German Staffer Alleges Brazilian Players Were Drugged

Brazil-Japan,_Confederations_Cup_2013_(9)Brazil’s earth-shattering 1-7 loss to Germany in the 2014 World Cup semifinal match on Tuesday sent shockwaves through the world of professional sports, setting a record for most goals scored in a semifinal match in World Cup history while also giving Brazil their worst loss in more than ninety years. But one member of Germany’s medical staff is claiming that it wasn’t really Brazil’s fault.

Dr. Viktor Hoefler, a sports physician from Berlin who joined the German national team’s medical staff in 2006, told Brazil’s newspaper Zero Hora on Tuesday evening that members of Brazil’s own medical team, working closely with German physicians, slipped trace amounts of a tranquilizer drug called Diazepam into water and Gatorade bottles used by Brazil’s starting eleven.

“They had been gambling on the World Cup, and after Neymar picked up his injury, Brazil’s fitness people decided it was Germany they wanted to see win,” alleges Hoefler, who says he was fired from the team moments before the interview for tattling on the doctors to FIFA. Neymar’s World Cup run ended last week after he suffered a fractured vertebrae during a quarterfinal match against Columbia on July 4th.

Hoefler claims he took no part in the gambling, and protested the drugging. “I told them, `no, this is wrong. Let these teams just play it out fairly,’ but no one would listen to me,” Hoefler says. “Most people, the journalists, felt Germany were going to win regardless, but this would make it certain. And it was wrong, but no one would listen to me.”

Hoefler says he learned about the plan on Sunday, when two Brazilian doctors approached him to ask about Diazepam, a drug which Hoefler’s wife uses as a veterinarian specializing in horses.  He says he attempted to report the plan to German Head Coach Joachim Löw, but Löw told him to “not worry about it” and to “not stick [his] nose in.” Hoefler tried telling FIFA officials as well, but he claims they turned a blind eye.

“FIFA doesn’t care who wins and who loses these matches, or how that happens,” Hoefler says. “To them, all they care about is how much money can be made from advertising.”  Later, he alleged that FIFA “threatened to force me out of the German National Team if I brought it up again, and said I could be banned from the World Cup for life, even as a spectator.”

When the German National Team caught wind of Hoefler’s communications with FIFA, he was fired. “It was maybe three hours after the match, and [Löw] called me and said `you’re fired. You’re going home.’ I didn’t know what else to do, so I found the first newspaper I could find and called in.”

FIFA told Zero Hora’s reporters that Hoefler never spoke with anyone about drugged players, and that tests of water bottles could not be conducted because “the drug would have been completely consumed regardless.” They also claim Gatorade bottles are shipped out sealed, though Zero Hora reports that numerous players have confirmed that Gatorade bottles are unsealed when they reach the pitch.

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14 Responses to "German Staffer Alleges Brazilian Players Were Drugged"

  1. Jomama S. Aman says:

    A equipa nacional era uma vítima do santeria!

  2. The Pensioner says:

    Damn English Loosers, should’ve stuck to Rugby!

  3. Master's Johnson says:

    This sport isn’t real football. Everyone says that soccer is boring and I agree. Real Football is the most exciting sport in the world, that’s why there’s so many commercials and timeouts, gives you time to catch your breath. Watching OSU’s 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense against Michigan every year is pretty darn exciting.

    • Me says:

      This comment has nothing to do with the article. You’re obviously interested in some way in soccer, as you’ve taken the time to click on this website and leave a comment.

    • Desi says:

      Any American who is crazy enough to make the statement ” Tis sport isn’t real football” should try to better educate themselves before making embarrassing statement on public forums. Football was invented in the form you call soccer in England hundreds of years before American football was conceptualized. And American football is very similar to Rugby another game developed England Before American Football.

    • trautsar says:

      Master Johnson, one sport is the biggest sport in the world, while the other is an american past time which some people don’t even know exists.
      I’ll let you guess which is which.

  4. M1917A1 says:

    Big deal, it’s not like it’s real football anyway! Maybe it’ll rank right up there with Lance Armstrong sometime.

  5. Sara says:

    this is hilarious! Brazil team faced a big loss, and will be remembered for generations, and this is reality…just accept it.

  6. Steven Wallace Steven Wallace says:

    It’s no secret that the players were paid off by the Brazilian Mafia. There are records of bets in Vegas in which ‘certain people’, put down a million dollars on Germany scoring 7 goals. It’s all there, but the media won’t pursue the story because of death threats and the fact that they are involved as well, just as most world leaders. There is even proof that Obama is receiving kick backs along with the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Canada. Who really knows where this will all lead?

    Anyway, I’ve said too much already.

  7. Rob H says:

    Err….any excuse other than Brazil aren’t that good…deserved to lose…Germany were way better..and destroyed them. Simple. No conspiracy. No drugging. Believe it or not, that £50m PSG just paid for the most over-rated player in the history of the game actually happened.

    Go Germany :) Apparently Messi has already been drugged for the final…you heard it first here…shocking

  8. Gio says:

    Aaaaaaahhh, the drugging of the players. I should have thought of it. It’s funny, here somebody says it was fixed, the betting and this and that… And at the end of the game, I was saying to my daughter: “le’s see what outlandish story somebody will come up with this time, to justify this smack down”. When they lost to France, it was Ronaldo, he was “mysteriously” sick, he had been the victim of voodoo. Sure enough, now it is the malevolent doctor from Germany, in perfect Nazi style, to slip a drug into the Brazilian Gatorade. What a joke! And of course, there can’t be any proof of this, the drug has disappeared and so has the Gatorade. Brazil is the only team that loses the world cup from external intervention. They must be special in this too. The others just lose. They instead, get voodooed, drugged, hit with the Macumba, you name it. What a pile of garbage. The Dutch must have stolen some of that Gatorade and slipped it back in the Brazil’s locker room for the bronze medal game, they played just as poorly against an opponent not as strong as the Germans. Oh, hold on, I forgot one thing: an antidote was devised at halftime by the brazilian doctors, but there wasn’t enough time and compound to make enough, so only some players (those who were running like mad at the beginning of the second half) were able to take the potion. Call me naive, but I truly believe that the reason for the resounding German victory was the fact that besides Thiago Silva and Neymar, the Brazil squad is made of average to mediocre players. I have been saying it since they won (with the usual Neymar antics of lunging at opponents and diving) the Confederations Cup last year. Some referees’ help (to say the least), a holy cross bar and a lot of theatrically gracious diving, took them to that point. Luck runs out, for everyone.

    • Keisha Tom says:

      Gio i could not have said it any better. This is a bunch of crap. Further, I wonder if this is also the reason why Argentina lost in the finals. Did the Germans drug them too????? I guess they drugged everyone from the time WC started right. If it was some other team that won you would not be hearing all this foolishness right now.

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