywhere safe to get something safe I had to been those situations I know right from wrong I was raised in a good home I was never abused by my parents they are some of the best people I know but because I made the decision to smoke marijuana in my life I have been around so many other drugs and things that I would never have been around if I could have went to Walmart or CVS or a dispensary to get marijuana so because the government is ignorant I had to be around those things to get medicine

  26. jaime frantom says:

    Randal Davis do some research dumbass.

  27. Maybe someone with more knowledge of the law can help me with something. Are we being set up for a huge governmental gun grab? If you pay attention you’re aware there’s a movement that’s been going on for quite some time to ban weapons- a direct conflict with constitutional rights. Police all across America are becoming more and more militarized while laws are being passed to limit the types of weapons the ordinary citizen can legally own. CT is a good example. When you buy a gun you are required to fill out a federal form 4473- http://www.atf.gov/files/forms/download/atf-f-4473-1.pdf. Item 11e specifically asks about marijuana use. A yes answer makes you ineligible to won the weapon. If you respond no and are found to be lying it is a felony-once again, no weapon. By passing these laws at the state level and holding ground at the federal level are we being set up to make millions of current gun owners unable to legally own a gun? The state says it’s legal- the feds aren’t saying that and it’s a federal form you’ve filled out. Ideas?

  28. don says:

    Not one …no not one ever in history ever has died due to this substance ..alcohol kills hundreds and hundreds of thousands yearly .think about that for a moment not one verifiable time.yet alcohol is acceptable a killer of millions over history ..This needs legalized like yesterday .It’s a industry this country needs states need the revenue and people need it for many proven health reasons and enjoyment ..since when is recreation a bad thing .In a time when they have taken virtually everything from us they say is bad .This is one thing that is less harmless than caffeine people have died from caffeine .but again not one ever in all of history verifiable death .There aren’t man substance s on the planet that can testify to that .so let’s start putting millions in to the state now .

  29. don says:

    We all need to let our voice be heard and call our congressman ..we can’t afford one more day without it legal .let’s show the rest of the country indiana is not a backward state let’s show them we are a state that is for the future of a new baby industry .it’s time to put revenue into indiana .it’s not even a political problem now Republican voices are being spoken for legalization .demand legalization now .

  30. Kasey says:

    I think marijuana should be legalized… Look at all the benefits!!!!
    From a government perspective the tax money would help school programs and etc… It does have medicinal benefits such as anorexia, cancer, ms and it’s also a bronchi dilator. It’s never going to just go away no matter how many bust they do… It will always be there. At least the government could regulate it. Our four fathers smoked it heck I read even George Washington grew it… It’s been around for years and I would actually be in a car with someone that has smoked pot than a drunk…

  31. Cody C. says:

    America is a country full of fear. Ever since 1999 (Y2K) the media has been designed to keep you afraid so you stay in front of your television waiting for them to tell you what to do and where to go to be safe. In doing so, they can sell sell sell what they want you to buy because you stay in front of your tv watching advertisements and such. And you do exactly that. They tell you the terrorists are coming for you, you freak out and start building a bomb shelter. ( not everyone obviously and this is just an example by the way). They control you that way. They tell you what to believe and most Americans just believe it. Most people who are so against marijuana know nothing about it, all they know is what they are told by the fear drivers. As stated above, marijuana has many medical benefits, it’s been proven , it isn’t debatable, get over it. I have sever stomach issues and go days without being able to eat, sometimes weeks. It gets to the point where I start dry heaving from the pain and if I try to eat it will be projectiled from my mouth before it touches my throat. I used to smoke weed and it helped that. It also helped with my depression and anxiety. I went to work every single day, not high. Worked my hardest, and was a very valued employee. One day we get a shift-wide drug test and it comes from corporate that anyone who fails for anything is fired. My boss and supervisors were looking at my employee evaluation so mad that they had to fire one of their best employees over pot and begged me to come back to work for them after a few months. I did. 4 months later they called me up and said, excited as hell, “Ready to come back to work??” I had stopped smoking pot by then but they didn’t know that. They would try like hell to make sure I never got close to a drug test because they din’t want to lose me again. I’m not saying all this to brag or glorify myself II’m saying it to set an example and show people that they are ill-informed about marijuana. It does good for people who have self-control and pride. It angers me that when I smoked pot it bettered my life, made me more motivated, healthier because I could eat and didn’t get depressed and I still showed up to work every day working my hardest and making a good name for myself and the thing that made that possible is illegal?? There is NO reason why my government should be allowed to throw me in jail for that. NONE.

    • Cody C. says:

      Oh yeah almost forgot to mention I’m also in college to be a psychiatrist and before that I couldn’t decide between engineering and architecture. So please, come at me telling me how you KNOW that weed makes you a lazy stupid stoner. Please do share with me your well informed facts I’m dying to hear more. And yes I do understand that this is no way for a psychiatrist to talk but being completely dumb to the world around you and just believing what your told is no way to be either. Grow up, think for yourself, stop buying the fear.

  32. Hemp Share says:

    The Cannabis & Hemp genomes were mapped in October 2011. There is NO THC in the bio-synthetic pathway of Cannabis, nor Hemp. So they can blow it out their ass all day long. (Remember, “I’m just a bill, yes only a bill, and I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill, while a few key Congressmen discuss and debate…”) Debate is over. Science is in. Hemp cured me. Cannabis suppressed the disease for 30 years. End of story. Time to f*ck off.

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