Hunter’s Delight! Flightless Oily Ducks Appear in Mayflower, Arkansas

Confit-ready, Flightless Oily Ducks make an appearance in Arkansas.

Confit-ready, Flightless Oily Ducks make an appearance in Arkansas.

(The National Report) – Mayflower, Arkansas, wildlife has some new visitors thanks to the petroleum industry.

A pipeline transporting low-quality Wabasca Heavy crude oil from Alberta runs through the town of Mayflower, Arkansas.

Flightless Oily Ducks only appear near oil pipelines or on the shores of petroleum pools. The ducks will travel underground and burst free in unlikely areas. The duck wildlife depends on the pipeline and man’s intervention for their unique confit-ready characteristics.

The symbiotic relationship between man, industry and nature is nothing short of a miracle.

The pipeline running through the town is currently under maintenance. The heavy, corrosive diluted bitumen means that duck-burst pipes require continuous maintenance, which translates into jobs for unmarried men to labor in crews, traveling the pipeline to fix leaks.

Towns like Mayflower help the petroleum company limit costs by granting easement through residential streets when a duck migration leak occurs. The additional hotel taxes, prostitution and food purchased by the traveling pipe maintenance crews really boosts a community’s economy.

Also, because the pipeline  transports low-quality Wabasca Heavy crude oil from Alberta, a form of boiled down bitumen which is not classified as petroleum, there are no $0.08 per barrel tax payments to the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. Take that big gubermint!

While some have noted the oily ducks are entering the US illegally, these little grease-balls can add value.

Surrounding environment has an impact on property values, as do pipeline right-of-way agreements attached to the deed. Plentiful wildlife is a hunter’s paradise and can enhance property value. The trick is to not own the land when a duck burst occurs. Mayflower, Arkansas, is near the Bell Slough State Wildlife Management Area.

The ducks can be caught by hand.

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  1. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    Barbara, do you know why they don’t club these baby ducklings to death like they do with seals in Alaska?