Discussion Notes: Hobby Lobby Targeted by Radicals

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My dear friends in Christ, thank you for reading Discussion Notes, your undeniable source for unbiased news commentary.

The far left was shocked into an alarm state with the recent Supreme Court Decision regarding Hobby Lobby’s right to not murder babies. Now, we all know that anything short of abortion-on-demand is met with scorn and ridicule from liberals, but their current railing prejudice against Christianity has reached new levels of abject lunacy.

The freedom of corporations like Hobby Lobby to exercise personal Christian morals is one of the original tenants of the constitution, yet the left STILL doesn’t get it after over 230 years. Discussion Points has been following this issue for quite some time and has reported both sides in a fair-minded manner.


Equating religious freedom with Islamofascist tyranny is the slippery slope that the bomb-throwing left wishes to exploit.

Liberals will bully corporations that display even the most mundane or inoffensive Christianity. Just look at the uproar that occurs when a well intentioned store greeter mentions God. The word “Christmas” sends the political correctness gestapo into full mobilization.

In keeping with the Chairman Mao playbook, liberals are in full attack mode since the SCOTUS ruling. Ramming Obamacare through Congress has certainly emboldened them.

Facebook, one of the secular left’s most popular socialist Pro-Obama Internet sites, has allowed for the creation of a new group to bait and ridicule traditional Americans and the values the they hold dear. Discussion Notes is not amused by this disgusting facebook.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Please monitor your children before clicking the above link. It contains some of the most vile images and revolting commentary that Discussion Points has yet seen. The group cover image is too offensive to be described here.

Discussion Notes favors vigorous debate on the issues and strives to bring you a proportional and unbiased view of the news. As we all know, there exists unfair attacks and ridicule by needle brains on both sides of the aisle and Discussion Notes will report on all these instances as they happen with no regard to their party affiliation.

Back when some individual conservatives tried to blame some Americans for their stance on the War in…

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3 Responses to "Discussion Notes: Hobby Lobby Targeted by Radicals"

  1. Daniel Petersen says:

    Before you start saying that liberals use tactics right out of “mao’s playbook”
    Maybe you should read up on Mao and his tactics…

    By the way a “christian nation” implies a theocracy which is treason.

  2. Master's Johnson says:

    Darn it! The old lady and I were going to shop for supplies to make our collages for the visually-impaired today. Its a wonderful project for the VA. Now we will have to go to that other hobby store; and I don’t like it! The old ladies that work there are always pinching my bum and asking me, ‘how’s it going, Sweety’? Right in front of my wife!

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