Facebook To Ban Religious Posts, Memes After Criticism From Atheism Groups

Mark Zuckerberg, Founded Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, Founded Facebook

In a closed-door session with shareholders on Tuesday, Facebook executives wheeled out a set of new rules which, when implemented later this year, will ban their users from creating status updates and image posts related in any way to religion, while also vowing to disband groups and take down pages with religious goals or affiliations.

Facebook will introduce their new rules in three waves. The first will see religiously-themed pages being removed, as well as religious groups, private or otherwise, being disbanded. The second wave will prohibit the posting, sharing, and general distribution of religious images and memes; images asking Facebook users to pray, or encouraging them to believe in one or any religion, will be banned, with warning messages and even account suspensions for those who repeatedly attempt to violate the rule.

The third and biggest wave, which is due to come near the end of the year, will impact regular Facebook users themselves, with new filters which will seek out status updates that use “religious keywords,” such as “Jesus,” “prayer,” “Church,” or “God.” Facebook staffers will read flagged status updates to determine whether they should be removed or not, with warning messages and suspensions going out to those who violate the rule.

Not all religious content will be banned from Facebook, though. Paid advertisements for religious organizations, services, and events will still be allowed. Also, promotional pages for movies, books, and video games with religious themes will be exempt from the new bans, though what Facebook refers to as “primary religious texts,” such as the Bible, The Torah, and the Quran, will not be given this exemption.

The new anti-religion rules come after several waves of protests from atheist and agnostic groups, who claim user-created religious content is offensive to them and, as one group put it, “promotes generation after generation of forceful indoctrination into their belief systems, which we do not want our children exposed to.”

“For years, religious groups have been allowed to spread their propaganda on Facebook and other social media sites freely, so this is a huge win for thinking people everywhere,” says Amber Wallace, founder of the American Atheist Coalition, the group that led the charge on the new Facebook changes. “Religion is fraudulent in nature. I consider this a win not for atheists, but for humans of free will everywhere. A life without religious dogma is definitely a life worth living.”

Atheist author John Rush says the new rules will end one of Facebook’s most nefarious double-standards. “Last year, Facebook announced `satire’ tags for satire websites, and this week, they announced a new war on `hoax sites,’ like Daily Currant or The Onion. They say they want to ban hoaxes and get them out of News Feeds. But what about religion? That’s the greatest hoax ever carried out on mankind, but you didn’t see anyone at Facebook taking a stand, not until now anyway. It’s nice to see an end to their hypocrisy, at long last.”

But Facebook users of faith aren’t thrilled about the new rules. “When is Facebook going to realize that it isn’t their job to police their social network?” asks Reverend Mike Weis, who plans to file a lawsuit over the bans. “There’s such a thing in this country as freedom of speech. Facebook isn’t obligated to the first amendment, but we, as users, should expect it of them. Blocking content because some minority of users finds that content offensive is the exact antithesis of what this nation of ours was founded on. And  that means, in the very least, that Facebook is about as anti-American as a website can get.”


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316 Responses to "Facebook To Ban Religious Posts, Memes After Criticism From Atheism Groups"

  1. Dene James says:

    Atheists and their views offend me. Apparently though I do not have the right to state that.

    • Don’t turn your back on God, or Americans freedom to speak Gods name. Atheist’s views offend me. So keep the Gods name on Face Book.

      • Dixie says:

        Facebook isn’t just for Americans, so stop with the “American’s Freedom is being trampled on” bullcrap. If you love Jesus, that will show through whether you have a “religious” post or not. If you don’t — well, that will show too.

      • Billie says:

        ME WE just getting started non of this bull@NONE GOD NO FB!

    • Thank God that there are more than one social media outlet!

    • Not Here says:

      Donald Trump offends me. All references -text, video, graphoc – to him must be deleted immediately.

    • Anthony says:

      Atheists don’t have views. Atheists don’t talk about religion. Religion is what causes controversy in this world, and on social networking. If people would shut up about god, and stop being like Mormons who canvass their book, we wouldn’t be in this pickle. Keep it to yourselves. That’s what they’re pushing for. Dig?

      • Matt says:

        Atheists have a gods, money, sex and booze.

      • Rich says:

        Atheists don’t talk about religion? What drugs are you taking? That’s all atheists talk about. They are obsessed with what they say they don’t believe in. They have many facebook pages dedicated to discussing and lying about Christians.

      • Dinah Sutton says:

        Really….the Bible never told us to keep it to ourselves but to spread the Gospel…keeping it to ourselves is what has gotten us in the mess we are in

      • James Davis says:

        Hell no just because some one doesn’t agree with me I have to shut my mouth? Yeah right buddy try again here’s the real reality of the matter. People are offended by the fact that we are all different in nature and feel one thing or another that’s our right to every human on the earth. I think they are offended because they feel some type of way in their own heart and they need to deal with that on their own terms which obviously is the controversy not that different people believe different things! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty dirt of the matter they are offended by their own lives and choices no ones fault except their own straight up!

    • You want to remove all comments relating to religion like when my friends ask for prayer but allow smut and dubious posts to continue in spite of protests. When we complain about graphic violence, nudiity, hate speech etc all you said was “we reviewed the post you reported found that it doesn’t violate our Community Standards”. Seems to me you have a very strange set of standards. Shame on you.

    • Michael says:

      I am an Atheist, but I still oppose this if facebook is doing it. Religious freedom and freedom of speech are important. Abusing that is different, but to ban all content based on religion or lack thereof to me is the road to fascism. If there are two voices, one should not be silenced just because you personally don’t agree with them. It promotes separation, brings out anger and worse.

      • Terri says:

        well, I guess the best way to put this in reverse is to not purchase any products that pop adds or books or games or anything. If the religious community boycotts purchasing off of Facebooks advertisers then this won’t happen for long. They will follow their money. So, we have the power to make this just an idea for them and not a reality.

      • Owen Lloyd says:

        Incorrect, it does not lead to fascism, it leads to communism.

        • Michael says:

          I think both are true. Freedom of speech or freedom of religion is hardly a certainty under fascist dictator either. Religion maybe, but only whatever they approve of. Not one they approve of … well, not so good for you. Same for freedom of speech. Say what you like, long as it’s what they approve of.

          But not overly relevant all this, given that it is not even going to happen. It’s just some bullshit someone thought would be funny to post. If they were going to ban anyone it would be Atheists. They have their favourites on Facebook, and religion, BLM and feminists are harmless snowflakes that can do no wrong.

    • Penny says:

      Nobody is allowed to have rights because humans are jealous and bitter by nature, especially those who have no hope, and once a person, or an entity, becomes jealous of an expression of community, an expression of a love beyond mankind, or any expression of goodness and positivity, they will voice their opinions and stomp down the rights of others to believe, therefore introducing a free will to instill hate into a hopeless world. What people don’t understand, they attack. Fight of flight. I don’t understand the hopelessness of atheism, but I didn’t tell my mother she couldn’t profess to be atheist on Facebook. That was her business. I didn’t try to control her by telling her that she offended me! I don’t stop and tell muslims who pull off the road at dusk to practice kneel and practice their beliefs that they offend me. Atheists need to mind their own business. But, it is written that Christians will be run out of society to create a world with no governing, no law, no love, no compassion, and no responsibility for other people. Just look around. A world without hope creates mass shootings, bombings, hate crimes. Just watch the news. That’s what people who attack the rights of others produce.

    • Nicole says:

      I’m offended as well. The article’s quote itself of this being a “win for thinking people” is extremely offensive, narrow minded, and ignorant. If you see something you don’t like, you have the option to hide the post, hide the person, unfollow, unfriend, block them. To instead crusade against them and their beliefs is bigoted and self serving. How disgusting that FB would do this.

    • Patricia Moore says:

      Yes, Christians have just as much right to voice their opinion as any atheist!!! Freedom of speech is for everyone. I personally don’t want to read people’s curse words in any posts!

  2. Mike says:

    Facebook can not do this. Facebook is all about money,and interfering with freedom of speech,and religion. Shame on you Facebook. If this is true plan on going to court and losing tons of money.God Bless.

    • clarence puckett says:

      Facebook is blocking any criticism of islam, here is an update of my just mentioning this violent ideology, this has to be in co-operation with the AG and Obama administration; If you follow through with this block this time, once again, you r denying me freedom of expression/speech, nothing in the content of my messages are violent, I happen to be a Christian, and peace is what we express, u r being highly hypocritical, if I have to go the full 30 days, it could be my last, you have permitted muslim content that resulted in people’s deaths, islam is a religion of violence, retrace the life of it’s prophet, he was not a holy man, nor a man of peace, you have a severe lack of understanding, and some of the past posts u have given me to repost in memories had content u describe, yet, u try to be using a soft approach with conservatives, what a hypocrite u r, I will show the Christian community and the Jews, u no longer care to hear their views, but terrorist has a welcome mat on FB anytime. I will post this message on google and other websites, showing your gross unfairness. I copied and pasted it hypocrites.

      • clarence puckett says:

        Facebook has allowed terrorists to utilize their networks, it is a known fact, but come down on any who r critical of islam, this is my 5th time, and maybe last time to be blocked, my civil rights have been grossly violated.

  3. Terry Heller says:

    A they offend me just as Muslim sharia law offend me besides that you cannot break the law or 1st amendment.

  4. Judith Giramonti says:

    Why don’t they take down the bullies and harassers instead? I have reported many people for this and it comes back it doesn’t go against the rules. Well here’s a news flash you have kids committing suicide because of the bullies on facebook. I have said many times that its like an adult Romper Room. I have been the victim of bullying myself on facebook and I am disabled. WTF is wrong with people?

    • Martese Sturgis says:

      I don’t mean to be insensitive but there was always and theire will always be bullies. Ignore or block them.

  5. we can’t say nothing about them or they get offended ….well they ALL offend me and many others…but we have to deal with them….NOT fair we have to bow down to them …

  6. Nita says:

    Ok Christians, time to speak UP….. If the Atheist don’t like what Christians are posting DON’T READ IT, we DON’T like all the negative views AGAINST God, Jesus Church either. Just scroll on through ad be done with it. OH SWEET JESUS what is This World Coming too. Without God NO ONE would be here. NOPE NOT EVN THE MONKEYS that School teaches We as the HUMAN RACE came from.

    • Marie Zacharias says:

      I agree…what is this world coming to? There’s a turning away from God and it shows in every aspect of life; our politicians, some churches, our family systems, our educational institutions. This is just another way Satan is trying to achieve his goals. But our God is in control and we need to diligently continue walking in the light and truth of our Lord Jesus.

      • Richard says:

        You say your “God” can do anything….Great! Have Him appear on television and say “Hi!”

        • Magda says:

          Yet you will have to face Him the day He decides your life ends. The very breath you use to challenge Him, is the breath He owns.

          That day I wonder what you will say because face Him is the one thing you WILL do!

          And no He cannot do Everything….for example He cannot lie, steal or hate…yet will He say on that day….Go away for I dont know you. Because He really dont. On TV? Why should He do that? But if He does decide to He will…but only because He wants to…..not because you challenged Him. May He cause you to open your eyes!

        • CW says:

          Praying you will know who Yhwh is. THe one true living God. 🙂

        • CW says:

          We are to obey Yhwh not men. 😮 I pray you come to the truth who He will really is. :() Read the BIble/Torah. 🙂

  7. chrissy says:

    there is a great alternative for facebook. seen.life it doesnt sell your information and there is freedom of speech

  8. Mark A Cragin says:

    This is a travesty – discrimination of the worst and most offensive kind.

    Atheists offend me enormously – I find their point of view repugnant in the extreme, and totally resent having their philosophy shoved down my throat on Facebook and other internet sites.

    Their demands that all traces of religious expression be expunged from the public square are frankly absurd, given the history of the United States.

    What is really needed is to remove all evidence of the demonic atheistic philosophy from all aspects of our National Life. This sort of play is antithetic to good order and decency.

    One only has to look at what the atheistic regimes of the 20th century have done in the name of their philosophies. Millions murdered because these fools recognize no power higher than their individual selves.

    Neither Facebook nor any other entity operating in the public arena has any right to ban the publication of any free exercise of religious practice and expression, which is clearly the intent of these announcements from the young fool Zuckerberg. He’s showing himself to be a malignant narcissist like his hero, Obama.

    If these bans are actually implemented, I for one will never use FB again, and will attempt to convince as many people to do likewise

  9. Concerned Christian says:

    If one wants to be free from certain content why not you as a user block that content so you don’t have to see it. They say Christian content offends them, so it is true even for us Christians that their point also offends us. They claim also works with us, so should we also file our own suite, this is just the devil at work and Facebook is the chosen tool. Our God doesn’t lack solutions He provides plenty of solutions. Whether they like it or not what they don’t want to hear they will still hear. At the stoning of Stephen the tried to close their ears but that didn’t stop them from hearing the gospel. Even now they will still hear the word with more power than ever before. We praise and thank God for His love in Christ Jesus for His Grace in Christ.

    Atheist you will still hear the good news and by its power many of you will also be saved in the name of Jesus Christ. Your battle is not against man but God. Saul thought to do the same you are doing today but him was persecuting Christians when Christ appeared to Him Christ asked why He was persecuting Him. Know that you are fighting God and persecuting God and know one fights God nor persecute and expect to win that battle. You will lose for the day will very soon catch up with you.

    Will be heading for mighty crusades near your areas and you will hear what you don’t want to hear. Jesus is LORD & KING and so lives forever and ever

  10. juanjo says:

    This is all well and good but you do realize the claimed event did not happen and this story has been going around for just over 2 years and there is obviously no attempt by Facebook to block and posts by religious people or atheists for that matter.

    • KevG says:

      Dude, search for a FB page called God or Absurdity reloaded. This is going real.

      • Juanjo says:

        Kev – that page loads and displays. The fact is that there is NO attempt to ban religious people from posting religious superstition simply because it is religious drivel. The netire meme is based upon a series of satirical posts put out by a website. One claimed this and the other claimed the exact opposite that atheist Facebook pages would be banned. The weak minded idiots on both sides immediately started screaming which proves the old adage about fools.

        You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln

    • It is happening to me it started yesterday

  11. saqib says:

    Alhumdulillah I am Muslim but I don’t think that it will be a good act. Banning will ban the chances of their correction too. However, the policy to regulate the used language should be strict. All persons either they belong to any group, Atheists,Muslim,Jews, Christians,Hindu etc should take care of the feelings of other persons. Liberty of speech does not the liberty to spread hate speech

  12. Elliander Eldridge says:

    Facebook won’t let me quote Mark Twain’s book, “Letters from the Earth” because it is critical of Christianity, yet I see religious Christian posts all the time on Facebook. It’s been a year and the only banning I have seen is to block content that is critical of Christianity, as part of what looks like an official pro-christian agenda.

  13. They have already been deleting my Christian statements etc since yesterday when I submitted a post to senators to stop the bathroom laws. I can’t receive anything Christian either they deleted it

  14. Juanjo says:

    Bull shit. You do realize your religion says it is a sin to lie.

  15. Solar says:

    Lol at all these ignorant “I hate Atheists!” comments. For 5 years of using social media I have not seen an atheist post on any of them, unless I personally go search for them. However, I get at least one religious post on my facebook page or instagram every single day. I simply cannot just tolerate it. If your beliefs are so strong, stop crying because you cant share your beliefs on social media. What do you think will happen, god will let you go to heaven because you constantly talk about religious shit on social media? Dream on.

  16. Stephanie Mendola says:

    The Facebook logo resembles a cross. Is the Facebook logo going to be changed? Look at the logo image behind Marks head in the picture of this article post.

  17. Michele says:

    ATHEISM GREATLY OFFENDS ME!!!!!!!!!. I WON’T READ THEIR STUFF… JUST SCROLL TO NEXT POST. Atheists can do the same. It’s discrimination against CHRISTIANS as well as taking away our 1st Ammendment.

    • John Ozed says:

      Yeah, no. You still have your 1st amendment right.
      If FB (a corporation) doesn’t want to hear your voice, that is their prerogative.
      You can still say whatever it is you want to say.
      You still are not being discriminated.

  18. R Bardin says:

    This silly lie has reared it’s ugly head again. It is completely untrue. SUCKERS are born every second it seems. I’m not surprised that a site like this one would spread such a stupid rumor. Just to inflame SUCKERS.

  19. bobdabuilder says:

    I wonder if anyone has figured out that this is a [CENSORED] website …

  20. bobdabuilder says:

    Also, while this article is written to be [CENSORED], there IS an element of truth in it. Facebook has been known to show bias against Christian users and groups. I’ve personally been on the receiving end of it. People ridicule and demean Christians and conservatives all day long on FB, but God forbid someone speaks out against Islam. Suddenly it’s considered “hate speech”.

    • John Ozed says:

      “Facebook has been known to show bias against Christian users and groups.”

  21. connye says:

    Please do so you can speak with my attorney!! The constitution says I have the right to freedom of religion. My freedom includes my Facebook posts.

    • Not Here says:

      Unfortunately, connye, what a corporation decides is appropriate conduct on its owned media is not determined by the Constitution.
      you have no right to *free* speech here because this kind of speech costs somebody money and in this case it’s Facebook that’s paying for it.

  22. Shazzalive says:

    Why the Hell have USA Christians got this irrational persecution complex? Is it a tactic to distract from the fact that their beliefs are based upon fantasy and have no substance? In America there’s a church at least on every corner, they have mega-bucks in wealth and control much of the country’s wealth too. – ‘Poor litle diddums Christians: Did someone say something you didn’t like then? – Oh you poor things.

    Yet you think you have a right to demean others and spread fear and hate towards people who are not like you. The degree of rank hypocrisy is off the scale!

  23. Brenda Joan Russell says:

    You are denying freedom of speech and God who created you.
    Are you willing to accept HIS WRATH BECAUSE IT WILL COME DOWN UPON YOU.
    But I totally understand who you side with now.

  24. Martese Sturgis says:

    I don’t understand censorship. If someone doesn’t want to read something, filter it out of your news feed.

  25. If u don’t like what u c, just scroll past it. Simple

  26. Lea Hipolito says:

    What is it in atheism that they are offended with religious posts, when they, also are offending us who believes in God? It can’t be one sided. Facebook should have freedom of speech and expression and most especially, faith. We should understand and respect different points of view. And banning posts about our beliefs is not fair.

  27. j m hinton says:

    Jerry Hinton i guess they want 1 millon class action lawsuits….posted on my page.

  28. J Redding says:


    • atheist says:

      back when people killed people for religion, mass genocide by flood, and dumbass Christians shoving religion down your throat.

  29. Charles M says:

    I will be deleting my Facebook too, If i cant post about the Lord on my own person page….are they serious? Discriminating against people of faith, this wont look good for facebook down the long run…..

  30. Christine S says:

    This article is a lie. Smarten up, people.

  31. Lindann Johnson says:

    Hello Everyone,
    The best solution to this problem is if it offends you block that kind of post from their timeline. If the Atheist win then the answer for Christians is to just boycott it. This would show Facebook which population uses their resources more and they would listen to them because the amount of people using social media is what keeps the website up. The issue of people’s rights has existed from the beginning of time. Everyone has a opinion but at the same time a person must use wisdom on what they say. In today’s world there should be more unity but this does not exist. I am a Christian that believes in God. But the one question I have for the Atheist is or even a statement is it takes more faith to believe their is not a God then it is to believe their is a God. Not to mention that history shows that the Bible exists and has many historical events recorded in it. But an Atheist only has theories to their beliefs and choose it more for convenience and choice. America was founded on the freedom of choice and by the Atheist pushing their opinions on us is just a way of revenge. If they just block this content from their page would allow both parties the freedom of choice.

  32. Nando says:

    This is complete BS. This entire post and every response is an accurate representation of what is wrong with this species. People believe nonsense without any research into the validity of said nonsense. Facebook isn’t banning anything. People can post whatever religious idiocy they wish and the only thing that’s going to happen is that some of your friends will block you or ignore your posts. Facebook is not a pulpit but it’s also not an atheist platform for antireligous posts either. I can’t believe people are still responding to this thread. Give it a rest and do some research please.

  33. Gerald Lavelle Sr says:

    Atheists are the reason for this nonsense.
    I will go to MeWe. I already have an account and use it often. Guess I’ll use it even more now. FB sucks Zuckerberg and his NWO can just keep trying for new social issues to yap about.

    • Juanjo says:

      Gerald Lavelle Sr. – sir, kindly note that this is a [Censored] website which is well known for posting fake, apparent news stories to poke fun at society. Also note this supposed action took place two years ago. The reality is that you have fallen for a joke and you have turned yourself into a joke by your diatribe.

  34. ANDRUS says:


  35. JoAnne says:

    If the atheists don’t like the religious messages, then they certainly don’t need to read them. When I get offended by things, I quit reading, looking at or experiencing them. Don’t atheists have that same ability? Does Facebook have to cater to them because they can’t control how they respond to something themselves?

  36. Richard says:

    Once again the few are governing what the majority does! It’s time that the religious majority stands up and says no to the few who want to have their rights but take away the rights of others.

  37. Ray says:

    Do you know how to get rid of atheism completely? Stop believing ridiculous belief and imaginary gods. Instead use your logic, reasoning and study science. Also, if you can provide a verifiable evidence of your God then we will all accept it and stop questioning your belief. The word “offend” doesn’t mean anything you just don’t have a valid argument or proof of your ridiculous belief. You are just like ISIS/Daesh who are offended with silly cartoons. How childish and primitive can you be?

  38. Jesus says:

    Flag this, Mark: Jesus, Prayer, Church and God! Flag me once and I’m dumping FB. I find out any of my friends are ever flagged due to spreading the religion of Love and Peace, I’m dumping FB. I sure hope every God loving individual would do the same. FB would then see that their bread and butter wasn’t all from atheist liberals. In fact, I think they might have to close shop once they realize they catered to that 1% at the expense of the other 99

  39. Real One says:

    Atheists always crying about something. If they really believe God doesn’t exist they wouldn’t be so sensitive. I know I don’t believe in Santa lol but you don’t see me bitchin about it every December.

  40. Sandra says:

    What if the religious made a complaint about atheism. What then? Even if the religious were stopped from posting photos or passages of the religious kind, they are still able to make their own personal comments. God cannot be stopped.

    All atheists believe in God if they’ve ever cursed using his holy name. If they’ve ever rejoiced when the church or other religious institution has been ridiculed or insulted, then they believe in God. It is God’s enemy, the devil, that has led them to this.

    No one can stop God and what has been prophesied.

  41. Carmella says:

    It’s OK to promote murder and rape. Showing people killing others and anything that doesn’t represent hope and the love of Jesus …. I’m over this ..Jesus is coming. I’m not wasting my time

  42. homepage says:

    I enjoy browsing your web sites. Thank you!

  43. Royce says:

    Looks like the story is 2yrs old. Not sure why folks are still commenting on it but see that many still are. So I’ll just say two things.

    One, something must’ve happened because FB is still stock full of various Christian Pages. Though their bias is obviously still there. Atheists, LGBTQABCXYZs, and other God-hating folks troll the Christian pages constantly and make the most venomous, vile, vitriolic, and vulgar comments you an probably imagine. Report them and nothing gets done but a reply that states “after review we found the comments do not violate our Community Standards”. But let a Christian quote Scripture, call someone “spiritually-dead”, or a “persistent troll who has self-admittingly stated they are there for the sole reason to harass Christians” and the Christian gets banned!! Those are real examples.

    Two, isn’t it about time that a Christian enter the marketplace and provide an alternative to FB? Why can’t some Christian step up to the plate and create a FB alternative that provides social interaction amongst Christians, news stories from a Biblical worldview, and other stuff on subjects and issues that may be of interest to Christians. Let it be open to the public but have “Community Standards” that say if you’re there solely to mock, scorn, scoff, harass or anything else other than honest, intellectual, courteous, and respectful discourse then you’ll be banned?

    How hard could that be? Surely it would do very well in the marketplace.

    • Royce,
      Several years ago that would’ve been possible. But ignorant liberals, even Democrats patrol FB every day to target Christians pages and groups. And should you dare bring it to the attention of FB P.C. Nazi’s they’ll ban you for “hate speech,” “racism,” being homophobes simply for not pandering to these filthy sodomites. Remember Zuckerberg is nothing more than a shameful college drop-out nothing more. That’s why it cannot work today.

      • Juanjo says:

        Nigel – let me just toss this out here for you. First, this website you are posting on is one of those rather famous website which posts fake news stories. Secondly, any attempt to do any sort of verification of the story will produce numerous stories by various sources debunking the claims of Facebook censoring Christians who post.

        • Royce says:


          Whereas the things in the story that was supposedly to take place apparently never did but I can most certainly assure you that FB DOES censor Christians who post!!

          I have been banned for a month for doing nothing more than quoting a Scripture.

          If you don’t believe me, go to the Christian Post or the Christian News Network and reply with Scripture that is applicable to any one of the persistent atheist, LGBTQABCXYZ, or other God-hating trolls that are openly mocking God and/or harassing a Christian and see what happens.

          God Bless,


          • Juanjo,
            I agree with Royce, FB does indeed censor or ban Christians and conservatives.

          • Juanjo says:

            I am not going to debate the issue with you. The fact that either of you as individuals claims to have been subjected to some sort of sanction by Facebook for something you wrote is not proof of anything. Text without context is pretext. Unless or until you can provide actual verified proof of a policy which had been debunked by numerous fact checking groups. [See for example http://www.snopes.com/facebook-bans-christian-content/%5D.

            The fact is you may or may not have been banned for a particular post for a variety of reasons. The automated program used by Facebook to remove objectionable conduct is based upon logarithms which may have incorrectly triggered off certain words in your post which is context are acceptable but if used in another would not be; a real life human being may have objected to your post and a evaluator for Facebook may have agreed with the complaint; as allowed by Facebook you may have posted on someone’s page or in response to someone’s comments and as is allowed by Facebook, the person you responded to deleted your post [you may not be aware that you have that ability to remove responses to your posts but you do]; or anyone of a number of other scenarios which do not involve a policy which Facebook claims it does not have.

            Every day I received posts from friends of mine who are Christians. Posts which contain selections of Biblical scripture, requests for prayers and other religious iconography and language. I also receive similar from friends who are Buddhist, Jewish and Baha’i. I also receive responses to posts I make from alleged Christians informing me I am certainly going to burn in hell because I do not agree with their interpretation of a portion of scripture. Some of them have been kind to suggest creative ways in which I can shrug off this mortal coil – usually involving AIDS or some other unpleasant disease, some horrendously painful accident, a rampaging Muslim terrorist, and even some who offer to assist in sending me to my reward. I routinely report those posts to Facebook, Google, YouTube or whatever media platform the response is posted upon as well as the appropriate legal authority. Where the individual has been kind enough to identify their employer in their profile, I also send a copy to their employer suggesting they terminate any relationship they ave with the individual.

          • Juanjo,
            Well that’s all fine and good. But Royce & I were chatting friendly about the real issues at the heart of this conversation and I really don’t think we need you to come all up in here and try to confuse the issue with the facts.
            Best regards,

  44. Royce says:

    Nigel, I don’t understand when you say, “That’s why it cannot work today.”

    So what if Democrats patrol FB everyday? What has that got to do with some Christian starting a FB alternative on their own?

    On a side note, while I certainly am one of the first to state the FB PC Police are biased and wrongly discriminate against those who don’t keep with their Liberal POV, they’re hardly “Nazi’s”. Those on the “Right” do the Christian and Conservative POV a great disservice when throwing around the “Nazi” stuff. Dr. Michael Brown recently wrote a really good article on this very thing.

    That said, yes, as I previously stated the FB Police will ban a Christian at the drop of a hat for all those things you mentioned.

    Wrt to Zuckerberg, I can only say that there must be something to being a “college drop-out”. It worked pretty good for Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. LOL I should be so “shameful”! The truth is they’re just brilliant spiritually-dead God-haters that have failed to give God the credit for the great knowledge they’ve been given.

    All that said, I still see no reason that Christians who are indwelt with the Holy Spirit can’t come up with an alternative for the marketplace that a spiritually-dead person managed to create.

    • Royce,
      I must own up to my cynical reply which in hindsight clearly failed to make my point. My cynicism comes from having dealt with the intolerant, hatemongering liberals who destroy lives, businesses and human beings by forcing their P.C. crap down our throats and into the lives of good people who for nothing more than expressing their viewpoint on any subject matter that the left sees differently.
      And I’ve been on the front lines fighting the ignorant liberals who have used PC to seize control over the Internet that allows them the power to define you, your business, your family, your church and everything else they hate about others who refuse to live their lives according to PC lib-tard ideals.
      Royce to quote you… “Why can’t some Christian step up to the plate and create a FB alternative that provides social interaction amongst Christians, news stories from a Biblical worldview, and other stuff on subjects and issues that may be of interest to Christians. Let it be open to the public but have “Community Standards” that say if you’re there solely to mock, scorn, scoff, harass or anything else other than honest, intellectual, courteous, and respectful discourse then you’ll be banned?”
      In a perfect world that sounds nice, but I don’t believe anyone could sustain such a website very long before being overwhelmed having to police and protect it. Since it’d be open to the public and even with a 1 strike rule for banning hateful, users what’s to prevent them from opening up one or a dozen new fake user accounts so they can continue to try and ruin the experience of your legitimate Christian members.
      Next these liberal ass-maggots of Satan will e-bomb your email, try to shut down your server, tie up any phone lines that might be related to your site. After that they’ll bombard your advertisers with hate calls, hate email and demand they remove their ads which supports your site.
      Using social media these intolerant haters will say or do anything to bring negative attention to your advertiser’s businesses that will attract the attention of the news media.
      They will have months worth of screenshots of your posts, comments, and everything else they can use to misquote you and to present you, and the members of your Christian social media site, as evil, backwoods, racist, misogynistic, homophobes and bullies plus they’ll have individual photos and family photos of you and your members to post with their hateful comments and claims.
      And while your posting a quote from scripture will get you banned on FB, it never violates FB community standards for a Muslim or atheist to post hate speech, to make terrorists threats, or in some other way bully you on FB.
      PS – Remember these are the same assholes who shame and disgrace others as racist haters for disagreeing with a policy supported by Obama, even if they voted for the man.

  45. Royce says:


    I understand, Believe me I do. I agree with much of what you’re saying and I tool get VERY frustrated at times. I have to remind myself that they are only doing what they know how to do – following the Flesh, the World, and the prince of power of the air that works in the sons of disobedience and children of wrath. (Eph. 2:1-4).

    And I do understand that it would be quite the undertaking to come up with a FB alternative. No doubt those who got banned who create another profile and come back on to harass again. Policing that would just be part of running the website. The same thing goes on with FB now. There are several folks I know who’ve got fake profiles. The difference (I hope) would be that FB doesn’t do anything about it and the alternative site would.

    I also have no doubt the other things would occur as well. It’s all part of the spiritual warfare. Again, hopefully, the advertisers would be Christian and know that sort of thing is to be expected.

    As for attracting other news media, that might not be such a bad thing. I happen to think that a major reason that Trump got elected was because the “silent majority” spoke out at the voting booth. Did you happen to see Obama’s latest remark about Fox News being in every bar and restaurant in large portions of the country? He blamed Fox News for the Dems losing the election. What he missed and many on the Left do is that there is a reason why all those bars and restaurants are tuned into Fox. One person in PA was quoted as saying they voted for Trump because Trump was talking about fixing the Economy and Clinton was talking about letting men into women’s bathrooms. But what they’re missing is that when the Average Joe in Flyover America is having to deal with boys getting into shower with their teenage daughter THAT is what moves folks to the polls a whole lot more than money in their wallet.

    Also, the most recent news on the story from Buzzfeed going after the couple in TX just because they’re Christian and go to a church that preaches… uh, wait for it…. Homosexuality is a sin, is an indication that those vendettas and attempts to personally ruin anyone who opposes them are backfiring. Even many on the Left are seeing that for what it is.

    Yes, I realize they’re the same folks who attempt to shame and disgrace others for disagreeing with them. That was brought out pretty well with : https://ricochet.com/393435/buzzfeed-targets-hgtv-hosts-attending-christian-church/ and https://stream.org/media-shocked-that-chip-joanna-gaines-attend-church-opposed-to-same-sex-marriage/?utm_source=The+Stream&utm_campaign=4a6eb86047-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2016_12_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8da00e4cb4-4a6eb86047-376928461 I particularly like the tweet at the end of the latter article.

    Lastly, let me please remind you though of something as well. I’d encourage you to see Matt. 15:18, Luke 6:45, Eph. 4:29,and Col. 3:8 and read those in the context of your comments above. Perhaps they will help you in your cause.

    God Bless,


    • Royce,
      I would not discourage anyone who wanted to pursue this endeavor so long as they go into it with eyes wide open and are prepared in advance to mitigate the onslaught of hate that follows. It sounds like you’ve put much thought into this from reading your comments. Thank you for your comments and take care Royce.
      Best regards,

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