Hamas Militants Destroy Church Of Holy Sepulchre In Retaliation For Recent Attacks

Church Of The Holy Sepulchre Destroyed In Hamas Attack

Church Of The Holy Sepulchre Previous To Being Destroyed In Hamas Attack

<National Report>After a bloody week of clashes that has left several hundred Palestinians dead, Hamas has exacted revenge by leveling the revered Church of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Several hundred Hamas extremists have funneled into the city via a network of underground “terror tunnels“.

Israel soldiers only recently discovered these tunnels and have worked diligently to disable as many as they could. It has been discovered that a number of these tunnels lead directly to Holy sites all over Jerusalem. It is clear that the goal of Hamas is to destroy as many of these monuments as possible.

Overnight hundreds of heavily armed Hamas soldiers stormed the church, looting everything in sight before installing explosives and completely demolishing the structure. “It has been reduced to rubble”, a despondent Amir Yutz said as he observed the wreckage Hamas left in its wake. “This is a tragedy that will reverberate across many continents. Palestinians are obviously frustrated with the US refusing to aid them in their fight against Israel, so now they have vowed to destroy holy landmarks. It’s horrific.”

The Church Of The Holy Sepulchre, is known for being the site where Jesus was crucified. It is said to also contain the place where Jesus was buried. Because of this, the Church has been a significant Christian pilgrimage destination since at least the 4th century.

This isn’t the first time the church’s been destroyed. On October 11th, 1001, Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah leveled the church during his campaign to destroy Christian worship sites in Egypt and Palestine.

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110 Responses to "Hamas Militants Destroy Church Of Holy Sepulchre In Retaliation For Recent Attacks"

  1. Nehemiah says:

    Jerusalem is sorrowful over this loss, but we will not give up the fight and the church shall be rebuilt!

    • trackfodder says:

      Blow the shit out of that stupid gold dome and then Mecca

    • Palestinian says:

      This story is all Bullshit. The Israeli occupation does allow the most piou Palestinians from exercising their worship rights through the apartheid wall built on the Palestinan lands sseparating occupied Palestine from the so-called Israel, so how could they (Israeli army) allow an armed Hamas, as claimed in the report, to destroy the church of tge holy sepulchre which is under the control of the Israeli occupation?

      • This story stinks to high heaven. Look in another direction to find the true culprits. We should not believe any words on the internet no matter how sincere they are. The internet has become a very dark place for some.

        • look up to see when computers where first implemented and brace yourself as the truth is revealed. Computers have a great function for so much but like so many other worldly things, have been overtaken by sinister forces.

    • yahya says:

      Dear Nehemiah,

      U realy joking,fact palestian moslims, chistians and atheist live among each other like brothers, and i regret the fact that u arn’t looking forward too this hilarisch report (wich hasn;t got any form off thruth, that the sick hope off a reporter who wants this too happen).

      iam gladly too invite u too historical palestine too see my christian friends and muslim friends celibrte there holiday togheter, i cant understand the hate wich drive people and not are able too want too live amongst each ,other in harmony, like Jesus said turn u cheek if ……, i ask u give me u best piont off view,

      camp-balata palestine

  2. William says:

    these muslims WILL pay for this! allah is satan and when they die they will burn in hell!

    • Palestinian says:

      Your ignorance, William, is so rooted in you. The Allah you refer to is the same FUCKING GOD that you and all muslims and christians and jews believe in. In Arabic it is Allah; in English it is God, in French it is Dieu; in Greek it is Theos; in Hebrew it is Eluhim. One and the same word with different words, regardless of religion as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are monotheistic religions believing in one God/Dieu/Allah/Theos/Eluhim. So weigh well your words before uttering them cause your bteath stinks.
      As for the story of this article, it is all Bullshit. The Israeli occupation does allow the most piou Palestinians from exercising their worship rights through the apartheid wall built on the Palestinan lands sseparating occupied Palestine from the so-called Israel, so how could they (Israeli army) allow an armed Hamas, as claimed in the report, to destroy the church of the holy sepulchre which is under the control of the Israeli occupation?

      • TruthWFree says:

        The allah god of the quran is Satan. He denies Jesus’ divinity and death on the cross and exhorts Muslims to slay pagans (Sura 9-5), fight and subjugate People of the Book (Bible, Christians and Jews) (Sura 9-29), says he has no sons, and his evil hate filled teachings are 180 degrees opposite Christ’s teachings of love and forgiveness. The allah god of Islam is Satan.

  3. Gabriel says:

    For over a thousand years the Islamic brotherhood have lived here and never attempted to destroy these symbols/sites you deem as holy, it is unlikely they have chosen to destroy it now to attack the Zionist state that cannot live peacefully with others.

    The whole universe should be held in the same reverence as these icons you worship.

    • fred d'amato says:

      Mohammed, your so called Prophet was an incestuous sand flea of a man. Sex with his , and to this day your women are squat ugly screaming fanatics, and most of your men love gay sex in secret.

      • Shahidullah says:



        • Why why why says:

          Why so extreme? Killing and death? Its only a comment. I know your comment is also only a comment but why so extreme?
          What im trying to point out is that any exremist view/opinion which is a result of any sort of Ideology needs to be reconsidered Big Time!! its based on a belief that the ideology is what’s completely right, while there are so many other idiologies that believe that what they do is one hundred percent the truth and the right way.
          Your mind can change with these idiologies at any given point and sometimes you can even come to the conclusion that non of those ideologies make any sense at all and its all stupidity and isnt really true to begin with.

          Dont be extreme. What you believe might not be necessarily true. there are plenty of extremism within Islam which would turn against each other within Islam too. Every thing is about Allah. Allah. Ideology is an endless dead end. You havta go to the beginning of all ideology beliefes and question if thats even true and if it even makes sense to be connected to something that dominates ones life especially when its possible and probable that it all isn’t even true. Oh and plz don’t prove to me or to yourself that it’s true from the Bible, New Testament or from Quran.

    • Peace says:

      “Zionist state that cannot live peacefully”. Have you seen what is happening all over iraq, syria, lebanon, egypt… You cannot blame israel for the MILLIONS suffering. Please cry for the 10,000 children that were murdered by their own brothers. among the 170,000. Look at the number of arabs living peacefully in israel, and how many are suffering in other countries, countries that do not welcome jews who at one time lived there – also their homes. It is not “Zionists” who cannot live peacefully. They have proved IN NUMBERS and FACTS that they can – and they do. Please cry for the 1500 raped girls, children, For the women and homosexuals and other people who must suffer at the hands of religious zealots. but you won’t. It is only when jews are involved that you will cry. Cry for justice. Forget the other millions. Not your problem, right? ignorant.

    • Malkut says:

      I for one will be watching the Catholic Churches response. It will be telling whichever way they respond.

  4. Allah Only True God says:

    Hahaha! This is what the christian and jewish heretics deserve! Give your life to Allah or die!! Allahu Akbar!

    • Allah is a terrorist residing in islam and blood thirsty while being fed by muslims shedding blood of Honest upright righteous Christian saints

      • Allah Only True God says:

        Christians follow the false prophet Jesus. The only way to heaven is through Allah. No other way.

        • Crusader says:

          Funny how Jesus in your Koran is listed a profit. I guess your koran is wrong then?

        • Raiddan says:

          Allah is Satan, also known as a idol of Baal. Lucifer means Crescent one and Morning star which are the symbols of Islam. Mohammed didn’t die for your sins, only Jesus did. Your Quran says Allah is the wisest of deceivers which is Satan who professes himself to be a lair and wise. He as the Quran says will meet you in the pit of hell. I will not submit to your faith (Islam means submit) because a child of God obeys and does not submit. Only a slave submits because he is forced to do so, but a loving God wants his children to willingly obey. You destroy, pillage, and murder those who harbor no hate toward you. You see their love for you as weakness.


          • Lena says:

            Amen Raiddan! Praise God for Truth!

          • Joe says:

            First of all, it is important to note that “Allah” is the same word that Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use for God

            Allah mean one true God.

            Baal is mentioned in Islam as Idol Worship and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has destroyed the idols of Baal.

            Crescent and Morning Star were not bring any meaning in Islam and not mentioned in any holy book, Crescent and Morning Start is also not related to Lucifer and Morning Start relationship with Lucifer is Western Mythology.

            Lucifer is mentioned in Islam as Shityan or Satan.

          • Joe says:


            Please read this url to known about

            1) Allah the one true God
            2) False Gods, which Baal is one among them

            Islam is true faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus, Please dont spread wrong ideas about Islam.

          • TruthWFree says:

            Good post. Yes, the allah god of Islam is Satan.

        • Elizabeth says:

          You keep spewing that garbage! We’ll see who burns in hell!

        • Adam Henry says:

          There is a “stairway to heaven”! Don’t you listen to Led Zeppelin???

        • Les20001 says:

          You will bow to the Lord Jesus Christ one day and when you do remember that we Christians prayed for you and told you about the Lord . Allah is a imaginary God made to justify what Islam is doing to innocent people. A loving God allows you to choose what God you worship. If you continue to pray to Allah you will have a rude awaking when the Lord Almighty returns! There is only one God to me that is God the father but us Christians aren’t running around telling you to choose or die!

        • XF says:

          Your god is a weakling. He has to murder, rape and destroy people to make them worship. Christ says, “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely” (Rev 22:17).

          But don’t worry. God will avenge.

        • angel says:

          allah is satan, all muslims go to hell…bunch of devil worshipers and savages

        • Jimmy Bones says:


      • Sabbatai Sevi says:

        There is such a thing as an honest, upright Christian??? (let alone a “Christian Saint?”) Get your head examined, pal… Look at your history! Fool!!

    • Tim says:

      You will all be killed soon!

    • Prove your god exists… prove your rock god exists.. Allah spoke to no-one..

      • Allah Only True God says:

        Allah spoke to Mohammed. Your skinny man hanging on a cross was nothing but a degenerate jew. You shall see, Allah will be #1 God in USA.

        • Johan says:

          Your moongod is nothing but rubble on this face of the earth the day the true Mashiach returns to eart. No Isa (the false Jesus in the Qu’ran), no false mahdi. You can spitt on the true G’d as you want, in the end evey knee will bow down before the mighty one and He wil judge you, me and everyone on our hearts and deeds. A heart filled with hate to other people will be discarded and the one filled with love and mercy to another will be called a child of Him. So think before you scream things like this.

          • Allah Only True God says:

            Go eat your McDonalds and worship your Walmarts, American pig. Soon you will see. The Jihad is upon you!

        • angel says:

          satan spoke to muhammed…not a prophet…just a camel jockey

        • callum says:

          Your prophet was a child rapist like most ragheads

        • American Eric says:

          Come on over and make him my god. I’d love to see it. And btw. McDonald’s is bad for you and I only shop at local businesses that sell American made products. So that just proves how stupid you are.

        • American Eric says:

          I’ll just be sitting here, eatin my bacon while I wait for you shall I?

        • Jimmy Bones says:

          Put on a uniform, stand up for your belief, fight us face-to-face, stop hiding, act like a TRUE warrior instead if a bunch of COWARDLY PUSSIES!!!!!! CHICKEN SHIT SAND DIGGER!!!!!

    • Joe says:

      You will burn.

    • MJ says:

      What will you do if the so-called holy place of Muslims will be destroyed?

      then all hell breaks loose

      but Christian places its okay??

    • Mossa says:

      I s.trongly believe that you are not a Muslim and you know nothing about Islam pal

    • Gene says:

      He is the only true clown

    • Yeshua Messiah is King says:

      أنا تحميل بلدي قذائف بندقية مع عظم خنزير
      I load my shotgun shells with pig bone.

  5. cgw says:

    You people will find out soon enough that Allah is a lie!

    • Allah Only True God says:

      When you find out that Allah is truth it will be too late for you! Allahu Akbar!

      • Knows filth when he sees it says:

        Coming from the people who use children as bullet shields. You wanna call yourself a warrior, but won’t even take what you deserve, you hide behind children. This is literally why the rest of the world knows you’re all going to kill yourselves. Filth go murder more children and see where you end up


        allah loves israel and the jews!!!

        • NativeOne says:

          No, allah hates all non-muslims. Even their qur’an says so. He wants them to either convert to islam, pay a jizyah tax, or be killed.
          Any non-muslim who thinks a muslim is their “friend” better think again, look up “taqqiyah”…they lie, they are encouraged to lie, to the kafir…never trust a muslim!
          ⦁ Quran (9:29): “Fight against Christians
          and Jews until they pay the tribute readily,
          being brought low.”
          ⦁ Quran (5:51): “Don’t take Jews or Christians
          for friends. If you do, then Allah will consider
          you to be one of them.”
          ⦁ Quran (2:65-66): “Christians and Jews must
          believe what Allah has revealed to Muhammad
          or Allah will disfigure their faces or turn them
          into apes, as he did the Sabbath-breakers.”
          ⦁ Quran (5:51): “O you who believe! do not take
          the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are
          friends of each other; and whoever amongst you
          takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of
          them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”
          ⦁ Quran (9:30): “And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of
          Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son
          of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they
          imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before;
          may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!”

      • Elizabeth says:

        God the Almighty will send your weak and impotent allah on his way shaking in fear! He is the one and only Almighty God and there is none above Him!

  6. Tim says:

    MUSLIMS NEED TO BE KILLED AND MECCA NUKED! This is equivalent to Mecca for Christians. We need payback for 3 million Christians missing (slaughtered) in Syria, Egypt and Iraq last year.

    • Allah Only True God says:

      Silly Christian fool. Mecca will never be nuked. It cannot be destroyed. Your American president is on our side. Christianity will be completely eradicated within the next few years, and Sharia Law will rule the US. In the glorious name of Allah!

      • Tim says:

        Wait and see what will happen to you, filthy scum! You satanic entities will be destroyed. Its all coming your way.

        • Allah Only True God says:

          Do you know how I know Allah is the true way? How many Muslims do you hear about being beheaded? None. Your little god Jesus can do nothing for his followers. Allah makes us powerful warriors! I support the beheading of christians for they spread lies against the prophet Mohammed! I rejoice when I hear of my Muslim brothers beheading christian swine!

          • Johan says:

            It was Jesus Himself who predicted 2000 years ago true disciples would be beheaded by the forces of evil. So you can talk all you want, earthly power is decading power. It is sad you aren’t able to see it further and think about thje eternal life. Sad for you and your loss, still I mourn for you if you don’t repent before the Holy One.

            Best wishes

          • Debra Zitano says:

            You and yours belong to Satan. Jesus is Lord and none other. Mohammed belongs to satan along with his demon muslims. I’ll be with Jesus when He cast you in hell .

          • Mossa says:

            If you are a Muslim you would respect Jesus as all Muslims respect and believe in all previous prophets.

          • Gary Katz says:

            How many Muslims get beheaded by Muslims? Too many to count, but here’s a video of 50: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=190_1406399936&use_old_player=0



        • Mossa says:

          I DON’T Know Why??? Because you are Baby Killers? because your religion calls for disrespect of all human races? or because your Rabies call for raping Palestinian women??? Did you see how many children were killed in Gaza over the last three weeks?? at least 500 kids, and you say Allah loves Israel. Israel will Vanish and disappear sooooooooon. You know Why?. Because you are Sinful Killers.

      • Jimmy Bones says:

        bring your HACK warfare over here and see who meets their ‘god’ first!!!!! I will wipe your face in pig’s blood and then watch you kill yourself.

    • Joy says:

      Tim, vengeance belongs to the Lord. It is not up to us to get payback.

  7. Muslims don’t belong in this century… they belong to the dark ages..

  8. Universal Truth says:

    All religions are fallacy. Worship life.

  9. Mike says:

    Guys, “Allahahu Akbar” is obviously a Jew or Christian trying to stir trouble. Don’t be so naive and fall for what he’s writing. He’s trying to stir up more hate…

    • don siege says:

      it really doesn’t matter if the physical destruction of the church of holy sepulchre by hamas actually occurred today.

      metaphorically, the destruction is continuing through the war against christians in iraq, nigeria, syria, phillipines and elsewhere throughout the world.

      the time for an armed response to islam is now.

    • Gene says:

      Mike stop being a clown

  10. Mike says:

    Also, any site that is proud to show Cruz and the smart one-Palin, is pure BS. Nothing happened to the church. Anyone who believes this also believes Obama is Muslim…. Don’t be stupid.

  11. Bodhi says:



  12. The Protesters says:

    It is a Catholic Church, who cares? They are not even real Christians.

  13. Christian Crusader says:

    This guy is not a Muslim. If he is he’s ignorant to his own beliefs and would be considered an apostate within his own religion. The Qur’an clearly recognizes Jesus as a prophet, just not as great a prophet as Mohammed. Under Sharia Law he could lose his head for professing anything other than what is prescribed in the Qur’an. So listen up pajama boy. Get out of your PJ’s turn off your computer, get dressed, get out of your moms basement and get a job.

  14. Scotty says:

    One day Arabic will be a language only spoken in hell. The West is slow to stir but once stirred it will wipe out its enemies. The relative weakness of the Muslim is all that is saving them for now.

  15. warrior says:

    Tough Allah is a false god which makes mohammed a false prophet. And when the True God comes its to late for muslim savages

  16. Debra Zitano says:

    Jesus is Lord and none other. You belong to satan and your muslims and your evil one Mohammed. You will be cast into your kingdom … HELL.

  17. Debra Zitano says:

    Praise your holy name Jesus amen

  18. Jade Wabbit says:

    If they think they don’t have it coming to them, they can think again.

  19. SissyCar says:

    There will never be peace on earth until Radical Islam is halted. They are pure evil

  20. Concerned American says:

    You’re terribly misinformed my friend….

  21. Hernan Altieri says:

    I do not understand why there is so much hate between two nations that could live in harmony!This is a political war that has been going on for two thousand years! The ones paying are poor civilians ! Both sides are wrong!this should not be a religious issue! The real issue is respect and humanity!

    • NativeOne says:

      Four times Israel has agreed to a ceasefire with hamas. All four times, hamas would not agree to a ceasefire. Learn some history of the Middle East. This is not political, it’s never been political. Islam wants Israel to cease to exist. Israel sent out warnings way ahead of time telling the Gazans to evacuate and hamas savagely beat anyone who tried to leave. Gazans are the ones who put hamas into their gov’t. They voted for them!!! The hamas are using public buildings, schools, libraries, etc to hide their munitions and fire onto Israel from those public buildings putting the Gazans in danger. Is Israel just supposed to sit idly by and allow hamas to fire upon them without responding????? The hamas does not want Israel to exist, they along with many other nations, want to blow Israel off the map!!! Israel is a sovereign state, there is no such thing as a sovereign Palestine state!!! Why cannot Israel be left alone??? Why do the muslims hate the Jews and Christians so much and want to kill them all???
      Only one reason: because their evil, disgusting, and hateful qur’an tells them to, that is why.

  22. joe says:

    Islam is a retarded religion. Inshallah all the jihad is will die of a terrible disease and all their 72 virgins will spit on their whole mothers Graves.

  23. Don De says:

    Islam has become the biggest bully in the world’s schoolyard. Now the question becomes, what will be the response from the bullied? Will they remain cowered and unresponsive? Will the Christian Nations individually or collectively mount a opposition to their oppressor? Any resistance proffered by them will be measured and will directly affect the next the bully’s next attack. A strong response may limit or terminate the bully’s threat but a weak response will surely embolden the bully and no response will guarantee annihilation. The Christian religion is under attack and is being destroyed by radical Muslims. If Christians do not forcefully respond, they will be destroyed and the schoolyard bully will win. My question is, why isn’t there a organized response from the Christians around the world? This is a religious war and they are being slaughtered. They haven’t engaged yet. It’s time to find a collective religious backbone because the Islamic caliphate will destroy everybody and everything in it’s path to achieve their perceived destiny of world domination.
    Don De

  24. Bill says:

    Allah is just another name for Satan and Mohammed was a pedophile.

  25. Wayne Woodruff says:

    This is how the Temple will be rebuilt, after the dome of the rock is rubble!!!

  26. tom zumot says:

    thank you all for your comments .you just proved to me that ALL RELIGIONS ARE EVIL yours and theirs

  27. Casca says:

    Islam is a cancer that needs to cut out.

  28. Procrazedfan says:

    It seems like an act of pure desperation here. The land is unevenly divided due to the unwillingness of the Zionists to share the property with the Islamists who were locally there after it was given to the Jews as reparations in WWII. It all has been coming to an ugly head after the Palestinians were being pushed around too long. The answer here is real negotiations and peace talks but unfortunately not only are America’s Christian politicians too biased towards Isreal but they pretend to take on the role of mediator while selling weapons to either one or both sides, profiting over the conflict.

    Until there is no unreasonability from Isreal or motivation for revenge on the part of the Palestinians , this is going to continue until everything is destroyed. I

  29. Loki says:

    What wonderful and peaceful people you are. Your god’s must be so proud of your interpretation/adaptation/evolution of such a glorious message and tool for peace that apparently is only truth as long as everyone believes in the exact same thing that all of the past incarnations of the thousands of gods and their “prophets”, represented prior to yours. No wonder you all can’t get along, you are far too alike. That must be hard to swallow. It’s probably just easier for you to hate each other than to actually be rational. A few deadly sins in there on both sides. Find comfort in your hypocrisy, or your god. If you live your life by the limited knowledge presented or misrepresented in one book, humanity will surely fail. You are a child of your god as you are behaving like a whiney selfish brat.

  30. Bubba says:

    Was Allah or Mohammed really a pedaphile? Why do people at my work claim this?

  31. indiannajojo says:

    I am so saddened by everyone’s comments of hate. Why is it so impossible to have tolerance of each others beliefs? Why is it that only one group can be right? Why not believe in what you believe in and let other be? We are all from this world. We all hurt and bleed the same. It’s about time this era grew up and stopped all this ridiculous fighting. It doesn’t seem to have gotten anyone anywhere in any time through history! (btw I’m not American or religious, just a free soul hoping for some peace)

  32. Tasty Bacon says:

    I call upon all loyal Americans to support a 9/11 Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: It shall be illegal for any Muslim to visit, work or live inside the United States. It shall be illegal to own or teach the Koran for without the Koran there would have been no 9/11. Further the United Nations should be petitioned by all peaceful, freedom loving peoples world wide to make it illegal for any Muslim to visit, work or live outside of an Islamic nation. Islam is not a religion and is deserving of no respect or protection as such. Islam is a crime against humanity. ISLAM = Is Satan Labeled As Muslims. Allah bu fuckbar!!!

    Mohammed fucks pigs in hell!

  33. Tasty Bacon says:

    I call upon all loyal Americans to support a 9/11 Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: It shall be illegal for any Muslim to visit, work or live inside the United States. It shall be illegal to own or teach the Koran for without the Koran there would have been no 9/11. Further the United Nations should be petitioned by all peaceful, freedom loving peoples world wide to make it illegal for any Muslim to visit, work or live outside of an Islamic nation. Islam is not a religion and is deserving of no respect or protection as such. Islam is a crime against humanity. ISLAM = Is Satan Labeled As Muslims.

  34. Tyler says:

    Aw you poor souls. Look at all these comments about people killing one another. Maybe the problem isn’t your holy site getting destroyed. Maybe its your ignorant loyalty to false gods and false promises. Religious beliefs cause more fueds and hatreds than those without religions. Compassion and love is what brings us to true happiness, and any effort to kill each other is just a waste of time. Good luck to all you ignorant souls.

  35. The Deacon says:

    A first notice. The Christian Belief that in this place Our Lord Jesus Christ not only died but he has beaten Satan and risen from among the dead (if you are Christians you should know that). Please do not distribute lies in order to create hatred among the Palestinian People, especially in Jerusalem. If you are a Jew you should believe in Christ as your savior.

  36. Marsha Moseley says:

    Jesus never murdered anyone…He said “turn the other cheek” and healed the lame and sick. Mohammed slaughtered many thousands in his blood thirst for adoration and worship. He sought revenge on all who would not follow him. Jesus taught us to be truthful in everything. Mohammed said it is okay to “lie” or ‘cheat” to further your own purpose. Jesus said to be at peace with all men and women. Mohammed..well, he said peace would come only when all when all worship Allah. Mohammed was a pedophile. Jesus died that we might be saved and reconciled to the Father. Jesus became selfless. Mohammed murdered that he might be rewarded with eternal virgins..Mohammed lived a life of selfishness to serve his own lusts.The list goes on….I prefer a Merciful and Loving and Forgiving God..not one who promotes violence and revenge. Have all Christians followed Jesus example? No, not always, but Jesus’ statements were absolute truth and those who truly worship Him will follow His truth to the best of their ability if they are truly His disciples. I look to the example of the leader as to whether or not to follow. I have decided to follow Jesus, the true Son of God. “As for me and my house…we will serve the Lord”..That Lord is Jehovah God and His Son Jesus Christ. As for the followers of Mohammed and Allah..remains to be. seen. So far it is not looking good for Islam in the categories of love and peace and forgiveness.

  37. ram says:

    this is a big lie ! they want you to think that there war against children in gaza is right ,
    they just killed a christen women today in gaza!
    they are the one who bombed the nativity church in Bethlehem in the 2ed intifada.
    they are the one who killed Jesus.
    and they are the one who asking to have a JEWS state and excluding 20% of its population manly christian and muslim.
    pleas be a ware of this because the more you believe them the more you give them reason to kill children as they killed jesus

  38. ram says:

    and please respect the deference between each other don’t insult god .
    because its the same god for all of us wether you like or not .
    the problem is coming from you ,and from those who write such article to create whats exactly is happening in the discussion . and those who are trying to fight instead of understanding the other.
    that wasn’t the behavior of jesus , Muhammad , mousa .

    its not possible to have an interesting discussion to understand each other !
    its possible.
    but don’t listen to Zionist. you can know them from there intervention of trying to create miss understanding between christen and muslim or trying to sell them self as a nice people !
    the just killed 10 kids today playing in gaza!!!

  39. Palestinian Christian says:

    Nooo way , as a Christian and from Palestine can assure u that there is no way this done buy Muslims , we have only one enemy , it’s Israel . And by the way
    Muslims using using our church for their prayers after Israeli destroyed their musqes …
    And this news is just a bullshit

  40. Mario says:

    You stupid…You are not the one to blame…blame these idiots who are been completely brain washed.
    Tunnels between Gaza and Jerusalem…Stupid…do you know the distance between these two cities for these tunnels to cover?

  41. Mariam says:

    You are ignorant and editor in chief have to resign the stupid journalist who wrote this item this is not media this is a circus you have to applogize for Hamas and for Palestinians because they are one people Moslems and Christians as well , do it now

  42. Amazed at the Ignornace says:

    Let’s go back to the beginning…

    WHY did the IDF need to go into Gaza in the first place? huh? Why? Was it because Gaza was sending care packages with candy and stuffed animals to children all over Israel? You are angry, incensed, at the death of Palestinian children in Gaza. Do you also weep for the three teenage boys WHO WERE ABDUCTED BY PALESTINIANS AND MURDERED?! With the THOUSANDS of Hamas rockets being sent INTO CIVILIAN LOCATIONS in Israel, how many children would have been dead if not for the Iron Dome? Would you have wept for them?

    Do any of you posting here know that Israel has not occupied Gaza since 2005? Do any of you know that Israel sends literally TONS of food and medical supplies into Gaza (and the West Bank), and gives medical care, EVEN TO THE TERRORISTS themselves (if they live after they deliberately try to kill civilians!)?

    Israel did not wake up one morning and say, “Hmmm. Let’s go invade Gaza.” THEY WERE PROVOKED! Oh American what would you do if someone in Texas started sending rockets into Oklahoma? Or , what if Mexico started sending rockets into Texas? Do we as American’s have the right to protect ourselves? What would you want done?

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