Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production

Marijuana crop by Barbetorte

Marijuana crop by Barbetorte

<National Report>Indianapolis, IN–Multiple states are rushing to get in on the trend of legalizing marijuana and Indiana is taking the next step in the process by not only allowing adults to buy, possess and consume up to 2 ounces of marijuana, but also opening the gates for farmers to grow and manufacture hemp and hemp related products.

For farmers within the state, a proposed annual fee of $150 in addition to $2 for every acre of hemp planted would be accessed.  Plants will be regularly inspected to ensure they contain less than .3 percent THC (keeping it below the concentration of the psychoactive ingredient which causes the “high” from smoking or ingesting marijuana).

Indiana has seen its better days.  As the Midwest has shifted away from traditional agrarian type lifestyle into the modern age of technology, states like Indiana have struggled to keep up.  The state has been hit hard by losses in manufacturing coupled with fluctuating commodities markets which have made America’s farmers some of the lowest paid of all industrial workers.

A bipartisan group of legislators in the predominately Republican state Senate have held several closed door sessions to discuss the benefits of legalization for the states struggling economy.  According to a high ranking state official, who chose to speak to National Report on the condition of anonymity:  “It’s a great idea.  As Republicans we have the upper hand in these discussions.  We are a party that thrives on individual freedoms, we believe strongly in state’s rights and are fierce defenders of capitalism.  Legalization provides a real opportunity for Republicans to shift public opinion and could lead to a permanent super majority at both the state and federal levels.”

JC Franco, Director of the group Reform Indiana, told local ABC Affiliate WISHTV:

“What we have seen within the GOP in Indiana is a real paradigm shift away from the Reefer Madness type portrayal of marijuana and marijuana users towards one of competition and economics.  It only makes sense for a state like Indiana to embrace such reforms.  The fed has been subsidizing Indiana farmers for decades, growing corn that is processed into high fructose corn syrup and fed to us at every turn.  This new legislation will allow a certain number of farmers to apply for permits to convert their corn farms into industrial hemp operations.  Indiana is the perfect place  for growing, processing and manufacturing hemp related products.  By taking this bold move, Indiana could see a large boom in jobs as outside groups rush to get in on the ground floor of the hemp industry.”


A recent poll conducted jointly by Reform Indiana and the state’s Department of Agriculture found a surprising number of Indiana farmers support the initiative. Paul Horner, an 89-year old local farmer, was pleased to hear the news. “I think it is a great idea. From what I hear, this hemp can be used to make all kinds of things from clothing to plastics and papers, and to be honest, we have more farmland in Indiana than we know what to do with,” said Horner.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that the Department of Justice would allow states to enact new marijuana laws despite the fact the US government still considers help and marijuana to be a Schedule 1 controlled substance that is therefore illegal to cultivate on US soil.  Colorado has also passed legislation allowing for the cultivation of hemp on a large scale.

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384 Responses to "Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production"

  1. josie martinez says:

    I am a 44 year old hard working mother of 5. I have grown children and I have small toddlers. I am a responsible person with many debilitating health issues. I would like to see Indiana legalize marijuana. I feel this would allow me to use this for my pain issues. I see a pain mgmt doctor monthly and I receive pain medicine which I take on a regular basis. I still struggle to sleep due to pain. The medicine I take just isnt enough. I feel that it may help me to sleep better at night and may relieve some of my pain. While I feel it is not something I would be able to use throughout my day due to work, I feel it would be of some benefit to me at night. I have access to it if I want it but do not want to use an illegal drug. I just wanted to add my comment to support the legalization of marijuana in the state of Indiana.

  2. Kathy says:

    I am a 56 year old woman who has become disabled due to several back injuries. I feel as Josie does. I went through breast cancer treatment in 2013. I couldn’t eat. But being a type 2 diabetic I had to force myself to eat if I could have been able to take the CBD oil I believe I could have made it through chemo alot easier. As I used to go to my chemo therapy I found I was very lucky. I saw many older people that had been doing therapy for years instead of months like me. So sick If medical marijuana was legalized I think that would help so many people with daily lives. With cancer, arthritis, night pain like restless leg syndrome that is horrible to be so tired than as you start falling asleep have your legs hurt so bad then jerk. I know a man who takes sleeping pills and pain meds just to able to sleep and he is in wheelchair paralyzed from waist down. But still he has nerve pain that he feel clear to his toes. But back to me I would love to be able to go through the day without back pain to clean my house. Right now my work day around house lasts for approx. 1 hour then I can’t stand any longer. Please legalize marijuana look at crime rate in Colorado. Down 50% doesn’t sound nice. And the jobs that Indiana could offer in production of hemp products. Thank you. Hope this helps.

    • chris says:

      Gee, sounds like we were hit with the same sock! (only my disability is Rheumatoid Arthritis). I too just finished 9 mo. of chemo/radiation last year. Few people can imagine some of the issues we deal with on a daily and nightly basis. In addition to the chronic (daily) pain and all that goes with it, I also have the sleep problem you described. I would love at least THE OPPORTUNITY to try this for myself and see if it helps. I also believe this our right as free Americans. The “powers that be” need to understand not everyone is out to just get high or take advantage of the claims on marijuana’s effect on so many often debilitating conditions. We should also be trusted until otherwise proven unworthy, to use it in a responsible way. How ’bout alcohol??? I don’t want to get on my soapbox on this one. I have read about many states’ rules with regard to medical cannabis, and how they pretty much all seem to have a provision that allows for a medical marijuana patient to be able to grow up to a certain number of plants for themselves. I can’t begin to imagine the freedom of growing my own medicine. Not having to drive for over 1 hr. to go to a pain management clinic to obtain an RX for pain meds because you can hardly find a Dr. in my town who will prescribe a controlled substance!! Believe me—it’s been at the very least an exercise in frustration. I’ve been trying to kkep an eye on this bill Rep Tallian from LaPorte County has been trying to get some action on, and was shocked when I did a search and fournd it is moving along. I’m still not sure I’m not seeing things!! Bless her soul for not giving up on it!! She has tried a number of times to get something passed having to do with decriminalization, but the proposals never made it anywhere. This time she was trying on the platform of MEDICAL cannabis. I’d like to mention, I’m a Registered Nurse—I am by no means any sort of authority, but I have tried to educate myself on the benefits of the use of cannabis for different disease conditions, and it has appalled me how backwards so many people still are about the use of this seemingly benign treatment. Seems like our FDA would rather promote the use of highly dangerous chemicals that are often almost as bad as the disease in temrs of side effects. For instance, for my RA I am now using a biologic—which by the way is approx. $25000.00/month. Horrendous side effects including increased risk of some cancers. This is scary coming from one who hasn’t even yet bounced back from the chemo & radiation I had!! Yet, pot is reported to benefit RA. I’d have to be an idiot to NOT want to try it. I’m also sure it could help me sleep better—probably ensuring I would no longer need meds to help me sleep. Yes, as with ANY drug or substance, you will probably find a few bad apples who will not be responsible with it, but it’s always been that way with every other substance…but everyone shouldn’t be held to that standard. I’m sorry for the rant. This is a real sore spot for me, so I will shut up now. One more thought…you know how marijuana is still listed as a schedule I controlled substance??? (Which means it’s up there with meth, heroin, etc.). I can’t understand WHY it is still listed as a C-I but at the same time, pharma has synthetic THC drugs on the market as we speak. One of the 3 I know of Marinol. Go figure. Best of luck to you!! Take care.

      • Jordan says:

        I love your explanation I’m no innocent angel trust me but I think that marijuana should be legalized and that’s a complete decriminalization of the drug as well as if it’s legal then we can reduce the use of meth, spice, ect…
        In my opinion I was raised to respect a plant with so much potential, I think that if we do legalize marijuana we can change our nations income with the ability to grow hemp. would be such an increase in

    • Cheri Sears says:

      CBD oil is actually legal in all 50 states. I have nerve pain, panic disorder, and really bad insomnia and have been using CBD Drip for a couple months now and has helped me a great deal. I was on xanax for 4 years and finally took myself off of it against my Drs wishes 3 years ago. I actually have LESS panic attacks now being off xanax than when I was on it. But since I’ve started using CBD drip, its helped with my pain, insomnia, and panic attacks. I bought it off of eBay. The best brand that I like is called CBD clouds but it’s hard to find. And tastes the best in my vape. I’ve also quit smoking thanks to vaping although Indiana killed the business here.

      • Cheri Sears says:

        Actually, I just found their website. It’s alchemiecbd.com or just google alchemie cbd. It’s $20 for 100 5ml bottle or crystals. It’s the best I’ve found.

  3. Scott says:

    Indiana should legalize marijuana in my opinion because I have many different issues not only health issues but as well with mental issues and when I do smoke it helps me keep myself In a good state of mind. I don’t snap off as I do most of the time. I think this would benefit many people.

  4. Triston Volom says:

    And they say in the declaration of independence that we the people are the ones who make the laws, yet politicians don’t even listen to us and this sickens me. Everything is so counterintuitive and backwards these days and I think I’m beginning to lose my mind. Smoking marijuana isn’t harming anyone, anything, or myself and yet people can receive life in prison for it while rapists sometimes receive under 10 years. There needs to be a change and a change fast. This is ridiculous. Arrests need to end. Police need to stop bullying people for non-harmful actions and direct their focus on crime that actually negatively affects people like murder, rape, burglary, animal abuse, etc. Their duty is to serve and protect not see who can get the most arrests to fulfill a quota so the officer can get a raise. Wake up politicians. Clean the shit out of your ears, quit being ignorant, and LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE. **oh and for the people who are against marijuana legalization, you know nothing about the plant and you need to do some research.

    • Chris says:

      Lord, do I ever agree with you!! I think it’s absolutely f***ed up. Infuriates me that we elect these self-serving a**holes to do the things we feel are important to us, and they think they were elected to run our lives. It’s like they are trying to raise us ass one of their kids—parents tell the children what to do, how to do it, “protect” them from what they believe is “bad”. What morons. When I first read some of these articles relating to what was happening with this bill, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! It sounded to me like Indiana had FINALLY legalized it o some level, which was puzzling. I finally read something that said the bill was just allowed to fizzle out. That sounds more like it—-NO BALLS at the state house level either. Instead of addressing the proposed bill and discussing it, so Sen. Tallian who authored the bill, would be able to understand and factor in the concerns voiced this time by the fraidy cats. That’s just like it tho, Their all too chikenshit to face it—they just bury it with their frigging heads in the sand. I’ve had it. Tired of the backwoods mentality. When my husband retires were’re moving to a neighboring state—All 3 of them except Kentucky have Medical use legalized, and Ohio is gearing up I believe to legalize it. I guess like Colorado. I have family up near Chicago, and I reall would like to be closer to them…however, that depends on whether my dad would still be alive (as he is 80 now), not to mention if I’m still here. (Prob not). Well, better go, again, perched on my soapbox. (What a sore spot for me!) Take care!

      • Karlos says:

        If Gay’s can force they’re rights on the People of Indiana, then recreational smokers shall also be granted equal rights.

        • Diem says:

          the constitution says “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” gays didn’t force rights on the people, that was thomas jefferson. educate yourself.

          • Michael Sparks says:

            No sir, you need to re-educate yourself. In context, “by their creator” means God, and God does not have an “unalienable right” for gay marriage. Since Darwin’s Origin of Species did not come out until almost 100 years later it would be very difficult to conclude that he meant anything other then God..

          • colt grimes says:

            I think u need need educated and quit bible thumping bc WAS CREATED IN GODS IMAGE. NOT A BLANKET IMAGE EITHER. INDIVIDUAL IMAGES FOR EACH CREATION. SO if have issues with GAYS then mayne u should take it up with ur creator bc in 32 yrs all i have ever geard is God doesnt make mistakes. So if he wanted me straight then thats how he wld have made me..

          • Daniel says:

            Good evening. i often wonder how we can get taken on to a tangent so easily these days, one second we’re talking about the legalization of weed, the next its all about gay rights and God. First, allow me to introduce myself my name is Daniel. I am twenty years old, i did not graduate from high school yet persevered to overcome the “nay Sayers”. I graduated from university in just one year with my degree in hand i now work for one of the most thriving business in the state of Indiana in the aerospace field (that means i’m good at math). I will make the assumption that the majority of the people who have read this article are democrats, and hey that’s cool i’m a libertarian myself. However i digress, off of my prior assumption i already know that the vast majority of you do not believe in a God. some evolutionist others atheist or maybe agnostic. Once again i am not ‘hating’ on your beliefs but, i am tired of seeing you right me off as being raised in a cult and others misrepresenting my religion (Christian). first of all to the evolutionist, did you know Darwin could not prove his theory? also did you know that he wrote more books on Christianity then evolution and later died a christian? no, of course not because its not taught. Secondly, to the homosexual. Have you read the bible? God created us in HIS image. where does it say in the bible that God created you to be gay? in fact in Leviticus it says He calls it an abomination, now this doesn’t mean you are an abomination its referring to the things you do. Thats why a real follower of Christ hates the sin not the sinner. “If ignorant people can force their ideologies on this world, then i want no part of it.” I wish that people would stop talking about things they know NOTHING about.. there is a reason we (Christians) have the nick name “the silent majority” because we try not to talk about things we dont understand unlike the majority of these comments, and when we do speak its only to get a swift comeback of “bible thumper” or “radical” or “homophobic”. No, i am simply a Christian and Christ is my rock. Have a blessed day.

          • Cheri Sears says:

            The God I believe in does give gays unalienable rights. So, doesnt MY god count?

        • colt grimes says:

          First of all US GAYS as say didnt force anything on anyone. The only thing we asked for and fought for was the same CIVIL HUMAN rights as everyone else. That wojld be like saying woman are forcing their gender on us by wanting rights when Susan b. Anthony fought for woman or Rosa Parks fought for african Americans but i guess bc they didnt choose their skin color that they are FORCING it on us by having to interact with them everyday… SMH.

          • terry moore says:

            Yes you did.

            You cry for privacy, then scream to everyone that you’re gay.
            You cry for equality, then don’t give other groups the same rights.

          • Cheri Sears says:

            The higher power I believe in believes gays and the whole LBTQ community has every right that my husband and I have. How come your god comes before mine? Not to mention, but not only does our Constitution have freedom OF religion, it also provides freedom FROM religion. I don’t want laws made because of YOUR god made that limits me or anyone else because of what YOU believe. HOW IS that fair to me and my beliefs? When our Constitution says I should have that fairness?

      • Lesa Barnes says:

        I have stage 4 breast cancer with mets I am down to 4mets with chemo I need access to cannabis oil I have done the research and this could cure me I am triple negative i wish I could buy legally

      • Chris says:

        Chris Hello everybody! I just read an article about the senator (Karen Tallian D-LaPorte ), who has been trying to get Medical marijuana legalized, and it seems she s running for governor….so, VOTE DEMOCRAT next year. I ran across a page that had an email address so you could email her, so I did, but I imagine it’s the naysayers that need to hear our voices. Hope you’re all doing at least OK. Take care.

  5. Austan says:

    If you let other states smoke it then why do I have to be a crimin to support it by smoking in Indiana? It’s scary to use without permission and honestly people need it more than more harmful pills and drugs; I disagree that this is a gateway drug and tobacco is starting to turn lungs black. Why can’t we just please smoke something green?

  6. I write in favor of the Legalization of Medical and Recreational marijuana and correspond the age limit of 21 with the drinking age, which I think should be dropped to 18 for both issues, as if you are old enough to be drafted into the military, you should be old enough to drink..
    The government here in Indiana has made it legal for a needle exchange program in some counties, they have made it legal for the LGBT community to marry. So, why is Medical and Recreational marijuana still illegal, Especially, when there are a lot of medical issues it would, help immensely.
    I know there are a lot more medical issues it would help, besides mine, but I am going to write on my problem from a first hand point of view.
    I have glaucoma, before being medicated for it with 3 different eye drops 6 times a day my eye pressure was 31 in the right eye and 28 in the left eye. The average person’s eye pressure is around 15.
    With the severe retina nerve damage I have in my right eye, they wish I was down around 8 to 10. I am presently stage 3 of 4 of going blind in my right eye, and the left eye is not a whole lot better.
    Like I said earlier, I am on 3 different eye drops, 6 times per day, 42 times a week, 180 times a month, and , 2,190 times in a year, I am at the maximum dosage of glaucoma drops I can be prescribed, and I actually wake up in the middle of the night at times, because of my eyes hurting. They did not hurt like that when I smoked in a legal place and time. The next step is most likely surgery, and I do not mean laser surgery, but real surgery. If Marijuana was Legalized in the state of Indiana, I may not be facing such extreme issues.
    I think that the politicians that are keeping it from being legalized, should be held accountable for all the peoples problems, which could be helped and possibly cured by Marijuana.

    • ashley Phillips says:

      i agree with so many i suffer from an array of conditions such as chronic back pain that limits my ability to be active i cant even clean my house without multiple long breaks and by the time i am done i cant move very well and hemp would help me alot with that but i cant smoke because its illegal and i have 4 small kids…..it sucks i have to suffer in pain all the time out of fear of losing my kids really is the only reason i dont do it but at the same time i also have, add, bipolar disorder, ptsd, severe depression and disassociation disorder…couple that with anxiety and having to take trazidone to help me sleep….i am on 6 different pills that i have to take daily just for my mental disorders i dont even have pain management for my back yet….still trying to find out whats causing it……if i could use hemp i could get off most if not all of these pills and also have relief from my back pain…..i hope this will get legalized here in indiana asap……i been suffering for 9 years with all these issues. that it would be a relief to be able to only have one medication for most if not all of my medical problems, something better then a handful of pills…something that i feel would be easier on my body and a healther choice in my opinion

  7. wade smith says:

    I think Indiana is heading in the right direction in legalizing marijuana and hemp ! The benefits out number any bullshit theories that have been proven lies by the government scince the 70’s in the cure for many illnesses with no side effects as does pills being pushed down people throats by big government and pharmascuetical companies in various cures such as cancer, fibromyalgia and mental conditions!
    But yet federal government can use it but american citizens go to jail or prison for its use across america these days! Do as i say not as i do! Just ask john kKerryand others using it in Washingtonon both sides of house and senate and most of congress

  8. Billy says:

    47 year old Millwright for 25 years, Have Chronic Back and Joint Pain from years of Hard azz Work, and I would like to be able to use the Cannabis Medicine that other States Get to use, you would see overdoses reduce like the other states where it is Legal, and Look at the Revenue its a no Brainer

  9. Renee says:

    I find it sad they are still wanting to rip off the poor farmer and get rich who would want to grow it and all its problems for $2 an acre sad,, such greed in the world.
    Many bost there opinion and don’t no what there talking about . the benefits it could help people of legalizing it,, yea your still going to have you stupid pot heads that make it all look dumb and stupid
    But take me 53 sever abdominal pain, disk in my back bulged.. I have constant pain and nausea ..plus a little depression.. I am a professional woman I go to work every day, every morning I have a half joint.. I go do my office work, my accounting.. no body would know. of the evening I finish the rest of the joint and relax so I can deal with my pain, do what I need to do and go to bed to do it all over again.. I pay taxes never been in trouble and have never used any other type of so called drugs ( cocaine, heroine….)as many people have said cannabis is the gate way to other drugs,, bull,,Ive been a constant user for the last 30 yrs,,I can not take pain pills or like to or there side affects..But the rich keep getting richer, because a lot pharmisuiticals will get hurt if they legalize it But me who doesn’t bother anyone would go to jail, lose my job and everything if I ever get busted.. that’s sad but lets let the drunks keep driving

    • Bree says:

      I think legalizing marijuana will be helpful. I am a 17 year old girl struggling with social anxiety, manic depression, and manic mood disorder. I get very very nervous in any setting I am apart of. And I understand about 90% of teenagers are with me on this. I believe that if I did marijuana it would calm me down, and get me a tad bit outgoing. I would love to see that happen. Thank you

  10. Nathan says:

    If alcohol is legal marijuana should be too. Alcohol is much more dangerous. This is suppose to be a free country and we adults should have the right to do what we want. It’s a plant that grows naturally it was put here on this earth for a reason. It has plenty of uses and health benefits. So I say legalize it and make indiana the new Amsterdam

  11. Kim says:

    I am a 49 year old who suffers badly from arthritis and don’t want to take pain meds I have a gf in California and she has the same problems with pain and she has her card and it has helped a lot with the pain . I believe the state would benefit from this money wise and people that have pain instead of pain meds and now there telling people with pain you can’t have them there putting a stop to it due to overdose or addiction , we have a high more then any state herion problem in Indiana , were is to states that have medical clinics don’t ! I think it would be in best intrestest for the people who need this ! Legalize it Indiana the whole state !

  12. P marth says:

    I don’t see this state doing it Indiana is 200 years behind in every way I fucking hate it here. If it happens I’ll eat my hat (10 years) ten years if it happens b4 2025 I’ll eat my hat my town alone is so backward the cops rape girls and keep their job the judges son gets Duis and hurts ppl in accidents and walks away no charges. My town if it did happen would be one of them that tried to go against state law and still charge arrest and jail ppl for weed. Fuck Indiana and especially Madison better yet Jefferson county it’s all fucked.

  13. Blair says:

    Weed is good for all. Alcohol is more of a problem. All of the anti-weed campaigns are funded by alcohol companies and ignorant people. Weed has almost no repercussions. Hungry, happy, sleepy.

  14. Cody Booth says:

    Well I don’t have any health problems but I smoke weed always have always will but I have served time in jail for possession and probation alcohol intoxicated .ore people than pot many don’t believe this but it’s true and NO it’s not a gateway drug people have to choose to do the harder drugs and NO pot is NOT addictive hope it gets past so people that need it for health can have it and people that just smoke don’t have to worrie about going to jail go catch the heroin dealers cops that’s where all the overdoses are coming from

  15. Penny says:

    I am sure pot would help people with Huntington’s. Huntington’s effects the brain and the pot should help the many that have it. This disease runs in our family, and it scares the hell outta me. Anything that would help would be GREAT. Pot is not a gateway drug. You always have the choice to move on or not. It does not make you want anything else, except food, which would be good for people with Huntington’s. I would rather be in a car with someone who is high verses someone who is drunk! Booze has killed so many, pot has not.

  16. S. Moore says:

    What a chance for Republicans to try to make us believe they’re good guys. In the last minute they suddenly think it’s a great idea after proving in Indiana more than almost any other state, that they only have their own interests at heart. Look closely at their proposal. Do you see anything about medical usage or private growing of small amounts? When the GOP writes a bill, you better read the fine print closely!
    Don’t look now corporate penitentiary operators, they’re selling you out after decades of your dedicated support and coercion. And you farmers, better take a close look at the selection process. With most of Indiana’s farm land now operated by major corporations and the history of these people (the GOP), do you really think you’ll be allowed to participate?


    I support this to the fullest! My mother has T.M.I 1 in 1.4 million people can get it. I’ve watched her use marijuana for years. It helps her with pain and nausea. Id rather her do this any day than use any narcotics!
    Marijuana is not addictive like most pain medications are.
    That’s all I have. I could write a book on this and why it should be legalized but im sure most could careless!
    Biggest thing I think it’ll help are the sick, the debt in America, and also crime rate!!

  18. Jim Huston says:

    Just do it.

  19. Natashya says:

    I have NF1 and have been on pain & depression meds for a number of years. The pills cause fatigue and don’t help as much as they should. Marijuana helps with the pain faster than anything else that I have tried.
    I think that Indiana is finally choosing to move in the right direction.

  20. Megan Scott says:

    Not only would legalization of Hemp make more jobs for people it would also help people with health issues and pain… I researched the use of hemp drops that help children with epilepsy, and that have sesurze uncontrollably and with the use of this biproduct it helps them to not have sesurzes and live normally. There are too many pluses for this to worry about people who will abuse it, because chances are there will be less abusers than what there is now. I vote yes to legalization of Hemp! Who’s with me!!!?

  21. Robert Dean says:

    This is absurd. in the last couple of weeks, the legislature of Indiana shot down a bill legalizing CBD oils as a medical treatment in the state because, according to the lawmakers, it would be too much effort to determine the difference between it and marijuana meant to get people high. The legislature has repeated time and again that it will never pass a recreational law, and it seems they are hell bent on not passing a medical law either.

  22. Shawn Brown says:

    If Indiana passes this, the state will be taking a step forward in progression. Millions of dollars generated, those who need this plant should no longer live in fear. Indiana will be saturated even if it does not pass by the surrounding states.

    • 39 year old father says:

      I’m a 39 year old father in south-central Indiana. 5 years ago I went cold turkey, quiting my doctor and his treatment for a back injury which included opiate painkillers specifically norcos, a lower acetaminophen lortab. I quickly realized the destruction on my body, my mind and the community and society around me. I was legal… under a doctors care… strung out and addicted and this was physically, torture on my body for 2-3 weeks and mentally for half a year or more. I learned the grip that these legal painkillers had on me. But I was determined to suffer to rid my body of such dependence. Legalization will aid communities that battle rampant addiction and drug addicts as well. 3 years after I quit opiates, I had ankle reconstruction surgery. I refused the lirtabs my doctor gave me and opted the risk of illegally treating my pain with medicinal marijuana. No pain! No withdrawal! No sweat! This issue shouldn’t even be a question… should be rushed in to save our society! To spare our communities!

      • Momof5 says:

        This doesn’t cover anything but industrial hemp growth. Marijuana should be 100% legal. I don’t even smoke it, but i support it. My brother died young from damage caused by frequent grand mal seizures despite being maxed out on traditional seizure meds and having a pacemaker in his brain to stop them. He wouldn’t try pot because it would show up in his labs & his doc would stop treating him. Cbd’s could have saved his life! Legalize for Ricky and don’t let another good man die needlessly!

        • Andy says:

          First paragraph, first sentence. Direct quote from the article above: “…allowing adults to buy, possess and consume up to 2 ounces of marijuana…”

  23. Cancersurvivor says:

    I got down to 87lbs during chemo,I never took my pain pills,and I was prescribed some of the strongest(Percocets)(Vicodin)and this was back in 2000 and I feel if I wouldn’t of jus smoked some of gods own medicine I would be addicted to pain pills which is today one of the leading addictions,so I am thankful someone recommended me to a natural way to recovery!Ive been in remission for almost 16 yrs.and to this day I don’t have the urge to smoke it,but if I needed it medically I would,and I wouldn’t of wanted to do it any other way!Also Indiana has a lot of farmland let’s benefit from it!

  24. deana says:

    I think that it is awful that marijuana is illegal. It has been scientifically proven to have great medical genitive. Not only that its not up to the government to decide what is right or wrong for me…alcohol kills way more people. I say get out of the federal governments control , its a money business to them

  25. terry moore says:

    Colts Grimes god created a man and a woman. Not man and man. Go seek counseling and find a woman. Gays are not equal to a man and woman’s marriage and they shouldn’t be granted the same rights.

  26. Ty says:

    I feel it should be legalized for at least medicinal use. I’ve had surgery on my leg and was left with nerve damage, I feel it would help tons for people like me. It has so many uses to hemp can be used for so much stuff and it’s easy to just grow again. I feel it would help our economy in Indiana bunches, just look at how much taxes Colorado has raked in from it being legal. There’s far more worse drugs out there hell doctors give you stuff that’s worse for your overall health then marijuana is.

  27. Cindy says:

    I have osteo arthritis degenerative disease in my thumbs and sciatica in my back. Smoking makes me smile, because there is no pain. I agree that it is not a gateway drug and most definitely is not addictive.

  28. Dwayne says:

    If they the state representatives were to take a poll regarding legalizing Marijuana in Indiana, it would pretty much be a slam dunk for legalizing it or at least a solid majority of its citizens.. and if recreation use is allowed, and using Colorado’s template, it would be financial windfall for the state, as well.

    • Cierra says:

      My name is Cierra I’m 17 years old and I’m epileptic. I’ve been on over 15 different seizure medications and nothing has worked like marijuana. I live in Indiana and I use marijuana just about everyday to control my seizures. I also struggle with severe depression and marijuana has helped me so much in so many ways. I only wish medical marijuana was available to me in the state that I live in because what I am doing is illegal. I only hope to see the day when my medication will be legal for me to take. In my eyes weed was put here for a purpose and I believe that purpose was to help people such as myself. My medication should not be illegal for me or anyone for that matter.

  29. Devin Cox says:

    I don’t think Indiana will ever pass a medical marijuana bill, I don’t see this passing anytime soon, all the rest of the U.S.A. will have to legalize before Indiana will, bummer.

    • Chrissy says:

      There you have it Indiana. The people have spoken. If you want to be re elected or elected for the first time, do as we say. Legalize marijuana NOW!! To the people who vote, VOTE OUT THESE POLITICIANS WHO DO NOT TEPRESENT OUR WISHES! Get out and vote. The only thing these politicians understand is loosing their lofty seat.
      So to you politicians who may actually read this, get it legalized or we will get you out. Get it done this year. THIS YEAR!!
      After that, sit back and reap the benefits the financial rewards will bring this state and enjoy your lofty seat for many years to come.
      **We gotta stick together voters. Tell these politicians get it legalized or we give them their pink slip. We have the power and we have to use it!!**

  30. scotty says:

    im 32 i have adhd and i’ve been smoking it since i was 18 it helps me in every way and it should be legal.

  31. scotty says:

    it helps me with my depression and adhd and nausea

  32. freddy says:

    I am 52 yrs old , I started smoking pot at 12 years of age . I quit cold turkey for 8 yrs because of my job . I had no withdrawels what so ever . I now have bi-polar , I’ve had 4 abdominal surgeries , broke my left femur 3 times , a broken left hip twice , 3 knee surgeries , 3 shoulder surgeries , and I need my left shoulder replaced , and many more problems . I see pain management for pain medication that don’t do shit at the doses they give me . I do accassionally indulge in smoking pot and it helps me in every aspect of my chronic pain and my bi-polar . It should have never been illegal in the first place and the legalization of gaunga would create jobs , help people get off the damaging effects of opiates which are highly addictive and dangerous . I have been on pain medication for 20 plus years and nothing has an effect on me anymore but pot works every time . save lives , help people with gods medical gift to us . Vote to legalize . help people and economy !!!

  33. Tim says:

    I’m 58 w/several severe medical problems, can’t take prescription pain meds because they make me throw up. Started smoking at 17 and quit many times with no withdrawals. A friend of mine grows a couple plants in spare closet w/low wattage cool lights, timers, and air filter to control smell. Just enough to get me a couple mos. a year for pain relief. Also, since I can’t afford vacation, it is my free vacation.

    • Jason says:

      Weeds not the problem achahol is but that’s leagle…. People get violent of achahol not weed. And to put a tax on something we already have to buy is stupid. We go out and bust our ass to make the money why not be able to pay a set price…. Indiana needs weed legalized half of Tippecanoe couty jail would be empty… Soo more room for the violent people and rapist and hard drug users what’s so wrong with weed????

  34. Crohn's says:

    Everyone in Indiana with debilitating illnesses can benefit from cannabis and farmers can benefit from hemp. Many states use to grow hemp and cannabis was the number 1 medicine before big corporations started weed madness, which was all a hoax. Google Cannabis and hemp history in Indiana:


    Our US government holds the patent for the cbd chemical in cannabis for years. Also has cannabis sights outsidr the US that will allow big corporations to produce a miracle drug. This is the program that other states are using as pilot programs (see links). Read and educate yourselves on cannabis, the real sciencitific name. Weed, pot, and other so called names for cannabis are names to discourage and cause confusing about the real truth and benefits of a god given plant. Genisis 1:29, please read. Cannabis bears fruit and seed that is for human consumption. I ask all indiana people to do your research about the truth about cannabis, not marijuana. It is time we truly start treating illnesses with organic medicine not synthetic medicine. People with illnesses should not be treated like a a cash crop for pharmaceutical companies, their medicine doesnt heal but keep ill people in and out of hospitals as well on medicine with massive health risks. We are not prisoners that go through a revolving door. Wake up Indiana there is a true benefit for all of us. Check out these link:


    https://sites.google.com/site/6630507/ http://www.azdhs.gov/licensing/medical-marijuana/index.phphttps://www.google.com/url?


    It’s time for the Indiana Cannabis and Hemp movement. Send these links and as many links you can find about the truth of cannabis and hemp to your Indiana Senators, Congress, and farmer associates. The goal is to show them that this God given plant can create good health, jobs ( wealth ), build our economy, make and produce American goods here ( not import hemp from other countries through the free trade agreement. Yes, we import hemp from other countries. Ask yourself this… Do we grow and raise enough products for us to wear, eat, and build? I think not! Hemp imported plays a big part in our clothing, food, and industrial products today.

    Thank you for your time.

    Cannabis & Hemp equals good health and a good economy as long as we don’t repeat the pass and abuse our resources.

  35. jeff says:

    I’m a 52 year old male that hasn’t smoked weed in 10 years but have always thought that pot should have been legal over booze, I have a lot of friends that have had wrecks while drunk but never weed, It makes angry people mellow, and medical uses are unlimited “God made weed, Man made booze, Who do you trust?” I would say it’s about time but its been time for many years.

  36. Jonna Newbold says:

    I would love for IN to change its laws on pot use. I don’t believe that we are still dominated by close minded conservatives anymore! Everyone I know smokes! Time to legalize! How do we get involved?

  37. L says:

    I am 50 years old and have chronic pain. I see a specialist that prescribes pain meds, powerful drugs with serious side effects. Under Indiana law I can’t smoke marajuana and if I do it will show up in the drug screens my doctor gives me and then he will stop treating me. I don’t want to live on pain meds anymore, I want the opportunity to try medical marajuana. I feel stuck because if I do nothing for the pain all I do is lie in bed and think about ways to make the pain stop permanently. The pain is that bad, so I take drugs that increase my depression, make my mind foggy, effect my memory, and tear up my digestive system. I really hope there is someone out there listening to all the people Who have spoken out here on this site. We are begging for help and for our lives.

    • Jason says:

      Am 41, with arthritis in my both my knees. I was taking medical pills for the pain. The pills, would make me throw up and keep me constipated. A friend, ask me to smoke some weed. So, I did. Let’s just say, I stop taking my pills. I smoke one joint a day. People will have their negative opinions on this subject. But, what people need to do is, read about the history of it. What do you think the pilgrim’s were smoking out of the indian’s pipe. Tobacco, I think not.

  38. Tiffany Weir says:

    Yes do it , its time , we have so many opportunities once this happens and better more serious things to deal with like neglect and feeding the hungry putting roofs
    Over heads

  39. Andrew Parrish says:

    I’m very curious as to where this went.

    Though I am admittedly late to this party (2 years after this post was created), I didn’t see much talk about the possibilities of hemp. This long con from the US Government and Big Business, regarding the categorizing of industrial hemp and marijuana together, then banning them together under marijuana regulations, needs to be brought to light.

    Look, people aren’t dumb about the medicinal values of marijuana, but ask someone the difference between hemp and marijuana. It’s incredible the responses you will get. If you want a serious economy boost, and want to create hundreds if not thousands of jobs in your local economy, focus on passing this hemp initiative.

  40. buck says:

    i think it should be leagle theres alot people in jail for very small amounts of it and that would open up alot beds so there woulndt be over crowding

  41. Melissa says:

    I believe that this should in indeed be legalized and it would bring tons of jobs and help the state of Indiana in so many ways. I am a single mother of a teenage son and tween daughter and even though unfortunately some people do use marijuana to only get a high feeling but there are also the people that use it for so many different medical reasons and it can help someone be able to function and get through the day. Marijuana being legalized in the state of Indiana would bring so many great things from allowing people to be able to feed their family because of the new jobs all the way to possibly saving someone’s life and making it so much better as far as the life that they have left. My point is that there are so many good things that would come to this state if it were to be legalized!

  42. Ed Lewis says:

    Having Parkinson’s and chronic pain legalization of marijuana is a major issue for me. Seeing people with Parkinson’s after ingesting just a fraction of an ounce can even drive a car and be somewhat productive. With Indiana has been stuck 10 years behind most other states, we need a progressive thinker. I’m watch this issue closely but understand there are others I’m watching just as close.

  43. chris says:

    seshat I think it should be legal its been helping out for a long time

  44. Jarad says:

    Did the bill get passed? Can farmers grow weed in indiana?

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