Fans Of Fast And Furious Series Destroy Blogger’s Vehicle After Inflammatory Article Goes Viral


Photo Of Adora Bull’s Car After Being Damaged By Fast And Furious Vandals

Trillions and bazillions of death threats were received by feminist blogger Adora Bull after she released an article entitled “5 Reasons Why I’m Glad Paul Walker is Dead“. She was forced into hiding and is reported to be on suicide watch after her phone number and address were leaked online.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and there were a dozen guys in my parking lot just pounding my car to smithereens”, Adora reported from an undisclosed location. “I hastily packed a few essentials and phoned the police. The men managed to disperse before the police arrived so I had them take me to a relatives house where I have been ever since. I don’t imagine I will be returning to my home anytime in the near future. In fact, I am currently making arrangements to relocate to a different city until all these ridiculous cretins calm down. I mean, they didn’t even care about this guy until he died. Really, it’s just ridiculous. My car is completely destroyed because people have the poor taste to worship some of the worst movies ever made. I mean, whatever.”

“I Don’t Imagine I Will Be Returning To My Home Anytime In The Near Future…”
Adora Bull-

Hundreds of fans have vowed to hunt down Ms. Bull and make her pay for her flippant comments in regards to their dearly departed hero. “They want me to get assaulted, murdered, tortured in every manner imaginable. Watch my entire family get eviscerated to death before I’m raped to death… Bla, bla, bla, ad nauseam. You name it. They said they are going to do it to me. Last I checked this was America folks, and this thing called freedom of speech. You don’t have to like my opinions just like I don’t have to like the movies you so desperately worship. Take a brick, build a bridge and get over it.”

We’re told that the FBI are currently looking into some of the threats aimed at Adora Bull and are taking the situation with the utmost seriousness. Modern Woman Digest has been assisting law enforcement officials by forwarding all of the IP addresses of commentators to the police.

We asked Adora what she planned to do about her car. “I have already obtained a new vehicle. In fact, those schmucks sort of did me a favor since I have insurance that will replace my car in the event something like this happens. I got a newer nicer model now, very luxurious”, She giggles, “I would love to invite them to burn down my house as well. I have been considering getting an updated condo for some time.”

While Adora Bull is still said to be on suicide watch she seems to be weathering this stint of disgruntlement with class and style. Despite having kindled so much vitriol and rage amongst die hard fans of the Fast and Furious series, Ms. Bull claims that it’s not derailing her from her work and she plans to release much more content in the future.

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437 Responses to "Fans Of Fast And Furious Series Destroy Blogger’s Vehicle After Inflammatory Article Goes Viral"

  1. Jimmy says:

    Who fucking cares what she thinks. All I know is Paul walker wouldn’t want people doing shit like this in his name… he made more money than this cunt off one of those “stupid movies” he helped more than this low life around the world. People are going to give Paul and other car enthusiasts a bad name if they do shit like this.

  2. tim green says:

    people who go this crazy over a random celebrity are nothing short of mindless animals

  3. Essa says:

    CLASS AND STYLE? More like CRASS & snide.

  4. The Truth says:

    And look what was said about Nelson Mandela!! For shame:

    Nelson Mandela Dead At 95, 5MPH Faster Than Paul Walker


  5. Jen says:

    Yes, Adora Bull, you are entitled to your freedom of speech and these people are entitled to voice their displeasure at your freedom of speech. Freedom of speech works both ways. And sometimes, even when you are just exercising your freedom of speech, you are opening yourself up to be attacked by some crazy deranged people. You can say what you want, but when society doesn’t like you for it, don’t be surprised. Yes, you are free to say you are glad Paul Walker is dead, and we are all free to hate you for being such a horrible woman.

    And whoever wrote THIS article…handling herself with class and style? Are you kidding me? She is not doing that at all. Nothing of what she has responded, said, or done has been classy or stylish.

    She wants to say she is glad Paul Walker is dead? Well, people are allowed to say they want her dead to. It’s the way it works. Freedom of speech is a two way street dumb b****. This is just like that lady who wore the Boston Marathon bombing Halloween costume. You can do it, but dont be surprised when the world hates you for it.

    • Joe says:

      Jen, she is her coworker. She wrote this article about her coworker like she was doing a story on her and interviewing her. They are just pathetic attention seekers playing journalist on the internet and nothing else.

    • Robbo says:


      • David says:

        Haha! Sorry Robbo but saying “I wish you die” or “I wish someone beats the shit out of you” is not considered a threat in the eyes of the law (unless you have significant influence over the person that finally acts upon your suggestion). And if her name, address, and phone number were gathered by means of public information then it is also not illegal to repost it. Now if some idiot actually posts “I’m going to kill you” then they should be arrested just for being idiots!
        Either way, this girl is an idiot that learned how to make money through infamy. She has no real value to the human race. It’s all egotistical self-interest. Hope she’s enjoying it now. Payback’s a bitch!

  6. You deserve to die , you’re messing with a community that has come together very strong… And that’s the car enthusiast community.

  7. Bobby says:

    I wish this article and Adora’s was never written… “No such thing as bad publicity.” With that being said, it cannot be denied that Adora’s article was complete filth. That is just my opinion and indeed, I do believe in freedom of speech. Adora had all the right to post what she posted but she should be ready to face all the consequences of her words. Words are indeed very powerful and i hope she realizes that. I hope you realize that as well because i read something about “waiting in line to blow Walker’s corpse”….. I mean…. How immature can you journalists get? There is no reason to attack a dead man, especially someone who did nothing to harm people such as Mussolini, Hussein etc. I honestly hope that you both will learn to express your opinions in a more professional way.

  8. pha Q says:

    Who gives a shit? You’re all retards

  9. A. Buen says:

    Paul Walker was a decent actor in my opinion and his movies gave me many hours of enjoyment, it is sad to see him go he was a good man after all. Saying you’re glad he’s dead is like me saying I’m glad people are attacking you. You do have a write to say what you want, but you should take into consideration what it is you are saying. Don’t jump at the opportunity to attack a individual based on their work, attack their work not the individual. Just like it isn’t right for people to attack a woman physically for speaking her mind it isn’t right for that woman to insult the memory of someone who has just recently passed.

  10. Eileen says:

    Ya now I see why she’s getting attacked. She’s a BITCH! ! Doesn’t matter who the hell died, bashing them after they die is heartless. Obviously she was never loved as a kid and lived a shit worthless life that she has to bash people who are actually successful in their life. Adora hope HELL treats you well when you get there!!!!

  11. jeff says:

    Adora Bull has a penis

  12. Check d. Faqs says:

    Check everything first before believing anything on the internet:


  13. Rob says:

    That’s what you get for being glad someone is dead REGARDLESS of whether or not they made terrible movies

  14. Jaqcues says:

    Her name is Adora Bulls.. adorables… just sayin’.

  15. sir goat says:

    i find it funny that ppl worship others just for the fact that they are doing their JOBS. Paul was a ACTOR it was his JOB what makes him more inportant than anyone else ? the fact he was on TV? For fuck sake? He was no more inportante than the plumber that just unblocked out drains or the other person in the car but you dont see everyone having a sad when he passes. Anyone who thinks that celebraties are more inportanint that everyone else is a fool. i would trade a thousand Paul walkers for 1 person with a kind heart and generouse spirit. Yes hew wass in movies he was an actor it was his job get over it. After the 1 movie it all went down hill anyway. How many of these ppl actualy knew him i bet none!!!!oh but he was a kind person! HOW IN GODS NAME DO YOU KNOW u never knew him hung out with him or even assosiated with him. GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT HE’S DEAD DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!

  16. Seidy says:

    If any of you are really Paul Walker fans, maybe you should have looked this up first before attacking. And most importantly , had thought about his daughter.
    I love Paul, I think he was a great actor, Fast and Furious is one of my favorites movies, if this article would have been a real fact, and it had happened, did anyone ever wonder, or would have even asked why she wrote that? why did she say that? maybe if this lady was real, maybe who child was killed by a speed racer, so she hates the movie because of that….
    you all want to come here just to see your name being posted, talking about being ignorant etc etc, have you see what some of you are writting?? that’s ignorance.

  17. JD says:

    The irony, is that her feministic views, and opinions over someone that just died and hadn’t been put into the ground yet is why people are reacting this way, not because he is some hero (even though through his charitable and selfless acts to other people without the publicity that others often crave such as this author). She has not acted with any class for the suffering of his family and especially his daughter.

    I for one am dishonored that she even mentioned the words “soldiers” in her piece. I am a soldier, have been to Afghanistan, and serve our country honorably to this day. But the dishonorment that she tried to tie the deaths of troops with her distorted views, and degrade another human being in this way dishonors everything that I as a soldier stand for.

  18. RapidRon says:

    I don’t know if this was posted already because I just woke up and can’t open my eyes to read everything yet, but this lady who wrote the article is as much just a trolling bitch as she is a fucking dumbass. I know I’m coming down hard on her but here is the main point: Freedom of Speech is between a government and its citizens. It is not a protection that is magically afforded between citizens to stop one from killing another one because they are being fucktards. That is why there are also limits to freedom of speech, such as speech that ‘creates a clear and present danger’ and ‘extremely inciteful speech’ that the government will stop in order to preserve order and keep people from getting murdered. This lady is fucking stupid–and I really hate stupid people who stand behind something like freedom of speech and are so smug in thinking how smart they are when they are just fucking clueless.

    Finally, it is completely classless and the height of self-serving bullshit to attack people when they are dead for such trivial reasons–and it is asinine to cry about it after. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but honestly regarding ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’ the ‘SMART IDIOTS’ (aka people who think they are smart and have smart words because, say, they went to school or listen to a lot of podcasts or something, but use all the info like morons) need to one day try something called critical thinking skills, and understand what such a thing really means.

  19. Porto says:

    You’re an ass..

  20. Not everyone cared about him just because he was in fast and the furious, he was a brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and teached and inspired the lives of many people, young and old. He had various charities and shared his wealth instead of squandering it on himself. He was a loving father and mentor. These “cretins” are exercising their freedom of speech, while some are taking it a little far. If only she realized that if she continues to be completely insensitive, arrogant, and stubborn, instead of apologizing its only gonna get worse for her. She shows no sign of remorse AT ALL, so for now I feel like she kinda deserves it.

  21. the truth says:

    so the truth is. she wrote it. the big corporate company said its cool to release it. they know what they wanted and they got it. riled up people and getting millions looking at their website and whatever else.

  22. Jeff s says:

    that’s because he was helping with food and aid to the fucking Philippines and was trying to make a difference in the world and the movies are cult classics like scream and other shit like that. he was trying to help people and you saying you’re happy he is dead is fucked up and you not even understanding why people are mad at you is even fucking stupider. your just an arrogant self entitled fam insist idiot who loves to hear the sound of her own voice!!

  23. BBR says:

    “Modern Woman Digest has been assisting law enforcement officials by forwarding all of the IP addresses of commentators to the police.”

    Oh shit the cyber police are on it!! They’re gonna back-trace all those mean trollers and arrest all of them!! We’re gonna build new jails just to house the thousands who emailed her!!! Oh the humanity!!!!!! D:

  24. stu11926 says:

    Put on your hip waders, folks. I smell bullshit!

    This article makes it sound like “Adora” is happy and has already replaced her car with an upgrade (Upgrayedd?) Oh really? I think I’d like to switch MY insurance to a company that can process a claim that quickly. Also, if she is so darn happy, happy, happy, then why is she on suicide watch? If this incident isn’t interfering with her work, why is she not blogging about this herself? This seems to be written by someone else on her behalf. As for weathering this storm with class and style, anyone capable of writing the despicable column that instigated this response has not an ounce of either. I’m not even a Paul Walker fan.

  25. akram says:

    your a stupid cunt, your magazine is filled with cunts, your death would mean less than i hair off of paul walker’s head. he in some way made a difference. your just a cunt like your cunt co worker, apologies for my lack of vocab used in this situation but cunt just so aptly describes you and your cunt co-worker, fucking cunt

  26. Adora Isfullofbull says:

    “I mean, they didn’t even care about this guy until he died. Really, it’s just ridiculous. My car is completely destroyed because people have the poor taste to worship some of the worst movies ever made. I mean, whatever.”

    How do you know we didn’t care about him until he died? You don’t you arrogant cow. And you didn’t care about him until he died did you, hence your inflammatory comments. Hypocrisy much?

    Saying you’re glad he’s dead is just disgusting. And more so just to get some views on a blog that doesn’t mean anything to anyone except for you.

    You’re fat aren’t you, Adora. Single too no doubt. Living with your 26 cats in a home where the curtains are never opened. I bet you sign everything ‘Ms’ too.

    You make me sick. Genuinely. I also feel very very sorry for you.

  27. Tony Da Tiger says:

    While I have no problem with you voicing your opinion, you brought this whole thing onto yourself. I have no issues with the content of your article, but when you use a provocative headline like you’re ‘glad that someone’s dead’ just to draw readers in, you’re disrespecting the deceased and their family, so why wouldn’t there be people who want to burn your effigy? If someone in your family passed away, would you like it if I go around telling everyone that I’m ‘happy that someone you love passed away because he deserved it’? Freedom of speech is fine, but show some respect…

  28. KIDDChris says:

    Not everyone may understand the impact of this man’s death, just like Selena in ’95. I remember people sending death threats to Howard Stern and he had to apologize because he said her music was horrible. Yes freedom of speech is alive and well, but class and respect should be too.

  29. alex says:

    It would be sort of ironic if she was driving and she hit a pole and her car went up in flames. Since nobody really knows who this bitch is, nobody cares.

  30. angel says:

    i hope she kills her self i really do she called every one elts intelligence out well she starting this bad mouth crap proves she a ignorant bi**h and should burn in hell. she dug her own grave talking sh*t about such a good man who has save many life’s with his foundation.

  31. Danny says:

    Sure no one actually knew him. How many peope have died who started a movement though, im sure he didn’t affext everyone but don’t make any comments that u know are going to be offenseful to a big amount of people. What if I said i wish adolf hitler was still alive? It would be my opinion but im sure people would still consider unjust amd let me hear their opinions about it lol (I don’t wish hitler was still alive btw). Anyway we all have our opinions but we should keep a good amount to ourselves unless you’re not hiding behind a screen and willing to face the possible consequences from someone who not doesn’t only feel the same but took your opinion into extreme offense.

  32. David says:

    I don’t honestly think “Adora Bull” is an actual person, nor do I think this is an actual story. I think the crappy Jen girl on Modern Women Whatever is tapping into her crazy and making blogs as fake characters in her mind to boost the amount of views she gets on her page with these asinine stories. There is no suicide watch.. there was no car bashing.. and there are no IP’s being checked; there is just one insane women sitting at her computer proving that some Modern Woman are quite pathetic.

  33. Frank says:

    too bad she was not inside the car when they came to visit her, those bullets seem wasted now

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