Facebook Drug Task Force To Begin Monitoring All Messages October 1st

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Drug Task Force

Mark Zuckerberg speaking to reporters about the new Facebook Drug Task Force the company is implementing October 1st. (AP Photo/Dennis System, File) / AP

Menlo Park, CA — Beginning October 1st, Facebook will be implementing a drug task force designed to arrest those who buy and sell narcotics while using the online social networking site. Facebook is calling the group the Facebook Drug Task Force, or FDTF, and will be monitoring all postings and messages created by its users.

Chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, spoke with CNN about the FDTF. “The task force was created to keep users of Facebook safe,” Zucckerberg said. “The FDTF will be working directly with the Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement agencies. We’re gonna put away the bad guys.” Zuckerberg continued, “Online crime has risen to all-time highs. As the world’s number one social networking site I feel it is our job to protect our users from such deadly things as drugs.”

Paul Horner, spokesman for the DEA, told reporters he is excited to see Facebook going forward with their decision to implement a drug task force. “I’m thrilled,” Horner said. “We’re going to get all the drug pushers and dope addicts off Facebook once and for all. The marijuana junkies think they can socialize on the line with their fellow druggies, well, not on my watch. We’re gonna read their messages, we’re gonna build cases against them, and we’re gonna put em’ all in prison. It’s going to be beautiful.”

36-year-old Brandon Huigens, a member of Anonymous, a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities, spoke with MSNBC about drugs on Facebook. “Everyone should protect themselves by downloading and using TOR, it’s that simple,” Huigens said. “This hides your identity on the internet. Another suggestion I can make to avoid trouble is, don’t talk about drugs on Facebook. Yes, someone is reading what you are typing. Don’t talk about sketchy stuff unless you don’t mind someone else reading it.”

Facebook made headlines Sunday when the online social media giant announced they would be adding ‘SATIRE’ tags to user’s postings who link to satire websites such as The Onion.

UPDATE 8/21/14: First Facebook Drug Task Force Arrest Has Been Made

Jumping the gun before the official kickoff of the controversial program in October, the Facebook Drug Task Force made their first and official drug bust since the corporate giant began monitoring its users drug activity.

Two men were arrested Wednesday and are being arraigned at Menlo Park’s first corporately held jail cell on the grounds of the Facebook Headquarters.

Facebook initially reported the user monitoring would not begin until October 1st, however they said the bold action to move early was to “catch the druggies off guard”. Facebook Police Officer Jesse Fitzmaurice, the arresting officer, spoke with CNN about the historic arrest.

“It was beautiful. I didn’t have a warrant, but I was pretty sure I heard a young woman inside the house begging for her life, so I immediately entered the residence, which smelt like old pizza boxes and dirty socks which I can only assume were being used as some sort of Pagonistic Ritual. I saw the two suspects in my scopes, on their Facebooks, socializing with their loser junkie friends, probably talking about how many pounds of reefer they’re gonna inject that day, and then bam! I grabbed those junkies throats and told them they were going to pound town. Two more marijuana addicts off the street, feelsgoodman.jpg.”

Facebook has setup a 24-hour hotline to answer any questions or comments about the drug task force and can be reached at (785) 273-0325.

VIDEO: Facebook Police Prosecutes First Drug Bust

‘Satire’ Tags Appear Next To Fox News Articles On Facebook; Lawsuit Announced

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599 Responses to "Facebook Drug Task Force To Begin Monitoring All Messages October 1st"

  1. wickedwizard says:

    they can’t read the message’s they can get in trouble if so they trying to scare people is all

  2. pimpskinny says:

    hey Facebook police why don’t you come monitor my nuts in your mouth ok freedom of speech assholes

    • skooter says:

      Your first amendment right to “freedom of speech” is that the government shall make no law preventing you from saying what ever you want. This Facebook monitoring thing basically makes it the same as if you talked about selling drugs to another person and a police officer was within earshot. You should pretty much expect the officer to have a few questions for you. If you want to do illegal things without being caught, don’t post it on the internet…

  3. Devin says:

    You know, I could totally seeing people doing setups against this. Just saying they’re gonna do a drug trade at a certain place and time, cops show up to make an arrest, and not a damn thing on either one.

    • James says:

      I hope that catches on like the stupied Memes or whatever they are called.(Ice Bucket retard thing).That would make the (Drug task force) impossible to continue.good idea

      • That one dude from nantucket says:

        Ice bucket retard thing? You do realize it is for charities and ALS as well right? I agree with the memes and doing the fake setups, but leave the Ice Bucket Challenge out of this. I would hope that you dont have any mentally ill people in your family. Especially referencing something in such a way

    • SallyAnn says:

      I was thinking the same thing, set up phoney drug sales, and do it across the street, or some place close where you can see them. If enough people did they, well they would be earning their pay. But then they would try to find out who is doing it and then charge them with a crime.

  4. ME says:

    This is a load of crap!! It is sooo offensive using the term MARIJUANA JUNKIES especially when using medical cannabis under my Family Doctors recommendation and supervision!! What about them PILL POPPING Junkies???? Also for your information, medicinal cannabis growers are aloud to share and trade crops amongst eachother hence the term CO-OP…. ALso, does that mean all the medicinal Cannabis Facebook pages will be shut down?? HOW BOUT ALL THEM FOLKS THAT ARE SHOWING PICTURES OF THEMSELVES GETTING DRUNK AND THEN TALK ABOUTDRIVING HOME???Ya something is juuuuuuust not right about this….. This whole article smells like junk, and written very bad!!

  5. addy says:

    Marijuana junkies?? Wtf. Go for the herion JUNKIES dumbasses.

    • Kriss says:

      True that i fucking hate the fact they call us marijuanna junkies first off i use it to help my anxiety and depression and social anxiety so the police could fuck off if they think its anything like coke or pills or herion WTF!! I get to catch big druggies but its your facebookaccount theu have no right to go into your messages ita an invasion of privacy they should have a warrent before going into someones messages fucking pigs

  6. Magnus Stjerneby says:

    so if you live in Amsterdam you can get busted by facebook police and what happend then?

  7. This world is so close to being like a Third World Country,This just gets it a lil’ closer. I have never sold ,nor bought on here. But why does Mark Suckerburger care so much is what I wanna know? Must be because this site has went down hill and mainly money or ……???????Who cares ,not I ??!!! Inject weed ?,,,LOL LOL

  8. john says:

    Why the fuck is it once again all about marijuana users.. why don’t they catch dangerous people like crack heads? But no marijuana “addicts” are the dangerous ones..

  9. Jason says:

    For all you debunkers out there: This article is real. They can’t just post something on the internet if it’s not true, only the government can do that…and does do it,,, and this isn’t a government owned website it’s a DOTNET IDIOTS!!! youtube #police state #obama #rfid chips #haarp #ALEXJONES …… Wake up sheeple before they take away ALL our freedoms!!!

  10. Brendan Akles says:

    I do not approve of this. Calling people junkies is not a ice thing to do. If you had any further knowledge of marijuana you would know you do not shoot it up or take it. You heard about THC all the time but not TCB. It helps cure cancer and fight it off. By the way cancer has a net worth of 1.3 billion. Look into something before you judge it. If your talking and you know nothing about it you’re basically speaking out of your ass. Also to look into any individuals messages would be an invasion of privacy.

  11. Haa says:

    Inject some marijuana??

  12. Cris says:

    . I saw the two suspects in my scopes, on their Facebooks, socializing with their loser junkie friends, probably talking about how many pounds of reefer they’re gonna inject that day, and then bam! I grabbed those junkies throats and told them they were going to pound town. Two more marijuana addicts off the street, feelsgoodman.WTF INJECT POUNDS OF MARIJUANA? LMAO…REEFER JUNKIES?? THIS HAS GOT TO BE A JOKE !!! SOMEBODY HAS WATCHED “REEFER MADNESS” TOO MANY TIMES !!!

  13. sharon says:

    your detective isn’t very clued up , i don’t know anyone who INJECTS reefers only smoke them , i’d get your officers clued up if i was you … dumbarse

  14. shadowheart says:

    Why not go for the people who foes the DANGEROUS drugs? Marijuanna is not a drug. It Is a plant. Yes it may “get you high” but it is also a herbal medicine that is also a cure. Sorry but this article Is a load of bs

    • Marissa V says:

      Marijuana not a drug it’s a plant, ok I guess peyote is not a drug it’s a plant. And everyone that calls people marijuana junkies get it right it’s potheads. Also I think marijuana is the least of their worries. I think they are more concerned about the heavy drug such as cocaine, heroin, Molly, and etc. As a parent I’m glad. Also freedom of speech does not apply. You can post drug related post and marijuana joke all you want. Just can’t advertise that you have a kilo of cocaine for sale. Anyone that’s stupid enough to do that should be arrested. Think about it.

    • Adrienne says:

      The poppy plant is not dangerous?? It is a PLANT that morphine (heroin) is derived from. Cocaine? Plant. This list can go on and on, so the argument that because pot comes from a plant it is NOT dangerous is an uneducated one. And look up the definition of a drug. Herbs that have an effect on the brain are still considered a drug. A drug is a substance that alters the brain’s normal and natural function. Unisom and Advil are also drugs. I am by no means a prude when it comes to drugs; I have been clean from heroin for two years. I had started smoking pot at 13 and graduated to anything and everything in between in 10 years. I believe education is the most important thing that can bring ignorance and myths of drugs to the forefront of public concerns. I do not believe pot is all that bad, and should be decriminalized everywhere. Our jails and prisons have overcrowding as it is, not to mention how slowly the legal system works. People sit three months in a jail for pot, and rapists and violent people walk away with parole, probation, fines and less than a slap on the wrist. When will the world learn? Fighting terrorism? Great! Let’s cut off some of the money funding these groups by legalizing the pot they profit from people who must get it ILLEGALLY. I am so sad that the same things that have brought so much good to the world are outlawed; they are uneducated attempts to rid “the bad”. This needs to be changed and can be done starting with TRUTH. God bless THE WORLD.

  15. joe says:

    This is ridiculous! ! I agree with everyone else go for the real dangers, not the ones who will most likely end up on their couch watching tv not robbing someone or even killing them. Would also help if who ever stated “inject marjuana” to at least know what they are talking about lol. ? Makes u look like a dumbass.

  16. Tim Baird says:

    first off you DON’T inject marijuana u ether smoke it eat it or make tea with it and marijuana is a plant/herb/flower it is far les dangerous that alcohol and prescription drugs it is slowly becoming more reconized and used for many medical uses if a conversation is being made in a private message that is where it needs to stay I relieze that they are admins that watch what is done on these sights but a private message is just that granted that this is a sight that sight viewed all over the world but here in the U.S.A we do have the freedom of speech to talk about whatever we want to talk about come on Facebook get in the real word I agree that other hard drugs something needs to be done about but marijuana needs to be left alone with your Facebook police you are going to start losing a lot of your followers if you keep prying into everyone personal beliefs and space

  17. bltzrd says:

    so i guess the freedom of speech amendment law is out the window now. why dont you go find some real “druggies” to purse. you cannot INJECT reefer you fuckin idiots you smoke it fuck tards, and i bet if you tried smoking it you would understand it helps people thru their daily lives, helps symptoms of incurable illnesses and makes the world a happier better place. i would bet if the wolrd governmets did a 1 day worldwide study and gave everyone in the worlds ( over the age of 18) a joint to smoke i bet world crime would drop 99% on that day. use your heads for good not dumb shit media fools!!

  18. Martin says:

    War were declared!

  19. Kyle McFarland says:

    I’m a legal patient in Michigan. Ill talk about it to whoever I want…..Whenever I want. Suck my Fat Pole Zuckerberg !!! Carrot Top little Cunt

  20. RoxxanneRedd says:

    Oh this is illegal bullshit! You CANT moniter people’s private messages. And what about those marijuana groups on facebook like Hail Mary JAne that post weed pics? They can’t shut those down. FREEDOM OF FUCKING SPEECH!!! I’m pleased to see everyone is against this. And inject marijuana? please, you smoke it not inject it dumbasses. they wouldn’t know weed if it smacked them in the face. and why pick on potheads? its the least dangerous drug out there. why not focus on the heroin addicts? this country just keeps gettin more and more fucked up. Someone has GOT to start a protest and get this shit undone

  21. Kyle McFarland says:



    i i

  23. Horacio Spinelli says:

    hey everybody lets all CONTINUE to do whatever the fuck we want on facebook.

    and they will CONTINUE to steal all of our messages.

    0 changes…

    Im laughing so hard at this article AHAHAHAH i cant stop laughing… “marijuana junkies” HAHAHAHA

    Do they even realize they are pumping crypto currencies like no other? LOL

  24. Horacio Spinelli says:

    Is anyone else doing drugs right now laughing at the idea of arresting 99% of the nation?

  25. sickand tired says:

    Yes, because “marijuana junkies” are the world’s biggest problem right now. Fuck Facebook, fuck Mark suckerberg and fuck the “facebook police” Someone is going to set you guys up with this dumb shit and then you’ll see who will be sorry for bad mouthing people that you don’t even know. This country prides itself on being the “land of the free” yea right! We can’t even talk privately to friends anymore without the government reading everything we say. WATCH OUT MARIJUANA JUNKIE LOSERS! Superbad facebook police are going to beautifully put you in prison while the meth and coke heads run the streets. This is a bunch of bullshit

  26. Terry says:

    Only time will solve this ignorance and only at the source, not in the things that come after. It will happen in time and in fact is already underway. The problem is in the law making itself. As more and more old fuddy duddies age and leave politics it makes way for a younger and much more informed group of individuals. This change is inevitable, it just takes time, government as we all know moves at a snails pace. Be patient people, it will change … eventually

  27. Christina Crawford says:

    I used my REAL NAME to write this and I want to say how disgusting our country has become. I am a reformed pill junkie. Never shot up or smoked anything but a little pot. I quit everything years ago. But I am so offended that 1st, you would dare invade our privacy with the help of Mark Zuckerdick who has made billions of dollars off of our posts and messages. It is THE PEOPLE who made social networking a social event. And now (after you bank your billions) your going to use that very social behavior that made you EVERYTHING you are, to invade our freedom of speech and have us hunted down and imprisoned? SHAME ON YOU. Now don’t get me wrong, like I said, I am a REFORMED addict. I’m not standing up for “junkie’s”, or pot heads (and by the way, DUMB-ASS, let me assure you that a junkie and a pot-head are two VERY different things). I’m standing up for the right to talk about being WHATEVER you are. Not just a pot-head, or a junkie, but also gay, bi-sexual, tri-sexual, racist, fascist, pacifist. The point is that WHOEVER you are, your supposed to be allowed to be it. HERE if not anywhere. Isn’t that what America and the whole concept of freedom is about?? Where else in the world can someone truly be who they are without having to come face to face with awkward judgments and uncomfortable looks or being teased or bullied. SOCIAL NETWORKING is the greatest example of freedom on the planet. You know why?? Because it is freedom not just limited to your home, or your state, or your country. It’s a form of freedom that the whole world can share, no matter where you live. And at the end of the day, nothing you SAY IN WORDS on a social network can compare to our real physical actions. So if a pot-head or junkie is out on the streets getting high, being drunk, popping pills, doing drug deals, or whatever, and the police catch them fair and square…THEN SO BE IT… Those are the laws of THE LAND…. But so long as we are here, sharing only our words and connecting only through a screen, then it should be held to the standard of freedom of speech and thought. SHAME ON THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA if they should go so far as to make us fear speaking on the internet. Social Networking was a great step forward for some countries who were not allowed to be themselves in their homes or countries due to their laws and public expectations. America was the trend setter in freedom… And now we are to be the first country to demonstrate how to rape that freedom?? Shame on Facebook for having a hand in this. And shame on America for once again taking what shouldn’t belong to you…


    • Brian says:

      Zuckerdick should realize that truthfully…we don’t have to use Facebook, If everyone went elsewhere the moron would go broke…hell he’s probably out there snorting some coke and shooting up himself.

    • Gloria says:

      That says everything…very well said!!

  28. your mom says:

    Fuck facebook we have no privatesy on there now reading our messGes fuck them they arnt smart because people will find other ways and ill post to warn ahead of time fuck the government police and face book….o ya fake e-mail

  29. Phil M. says:

    yeah, I tried the maijuana injection thing once, but the leaves kept plugging the needle, ROFLMFAO. Marijuana Junkie? Get real. Someone took their “Stupid Fanatic” pill this morning. I’m thinking of starting a bunch of fake accounts and flood them with drug oriented babble, just to see the Facebook Police, (I’m shaking in my little booties) come and arrest me. Can’t wait to see the uniforms.

    Btw, I’m in Canada. I’m thinking that the DEA has no juridiction here. :)

  30. Chingatch says:

    “It was beautiful. I didn’t have a warrant, but I was pretty sure I heard a young woman inside the house begging for her life, so I immediately entered the residence”

    Yeah, Right! What a jerk, nice way to get yourself “injured”.

    Maybe she was just dieing for a joint!?

  31. duckface says:

    if u are injecting refer u should go to jail wtf is this world coming too. crack comes from a plant too arrest them all their is no democracy in facebook zin heil zuck get all these refer injectors

  32. Sarah says:

    I can’t get over the statement of “injecting weed”.. what? What does that even mean? I’m sorry but if you’re going to write an article, maybe you should AT LEAST educate yourself on what it’s about. I also think it’s extremely concerning that the only “druggies” and “junkies” (which is also very inaccurate terminology) being targeted are marijuana users, not people who use heroin, crack, cocaine, pills, or alcohol… totally disregarding those who use pot for medical reasons.

    Hey guys i have an idea, lets bust all these marijuana smoking, peace loving, tree hugging hippies but let’s not focus on drugs that can actually kill you. LOGIC MERICA.

    Lets hope I don’t get arrested for sharing my opinion, since our constitutional rights are being ripped out from under our feet one by one. Go fuck yourself facebook, You’re getting deleted.

  33. pjw says:

    Ok if facebook wants to monitor drug users such as and I quote “reefer, and MARIJUANA JUNKIES.” Then they need to look at the own damn selves. You think some Marijuana junkies or reefer user will part take in weird rituals and leave pizza boxes laying around just to get caught? I will answer this, Drugs such Marijuana, pot, reefer, bud or 420 you name it it’s out there. Most drug users taking this planet or herb are not being twisted to do stupid stuff. They would want to do it and the thc helps them do it because they are not in the mind of reason to stop themselves. Thinking that their will disowned them if there not in the in crowd. But on the same note it has the properties to assist in many illness if taking with respect for the plant and not abused like most drug users do. I am not saying it good or bad but I am thinking that labeling and signaling out people that are already mentally have issues turn to pot as a relieve and the ability to feel free inside. The pain of the world for the moment goes away. But what when you see a drunk driver posting pics himself driving home or some one stating facts on a subject that they might know some about. What you will take that away and say they are using pot or marijuana. Or will people make up reasons to get people in trouble because they have a grudge or want revenge. I think this is going to a fail all in itself and face book in time will fall to ground because people will shut down their accounts and stop using the service. Because usa is talking about how free we are but in reality were are in turning in to just like a dictatorship. where we have no rights at all. Rich gets what ever they want and middle gets shoved aside, and poor class just has to either live with out or crock from the lack of what ever they need to survive. “We the people” Is a distant memory and no one wants to speak up and take a stand because it doesn’t affect them and when it does they cry wolf by then it to late. Bullying and Labeling like this article is just another way to say we don’t care about anyone but ourselves. Keep our pockets lined with money and shut up about it. Is basically what they are doing. This drug task force with the turning point for face book and now it will go down hill quick.

    Drugs don’t make people do stupid things. People do stupid things while they do drugs because they want to blame someone for their actions and not take responsible for what they did. So before shooting out drug forces and monitoring message you may want to think how it will affect the long term projections. Do want 60 % of your users in jail and not spend money on your games or post stuff and keep you happy pockets lined with money. Or do you want to lose all that you built to stupidness and invade everyone privacy and spend about 3.5 billion worldwide or more to have ALLLLL local and state agencies to work together. And can not say it wont cause it will. And you be under the private sector so you will not have to much on the taxes per state you establish resources with.

    So lets go the big picture. What about states that have medical marijuana legal you will put them in jail to if they happened to say I get my new supply cannabis or marijuana. Or will you will take away the computer and block their address from access the internet forever. How much power do you want or have to do what you want and not suffer a back lash. Plus how would it affect local phone and cable internet providers if they have to block a bunch of their customers due to this. I know about ip traceing and ip blocking and address blocking. I ran a lot different programs to see how they work and tested them out. You have to much power and with that much power the time will come when that power is gone and you will be right back where all it started.

  34. - it begs the same question now being asked about/towards/of our government “who guards the guardians, ???? themselves ?????

  35. William Franks says:

    Facebook owner you are a bitch if you are going let the police have the power to look at ppl stuff think about all the web sites that came before you now do u want to end up like them cause I kno I have over 900 ppl that I am for sure that will go to another social site to talk and if one leave many will follow so you should think of wat u doing cause its not you make u its the ppl who make you and ur money with out us there is no u u will be that same person that was probably smoke weed in his dorm when u came up with Facebook but I just one person that can turn in to billions and more cause its more supporter of it been legally that it is un legally sorry thats just fact

  36. William Franks says:

    Facebook owner you are a bitch if you are going let the police have the power to look at ppl stuff think about all the web sites that came before you now do u want to end up like them cause I kno I have over 900 ppl that I am for sure that will go to another social site to talk and if one leave many will follow so you should think of wat u doing cause its not you make u its the ppl who make you and ur money with out us there is no u u will be that same person that was probably smoke weed in his dorm when u came up with Facebook but I just one person that can turn in to billions and more cause its more supporter of it been legally that it is un legally sorry thats just fact and I do not give you my permission to use it in any type of way and if so I will fight and go after in a lawsuit against you

  37. Ohigetit says:

    This is hilarious. Almost as funny as the fake Purge.

  38. Daniel hawkins says:

    WOW!!! Two pot junkies of the street!!! Yeah… Never herd of a pot head being a big problem. I don’t smoke, but I still do believe alcohol is worse than pot. I do have a drink every now and then. This is fucking stupid. Yeah, waste your money monitoring pot heads instead of more security against child molesters…. Dumb asses.

  39. efyouthatsmyname says:

    “Marijuana junkies”?!? THAT, right there is a problem. He’s not qualified to work for the DEA, nor run that program.

  40. Possibly Saturdays says:

    You people all kni

  41. That one dude from nantucket says:

    hehehe, anyone realize what that phone number on the bottom is?! Oh, also what police officer in any state of mind would talk like that in any part of the world. come folks.

  42. freespiritlife says:

    What about us “junkies” who are in recovery discussing our urges and pain to one another?!?! You going to lock us up too?? Oh and you moron you cant “inject” marijuana!! Good job you took down harmless hippies!!! Which will be legal across the county REAL soon!

  43. Yah what about the pedafiles they are the real monsters I don’t think u will get away with busting down pot smokers seeing that it is so close to be legal dumb asses should go give ur head a shake and think of something smarter seeing how u are suppose to be one of the smartest guys out there . Don’t seem so smart to me mr. Suckerburg by the way idiot even think u can pull this off ur whole FB will be shut down no one wants anything to do with a hypercritical bastard

  44. Megan says:

    When are you gonna start monitoring for sexual predators?!

  45. Andre talk! says:

    They don’t care what our rules are. They have their own rules so for them..this is legal. No use complaining about this, we won’t get anywher

  46. BeBe says:

    I Miss America!

  47. 420LoudCloud says:

    This article is FAKE and the FDTF is a HOAX
    Stoners, Deadheads, and all other reefer enthusiasts across the world, there is nothing to fear except fear itself! And all other heroin/meth junkies… go do your own thing and think possibly about the direction your life is heading… idk and idgaf.

    Y’all be trippin


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