FEMA’s First Concentration Camp Officially Opens In Arizona

(AP Photo/Raad Adayleh)

(AP Photo/Raad Adayleh)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has officially opened their first “Political Realignment Facility,” more famously known as a “concentration camp” or “death camp,” in an area southwest of Willcox, Arizona on Thursday, according to an official FEMA press release. The agency plans on opening another four such facilities in 2015, and plans to have twelve up and running before the 2016 elections.

The first facility, designated as “Camp Alpha,” is built on nearly 500 acres of Federal property near the Chiricahua national park in southwest Arizona. FEMA says the camp can hold as many as 10,000 Americans, with barracks-style living accommodations, a large cafeteria, and prison-like security perimeters and features, as well as facilities for FEMA personnel to “conduct the business of the facility” and both open-air and underground labor facilities to quote “keep inmates occupied and, when needed, separate.”

The facilities, which were ordered and authorized through two-dozen executive orders by President Barack Obama the day he took office on January 20th, 2009, will serve as special camps for conservative-leaning Americans who openly dissent against the Obama Administration and the Democratic party, through Facebook status updates, Tweets, blog posts, or in private conversations intercepted by FEMA.

Once conservatives have been rounded up, FEMA will use enhanced interrogation techniques and “Clockwork Orange”- style machinery to effectively brainwash the conservatism out of an inmate, after which they can be reentered into the population with a more liberal, progressive worldview.

In an email sent only to registered DCCC members in February, FEMA showcased the effectiveness of their political realignment program with a summary report of one “John-227,” a test subject from 2013. This individual, whose real name has not been released, was “as conservative as a person can be.” FEMA identified him as a man who “drives a pickup truck, only listens to country music, goes to church every Sunday, hates gays, and is convinced President Obama is a Muslim from Kenya.”

But after a mere four days of political realignment, John-227 “became everything the Obama administration wants an American citizen to be. He’s now lovingly engaged to his homosexual partner. He drives a Prius. He has two cats. His favorite show is `Girls’ on HBO. He’s developed a gluten allergy and he’s a full-blown vegetarian now. And most importantly, he’s quit his job and is fully dependent on the government for sustenance, which is exactly what we want for all Americans.”

It is unclear what FEMA will do with those inmates who do not take to their procedures, though they’ve made it a point of identifying Nazi Germany as “A source of inspiration” and referring to the holocaust as “an eye-opening event in world history.”

FEMA says all twelve of their camps will be open and fully operational by September 1st, 2016. Their facilities in Wyoming, Texas, and Tennessee are set to be open before the end of the year, while the remaining eight facilities, in Georgia, Mississippi, Alaska, Iowa, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Nevada, and Florida, will have ground broken before January 1st as well.

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155 Responses to "FEMA’s First Concentration Camp Officially Opens In Arizona"

  1. slimereaper says:

    this is absolute BS: ……”But after a mere four days of political realignment, John-227 “became everything the Obama administration wants an American citizen to be. He’s now lovingly engaged to his homosexual partner. He drives a Prius. He has two cats. His favorite show is `Girls’ on HBO. He’s developed a gluten allergy and he’s a full-blown vegetarian now. And most importantly, he’s quit his job and is fully dependent on the government for sustenance, which is exactly what we want for all Americans.” ………~ the camps do exist & have for some time now. with people already in them

  2. Condor 6 Actual says:

    Although I have not performed any actual research on the information contained within this article, I do find this to be, the widely spoken of, ongoing construction of said camps throughout certain geographic areas of Our United States!——–As with everything which is posted on the many medium s within America, and Globally for that matter, what is the absolute True-isms of what is posted, and the absolute True-isms of what one can eventually expect to encounter, as the November 2016 election gets closer and closer to the finality of being a reality, rather than something which is merely spoken of in passing, as if the November 2016 election shall simply serve No useful purpose, and or, the election in and of itself, simply shall Not happen anyway, due to many facts, which are not fully known at this point in time, or shall Not ever be known at all, which is Not in the Best Interests of the America’s Citizenry/Society, which from my stand point of view, is Not what the people of Our Country, what the people of Our Nation, genuinely desire to experience any further shock waves roll over and across this Great Land, from sea to shining sea, no matter what the many have already been saying, about the subject matter of this article!——Should the topic of this article, be thrown into what is being said to be, “the predetermined”, full on forward momentum of the FEMA camp locations across this United States, then we as Americans, regardless of Race, Color, Creed or National Origin, need be fully aware, and fully capable of doing for themselves, what need be done for themselves, in a mere heart beat of time, with regard to any and all full on counter measures actually being employed against what is said to be, the worst of the worst event, which could ever possible take place here, where Lady Liberty Stands as the Beacon, for the Freedoms and Liberties which all the people of America have come to be accustomed to having in their respective lives, which are Fully at stake, should the eventuality depicted in this article, actually become the major factor, for and with The United States Of America overall, which shall then become part of the long standing history of Our Country, of Our Nation, for All to See and Hear of the Sad as Sad could ever possibly be, for the United States Of America as a whole!

  3. Condor 6 Actual says:

    My having gone forth and read so many of the older comments, I do see that Religion has been thrust center stage. I am not an overly religious person, but I do believe that there is a divine guidance, which has been at work throughout this world which we all do inhabit. With my having conveyed that, please do know folks, that I have seen and experienced first hand, the Horrors which man-kind has inflicted upon one another, up close and personal no less! I’ve also seen and experienced first hand, humanity at it best as well. The best that humanity has to offer though, does Not out weigh the many acts of IN-Human acts, which are simply more prevalent in the world’s news censorship, than anything else bar far! I have seen and experienced first hand, just how far south a Humanitarian Mission can actually go, simply because two or more factions simply shall Not effectively communicate, and genuinely work toward and for a positive result, which all party(s) can live with. Waging War, is the end result, of the genuine Failure of diplomacy, where there are two or more factions/entities, which simply Stop speaking with one another, and then folks, enters the Diplomacy by another means, which is Not liking to that of the actual Diplomat! Diplomacy by another means, does Not utilize the same language as that of the Diplomat, NO this alternate means does not! Diplomats are sent to many a place, from many different nations from around the globe, in order to plant the Idea(s) of the nation which the Diplomat(s) represent. When the language of actual Diplomacy fails, as diplomacy more than it ever actually fail to begin with, then enters the alternate means of the diplomatic language, where this language is Not structured to delivery a pain free message so to speak. Diplomats plant ideas, whereas Diplomacy by another means, plants lead in ones head, until someone on the side where the lead is *IN-Coming*, raises their hand(s), and requests that they be allowed to speak with the actual Diplomat again, because the actual Diplomat’s language, hurts far less, than the language of the alternate means of Diplomacy. In short folks, when the two or more factions have made the choice to Not endure anymore painful Diplomacy to be afforded to them, the two or more factions start liking the actual Diplomat in earnest this time. Bloody Well marvelous, is it not?. The same can, and need be said for the many topics, and or subject matter(s) which appear throughout the many web site mediums, here in the United States, and around the Globe. This entire maelstrom of Hate Thy Neighbor, rather than mind you, Our Learning To Genuinely Get Along With Thy Neighbor, is far above Over Due From Happening, here in the United States Of America, and most certainly, around the many Hot Spots around the globe, where there are many an American Military Man and Woman, forward deployed to the areas of Hostility, and or actual Combat with some of those very people, which America’s Armed Forces need Not have Ever been involved with from the start.—-You be asking yourselves, what exactly does my comment herein have to do with the subject matter of this article. Well folks, my comment herein has Everything to do, with the many, story lines which are depicted on this web site medium. When people are unsure of something, or people do not understand the genuine meaning of one thing or another, which is happening right here within the confines of Our Great Nations borders, from sea to shining sea, then what comes from the not knowing, or not understanding some aspect or another which is happening right here in Our United States of America, then the Fear Factor comes bloody well, full on alive in the masses, which can only serve to fuel the Havoc and chaos which is created out of Fear Of The Unknown, by the many within Our Country, by the many within Our Nation! Many a person across this land we inhabit, need to know beyond the shadow of any doubt, just how to reason out within and of themselves, what is actually on the back burners of America’s UN-Said for the most part, on the back burners of America;s endeavors, at and with all levels of Our Country’s citizenry/society, no matter what we as Americans are actually facing, and or are going to be facing in the near term, mind term and long term, Of, With and FOR America, as apposed to the over zealous concentration of what is going to happen TO America, if No genuine action is taken, in order to appropriately Safe Guard our remaining Freedoms and Liberties, which *Is* our Foot-Hold as Americans, in our actually regaining 100% of, our *Once Upon A Time*, Freedoms and Liberties, which the Framers of this once upon a time Fledgling Nation, had seen fit to actually build for us, in many a day hence past, so that we Americans, of this era, would be fully allowed to Prosper From, the long Labors of the Framers of our once upon a time Fledgling Nation, who had revolted against the ruling thumb of our British cousins from across the vast expanse of the hearty Atlantic pond! If for no other reason folks, we need always remember what had been at stake for our fledgling nation, in the realm of adversity and the austere conditions in which our Fore Fathers and Mothers had fought the good fight against the British ruling thumb, to arise Victorious on the other side of the good fight, so that we Americans, would continue to survive, and to proper from our having survived, the many arduous conflicts which have tested the mettle of of the Home Of The Brave, Because Of The Many Brave Men and Women who had come and gone, long before our time here in America, so that We could and would enjoy the Freedoms and Liberties of being Americans, So Help Us GOD!——————–Thou I shall walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear No evil, because We are Americans, and it is within this shadow of the valley of death, that many an American before me, had crossed through and over, only to emerge on the other side of the valley, bruised and battered yes, but they had been Victorious nonetheless, for having gone through the shadow of the valley of death, and into the shining sun on the other side of the valley!——-This Americans Fore Sworn Oath, To Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, Against ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, So Help Me GOD!

    • EXGOP says:

      What kind of people spend their lives thinking up this kind of bizarre scenario? The only reason is to try to tear our country apart by hoping ignorant people will believe it. This is so wacky that it is scary to think that minds like that exist outside of James Patterson novels.

  4. Michelle says:

    Thank you for your honesty. God’s people need honesty. God bless you!! 🙂

  5. Karl Severson says:

    I am intrigued by Donald Trump’s talking points on illegal immigration. I think that the FEMA camps might come in handy to inter illegals in an attempt to deport the millions that are already here. The camps don’t seem a bad idea to me as long as they’re used for someone else.

  6. Yonibear says:

    Almost want to start my own newssite when I look at your readers comments. It must be such a pleasure to look forward to them.

  7. Goffa Kurselph says:

    This is complete made up fiction and is LOL stupid. In short, it is total horse$hit. Jumpin’ Jesus Christ on a Popsicle stick, you need help.

  8. I will not be going to any FEMA camp. My moto is Live Free or Die Trying.

    • LibOvermaster says:

      Where do you think Ammon Bundy and his other degenerates will be sent once their trial is over?

      If you continue to disrespect The President or any government department or official, you will be added to The List,

      • youignorantslut says:

        @LibOverMaster: guess what pallie, you are not immune nor your bank accounts thereof. Your lord and master is after you as well, sheep. It’s not just about the puppet, 0Zer0, it’s about the NWO, and they want your money, too.

        Don’t bitch if you have to pay $35.00 per strawberry.

  9. Breavo says:

    Has anyone noticed that the picture of this camp on the top of the page, is actually located in Jordan, which is over 7,000 miles away from Arizona. Most of the so-called FEMA camps you see online, aren’t even located within the United States. Sure FEMA has camps in the U.S, but they are nothing like the pictures you see. These conspiracy clowns are just trolls, I am sure most of which are mentally unstable. Do your own research people and you will see all lies, to create fear. Here is a link to prove this site is infact not in Arizona.


  10. Eric K says:

    Doesn’t exist, they are using a stock photo from the middle east. I think this is the tent city in Saudi Arabia outside of mecca.

    Here is the simple challange. Will someone from Wilcox Arizona go out to this area and take real pictures. How about someone driving I-10 in arizona……………

    Since this is a year old story, how about this news group do a real follow up, boots on the ground kind of thing. Send one of your reporters to Wilcox Arizona and get us some new news… you can’t because it isn’t there….

  11. nubwaxer says:

    “the onion” was the first and still the best satire site. if there is any such site anywhere it is probably a refugee detention site or an annex of sheriff arpaio’s jail. otherwise get a grip and i don’t mean around your dick, you f***ing wanker.

  12. Kathy Robbins says:

    Anyone who doesn’t believe in this is in denial and just stupid. Wake up to the various factors for a very powerful word and excel in denial about the various factors that you are not admitting to the various facilities in U.S.of American or shall I say ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

  13. Dan says:

    Where do you get and application . I would like a management position working for a FEMA camp..

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