Common Core is Compulsory Federalism & Obama’s Next Big Train Wreck

Common Core Has Outraged Americans in Every State

Common Core Has Outraged Americans in Every State

By Nigel J. Covington III


Richard Abbey, Contributed to this story

<National Report> Silently and without notice 46 states have approved the toxic Common Core State Standards Initiative. If you haven’t heard about “Common Core” it may surprise you to know Common Core has eliminated state sovereignty over education by removing parents, students, PTAs, local government and school board control over public, private and homeschooling education curriculums. And it gets worse… much worse.

The new national curriculum pushed by President Obama and supported by the private corporations who created Common Core in essence comes down to federal indoctrination of dangerous nationalistic ideas and beliefs written into the educational curriculum for all children K-12.

Nationalism is at the Heart of the Common Core Cult

Nationalism is at the Heart of the Common Core Cult

Educators have condemned Common Core as a “propaganda-ambush” style of teaching that strips away the old curriculum of reading, writing and arithmetic and replaced it with Common Core’s new “one-size-fits-all” program. “Eureka Math” replaces fundamental mathematics.

Using Common Core’s “Alexandria Plan,” history is now taught with little emphasis on the Constitution and Bill of Rights which are regarded solely as obsolete and antiquated historic documents of little value today. Though fundamentally recognized as the highest laws of the land children are taught new laws using modern-day language which address new technologies have replaced the old laws.

Common Core’s social studies curriculum teaches all religious faiths have origins in mythical folklore or superstition. Individual liberty is out having been replaced with an obscene nationalistic identity. Nationalism is taught with an emphasis on foreign beliefs of one state for each nation. Nation is now redefined as being synonymous with state.

Nationalism in Education Has Left Parents & Local School Boards Out in the Cold

Nationalism in Education Has Left Parents & Local School Boards Out in the Cold

Teaching social skills educates kids to be obedient, to never question authority, and to conform with the rules of acceptable standards of hygiene, dress and appearance. Dangerous anti-American beliefs supporting Federalism, Gun Control, and Obamacare are added into the curriculum under current affairs.

Damaging liberal ideology of acceptance, tolerance, and being nonjudgmental teach children to be open-minded towards minorities, Muslims, Mexicans, even homosexuals.

Sadly most of the 46 states who quietly adopted Common Core are now backpedaling as more and more parents and outraged citizens have discovered Obama’s shameless attempt to hijack their local school systems and replace conventional education with a standardized, national curriculum that teaches perilous ideals, liberalism and includes volumes of subversive anti-American propaganda. But with Common Core already in place its highly doubtful parents, students and educators will ever regain control of their schools. Its all in the fine print.

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6 Responses to "Common Core is Compulsory Federalism & Obama’s Next Big Train Wreck"

  1. Online schools are next.

  2. Lin says:

    this is horrible. common core education is much the same as what Hitler did to the youth of his time. It is brainwashing, plain and simple. It is an attempt to turn children against their families and listen only to the government.

    Please talk to me. tell me what you think.

    I would never allow any child of mine to attend any school like this. Teachers are asking children questions and getting answers that they should never ask. By asking in such a way that the child cannot help but answer, they are getting private information about the household and turning people into the government about a lot of thins. UN American ass holes.

  3. Justin A says:

    Hey Lin, It’s a joke, dummy

    • Lin LJ says:

      Hey Justin

      It doesn’t look like a joke to me. I have been hearing about this “common core” for a long time and I hope it never replaces the states rights to teach the values of reading, writing and arithmetic.

      We don’t want any little Hitlers in our society.

  4. aprylrayn says:

    What is going on with this country!? What happened to the good ole days of separation of big government/state..There is no stopping this rockslide that the “president” has started. This man was voted in because people hoped for change, pretty sure all of the detrimental “changes” this man has implemented WAS NOT what americans had in mind. How much longer will he be allowed to pass this crap in the senate and congress? when will common sense and concern, REAL CONCERN -not propaganda bull shit- take back the reins and try to put this country on the right track again??? Money makes the world go round — this whole presidency is out of control. I just want to say right on to congress for growing a pair and finally telling this deceiver of the masses NO!!!-coarse all they said no to was his sole decision to go to war with Syria(which HE HIMSELF provided the guns and ammo for) but all long journeys start with a single step. thanks for your time signed Disgusted in Indiana!!