Is Grant County North Dakota Brewing A Race War? Black Panther Leader Purchases Land Adjacent To White Supremacist Town

Grant County North Dakota Craig Cobb

Black Panther Party Leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Could Be A New Thorn In The Side Of Craig Cobb

<NR>Craig Cobb is a man with a dream. A dream where he can strut down the street of his town and see nothing but a sea of smiling white faces. A dream where he can walk to his local convenience store and stand in a line of white patrons before getting rung up by a white cashier. In Craig Cobb’s dream there is no room for other races, and there is definitely no room for a single solitary Jew. Craig Cobb’s dream is as white as a scrumptious wedding cake frosted with the creamy Aryan seed of Thor.

C.C. has set his baby blue peepers on a tiny isolated town in North Dakota called Leith. He planned on transforming the town into his alabaster wonderland. A magical paradise where white babies would be excreted from white birth canals. An enchanted promised land where hordes of strapping muscular Aryan males would congregate around bonfires and sing rollicking ballads celebrating their mighty white heritage. A place where they could rejoice in their whiteness every second of every glorious magnificent day undisturbed by the rest of the world.

Cobb rolled into Leith a little over a year ago and began scooping up all the cheap surrounding properties. He then started networking on White Supremacist and National Socialist websites inviting all of his fair-skinned brethren to join him in taking over the petite town who’s current population is 16.

However, there seems to be more bumps in the road to Cobb’s mini-Valhala. New Black Panther Party  leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz  or “Shaggy” as he is called by his friends, has similarly begun purchasing land in the neighboring town of New Lepzig.  Mr. Shabazz plans to christen his city “New Africa” and will only allow African Americans to rent or own property within the city limits.

The residents of the surrounding towns are understandably perturbed by the potential tensions their new neighbors could bring to Grant County North Dakota. In late September several members of surrounding Indian tribes congregated with others in an attempt to squash Cobb’s dreams of a pearly white utopia. Now will the addition of Malik Zulu Shabazz’s Black Panthers the state’s becoming less  a melting pot and more a fetid pool of racial strife.

Will Grant County North Dakota become the first racially re-segregated  state or will this be a catalyst for a full-blown RaHoWa royal rumble? Only time will tell.

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4 Responses to "Is Grant County North Dakota Brewing A Race War? Black Panther Leader Purchases Land Adjacent To White Supremacist Town"

  1. Jim Evans says:

    As long as they keep their fight in their two little towns. Of course we know that will not happen.

  2. There should not be “WHITE supremacy” not Black or any other tyrannical groups period.

    It is not the outward color but the purity of heart that only Jesus Christ can give

    • Bilbo Flagons says:

      Jesus, being an Arab of course, IS the perfect messenger of a pure heart. Any race can produce a perfect messenger. It’s the MESSAGE, not the messenger/messiah..

      Thank you Prophetic Medic. Trailing clouds of Glory, you’re convinced!

  3. (Required) says:

    As I write this, a scout party of 12 Oglala Sioux warriors have moved north from Pine Ridge, monitoring activity with the intent of picking off whomever survives, then returning to Pine Ridge with nobody the wiser.