Editor-in-Chief Recovering From Yesterday’s Chemical Plant Explosion

Nigel Covington Waves for the Camera While Recovering in the Hospital

Nigel Covington Waves for the Camera While Recovering in the Hospital

By NationalReport Staff

<NationalReport> Nigel J. Covington, III, who was recently hired as our Editor-in-Chief was covering a story at the Evers ChemCo. plant in Portland, Oregon, yesterday when an explosion occurred. Nigel was airlifted to St. Vincent’s Medical Center Burn Unit where doctors report he is good spirits and recovering quickly.

We we’re allowed to see and speak with Nigel early this afternoon and he told us, after interviewing the company’s CEO, John K. Bender, Jr., he and the plant’s environmental specialist, Rick Mendoza, were touring the recovery area when the explosion occurred. Nigel said he had just bent down to tie his shoe when the explosion happened. He told us he was behind a row of file cabinets which shielded him from most of the blast.

Mendoza however was standing only feet away when the blast took place killing him and two workers on the recovery line. Authorities have not released any details concerning the cause of the fire which is under investigation.

Nigel said doctors think he may be able to go home later this week and will need to undergo some facial reconstruction surgery after he was struck with flying debris when he stood up. We’ll continue to follow this story and bring you updates as they become available. We wish Nigel and his family well and for a quick recovery.

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