Gang Stalking Exposed: Interview With A Veteran Gang Stalker Part 2 Of 4


Diagram Of Radio Signal’s Affects On Nerve Cells Related To Voice To Skull

I conducted the following interview with an individual purporting to be a veteran gang stalker. I detailed how our correspondence began in part one of the four part series. In it I explain why I feel confident putting my professional reputation on the line to publish this shocking account.

Click here to read part one of the four part exposé.

Our communications were relayed via email between the dates of 9-21-13 to 10-03-13. The messages have been edited slightly from their original format for easier readability. No other information has been omitted or knowingly falsified in the process.

JA: Hello and let me first thank you for reaching out and allowing National Report to publish your story. I know the TI community is well aware their own experiences with gang stalking but many still seem to be in the dark when it comes to the motivations of their perpetrators.  I believe it’s best to start our interview by asking: What is the real incentive behind your psychological torment of American citizens?

PERP: There are as many different motivations as there are groups implementing electronic weapons. For me and the organization I work for, gang stalking stems from a desire to bring order to the world’s chaotic state. I’m an idealist. Common laws are not infallible and sometimes punishment goes un-served. We provide a public service which ensures these failures of justice are rectified.

JA: But these are innocent people you’re torturing… How are you able to justify such a thing? How do you determine they are criminals?

PERP: Well, Jane, that’s a very common misconception about what we do… So I am glad you asked. The organization I work for–specifically–are not out to harm any law-abiding citizens. Our only aim is to neutralize potential threats such as criminals who have escaped prosecution. Drug dealers, sex offenders, nasty folks who our flawed judicial system has been unable to convict.

JA: That is very hard for me to believe. Surely everyone who claims they’re a victim of organized stalking isn’t some hardened lawbreaker…

PERP: I cannot deny the existence of fringe groups who use  technologies similar to our own. Voice to skull microwave communicators. A few of the early model RFID implants. Items like these sometimes find their way onto the black market. It’s common knowledge but still begs the axiom:  If you have enough money you can purchase and do pretty much anything you want. Unauthorized individuals do obtain these electronic weapons to carry out their own personal agendas.  I–nor the organization I work for–engage in this sort of business in any capacity…

This concludes part two in my three part interview with a gang stalker series. Be sure to check back soon for the third and final installment where I ask:

*What are some methods you use and ways that targets can protect themselves? *What is the final objective of organized stalking? *How did you come about this line of work? *Does your family know about your line of work? And much, much more.

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47 Responses to "Gang Stalking Exposed: Interview With A Veteran Gang Stalker Part 2 Of 4"

  1. I think to get into the stalking game an individual would really have to like people. There probably aren’t a lot of introverted types stalking others.

    • Tony says:

      really?!? They obviously have the need to be accepted by and feel that they are “part of something”, that certainly does not mean they “like” people if they are willing to induce torture to another human being, and that which , they themselves could not possibly endure!

      • miatech says:

        you’re right on the money… saying that gangstalkers are people person is fallacy. This individuals are psychopathic and sadistic in nature as inflicting pain and destruction to others is sick and wrong and no healthy individual can do this and convince anybody they’re ok. Many of them do it to kind of “joining the gang” therefore if they’re inflicting punishment, they are not receiving it. Kind of “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. So much first world development for this BS.

        • ryan says:

          shut yo bitch ass up stalking is the shit when done right ..for example your watching tv then boom your in the tv getting fuck in the ass and chased by chinesse kids and a demon …….this shit is deeper than just stalking u its spiritual and metaphysical warefare beyond even a perps comprehention because of its origin of very basic technology used by fallen angels..

    • Tony says:

      These persons are nothing less than domestic terrorists and deserve the same treatment as terrorists receive. If they believe the current judicial system isn’t working then they are a big part of the problem, instituting mob justice by no authority,,furthermore…if they need to LIE about a target to validate the complaint against them, they are NOT justified in any way and they are evil terrorists who do not like people…..thats like sayin that Bin Laden liked americans it is ridiculous…WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??

    • cousin nancy says:

      Are you retarded ? These are sad little broken people who commit acts of violence against people who have done them no harm in exchange for goods , services or some kind of quid pro quo situation. I would say they are animals but that would be an insult to animals .

    • kanaya says:

      What kind of “lover”, choses terror, stalking, torture, over justice? They would have to absolutely hate people. You’d have to be the same kind to agree with cutting off people’s access to justice too. This is state-sponsored terrorism, if you agree with it, then you don’t value justice and you don’t love people at all. You’re a freaking terrorist.

  2. Sam Widge says:

    Excellent exposé, Jane. I am glad someone has the cojones (err…huevos, in your case) to delve into this dark, dank den of deception. The world needs to know this is going on!Can’t wait for part three!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my medulla oblongata!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. ELLA says:

    They stalk people who have reported THEM, or who are victims of crimes they commit, not the other way around. I don’t know any TIs who are criminals.

  4. luca says:

    Fort those people the “crazy nasty folks” are always the other people. They should have a very good psychiatric examination instead of microwave other people. That guy is not ever honest enough to say that he is killing people for money. Of course not that i expect that!. Have you ever seen one of those criminals? Criminal is who is pick them up , washing their brain with such strange ideologies enough.

  5. Tony says:

    I was a drug addict for quite some time, and believe that one of several organizations could be responsible for my harrassment, if they believe i was not properly punished or learned my lessons, how long should i be covertly tortured to justify “justice” ? I can assure you and “them”, I have done nothing deserving of a death sentence!

  6. sham says:

    I want to thank you for your brave journalism. Because of people like you, we still have hope.

    I have been going through this 24/7 covert electronic surveillance, psychological harassment and manipulation for 7 years now. I happened to know this when I worked for an email company. I was mobbed for years and then let me go. Ever since harassment continued at the next company as well. I have been harassed in public places too. I have zero privacy and all my personal information is shared with my friends, co workers, relatives and strangers so that they get offended or they are motivated to harass me. The perpetrators can take control of relationship between my friend and I. They manipulate my friends to harass me. This is a crime against humanity.

    • Tony says:

      To Sham: This is an accurate account and feel compelled to respond with this; The fact that perfect strangers can manipulate people that we “know” and “love” is particularly disturbing, anyone in their right mind, with “critical thinking” would push this liar away and come to us immediately…they are helping to facilitate and protect these liars…as we know, the terrorists must lie about us to validate any of the allegations against us!

  7. Ft. Night says:

    Gangs, with drugs, human trafficking, and crime, are doing the gang-stalking. This story sounds like it came from a compulsive liar, trying to con readers that victims of stalking deserve a vigilante justice system. Bogus interview?

  8. Tracy Gordon says:

    They are nothing more then self rightous, wanna be ghestopo style Nazi’s. I just can’t accept him trying to justify the pain and suffering and death of so many victims. I see them as being the same people that they are suppose to be protecting us from!

  9. sjjwf says:

    This is just bull****, but if the sick people assaulting others believe this, it could explain their motivation.

    PERP: “Well, Jane, that’s a very common misconception about what we do… So I am glad you asked. The organization I work for–specifically–are not out to harm any law-abiding citizens. Our only aim is to neutralize potential threats such as criminals who have escaped prosecution. Drug dealers, sex offenders, nasty folks who our flawed judicial system has been unable to convict. ”

    I’ve been a victim of this crap since late 2002. I do not have a criminal record and have not committed a crime. I was set up by some clever criminals that I was a potential witness against. These crooks told me that the cops are stupid. Unfortunately for me, they knew what they were talking about.

  10. sannie says:

    What crimes have the targets committed? What religious groups do they use? They really think they are the intelligence community. They drive around on meth and cheer each other while they use microwave weapons on fairly innocent women. Divorcees, AA loners,people who write about them. I have photos of these ppl see photobucket and flckr. They are from Kazakstan,Poland (or say they are) they were in mental hospitals alot of the stalkers. Human trafficing they are very much involved in it. They set up fake families to look normal stalking ppl. They use very sick ppl.

  11. Tsadi says:

    PERP: There are as many different motivations as there are groups implementing electronic weapons. For me and the organization I work for, gang stalking stems from a desire to bring order to the world’s chaotic state. I’m an idealist. Common laws are not infallible and sometimes punishment goes un-served. We provide a public service which ensures these failures of justice are rectified.”

    No, you don’t, you dense motherfucking infinitely evil shit!!!! You commit the greatest injustice fucking possible against people infinitely superior to your fucking retard garbage coward asses!!!!!

    Has it never occurred to any one of your mental defective asses that a system which works on the basis of creating a completely false reality for the “masses” while idiot mental defectives like you who can’t even comprehend what’s right in front of your fucking faces manipulate everything, and on the basis of threats, blackmail, sabotage, and psychopathic demonic shit in general should not only not be fucking protected, but should not fucking exist? I cannot and could never stand those who thrive on creating false perceptions in order to hurt innocent people, and I always dreaded the idea that some idiot would have and use the means to affect things while having a completely false perception of things based upon its idiocy, and that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO, BUT TO A DEGREE OF FUCKING WICKEDNESS THAT I COULD NOT HAVE IMAGINED ANYONE EVERY WOULD!!!!


    And if this is a legitimate interview with an actual participant in electronic harassment, then the abject stupidity demonstrated makes it clear, in addition to all other evidence, that this program is really about vilification of the system by way of portraying this shit as the actual system, when in fact, it is a usurper act of sabotage in which the agents of global collectivism or socialism dress up as capitalist industry heads, government officials, and bankers in order to deliberately fuck things up and do horrendous wickedness, so that to the uninformed, these actions will reflect upon and seem indispensable to the current system. Just imagine how fucking wicked they and the system they want to bring about must be if they’re willing to do such absolute demonic ultimate infinite evil just to gain support for it among the sheeple.
    – See more at: http://nationalreport.net/gang-stalker-interview-part-two/comment-page-1/#comment-441835

    • ryan says:

      yes your right about the eternity in hell i just had an out of body experience and was shown this with 5 of them and was asked to make a choice …though i asked God to forgive them his nature of gaurdian and father would not allow the torment they caused his children to escape wrath but also showed me that iam am an angel who was sent on a mission to carry out some sort of gate keeper reaper type of thing keeping particular beings and actions bound to me forever as iam one of the fallen who have waken up but am bound by my flesh …..yes very odd to say …but hey maybe i was just in a dream ..lol….but if i could i would learn this technology and use it for my means ….fuc the government and there agenda for they are all just puppets of Azzalel

  12. Tsadi says:

    The effects of electronic harassment on my functioning caused the above comment to wind up containing a partial sentence, which I have corrected in the comment below. I have even had my intellectual superiority confirmed while being targeted. I actually had a counselor seek me out based upon something I’d written on a blackboard pertaining to the Eucharist and its origin, with this being expressed in my first video on that subject on YouTube (though the update contains a tremendously important piece of information that I became aware more recently which ties everything together) and when he discovered that I was the one who had written it, after asking around as to who had done so, he explained that he’d taken years (I don’t remember the number, but it was around five or so) of theology in college, and expressed that he was impressed with my work, and even asked if I’d ever been a priest. It was he who plainly stated while going through a checklist that I am intellectually superior, with this apparently being the result of testing done previously by the psychiatrist with whom he worked.

  13. Cloone says:

    Thank you for the web site. Perps, you owe me 2008 billions € or $ for now, I remind you 🙂

  14. Victoria says:

    Logically, the best way for Tis to address these monsters is the following:
    Hire people who are not targeted, but believe in actual justice to get the stalkers listed as high threat people, so that they can be the recipients of the program. Periodically, hire people who are not targeted to send in bogus complaints, alleging highly threatening behaviour with knives, violent outbursts, etc.

    If Tis were to pool their money, they could possibly get a number of these cretins to be gangstalked for the rest of their lives. Once, they are all attacking only each other, the streets will again be safe for law-abiding, peaceable persons.

  15. Anthony M. says:

    Except for the references to our corrupt judicial system and police aiding these vigilantes this is mostly bogus. Yes, gang-stalking involves some pretty heinous acts of torture and violence -especially involving toxic chemicals-in spite of the nonsense from the ‘Remote Electronic Assault Crowd’. No they aren’t controlling people’s minds with a microchip. That’s nonsense to discredit which is what this article is about. I’ve been a target a long time and have documented most of their techniques on my website.

    This is a corrupt D.O.J. working with our equally corrupt local police and they -working with their vigilante and criminal assets. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Please read the facts about gang stalking at endgangstalking.com and get your DVR’s hooked up and start filming and recording these guys every chance you get. Some like the Krlich family


    have done that and successfully sued their city and it’s degenerate gang stalking citizens –for this very thing.

    If you’re sane and sober and not a BS’er for the local police fusion center or the police Union then contact me at unionmember777@hushmail.com so I can collect your story and corroborate it. I AM NOT WRITING A SCI-FI NOVEL. LEAVE THE REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING AND TORTURE SATELLITES IN YOUR OWN FERTILE IMAGINATION. IF YOU’RE A PERP DON’T EVEN TRY CONTACTING ME.

    • Amy says:

      Listen, I moved over 1200 miles to get away from remote electronic harassment and I am still being tortured. The same torture. It’s done by satellite. Putting down those who are being tortured with DEW doesn’t help us. The technology is listed if you look for it. Don’t start picking and choosing who of us YOU (as a target) thinks is looney. You end up discrediting us all! Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or it doesn’t happen to others. It just means you have been spared that level of fucking torture! You sure aren’t helping the rest of us. Way to go jack-ass! Sounds like you’re becoming a perp!

    • jackuknowme says:

      You posted this on 03/01/2015 and you sound like me after the first few months of chemical assaults, deigning that the electronic weapons exist. Check back with us after the military grade electronic weapon attacks begin. Yeah, you won’t believe that what they do to you is possible, but it is, and it “is” a government sponsored crime and criminal enterprise beyond the comprehension of most average citizens.

  16. Jim says:

    Everything he’s saying is bullshit. He’s just a psychopath that loves to torture and abuse people. He’s a violent and abusive manipulative fake liar.
    And he’s calling other perps UNAUTHORISED?
    as if he isn’t?
    Sounds like the idiots I’ve got abusing me.
    Pathetic, moronic, and a mental age of 5.

  17. Mary says:

    (Our only aim is to neutralize potential threats such as criminals who have escaped prosecution. Drug dealers, sex offenders, nasty folks who our flawed judicial system has been unable to convict.)

    I have no criminal record, 60+ yr old women who keeps to herself yet managed to become a targeted individual. I inadvertently witnessed the block captain of our neighborhood watch group husband leaving her early in the am as I was returning from a walk. This is a woman that has a close relationship with the local law enforcement and brought the full force of it down on me for no other reason than her own narcissism.

    This woman has a history (I found out later) of running people out of residential rental units with accusations of drug dealing or being a pediophile. Easy to push many peoples buttons into cooperating wither with those kind of accusations. That’s the crux of recruiting gang stalkers to begin with.

    You delude yourself into believing these accusations so you can justify what you do in your mind. You also would have to admit with todays technology of gps tracking, hacking internet accounts and big brother cameras on many corners and tapping phones, that law enforcement is totally incompetent to bringing charges on these criminals, which is very unlikely. You are being duped into believing your are doing something righteous most likely thru misinformation and manipulation.

    Gang stalking is bullying and nothing more. We have the technology to have most of these criminals in prison.

  18. Faisa says:

    The fact that he would try to rationalize this behavior is bad enough. He’s been brainwashed and is being used for an end, and he has no control over the outcome as he is trying to project. These people need to be off the street and out of society. I don’t condone hatred or violence at all. I do, however, condone justice being enforced when the lives of innocent people are deemed no more valuable than this, leading to acts of terrorism carried out by some supposed “order keepers”. Tell me who died and made him God? I pity him the day he faces the one true God that he wants so desperately to become!.

  19. courtney says:

    All bs they are there to confuse and destroy humanity false medical problems heart kidney bone even mental issues all done to bring chaos in conjunction with super computers they can track u everywhere beam the desired effect or trap u in said effect these people cant do anything more than lie lie lie we have to burn their foot soilders freemasons then we’ll be back to a much more even playing field.

  20. unmanipulated one says:

    A typical manipulating(misguiding) interview conversation. The victims of this sort of gang stalking are not criminals or anything evil but rather helpless elderly and disable persons who rely on SSI or SSDI who unable to distinguish if the harm from those gang stalkers is natural cause (aging, for example) or anything. They just take the pain which caused by gang stalkers as part of life. Hence, no complication nor consequence those criminals need to face afterward. This action I personnel believe is operated by military/air force or CIA to practice their agencies’ stalking skill or exam their new developed weapons experiment.

    Otherwise, why police or any law enforcement never take action on this kind of incidents sine it’s been happening for decades with so many victims? Nor any reliable news media tycoons ever report on it? Because the big brother told them not to!

    Furthermore, as anywhere with the power to do the extraordinary things, there would be corruption involved, I wouldn’t doubt if some of those stalkers taking money to do revenge thing for rich and powerful people against their rivals who are innocent civilians.

    Hence, government needs to intervene this kind of group regardless if government has been involved and its’ original purpose is good for u.s. government! Outlaws need to be regulated even more frequent.

  21. unmanipulated one says:

    Oh! And cut the implement shI*t and brain control wave crap, it’s 2015 ! There are Google driverless cars on the road and GPS tracker can be stuck in every little hole of anything for crying out loud! it’s Human not dog, satellite at the right edge of space would do!

  22. miatech says:

    I’ve been a victim of the abusive methods of destruction for last 8 years, and probably even longer… in these process I’ve come to see how the police uses the worst element in the community (gangsters, hassler, provocateurs, etc) to harass, intimidate, stalk you. Also the use of your own neighbors for noise campaigns, it is incredible how these people literary try to kill you with noise (banging on the walls, dogs barking, dragging of furnitures) I mean it takes some deeply damage individuals to orchestrate, and to perpetrate some of these atrocities. Also it takes time to perfect all these horrendous tactics. As I’m been going through all these, I can’t help to wonder how many people have been destroyed like this. And even more important, why these people choose to do these barbaric, primitive tactics of covert torture in this day and age. We are suppose to be the more develop and advanced society of the first world “what ever that means” and this is the best these people can come up with. cover destructions, while you complain and they’re like: “I don’t know what you’re talking about” these are childish tactics of destruction. Undermining someone, circumventing and black-listing in order to outcast and ultimately destroy. All while remaining anonymous. So the can be free from finger pointing and guilt. Well everyone knows there’s only one entity that whether here or in China can orchestrate this kind of stuff. Ohh and you can call the police, it won’t help. ;0)
    youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCql-FyS27e18OWuooL28G5w
    blog: https://persecutedblog.wordpress.com/

  23. Sa Target says:


    This needs to stop and very quickly, other wise there will be more companies like liro Satanic Marketing (not a real name), in Cape Town, South Africa that makes profit from insurance fraud

    The scam runs along the following lines
    1. Company looks for candidates that will be easy to fire or set up. For instance those that has depression, bipolar or has a bad performance record from previous job

    2. Company then lies to candidate that there will be some exiting projects and actually do offer a good salary (they do pay well)

    3. Run background checks on the candidate that are more stalking like, for instance where the guy lives, who his friends are, family etc. So the guy can be set up

    4. Candidate accepts job offer, then gets registered for insurance without consent or knowledge.

    5. Employee is then fired through workplace mobbing, later is attacked by directed energy weapons

    Just imagine a company that has no shame in killing people in broad daylight

  24. Personal Surveillance Surveillance ResultsCase Study References


    This site contains information relating to advanced satellite surveillance and “harassment” technologies which are made available to covert government agencies and organised crime syndicates.
    Mr Paul Baird
    Fax(Primary): +612 4733 3249
    Fax(Alternate): +612 8838 2333
    Ph: +612 9635 0752
    satellite surveillance
    NB: The satellites are not available to law enforcement agencies. Instead they protect illegal operators (like drug traders and corporate criminals) who in fact spy on law enforcers, lobbyists etc. They also facilitate remote, non-consensual human experimentation by the US military, the CIA and so on. In fact when asked who was centrally responsible – the military, defence contractors, the agencies, the media, or the mafia – one senior AFP executive replied: “Well, they all have access don’t they”.
    They can watch
    They can listen



    (Corrupt “Businessmen” /
    Oppressive Government Agencies /
    Media “Invaders”)

    (Source – US Congress Office of Technology Assessment)

    Electronic Eavesdropping Technology
    – (Audio Surveillance)
    Radiating devices & receivers (e.g. miniature radio & ultrasonic transmitters)
    Non-radiating devices (eg wired surveillance systems including phone taps and concealed microphones)
    Tape recorders
    Laser-facilitated listening devices, rifle mikes and other “remote ” equipment (incl. satellites)

    N.B. Even phones can be made “hot on the hook” i.e. turned into microphones when not in use.

    Optical/Imaging Technology
    – (Visual Surveillance)

    Photographic techniques (incl. zoom lens and infra red cameras)
    Television (e.g. closed circuit)
    Night vision devices (e.g. image intensifiers)
    Satellite based viewing (up to and including the monitoring of writings as they are written; indoors)
    Aircraft facilitated viewing

    Computers & Related Technologies
    – (Data Surveillance)

    Microcomputers – decentralisation of machines and distributed processing
    Computer networks
    Software (eg. expert systems)
    Pattern recognition systems
    Voice Activated & thought activated computers (incl. “remote” equipment)

    N.B. In many countries the military operates tracking stations; assisting the giant American National Security Agency. The NSA covertly monitors every call, fax, e-mail, telex and computer data message. The relevant computers search for key words/phrases. Anything/anyone of interest is drawn to the attention of agency operatives. This can lead to a large scale personal surveillance operation by the NSA or other agencies; like the CIA and their criminal connections. The current system is called ECHELON.

    Sensor Technology

    Magnetic sensors
    Seismic sensors
    Infra red sensors
    Strain sensors
    Electromagnetic sensors (incl. brain wave sensors)

    Other Devices and Technologies

    CB radios
    Vehicle location systems (incl. satellite tracking)
    Machine readable magnetic strips
    Voice stress analysers
    Laser interception devices
    Cellular radio
    Anti personnel weapons – sonic and phasar weapons as well as psychotronic weapons; which target the nervous system. (These have been trialed in riot control in France etc)
    Scalar wave weapons – (scalar waves emanate naturally from living organisms and the earth itself).
    Infrasound weapons – inducing various forms of illness from remote sources (Also used on dissidents in France)
    Neurophones and similar (more advanced) technologies – Satellite or ground based. These can deliver aural harassment via microwaves or lasers aimed at the target.
    Visual harassment laser systems. These deliver blurred vision, holographs and so on to disorientate the target and/or experiment; victims’ reactions being monitored to study how best to “control” targets.
    Brain wave monitors/analysers (remote sensing). These newer technologies actually allow the target’s thoughts to be interpreted.
    “Over the horizon” technologies – These facilitate ground-based methods of harassment (eg The Alaskan HAARP project which bounces signals off the ionosphere).

    N.B. There are literally hundreds of ways of tracking the earth’s inhabitants which are available to corrupt agency officials and their criminal contacts (e.g. the mafia). The last seven are examples of devices used to covertly menace political targets who do not have a public profile. Most can be satellite based and anyone can be targeted provided they have neither influence nor contacts in public life. Government secrecy provisions help to prevent public disclosures regarding these technologies. However, there is more than an element of corruption / complicity evident amongst politicians, journalists and other public figures who are aware of what goes on. Others are afraid to interfere.
    Further Information

    It is evident that countless people (world wide) have already lodged complaints about the following technologies. They are available to government agencies, defense contractors and “organised” crime figures.
    The Neurophone
    US Patent # 3,393,279. July 16th, 1968
    US Patent # 3,647,970. March 7th, 1972
    The Neurophone was developed by Dr Patrick Flanagan in 1958. It’s a device that converts sound to electrical impulses. In its original form electrodes were placed on the skin but with defence department developments, the signals can be delivered via satellite. They then travel the nervous system directly to the brain (bypassing normal hearing mechanisms). Dr Flanagan’s “3D holographic sound system” can place sounds in any location as perceived by the targeted / tortured listener. This allows for a variety of deceptions for gullible victims.

    Today, the CIA (etc) use satellites and ground – based equipment to deliver verbal threats, deafening noise and propaganda; using neurophone technology. Anything from TV’s/radio’s appearing to operate when switched off through to “Voices from God” and encounters with “telepathic” aliens are all cons using neurophone technologies to torment, deceive and (most importantly) discredit agency/criminal targets. Naturally, the system can mimic anyone’s voice and automatic computer translations (into any language) are incorporated.

    Anecdotal evidence indicates that people like David Koresh, Martin Bryant and others could have been programmed then remotely triggered (or tricked) using harrassment technologies like the neurophone. (Although most of the targets are intelligent and law-abiding). For example, John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, reportedly heard voices before and after silencing the agency-hounded peace advocate. “God” apparently told him to confess verbally.

    To explain why others physically moving into the path of the laser (or whatever) do not pick up the signals, please note the following “possibilities”… a) Kirlean photography may be an ancillary system so it’s attuned to the targets personal energy field (their unique EM waves).
    b) The magnetite in our brains can act as a detectable fingerprint.
    c)Equally each of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in our brains. EMF Brain stimulation may be encoded so that pulsating EM signals sent to the targets brain cause audio-visual effects which only the target experiences. This, to me, is the best explanation.
    d) The individuals “vibrational pattern” could be used as a signal filter like a radio receiving only the sound modulating the frequency of the station it’s tuned to.
    e) The monitors simply adjust the volume downwards when you’re in a position where the signal could hit someone else’s body. Even if they heard it (briefly) they’d attribute it to another voice in the crowd etc.

    As with the final proof, the definitive answer lies in the actual blueprints; secreted in the bowels of the Pentagon or some similar facility. Nonetheless, there is no report of ANY intercepted neurophone signals. If it wasn’t so effective it would not have been used to facilitate silent communications between U.S. government agents/military personnel.

    Psycho-Acoustic Projector
    U.S. patent #3,566,347, (23/2/71)
    A device/weapon which can actually deafen the target.

    Silent Subliminal Messages
    US Patent # 5,159,703. October 27th, 1992
    Inventor – Dr Oliver M. Lowery
    Non aural carriers in extreme audio frequency ranges are amplified or modulated with the desired material and propagated acoustically for direct inducement into the brain. This is an excellent method of influencing people without their knowledge. An alert reader would recognise how this could create coincidences and stir up conflict; especially if what’s fed to one person corresponds with what’s gathered (via surveillance) from another. It can also help to create coincidences of the sort the media creates (through surveillance feedback) only in reverse… where the subjects are fed information prior to the event (eg. a news story) and coerced into believing they are psychic.

    Patented devices known to facilitate subliminal message delivery are too numerous to list. However, examples include: – Auditory subliminal message system and method. U.S. patent #4395600, Rene Lundy and David Tyler, 26/7/83. A system to mix messages into background music (ala the subliminal transmissions used in some U.S. department stores to prevent shoplifting or boost sales).
    – Subliminal message generator. U.S. patent #5,270,800, Robert Sweet, 14/12/93. To be used with TV, cable TV and computers. (A visual medium).
    – Superimposing method and apparatus useful for subliminal messages. U.S. patent #5,134,484, Joseph Wilson, 28/7/92. Relates to video signals. The subliminal data can be from a prerecorded or live signal.
    And yes… the entertainment industry can use such technologies to boost sales of CD’s, movie tickets etc. As intimated earlier, the criminals involved not only operate in media/political circles, they seek total control of everything. In time they may win due to suppression of information and their terrorist tactics.

    N.B Sound can also be induced by radiating the head with microwaves. One unpublished application was the Gulf War but, more times than not, the targets are mostly innocent/oppressed civilians trying to exercise their basic rights to free speech in so-called western democracies.

    Methods and Systems of Altering Consciousness
    US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992
    US Patent # 5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994
    These systems stimulate the brain with different frequencies and wave forms to alter the subject’s state of consciousness.

    Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) monitoring/interference is one of the most insidious and secretive of all methods used by the agencies.

    N.B. Similarly, EEG cloning feeds back the results of EMF monitoring in an attempt to induce emotional responses (e.g. fear, anger, even sleep etc.).

    This could possibly work on certain members of a crowd or audience….again this could facilitate scams etc.

    Notably the Alaskan HAARP project (featuring the B.J.Eastland patented technology – U.S. patent #4,686,605, 11/4/87 – “Method and Apparatus for altering a region in the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere or magnetosphere”. AND others) also facilitates experiments in the disruption of human mental processes. It’s the largest, most versatile radio frequency radiation transmitter in the world also allowing experimentation in weather “modification”, wireless, electrical power beaming and communications “disruption”. Its systems like this which could one day see attempts made to brainwash/control entire populations. And that is just as feasible as a wholesale nuclear holocaust.

    Microwave Weapons
    “A hearing system” U.S. patent #4,877,027, 31/10/89. Wayne Brunker.
    “A hearing device” U.S. patent #4,858,612, 22/8/89. Philip L.Stocklin.

    Eg. The latter involves microwaves aimed at the auditory cortex. A mike turns the sounds to electrical signals which are treated so as to provide multi frequency microwaves which are applied to the brain area. Whatever sound the mike picks up (like a voice) is relayed to the target.

    The first known experiment with microwaved voices was conducted by Sharp and Grove in the early 70’s. However, the Defence Intelligence Agency and ARPA (The Advanced Research Projects Agency) are principally to blame for the abuse of such technologies since. eg Project Pandora etc. The CIA’s Langley Research Centre as well as an army of “mad” scientists working in Energy/Defence department labs across the U.S. are also responsible.

    As with the NASA Apollo program, many of those originally involved were ex Nazi or Russian Cold war scientists (even WWII Japanese) recruited, regardless of their earlier crimes, to commit more crimes, this time for the U.S.A.

    It’s worth noting the reported experiments carried out in bygone days included The MKULTRA (mind control)/LSD experiments, germ and nuclear fallout testing (on military and civilian personnel), electro-shock treatment on institutional victims and so on. The U.S. Energy and Justice departments are now involved in such programs so the U.S. can escape violation of international defence/agency treaties. That’s also why the “D” for “defence” was dropped from DARPA.

    In any event, once a technology is labelled “Top secret-classified” they can use it any way they like on anyone. God Bless America.
    Brain Wave Monitors / Analysers
    Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a military contractor) is the first “known” pioneer in this field.
    In 1974 he developed a computer system which correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands.

    (Currently under secrecy provisions; “Classified”)
    In 1994, the brain wave patterns of 40 subjects were officially correlated with both spoken words and silent thought. This was achieved by a neurophysiologist, Dr Donald York, and a speech pathologist, Dr Thomas Jensen, from the University of Missouri. They clearly identified 27 words / syllables in specific brain wave patterns and produced a computer program with a brain wave vocabulary.

    It does not take much thinking to realise that the US agencies have access to a perfected version of this technology. In fact the relevant computers have a vocabulary in excess of 60,000 words and cover most languages.

    So, using lasers / satellites and high-powered computers the agencies have now gained the ability to decipher human thoughts – and from a considerable distance (instantaneously).

    How is it done?
    The magnetic field around the head is scanned as you are satellite tracked. The results are then fed back to the relevant computers. Monitors then use the information to conduct a “conversation” where audible neurophone input is “applied” to the victim.

    Human thought operates at 5,000 bits/sec but satellites and various forms of biotelemetry can deliver those thoughts to supercomputers in Maryland, U.S.A, Israel, etc which have a speed of 20 BILLION bits/sec each. These, even today, monitor millions of people simultaneously. Eventually they will monitor almost everyone…worse than any Orwellian “Big Brother” nightmare you could possibly imagine, only it will be a reality. Yet our world leaders, who know this, do nothing.

    Usually the targets are aware their brain waves are being monitored because of the accompanying neurophone feedback. In other words, the computer repeats (echoes) your own thoughts and then the human monitors comment or respond verbally. Both are facilitated by the neurophone.

    NB Whilst the live/human comments are individualistic and unrelated to the victims own thought processes oftentimes the artificial intelligence involved will parrot standard phrases. These are triggered by your thoughts while the human monitors remain silent or absent.

    To comprehend how terrible such a thorough invasion of privacy can be – imagine being quizzed on your past as you lie in bed. You eventually fall off to sleep, having personal or “induced” dreams, only to wake to the monitors commenting / ridiculing your subconscious thoughts (dreams).

    If the ability to “brain scan” individuals expands from the million or so currently under scrutiny to include ALL inhabitants of the planet (as per the Echelon surveillance system which already monitors ALL private/commercial telecommunications) then no-one will ever be able to even think about expressing an opinion contrary to those forced on us by the New World Order. There will literally be no intellectual property that cannot be stolen, no writing that cannot be censored, no thought that cannot be suppressed (by the most oppressive/invasive means).

    The combined use of these technologies enables remote torture and interrogation. (Memories are triggered by neurophone questioning and the brain wave analysers deliver the answers). Any nebulous arguments about US national security and the need for classified research on human subjects speak for themselves. (The writer has a copy of a White House internal memo, signed by Bill Clinton on these matters).

    Remember that in the past CIA mind control experiments have involved LSD as well as electro-shock treatment.

    The MK Ultra (Mind Control) program itself is infamous as are the instances where implants have been detected by X-Ray etc. Also there are those experimented on under the the cover of ‘Alien visits’. Today, Neurophone and mind reading technologies are at the forefront of similar programs. In many ways these new technologies are an even more sinister means of conducting illegal human experiments.

    Colonel John Alexander, advising head of NATO’S non-lethal weapon initiative, is the main proponent of these technologies. He favours all manner of devices which can, from a distance, induce illnesses, read minds and covertly harass innocent targets. If he could he would implant a microchip in each newborn child and initiate a mind control programme designed to brainwash the entire planet or at least those not fully in tune with their New World Order. Even to entertain such a thought is criminally insane yet he has said such things in public. In fact Scientific American magazine and the major Scandinavian newspaper, Helsingen Sanomat, have suggested all people will be implanted with a DNA microchip in the future. E.g Prince William has already been implanted (for “location” purposes?) while some U.S Military/Agency personnel, including NASA astronauts, have been implanted so as to study their thoughts/emotions etc. Think of the possibilities for robotics and cloning in the future.

    Remember, these technologies (developed for times of war / terrorism) are (post cold war) being used today on lobbyists, intellectual dissenters and peaceful activists; to discredit and silence them. (So much for democracy.) Notably different methods are often used on different victims within a certain area (city) so as to avoid providing a pattern for investigators to observe. This also provides a cross section of political targets for their experimental programs.

    It is also noteworthy that some of the victims are ex-agency / military personnel who have rebelled or tried to blow the whistle on corrupt practices within these organisations. Some of these report that not only have the thoughts and emotions of millions of targets been catalogued by military/intelligence agencies but all such agencies have political/mafia/media links due to both infiltration and association. Many of the actual monitors/harassers are also recruited from the worst possible sources.

    These people also report that experiments in controlling voters by these remote methods were tried in Haiti, Bosnia etc AND that in 1994, the U.S D.O.D proposed using such technology on all individuals opposing their views(and competitors etc).

    N.B. These technologies are invariably used in conjuction with satellite (audio / visual) surveillance; creating the effect of an electronic POW concentration camp. Mental rape is only one of the many crimes committed in this mobile environment. E.g scientists, writers, political/military leaders etc can have their intellectual property stolen at the source. Without doubt the computers store and analyse the intelligence gathered by surveillance/harassment technologies. Their vast memories allow detailed studies of how the human mind works so as to learn how to influence and/or control people. Duplicating these processes for robotics and other artificial intelligence purposes is another sinister goal.

    The US and other world governments are guilty of fostering gross human rights abuses by using these methods. Their covert operators can now do their worst without fear of detection. The cost is justified by the control gained and the experimental results achieved. Of course, (as with the space program and military expenditures in general) the funds used could be better spent solving real problems like hunger, disease, poverty and crime.

    Agencies such as the CIA, ASIS and ASIO should be accountable to appropriately selected committees etc.
    Military units, like Australia’s DSD, should not have the right to access satellite (or other) technologies to spy on or harass law-abiding citizens; especially in their own country. Equally they should not assist foreign governments with ‘Big Brother’ systems like Echelon, except where assisting with law enforcement activities (which they do not).
    Federal Police should be able to access oscillating scanners and EEG machines like SQUID (Superconductor Quantum Interface Detector) through the defence department or appropriate facilities. These can detect the relevant frequencies and this provides proof.
    There needs to be a United Nations Satellite Committee to oversee developments in satellite technology from a humanitarian perspective.
    UN weapons inspectors should include non-lethal weapons and satellite weaponry on their checklists.
    The International Criminal Court should deny veto rights to the US government. The threat of class actions against US government departments may then lead to the end of these atrocities.
    On a positive note…

    (i) Pres. Clinton has issued a memo promising greater protection for human subjects of classified research. (The memos very existence is an admission of guilt).

    (ii) Sen. John Glenn introduced a bill (22/1/97) called The Human Research Subject Protection Act. (And he’d know how necessary that is).

    (iii) The European Parliament recently passed resolutions calling for a world convention to ban all weapons used for human experimentation/manipulation. (see Resolution on the environment security and foreign policy A4 – 0005/99, Jan 28th, 1999.EP1159). The European Parliament also called for a convention introducing a global ban on any weaponry enabling manipulation of human beings. The International Committee of the Red Cross also expressed its concerns in July ’94.

    However these are only promises recognising the problem. None have yet bore fruit. The use of most “non-lethal” weapons contravenes the spirit of all privacy laws and criminal codes as well as every relevant code and convention in play internationally; including The Declaration of Human Rights. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Geneva Convention and The Nuremberg Code. The perpetrators are guilty of crimes against humanity. Those supporting them are engaging in class warfare of the worst kind.


    Illegal Experimentation on Humans
    Proof of Anti Personnel Technologies
    Developed through Illegal Experimentation on Human Targets
    By Paul Baird
    Exposure. Vol5. No4. 1998.
    These technologies were tested (involuntarily) on civilian personnel using remote satellite tracking and over-the-horizon technologies. Today they are also used by covert government agencies to oppress political targets. (It is a strong possibility that they are also “available” to certain defence contractors and organised crime figures.)

    It’s a matter of US Congressional record that in the 50’s and 60’s the CIA conducted behaviour or mind control experiments using LSD etc. on innocent victims. Only the most naive would claim that the “control” testing stopped…they merely changed their methods and focus. The world also knows that US radiation experiments yielded tens of thousands of victims; vindicated, though rarely compensated. Indications are that the latest round of weapons testing will produce even more victims. Tens of thousands worldwide have already lodged complaints. The truth must be faced and publicised!!!

    The Neurophone: U.S. Patent #3,393,279.
    July 16th, 1968. Inventor – Dr Patrick Flanagan (Invented 1958).
    Description: A device that converts sound to electrical impulses; allowing information to be transmitted to the brain by means of radio waves directed at any part of the body (skin). In other words, recorded or live messages, noise, music can be directed at an individual and, through the nerves, the signal will be carried (involuntarily) to the brain, bypassing the inner ear, the cochlea, and the 8th cranial nerve.
    Purpose: Practically, the Neurophone could be used to communicate with the deaf but, more often, it is used to terrorise political/military targets. The tracked individuals hear recorded/live threats, propaganda etc, which those around them do not hear (delivered mainly via satellite laser). This harasses and discredits the targets; especially if the problem is communicated to those unaware of the relevant technologies.

    Advanced Neurophone: U.S. Patent #3,647,970.
    March 7th, 1972. Inventor – Dr Patrick Flanagan. (Invented 1967).
    Description: This Neurophone incorporates an electronic circuit duplicating the encoding of the Cochlea and 8th cranial nerve themselves. The NSA placed a secrecy order on this development for over 5 years because of the military applications of the technology. Further Neurophone advances include the development of the time recognition processor, improved memory applications and the advances in satellites incorporating neurophone technologies.
    Purpose: As Above

    Psycho – Acoustic Projector; U.S. Patent #3,566,347.
    February 23rd, 1971.
    Description: A high directional beam, radiated from a number of transducers and modulated by a speech, code, or noise beat signal. It may take the form of a radiator mounted on a vehicle, aircraft or satellite.
    Purpose: To produce aural/psychological disturbances and partial deafness.

    Methods & Systems for Altering Consciousness :

    U.S. Patent #5,123,899. June 23rd, 1992.
    Description: A system for stimulating the brain to exhibit specific brain wave rhythms and thereby altering the subjects’ state of consciousness.
    U.S. Patent #5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994.
    Description: A system for the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli (usually aural) with different frequencies and waveforms.
    Purpose: To disorientate/manipulate a target.
    Silent Subliminal Messages: U.S. Patent #5,159,703.
    October 27th, 1992. Inventor – Dr Oliver M. Lowry.
    Description: A communication system in which non aural carriers (in the very low or high audio frequency range or the ultrasonic frequency spectrum) are amplified or frequency modulated with the desired “intelligence”, and propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement directly into the brain. This can be done “live” or recorded/stored on magnetic, mechanical or optical media for delayed/repeated transmission to the target. Sound can also be induced by radiating the head with microwaves (in the range 100 to 10,000 mhz) that are modulated with a waveform consisting of frequency modulated bursts.
    Purpose: To instruct or pass messages; in theory. In reality it’s used to torment political/military targets. (One unpublicised application was the Gulf War)

    Brainwave Scanners/Programs: First program developed in 1994 by Dr. Donald York & Dr. Thomas Jensen.
    Description: A personal scanning and tracking system involving the monitoring of an individuals EMF via remote means; eg. Satellite. The results are fed to thought activated computers that possess a complete brainwave vocabulary.
    Purpose: Practically, communication with stroke victims and brain-activated control of modern jets are two applications. However, more often, it is used to mentally rape a civilian target; their thoughts being referenced immediately and/or recorded for future use.
    Note: In conjunction with Neurophone technology, this is a mechanism for remote interrogation/torture via satellite.

    EEG Cloning:
    Description: A system whereby the target’s EMF is monitored remotely and EEG results fed back to them (or others) to mimic emotional patterns; eg. Fear, anger etc.
    Purpose: To induce emotional/psychological responses. For example, the feedback of Delta waves may induce drowsiness since these are familiar when in deep sleep.

    This entire bracket of weapons was referred to by L.Brezhnev in 1978 when he told US President J.Carter that there should be a unilateral ban on certain secret weapons “more frightful than the mind of man has ever conceived”. And clearly there are many others that we are yet to learn about; including advanced forms of infrasound weapons that can induce organ damage/illness from remote sources (esp.satellites).
    What’s needed includes the following:

    A UN Satellite committee and non-lethal weapons inspectors.
    An International Criminal Court prepared to handle class actions brought by the victims.
    A growth in public awareness regarding the testing of experimental technologies.
    Finally, it may also be worth noting the comments of one senior investigator from NASA’S Inspector Generals Office. Having conceded the existence of such technologies and commenting on the evil uses to which they are put he advised: “I suggest you pray”.
    Mind Control: Neurophone http://www.nettimakako/mind/neurop.htm
    http://www.mk.net/mcf/resrc-hm.htm #3 Lee Books
    The military use of electromagnetic,and mind control technology, Armen Victoria (PO Box 99, Westport District Office, Nottingham, N.G.8 3NT UK)
    Technologies | Surveillance | Surveillance Results | Case Study | References

    Copyright P. Baird, 1998-2002
    Last updated July 2001
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    • unmanipulated one says:

      Another typical manipulation and sabotage purpose posting from paid trolls!

      So what do you think Air Force Research Lab 711th Human Performance Wings is for?


      “…The Wing’s mission is to advance human performance in air, space and cyberspace through research, education and consultation….”

      Anyone with common sense should know what AFRL is doing…weapons! They need lots and lots of human experiments for their new developed weapons—especially direct energy weapon, aka laser weapon! Not blow off any constructed buildings but human target!

      With all the regulations and human rights organization’s close watch, AFRL can no longer use solders and inmates to be their experiment.Civilians learn new things quickly through internet and are not ignorant to those labs. No one with right mind would voluntary to be their slow- cooked meats! So who they are going to fire on to test their new developed weapons? No body knows…just go figure!

      Hence, they need a group of people to silent those victims not only in person but also their internet activity through hacking, stalking, then harassing and sabotaging. Every victims will be called crazy although they might be mostly mentally disable person relying on SSDI. The lab might have chosen their human experiment carefully. No one would believe crazy people anyway!

      However, just in case, they will have someone watched those experiments. If the experiment has no clue whatsoever, the watch will be casual. If the experiment senses something wrong and trying to figure things out. The watch will be tide and more heat and burning will be given as warning.

      Finally, some experiments found out that they have been victimized by a group of people that means, their watcher considered those victims are not trustworthy and might endanger to their research. The 24/7 punishment project will be on. The victim is in danger! Like I am now!


    • noname gale says:

      Right! Whatever!

      Global surveillance

  25. Dug says:

    BEWARE!! IMPORTANT!! REAL 100 % true!!

    Sex Offenders and now being paid to do revenge “covert SPY And Nano implant” talk with Sex verbal explicit sex offending and entrapment/threats and stalking’s Excetra activities on certain people! In Wisconsin!

    “Don’t be stupid if you family hears voices these are revenge a spy implants Don’t let the police of FBI ignore this!!”

  26. Dug says:

    And this is ok!?

    Now they are letting /murderers or sex offenders /gang /cult churchy persons or groups/ or nasty down the road neighbors ( Your neighborhood not another country!)do what ever they want and now 911 does not really mean anything anymore does it?
    Seems like it’s going that way!

    It’s a sad day for our USA if they don’t stop this activity with implants!

  27. Nicholas says:

    The organization which he speaks of is Code 4, which is an organized crime faction of fanatical extremists who torture and destroy humans they target. They are modern Nazis in every sense of the word. They have infiltrated every law enforcement agency and judicial system. They manipulate our courts for their own criminal purposes. They possess leaked research, technology and intelligence which they are unqualified to use and they err terribly. They have destroyed countless innocent lives and framed innocent people. They honestly believe they are protecting children. They do not believe in our judicial system and instead believe crime is necessary to enforce the law. They are an illegitimate, illegal foreign state operating within our homeland for the purposes of forcing their cult beliefs on the public through crime, violence, espionage and treason.

  28. Dugger says:

    Bin laden frightened me and now this is even worse then him and these implants have been around for years since 1800s and now being updated and put into humans and animals…… Ones in us now could be those which are not the purpose for which they are meant for ..so how could we find out ? Because if these are not, we might be a planned situation that’s been happening for years, but not even aware of the situation! And talk about a frightening No one or fixed with what ever…. and possible take down operation BY ANYONE!! We don’t even know if the implanter is a criminal undercover! And we want to trust these implants and implanters!?People pay others to do illegal activities, even murder so how are you or me going to know what really is going into our bodies?

    And this is all ok who gives a darn? And we pray we are not going under a terroristisc dome!

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