Diablo 3 Wants Your Precious Youth to “Go to Hell”

diabloBy: Cassidy Pen

<National Report> The realm of video game play has increased in popularity as technology has improved in the last few decades. During this time, gamers have become increasingly enthralled with outstanding graphics and an abundance of audio/visual delights. Almost every home in the United States has some kind of game outlet be it a PC Workstation, xbox, Pong, or Play Sony Station.

Blizzard Computer Game Corporation has released a new title named Diablo 3. Diablo is Mexican for devil so already the evil nature of this game is apparent. This video game/travesty is part of a genre called MMO, which stands for Mutual Multiplayer Orgy meaning that the internets can be used to share the perversions contained within the game with others. Blizzard’s mass market media campaign (below) is disturbing in that it’s top selling point is apparently that purchasing their game will literally “take you to hell.”

As always, please make sure proper parental precautions are taken before watching this disturbing video. Women, children and others of an immature makeup should be removed from the room. Your workstation volume level should be modestly set as the sound effects are designed to lure innocent children.

I was able to hack into the Diablo 3 website by merely entering my birthday in the age verification screener pop-up on the main website where a disclaimer clearly reads that no one under age is allowed to enter. Is Blizzard Computer Game Corporation naive enough to assume that young children are incapable of using basic arithmetic skills to enter a phony birth year and circumvent the access restriction? With a quick glance at the current state of the schools in the country, I will allow them this pass. But I will hold their feet to the fire, so to speak, for the part they play in peddling this type of sinister product on society.

m17The useless Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has given this selection an M-17+ rating which according to their website means that the title “May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.” Believe me when I tell you that this is a smoke screen. I was shocked to discover the level of depravity in this game.

After being tipped off to this affront against decency by a concerned parent that generously donated $40 to my ongoing ministry against this type of filth, I hopped into the ol’ John Deere Ride-along Mower and headed to a local mom-and-pop video game store in my town’s downtown area. This establishment is called “Game Stop”, a clever word play using the consumer’s urge to “stop” in and check out the “games” in the store. It’s pure marketing genius and caters to luring children.

After stopping next door for a filling $5 subway foot-long submarine sandwich which was made with care by a sweet undergraduate student with minor facial skin blemish problems named Jenny, I took a deep breath and said a prayer to the Good Lord for strength as I loaded the magazine clips of my Glock 17 as a precaution. I perform this ritual before all of my media review assignments.

Children as young as 6 were packed into the store pressed in layers 4 deep against one of the game-play kiosks. The balding obese attendant was more concerned about a comic book and local pizza flier than enforcing store policy in conjunction with the ESRB.

As I both feared and expected, the youths were congregated at the Diablo 3 kiosk.

Young people of impressionable age stared with detachment from their physical surroundings at the macabre display in front of them. Grotesque spectacles of hellfire incineration, slashing dismemberment, flying eyeballs, bloody, gutted and exposed entrails whipping around like pom-poms and depraved sexual unions in satanic orgy scenes were being consumed by innocent children. Hideous creatures appearing to have human anatomic forms and others with more animal-like traits are battled against to obtain the “reward” of hells’ eternal fires.

diablo barbarian

It’s easy to visualize the homosexual innuendo of the Diablo 3 Character Set.

This software allows users to choose from a classification of characters as follows; Homogay Barbarian, Demonic Hunter, Satanic Monk, Wizard and Witchcraft practitioner. Gamers undertake confusing plot lines and twists to face battles for demonic possession during satanic travels through terrifying hellscapes. The Homogay Barbarian character uses brute force to destroy enemies and force himself bodily into demonic orgy-like sexual encounters where conquered souls are searched, pillaged, and raped after their demise. Demonic Hunters use hell forged weaponry and explosives to rip apart their antagonists in a blood cloud reducing them to a smoldering heap on the floor, ground, or whatever you’d call the surface of hell. The Satanic Monk, Wizard, and Witchcraft Practitioner characters use a variety of magical spells and curses to vanquish their foes. Actual chants and ritual taken straight out of Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible are depicted.

diablo satanic ritual

Satanic Ritual is the evil foundation of Diablo 3.

I saw one instance where a CGI creature having spider-like features was stabbed by a sword, lifted up into the air and gleefully sliced into pieces as controlled by an eager 8 year-old young boy whose parents probably have better things to do than monitor their son’s activities. Another scene depicted a hairy Bigfoot creature disemboweled with a knife to the boy’s laughing delight and another destroyed by an exploding arrow that made it burst and propel bloody organs and appendages in every direction.

As the player “advances” down through the levels of hell, more powerful and deadly weapons can be obtained which further quicken level conquest and more easily allow the player to commit murderous atrocities. All this activity is spelled only by the gratuitous sexual entanglements that can be freely partaken as long as enough “loot” has been gathered, stolen, or dug up from the destroyed creatures in the various dungeon rooms and hallways of the abyss.

Orgy scenes are presented to pre-teen and adolescent boys in this game. From what I gathered during this assignment, I cannot say with certainty that homosexual acts are depicted but the scenes involve all manner of mutant formed creatures and beasts overseen and joined in by devils and and other hell sentinels. I’m positive that these scenes do not encourage procreational sexual encounters within the confines of marriage so I can say for certain that sodomy is on display.

diablo fleshlight

The Diablo 3 Flesh Response Sensor Add-on Device

Game add-on options include a sexual flesh textured pocket vagina-type device that vibrates when a beast is killed or penetrated. Another device is a skull that plugs into the xboxed usb slot, it’s eyes lighting up a fiery red with an audible satanic laugh when a juicy kill is executed. Also available is the Reaper of Souls expansion pack which includes new levels and instruction on how to become a gate-keeping devil, or diablo that oversees and participates in the horror and x-rated sexual depravity that this game contains.

Needless to say, this game should be stopped but even more concerning is the impact that this crap has on our youth. It’s not even the end of September and already schools are forced to close early and dumb down their curriculums because of truancy and attitude issues with Diablo 3 brainwashed youth. I feel in my heart for the exasperated teachers that can no longer function in such a predicament.

It is of paramount alert for parents to heavily monitor their child’s gameplay activities. Don’t believe that children are not able to obtain this game just because of established laws and societal moral standards. I saw for myself that the rating polices of the ESRB and our nation’s legislature will not prevent our precious youth from getting their hands on this game. Giggling boys walked out of the store in groups with this particular title in undistinguished brown plastic bags. They’re flying off the shelves of video game and boxed warehouse stores worldwide.

In conclusion, I pray for God to bless your family and deliver you and yours from this depravity. A simple offering of $20 sent to the National Report Office in care of myself, Cassidy Pen will allow my ongoing ministry to expose anti-family occult media of this sort that is aimed at our youth intended to pervert their minds and feed them contempt for Jesus.

God Bless you all.

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18 Responses to "Diablo 3 Wants Your Precious Youth to “Go to Hell”"

  1. Tayla says:

    There are video games ratings for a reason. Learn to be a better parent before you start crying over video games. If you don’t want your child to get a hold of this game, monitor their game accounts, don’t give them their own money, or better yet, actually raise your child right. Or at least trust that you raised a child smart enough to become a depraved a monster from playing a video game. Like I said, learn to parent before crying over video games.

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      Tayla you’re out of line here. How dare you tell the author to be a “better parent” when Cassidy has done much more than you by writing this story so parents have a better idea of what their children are exposed to in these games of devil worship and death. Parents should be aware that violent video games are linked directly to everyone of the school spree killers in this country. They should also know that studies show kids who play violent video games are more than 70% likely to become involved in gangs, satanism, drugs, sexual debauchery, crime, and will wind up in prison where they belong. Why do parents buy and allow these dangerous games in their home?

      • Tayla says:

        Well first off, this wasn’t directed at the author, but everyone who blames video games for their children’s bad behavior. If video games cause violence, then please tell me what video game people have been playing since the beginning of time? Violent video games have game ratings. They are not for children. Parents need to realize that. Just because it’s called a game does not make it for children. Also, chief games do not makes people chiefs, art games do not make people artists, so why do violent games make people killers? Parent’s buy theses games because they suck at being parents. This isn’t kids. Hence the M +17 rating. It’s for people 17 and older. Ya know, actual adults… I’ve have played video games, both violent and no violent, all my life and guess what! Nothing bad every happened to me because my parents raised me right. It’s not the video game that screws up the kid, it’s how their raised. If you treat a video game (with a mature rating) as your child’s baby sitter, yea they are going to get because you are ignoring you child. It’s all matter of parents being parents, stepping up to the plate, and taking charge of their kid’s life instead relying on TV and video games to do that. Besides, if you raised your children correctly and you trust in your parenting skills, then why should a video game alter their behavior?

        • Odawaa Waraabe says:

          I learned how to cast spells from this game. Witch craft used to be scam here in Africa, but now it really works! Diablo showed me the path to power and fortune.

          • Tayla says:

            No it didn’t. Diablo doesn’t show people how to cast spells. It doesn’t give out step by step directions, the materials needed, or even the chant to cast spells. It’s a fictional game with fictional spells, fictional situations, and fictional people.

          • Odawaa Waraabe says:

            You obviously underestimate my abilities in magic.

          • Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

            Tayla, that’s a very reckless assumption and shows astounding naivete on your part.

          • Tayla says:

            So it’s a reckless naive assumption for me to say that parents need to shape up and that video games have ratings for a reason? How incredibly insightful. Your entire article reeks of idiocy. Have you even played Diablo 3? Do you know exactly what the game content is? That fact you say this:

            “I saw one instance where a CGI creature having spider-like features was stabbed by a sword, lifted up into the air and gleefully sliced into pieces as controlled by an eager 8 year-old young boy whose parents probably have better things to do than monitor their son’s activities.”

            Instead of stating that parent should’ve been monitoring their concerns shows the level of intelligence that you have. You are an idiot who likes to the use the internet to bask things that you have knowledge about to make yourself feel like a better parent. Congrats. You are a class A idiot. And don’t even get me started about how you compare fight scenes to orgies. That is disgusting. Are you depraved? From this article alone I can tell that you have no qualifications to be giving out advice to parents or bashing video games. If you hate video games then don’t buy them for children. There are ratings for a reason. You think a store clerk will accept a credit card for an eight year old child? Those games have to registered online. With a card. You think a child can go through the instillation process and find the product code? No. A child can’t. You have a brain- use it.

          • Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

            I don’t appreciate your tone or how you throw my quotes back at me like that, totally out of context.

          • Tayla seems like one of those ‘gamer girls’ that are just after a man’s peen after playing these games instead of learning to sew and cook dinner.

          • Tayla says:

            Yes Barbara I am a gamer girl. I have played Diablo 1, the Mass Effect trilogy, Age of Empires, the Elder Scrolls series, Caesar, Portal 1&2, Alice:Madness Returns, Amnesia, Aion, Limbo, World of Warcraft, Defiance online, Everquest, the Halo series, Star Ocean 4, Infamous, City of Heroes, and the Bioshock series. Thank you for assuming I’m a whore. I am in fact a member of AVEN. Which that I’m an asexual virgin. And playing video games has not turned me into a sex crazed, depraved, mass killing psycho path.

            Cassidy, if you don’t like me throwing quotes at you then maybe you shouldn’t have talked about loading a gun before walking into a store full of children. That is not taken out of context, you psycho path.

            If you don’t agree with me saying that parents need to step up to the plate and act like parents, then why did you write an article about parenting and video games? Video games have ratings to show if they are made for children or adults. Blizzard caters to adults. Do you even know who Blizzard is? Probably not because you’re a psycho path that takes loaded guns into stores with children around. I’m all for gun rights but that’s incredibly stupid. What if you panicked at the sight of a Diablo fight scene orgy and started firing your gun at the machine to the save the children? I don’t think the cops would buy your story of being a journalist. Next time, just bring some pepper spray or better yet, don’t go into a GameStop.

            Parents need to learn about modern video games. They are all around us and part of growing up. Even adults play them, hence the game ratings. If you don’t want your children playing Diablo or any violent video game, then don’t buy it for them. We have the internet. It’s so easy to just look up a game and see what it’s about. But I guess, as you said Cassidy, “parents probably have better things to do than monitor their son’s activities”, it’s not possible to look up a game on the internet to see if it’s child appropriate or not.

            I started video games when I six years old. My first game was Diablo 1. You know what the fight scene orgies did to me? Well I didn’t fully understand the controls so I asked my parents to help because I wanted to save the village from demons. Yea. I wanted to be a hero and save people. Not go out and become a sex crazed, six year old mass murdering, psycho path that takes loaded guns into stores with children. You really should’ve thought that through a lot more. And if it was written as joke, it’s a very poor joke.

            The very fact that I was called a whore, and you Cassidy, can’t say anything to refute my argument, proves that I’m right. It proves that with research, and actually knowing what I’m talking about, I’m a better parent than you, and I don’t even have children. Video games have ratings for a reason. Parents are parents for a reason. They should not be steam rolled over by a child crying over a game that they know nothing about. I based my game choices, as a child, by how cool the cover looked. Most children do that. Grow a vagina, step up, and be a parent. And learn to read. Video games have ratings for a reason.

          • Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

            I never called you a whore or questioned your parenting skills. You must not be thinking clearly. I wonder if you’re suffering cognitive effects from your years of video game playing.

          • Tayla says:

            Okay Cassidy, since you can’t be bothered to read other comments Barbara Bagwell said this “Tayla seems like one of those ‘gamer girls’ that are just after a man’s peen after playing these games instead of learning to sew and cook dinner.” So she was basically calling me a whore. And instead of insulting me, why don’t you come back with an actual argument. Is it because I’m right and you are just a psycho path that brings loaded guns into stores full of children? And if video games affect cognitive skills then why




            Video games actually improve cognitive skills and reduce the likelihood of dementia and alzheimers. If you actually researched your article you would know that the only affects video games have on kids, ratings aside, is that they don’t go outside and get lazy due to excessive playing. Your argument is entirely valid simply because you didn’t even bother to do any research. So are you going to reply with something half intelligent or figure out some way to insult me?

          • Cringed Toohard says:

            Tayla… Just stop. It’s painful reading all that over feeding

    • Bob Bei Elza says:

      Oh stop it! I’ve got this.

  2. Tayla says:

    Why should I stop? I’m right. Video games have ratings for a reasons and parents need to step up to the plate. Is that hard to understand?

  3. matthew says:

    Point for tayla!!!! Intelligence triumphs again! I actually enjoyed reading these posts i laughed out LOUD!!!

  4. splattergirl says:

    do you need donations for your brain cells to work faster?