58 Responses to "Facebook Friend Request Killer Arrested – Woman Killed 9 People Who Did Not Accept Her Friend Request"

  1. Danny Boy says:

    If a big black woman in a cow suit sends me a friends request on Facebook, I’m accepting it, no questions asked. Who are the people that would not accept this ladies friend request?

  2. Rebecca L. says:

    Thank God no one else was hurt!

  3. Samantha G. says:

    Just because someone doesn’t accept your friend request on Facebook that is no reason to kill them!!

  4. Jed L. says:

    what a coward

  5. Misty M. says:

    Who would ever think that by denying a friend request you would be putting your life at steak? It’s udderly incomprehensible.

  6. Betty Prejean says:

    Sheesh, isn’t she moody?

  7. Paul K. says:

    They won’t buy the cow if the milk’s for free, Sha’Quonda.

  8. Yasmin says:

    People are so overly sensitive these days. You deny one little Facebook friend request; suddenly somebody’s having a cow.

  9. Dr. Hanson says:

    Somebody that in need of attention is no doubt milking this thing for all it’s worth.

  10. Richard Vernon says:

    You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

  11. MJJ says:

    A cow pun!!! Moooo!!!!

  12. Richard Vernon says:

    They finally got her. Well done, Monroe PD, you really took up the flank on this one.

  13. Lester P says:

    Cud you please stop it with the cow puns please? They’re offal.

  14. larryfine says:

    I don’t sign on to Facebook because of stuff like this.

  15. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    “Maybe next time you’ll be my friend on Facebook motherf*cker”

    Sadly, the deceased will never have that opportunity.

  16. Jake says:

    This is just utterly

  17. Jake says:

    This story moooved me. It’s u

  18. Lmao says:

    Cant wait for the movie!!!! Sure to be spot on!!

  19. Amy says:

    I am from Monroe, LA, and the amazing thing is this didn’t even make the local news. This is the first I’ve herd of it. Maybe it was an honest mis-steak, but I can’t help wondering if it cud be a cover-up.

  20. LaReina says:

    Her Facebook page is still up! Only now there is nothing on her timeline and she has no friends. I will not friend her. Let her come here and try to do something about that!

  21. Tonya says:

    Chick a fila cow bandit! They tracked her down by the trail of waffle fries.

  22. Lisa says:

    If this happened in Monroe, LA why is the phone # in Kansas? And why haven’t I heard anything about it before now? I live in Monroe, LA.

    • Shaun B says:

      The crazy thing about this article is…the person in the photo is not the person who killed these 9 people. The woman in this is from Middletown, OH. Correct me if I’m wrong and I’m not a lawyer but wouldn’t this be considered “Defamation of character”!?

    • shawn says:

      Im from Middletown Ohio, story doesnt match picture. Thats Michelle from across town

  23. Mad Cow disease says:

    Honestly this woman doesn’t look like she is altogether there. But its sad that the pain of not having any friends drove her to this. Think of one of your friends tonight and count your blessings.
    Whew can you imagine if you were her one friend and forgot her birthday?

    I’m sorry for her and all of her victims and their families.

  24. Just Visiting says:

    lmao at the responses.

  25. Carissa M. says:

    Knock knock

  26. knoidea says:

    Brown chiken brown cow

  27. David says:

    well I can tellyou the person in the picutre is a Local celebrity in Middletown, Ohio and this report is very wrong the girl int he picture is Michelle, around these parts she is known as Booger Michelle and the mugshot is from her being arrested for prostitution….

  28. tanya says:

    I think u should take a bit a n look at all the to things that happen n has to nwats she had to deal with in the street I’m notsaying she was right but iI think its time to get her the help she needs

  29. Travis says:

    I live in Monroe and never heard of this until now. Regardless of where it happened; she deserve the death penalty. How senseless is it that you would kill someone all because they won’t be your friend. I said once and I’ll say it again. Social Media is just as evil as it is entertaining. Do it the old school way and meet somebody face to face.

  30. Karla says:

    DARIUS RUBICS!! Do you need someone to help your verify your information?

    Michelle Alexandria Allen lives in Middletown, Ohio. Who is Michelle? Michelle is the woman in the cow costume displayed for all to see in the photo associated with your article. Michelle is probably going to be pursuing you for misuse of her identity. She files frequent police reports for much, much less.

    Good luck with how you and your team handle this error.

  31. Noticed This... says:

    Her neighbor’s name is Leroy Jenkins…


    “At least I have chicken”-Leroy Jenkins

    This is rather an interesting article, who would go to such extremities when not being accepted. It really makes you think about the psychotic behavior of people.

  33. Derp says:

    I would have kicked that bitch in the cunt.What does girl have a fucking 10 year old mentality? this is stupid as fuck.Cow suit? Really? Talk about a fucked up mind.Who gives a shit about facebook.

  34. steph says:

    Wow!!!!!!! This is sooooo silly and goofy. Leroy thank god u make accept from her lol she will been kill u smdh

  35. Nick says:

    Why would you name your kid Sha’Quanda? Also there is an actual Leroy Jenkins?

  36. unsuccessful troll says:

    Her name is “Sha’Quonda”?


  37. Meagan Madness says:


  38. Herp says:

    Maybe she thought people were Friesian her out…

  39. Trillion Megasmith says:

    Great . these articles provide wonderful humour, mainly from the replies.. Love it..

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