Health & Fitness Expert & Facebook Sensation “Jyzz” Missing For 30 Days

Police are asking for the public's help to find Jyzz

Police are asking for the public’s help to find Jyzz

By Nigel J. Covington III
December 6, 2013

In what has become a virtual nightmare for millions of his fans worldwide police today report no new leads in the missing persons case of bodybuilder and health & fitness expert “Jyzz”. The Facebook icon of the bodybuilding community posted his last video “The Revolution” to the social networking site on November 6, 2013 then disappeared.

Bodybuilder Jyzz has been an inspiration to others

Bodybuilder Jyzz has been an inspiration to others

The lack of any tangible leads in the case has lead police and family to suspect foul play. Jyzz, a professional bodybuilder and world renowned health and fitness expert joined Facebook last May 3, 2013 and his video clips of pumping iron and his inspirational messages went viral in a matter of weeks.

Missing Person

Videos like “The Jyzz Routine,” “Calling on Jyzz Brah” and “Jyzzology 101 – How to Pick Up Girls” received hundreds of thousands of Likes on Facebook and they went viral across the Internet. His fans credit the hot young shredded stud with providing them with “a great inspirational spirit and hope” said one Jyzzer fan who had lost 76 pounds and had started weight lifting training.

His fans are reputed to dream of the day when they can show off their six-pack abs, cut pecks and tight ass just like their mentor and teacher. Thousands of young men from around the globe chatted and posted their gratitude to Jyzz for the uplifting message of encouragement and hope he has given each one of them.

In just 6 short months Jyzz became a bodybuilding icon on Facebook then in an instant he was snatched out of the lives of his fans, family and friends. And police are asking for the public’s help in finding this aesthetic international sensation. If you have any information on this case you’re asked to call your local law enforcement agency.

You can follow Jyzz here.

View more videos here.

You can view Jyzz’s greatness below:

Jyzz Health & Fitness Expert

Jyzz’s Power Top Extreme Formula is available at all Walmart, CVS, and Rite-Aid stores.

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3 Responses to "Health & Fitness Expert & Facebook Sensation “Jyzz” Missing For 30 Days"

  1. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    A lot of old-time sewer drains had long narrow drainage slits at the curb, he could have slipped through one or gotten blown down in the sewers on a gusty day, or tripped on a wren feather and fallen headfirst into some open manhole. After all, there are a lot of construction projects going on now that the economy is over again. I would look for him there if I had a police officers uniform and a six pack to share. Damn this girdle, and this box of eclairs. And these Apple fritters.

  2. Stephenson Billings says:

    I’ve watched those videos you have posted and don’t think all that exercise is working for this child. He has no muscle tone and lacks the girth appropriate for an American boy… well, maybe that’s okay. From his accent he sounds European and those people do things a bit more… how should I say this? “delicately” over there.

    In any event, I feel sorry for his family and friends and hope he is found soon. Too many of these cases end in tragedy and every day we hear stories that make Law & Order SUV look like child’s play.

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