Hot Mic Incident – President Calls Tea Party Constitutionalist ‘Dangerous Extremist’

President Walks Away From Press Briefing

President Walks Away From Press Briefing

By Nigel J. Covington III

This morning President Barack Obama angrily stepped away from the podium during a White House press briefing after CNN reporter Donald Strickland asked the president about a comment he made over the weekend where he called Tea Party Constitutionalist “dangerous extremists.”

The comment was picked up by an open microphone at the president’s table during a meeting of Democrat business owners. Apparently the president was unaware his mic was hot. Since making the comment the president has remained silent about the incident.

The GOP was quick to seize on the president’s statement calling it outlandish, irresponsible and un-American. Tea Party member John Rickters, of Ohio spoke out against the comment yesterday. “This is yet another example of a president who believes he is the ruler of this country and he is not. This is Obama showing his unwillingness to work within a two-party system, this is Obama showing his contempt for laws that restrict presidential powers, this is a man who has failed all Americans.”

No comment from the White House this morning about the weekend microphone snafu.

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2 Responses to "Hot Mic Incident – President Calls Tea Party Constitutionalist ‘Dangerous Extremist’"

  1. Christian Patriot says:

    God help us all.

  2. The Q says:

    A group that believes in the constitution is extremist and dangerous…to whom…the socialist / marxist leader?

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