Colorado Pot Shop Accepting Food Stamps – Taxpayer Funded Marijuana for Welfare Recipients


<National Report>As of January 1st, 2014, Colorado became the first state in the nation to allow adults aged 21 or older to purchase and use marijuana for recreational use. The decision has led to excessively large lines at pot shops across the state and store owners reportedly surpassed $1 million in sales statewide on just the first day according to Denver’s 9News.

In all, 136 licenses have been approved by the state of Colorado for retail operations for the purposes of selling marijuana.  A majority of those licenses were issued to businesses in Denver with just eighteen city stores completing the process in time for opening day. One of those shops, Rite Greens, located on E. Colfax Ave in Denver, has taken the steps needed to accept food stamps (now called EBT cards) for the purposes of purchasing marijuana effectively leading to taxpayer funded marijuana for welfare recipients.

“If you are a tax payer in Colorado, you get to pay for welfare recipients, a majority of whom are Democrats of course, to smoke pot now,” stated Denver resident Paul Horner.  “Where will this all end?  First it was Obamaphones, then Obamacare, now Obamaweed?  Will we be paying for tattoos, manicures, body piercings, gay marriages and porn next?”

Store owner JC Franco defended his decision to accept EBT cards in an interview with National Report:  “Everyone should have access to marijuana.  If a user is not able to afford their buds on a limited budget then having taxpayers help cover the shortage is only fair.  This isn’t a right only for the wealthy.”

Electronic Benefit Transfer cards — part of the Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — are typically of two general categories:  food and cash benefits.  Franco was able to take advantage of a loophole in the SNAP program as his shop sells a wide array of “edible” marijuana ranging from cookies and brownies to barbeque sauce and homemade butter.

“USDA has a zero tolerance policy on fraud, and we continue to strengthen our anti-fraud tactics to identify and exclude bad actors. More than any other factor, we know that the change in the trafficking rate is being driven by the growth in the number of smaller retailers where trafficking occurs at ten times the rate of larger grocery stores and supermarkets,”  Agriculture Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services Kevin Concannon said in a news release last month. “And while the vast majority of retailers and participants are honest, exploring enhanced retailer requirements reaffirms our commitment to ensuring that everyone plays by the rules.”

The marijuana measure has been popular among younger generations but represents the institution of a major new public policy in America that threatens to turn the nation into a dangerous land of debauchery.  If Colorado is able to succeed without causing a national backlash, the tourism, tax and other considerations are likely to compel other states to follow suit.  If they do not succeed, whether through marijuana injuries/deaths or an increase in crimes, it could set back the pro-marijuana movement that has gained momentum in recent years.

The state expecting some $200 million dollars in economic boost.

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101 Responses to "Colorado Pot Shop Accepting Food Stamps – Taxpayer Funded Marijuana for Welfare Recipients"

  1. Brina Brian says:

    umm no! Since when is pot food or even a necessity…? Food stamps should cover food & necessities (diapers wipes toilet paper & other hygiene products) over pot cigs & alcohol

    • You cant even buy those Nessities on food stamps! No t.p. no diapers or wipes..just eatables..and Everyone one needs toilet papers..all banies need diapers ect..nope! Govt says not nessesary..ive given up long ago..they make laws ect and dont care..i cant work as im disabled..so i Hope and Ask for Changes..they still havent responded or care..Minnesota its stil illegal even dying..idk…

      • Stupified says:

        This is awesome. One of the funniest things I have read in a while.

        I also liked their piece titled “Marijuana Linked to Violence Among Teens and the Mentally Ill Study Shows”

        • Steve says:

          Study doesn’t have to show, just turn on your TV and look at the show Lock Up? Listen to the old prisoners stories how they got started in crime?

      • John says:

        If you want Diapers and formula, then go to WIC.

        • Elsa says:

          You can not get diapers from WIC.

          • Scotty B says:

            Just buy hemp with the government aid, and then make your own diapers, baby wipes, and toilet paper! Hemp is so useful; it can be used for so many things.

            Really, it is best to be creative here. People are so lazy theses days. We should be growing weed to make our own products. It is good exercise, and keeps the mind fit!

      • … What uninformed moron wrote this? “Marijuana deaths/injuries”….. HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHHHAAAHAHAHA. Wow. Yeah, because those happen ALL the time… Alcohol is quite legal. Many people die from a direct result of alcohol intake and what it does to your internal organs because it is highly addictive. How many people in the history of the human race have ever died from overuse of marijuana? Not one recorded example. Ever.

        • John says:

          There accidents everyday where people have died in a auto accident while being under the influence of marijuana, the real issue for marijuana is how are people going to be able to find a job when companies require a drug test? These drug test are not necessary required by the employer’s, there required by the insurance companies who insures the employers’s, your not going to change the insurance company policies?

      • Ted Mishler says:

        I have Crohn’s disease, and found that using cannabis, I was able to get off disability to work, only to find that the treasonous war against my constitutional rights is discriminating against my employment, and good cannabis, not the sleepy coma stuff is so expensive, when growing it seems the best way.

        Therefore, it seems to me that since the politicians want to act a unruly children and sit on their treasonous good for nothing hands and close their eyes and shake their heads from side to side while they say not gonna legalize it, after they took an oath to protect everyone’s rights, not just the pill, alcohol, and tobacco crowd, that it seems to me the politicians have no “MOTIVATION” to do the job they swore to do, and committed perjury and warred against people contrary to their oath to protect EVERYONE’S constitutional rights, I really think that a class action lawsuit needs to take place to where people like us could find some relief, with myself with no money for the electric bill, nor the propane, it has been rough this winter, and I can not wait to move to a state to where I am not treated like the garbage that I know I am not…

        Good luck to you…

      • Lee G says:

        If you are totally disabled then every baby you have becomes my burden, not yours. Maybe some thought should of gone into how you were going to buy diapers before having kids. No dad? That’s why you don’t bring children into the world without a commitment and a relationship, if he’s a bum YOU picked him, not me. How much thought and consideration would you give picking a dog from the shelter? Try putting at least that much thought into picking a father for your children. Single mom does not mean victim and handouts. What difference is there between you and a married mom? It is a lifestyle choice, just like if I would choose to smoke or be a vegetarian.

        • Dominic says:

          So if she has a man and has kid. Then becomes disabled after v the fact then she’s an asshole because she doesn’t know the future? No your the asshole! What if you become disabled all the sudden. U want people leaving cock sucker remarks like you. Find a hole. Die in it. Bye

    • Clarissa says:

      “pot food”. Yes! That’s awesome.

    • UncleHemp says:

      Pots & pans?

      • Scotty B says:

        Yes, you throw the pot in the pan with some butter, and let it simmer for awhile before adding to the brownie mixture. Then you bake it to receive some wholesome goodness!

    • Bob says:

      The article is wrong. Food stamps/SNAP benefits are for food only.

    • Scotty B says:


      Everyone should have at least a pound of pot in their disaster emergency kit. It IS a necessity!

      What would you be doing while looking up in the sky as the meteor hurdles towards the Earth’s destruction. I say, “pass the doobie, please.”

    • enid selby says:

      Personally i dont mind it it can be used in any food prep or cook and is healthy if u have a problem with eating it will even help u eat more it has more pros than cons even besides the fact it can get you high and id rather cook it into food anyways rather than just smoke hey if u cant get it on foodstamps ypu shouldnt be able too get garlic or italian seasoning with foodstamps

  2. La Lummus says:

    This is insane…they should be jailed for accepting ebt cards …I tell you liberalism is a mental disease and a plague to this country

    • Brina Brian says:

      Too bad we can’t just get rid of them

    • David says:

      I completely agree. what has this country done to itself. Take a look folks.. This is what the current government administration has done to us.. My goodness.. People that are in dire need of getting food stamps to feed their young innocent children are being unable to get help while the Government is allowing people to buy weed with EBT cards.. This is Insane.. God will put an end to this in His Time. It’s only a matter of time .. This country is making Sodom & Gomorrah look like Mayberry RFD..Gods wrath will prevail in due time. Be careful.. God will not be mocked !!

    • Scott Otto says:

      Anyone who puts supports Ted Cruz, Allen West and Rand Paul has a mental disease and that would be you!

    • KeeterJones says:

      You got issues.

    • Winebaby says:

      I have 300 acres of pot growing inYadibba and I will accept EBT if it means contributing to the oh so glorious Teaparty!

    • Megatron says:

      And conservatism is a social disease. It wrecks society, happens a lot with careless people and is usually spread by someone getting screwed.

  3. Marty Chronicles says:

    You people should read more, you apparently, don’t understand how food stamps ( SNAP) works. I can tell by how some of you write , you must be one of the uneducated. It’s a shame, with all the information out there, you haven’t educationed yourselves enough to know that.For the ones that don’t read, you would know, if you quit believing the same ole propaganda ,that Cannibus is here to save the world. I hope it’s not to late to save your dumb ass, look at our oceans, can be cleaned with hemp, look at our energy problem can be saved by hemp oil, it’s biodegradable, try to imagine, if Hemp can make 50,000 plus items, how many jobs would that create? Also, Cannibus is the oldest crop on earth, why would it be here, if it wasn’t meant to be used. You are what’s wrong with this world. I wonder if Jesus used Cannibus oil for healing the sick, and the fibers for their clothes, just a thought, so before you condemn, read, do your research and stop believing the Propaganda.

    • Al says:

      I do not know you but I like you we need more ok like you in this world

    • Brina Brian says:

      Stfu Marty! You are the only idiot commenting on my comment. Not 1 single person spoke out against cannabis we are all upset that those bums can buy weed with food stamps yet I can’t use mine to get toilet paper or other much needed items…like diapers for my twin babies

      • jerry mccurry says:

        @Brina……I don’t agree with people buying pot with “food stamps”,no more than buying your babies diapers with “food stamps”. just sayin you should have thought about how to buy diapers before you brought two innocent children in this world…Furthermore, you should quit complaining and be damn glad you live in a country that gives you your “food stamps”.

    • Eric says:

      Calm down kid. Hemp, marijuana, and environmental responsibility are fine. I can’t see someone that doesn’t have any skills to speak of bettering their life if they can get EVERYTHING for free, including their pot. Where’s the incentive?

      • Brina Brian says:

        Eric never once did I say everything should be free. I have no problem buying non food items for my family…I wouldn’t even need food stamps if food wasn’t so expensive but we have to eat. What I am upset about is it really isn’t fair for stoners to get high on tax payers dime when people that can’t even afford toilet paper can’t get it on their food stamps…I get enough in food stamps that I could get some basic necessities with a little cut back on food purchases. FYI I won’t be getting food stamps forever I just have to finish college so I can get a real job

        • Eric says:


          My comment was directed at Marty. I have no problem with help for hard working people who are trying to better themselves. Honestly, I don’t even have a problem with people smoking pot. My issue is with people getting assistance to help them get by, then using it to buy pot. Sorry if I upset you. It sounds like you and I are agreeing. I don’t like how the EBT system is abused either. I have no problem with people needing help every now and then. Everyone does, myself included.

    • David says:

      AS you Put it so eloquently “” For the ones that don’t read, you would know, if you quit believing the same ole propaganda ,that Cannibus is here to save the world.”” FOR THE ONES THAT DON’T READ”” ok how can the ones that dont read , READ THIS ….Have a nice day Marty..

    • Fuck u says:

      Pot isn’t the problem it is people using EBT that is the problem. Tax payer dollar shouldn’t go to this for EBt. Oh wait obamacare can! Are u fucking stupid I love freedom but this shit is socialism America is going to fall if u think this is ok. Help the needy good great but notthe abuser of the system! I’m jumping around but after reading your comment just pissed me off! I’m a libertarian live and let live but not free pot wtf where is my free beer? Where does it stop you piss of shit?

    • GPsNips says:

      You had me until you said “you haven’t educationed yourselves”. That is showing that you yourself may not be as educated as you think you are. You use of grammar and punctuation is abysmal.

      Pot smokers could give a damn about what HEMP can do for the world. All they care about is how and when they will get their next high. Just a note to this pot store owner… having and purchasing pot is not a right. It is a privilege.

      If people do not have enough money to buy it then maybe they should think about not buying it and using their money for more necessities. I, for one, do not want to be paying my hard earned money so it can be taxed and given to people who get welfare or EBT so they can buy pot.

      Pot is not a necessity. People all over the world get along just nicely without it. EBT cards should be used for food and food alone. END OF SENTENCE!

      • GPsNips says:

        Oops! My bad… I meant to say ‘Your use of grammar”. That is clearly a typo, not a sign of my education level.

      • Renee says:

        Thank you for letting the educationed man know that he was actually educated. I mean come on. He is going to sit here and rant, but can’t even get it right. SMH. Furthermore, I can not believe this nonsense about being able to buy food products that can get you high on Food Stamps. Honestly, it just blows my mind.

        • Ted Mishler says:

          Sarcastically, yeah!

          Being high is just feeling well, ask my crohn’s diseased intestines…
          Imagine that! People purchasing food products with thc in it that not only feeds their stomachs, but makes them feel well!

    • There are a lot of plants growing in the world that are not meant to be consumed by humans. Just because they are there does not mean it`s ok to eat or cultivate. I would like to see anyone eat the leaves of poison oak/ivy, Why is it necessary for anyone to get HIGH? Can`t you enjoy the finer things in life sober. Get a life.

      • Kevin Hunt says:

        Why is it not illegal to have poison ivy growing on your property? People have died from allergic reactions to poison ivy; but no one has died from ingesting pot.

        If you believe that the government should protect us from ALL harms, then why not have SWAT teams raiding people who allow poison ivy to grow on their land?

    • AH says:

      Talk about uneducated. Hey Marty! Ever heard of punctuation? Looks to me like you’ve been hitting the bong a little bit yourself…

  4. Eric says:

    Also Marty, after you finish ridiculing people over uneducated they are, I want you go back to 6th grade and learn what a run – on sentence is and how to properly avoid making them. I’m pretty sure you and I would be around the same age and you’re making our generation look like a bunch of clowns. Be better than the government tells you to be. If you enjoy getting high, whatever. Just contribute something tangible to society first. Also, realize that no important job involves being stoned.

  5. Eric says:

    Do you want a stoned fire fighter or medic to be the one helping you in a time of need? Even the person sending EBT to you wouldn’t perform their job right if they’re stoned. In closing, smoke pot all you want, but be realistic about what you’ll actually get out of it. Mostly, just don’t expect people doing actual productive work to foot the bill.

    • Brina Brian says:

      Sorry Eric I didn’t realize your comment was directed at Marty…as for Ben you are nothing more than a last mooching bum that has made us that actually need assistance look bad. You choose not to work bc you get food stamps…! Do you realize what people like you are leaving for the future? Get off your rear & get a freakin job!

    • Mark says:


      Are those firefighters allowed to go to work drunk? Nope. Are those medics allowed to go to work drunk? Nope. Pot is treated the same way and anyone suspected of being high or intoxicated on the job risks losing their job. I personally don’t smoke it or eat it or anything else with it but I got a secret for ya, they have been smoking it before work for decades bud. Nurses, medics, fireman, CNA’s, manufacturers, steel workers, construction workers, and many others too numerous to list. I hope you don’t think that legalizing pot makes things any different than it did before it was legal. It just makes it easier to get and that is all.

      • Eric says:

        I’m not condemning anyone that smokes. I don’t smoke anymore either, but as I said in previous comments, I don’t care if you do. The point of my firefighter/medic comment was to point out that people can’t just smoke all day, every day. That will lead straight to being on EBT. Anyone who is doing anything important right now isn’t stoned (hopefully). At least they shouldn’t be. I don’t count CPA work as important, just expensive. They can blaze all they want.

    • Sheila-Rae says:

      Actually, there wouldn’t be a “stoned firefighter or medic” because the rules are the same as Alcohol which also a mind altering drug, you do it on the job, you’re fired, not like tobacco us, and most places make you smoke like 300 miles away.

      If you’re trying to use that as an example, then the fear of having a DRUNK firefighter or medic is just as likely, Yes?

      Plane pilots do it all the time, there will be strange instances where someone is being a dumbass, but if people know and understand their job depends on it, and they want to keep buying their drug whether it be booze, bud or cigs, then is should fine.

      I can be thankful they didn’t make Methamphetamine legal, Christ we’re lucky.

  6. David says:

    I doubt that NC will allow Marijuana in this state. Since it is in the middle of the Bible belt I highly doubt that anytime soon will Weed be legal..

  7. Ben Stills says:

    Rite Greens is a real lifesaver for a guy like me. I’ve been on food stamps for a couple years and don’t really feel like getting a job, so I was stoked to be able to pick up some free grass…thanks taxpayers!

    • GPsNips says:

      Ben Stills, get off your lazy ass and get a job. If you use your EBT card to purchase pot you should have it revoked.

  8. Benjamin Morodie says:

    This is great I’ve been on EBT for two years and usually have to trade groceries to get my weed, now I can just get it from the store. I even changed in my gun for some weed too, less guns and more weed sounds perfect to me

  9. Jamaal says:

    I need to get some mo babies made to get that extra EBT $ fo dat gud sticky-icky!

  10. Ashleigh says:

    You are all idiots…

  11. E.S. says:

    I have a great idea…Lets rid of a taxpayer waste, implement that a percentage of your paycheck to your OWN commissary program, and when you lose your job cause you couldn’t pass the drug test, you are free to use it on whatever, whenever. Then when you run it out, and you try for taxpayer assistance, you are denied.

  12. GPsNips says:

    And so it begins. I can see the welfare rolls in Colorado increasing just so they can buy pot. More babies born out of wedlock, more men creating more dependent babies and more women having those babies just so they can get pot for their baby daddies.

    Great idea Colorado. Got any more great ideas to increase Colorado’s budget deficit??

  13. Brian P says:

    As a Libertarian who supports Marijuana legalization I felt compelled to speak up here.

    I think this is ridiculous. Stupid. THIS is what we don’t need. This is greed at it’s finest. There is no reason for this except to get a leg up over the competition(being the only shop to accept EBT.)

    Money, fucking hate it. I hate how we live our lives around it but can’t avoid being dependent on it.

    I just wanted to say I don’t support this. I am Libertarian, not lazy. I work for my vices, just as everyone else should. No one is getting drunk on someone else’s work so why should they get high?

    This shop owner needs to go to jail. Please open your minds to the fact that not everyone believes in getting high all day, every day. Thats not what this movement is about. It’s about not being oppressed by the powers at be and having the responsibility of what goes into your own body placed solely on you. This childish notion of the government needing to be there to protect us all from killing ourselves is silly. It’s not necessary.

    Government is a way to prevent Darwinism(regardless if you support evolution). If people want to be stupid and kill themselves injecting gasoline into their arms so be it, one less dumbass in the country. Government can help, the EBT program is a great sign of that. Families who need assistance are able to get it. However it can also hinder progress that we as a species could be making if “The Man” wasn’t there to protect the idiots.

    Arrest this man, allow Darwinism to prevail in society. We will have a better gene pool and smarter kids as a result of the extra funding going towards education.

    I am a 28 year old computer programmer from Pennsylvania. LIBERTY OR DEATH

  14. Ben Jakobs says:

    I was at Rite Greens today and the line was INSANE! They really seem to be onto something with this little gimmick.

  15. Adriewash says:

    I’m thinking Ben Jakob’s, Ben Stills and Ben Marodle are pulling our legs.

  16. Mark says:

    The story says they are allowed to. Doesn’t mean that they are. If you don’t smoke it, don’t demonize it. If you are accepting that the rich people of this country can use tax write offs to supplement their income then I’m sure you will be fine with EBT users supplementing their pot habits. When we can ALL get together and stop ALL of the welfare both corporate and the needy, then this country can get back on its a strong foundation. When will ALL of you realize that not only the poor are getting welfare? Small businesses get “welfare”. Oil corporations get “welfare”. The elderly get “welfare”. The disabled get “welfare”. Tax payers get write offs which is a form of “welfare”. If we are going to the “ewelfare” in America then lets stop it all and not just cherry pick who we think should get it. Then and only then can we stop the gross abuse of the system.

    • Alex says:

      Brilliant! If we just stop taking care of the elderly and the disabled, our problems are solved! While we’re at it, lets stop funding public education too… kids don’t need to learn how to think critically anyway (it’s not like we’ll need doctors 30 years from now!) Hell, why stop there? Let’s also cut medicare and medicaid – If you’re too poor to pay your hospital bill you should just die because you’re a burden to the tax system. Now with all the money we saved by cutting social services we can afford to buy a rocket which can be used to send all of the poor, sick, old, and handicapped to the sun where they can bother someone else. Good riddance hippies!

      Now that that’s settled we can focus on important issues, like bringing back Ronald Regan from the dead so that he can be president of the world!

      • Don`t downgrade Medicare. I have worked for over 50 years and had Medicare taxes taken out of my pay to pay for it. I have to pay $190.00 a month from my Social Security check for Medicare for me and the wife. Also, even on Medicare, it does not cover all the costs for medicines and doctors visits. If you believe that Medicare and Medicaid should be cut, then lets take it a step further and cut Veterans benefits also. After all, a lot of them are druggies anyway.

        • David says:

          Now you’re getting too personal. as a USMC Vietnam veteran i rely on my VA Benefits and to think that our benefits will be cut is a horrid thought. People who served their country are entitled to certain benefits that people who did not serve can’t get.. That’s why the VA was created.. To help Veterans who have certain issues that can not afford insurance. and i thank God for my benefits. which every American Veteran deserves.. if you served your country, then you have certain Rights that the Govt pays for. and that is a great thing. I thank God i was able to be in the USMC ,, and Survive..Thank God for the VA..and BY the way Not every veteran is a druggie. where did you come up with that BS statistic..

  17. Sean says:

    Look, it is really simple how this happened and it goes like this: Right now there is no ban on foods containing marijuana from being eligible for EBT (food stamp) purchases. It is simply a loophole in the law and it exists simply because the feds did not see this happening. It will no doubt be quickly amended to not allow food products containing marijuana to be eligible for EBT. Really, this article and most of the responses are just ill-informed and absurd. I am certain that at one time, until it was subsequently changed when the feds saw it being abused, that you could buy high alcohol content “cooking wines” and “flavored liquers” (like Schnapps) or heavily alcohol-rich candies (liquored bon-bons) under the guide of it being “food” for consumption rather than alcohol for recreation. They fixed that and they will fix this. One last thing – we could totally justify getting rid of EBT altogether if we had a reasonable minimum wage. The primary way the GOP has justified its position for a third-world-nation level of minimum wage has been to offer up more welfare programs to subsidize the working poor so employers don’t have to pay it. The DNC, of course, has no issues with any form of welfare as a way to buy them more votes. Those two disgusting political parties together have done this to us all with poor governance and we keep voting for them – good cop and bad cop depending on your basic nature. Stop picking at the bones they throw you and wake up and see the real problems people!

  18. UncleHemp says:

    Man it’s so hilarious how easy it is to punk you Conservatives! Even the most stupid of Cons know you cannot buy weed with a EBT LOL! Ha Ha Ha Ha !

  19. mzeatwzad says:

    I actually have a pretty decent job, but am thinking of quitting, ditching the wife and kids, and moving to CO to take advantage of this. Can anyone advise me on how to get an EBT card? Also, does anyone have any recommendations on preferred strains that I might acquire from the Rite Greens?

  20. Jim in SOMD says:

    If EBTs are allowed to purchase cigarettes and all forms of alcohol, then also allowing them to purchase legalized pot seems justified. However, if it is not currently allowed to purchase these items, then it should be rejected when attempting to purchase marijuana

  21. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    Sure, this law stimulates the economy in Colorado in terms of Visine, air spray, and munchies sales, but at what cost? The health and immortal souls of those hippies that indulge, that’s what.

  22. Sandy says:

    This is not right. All this is going to do is give people who don’t smoke pot good reason to complain and gripe about it. And vote against it! It’s going to ruin it for everyone! If it’s for medical reasons then insurance should cover it, not the taxpayer.

  23. Cheech N. Chong says:

    These hop heads are outta control! They get on these crazed drug induced stupors and think they rule the world! Hippies runnin round on some kinda far out and groovy acid trip turn my guts insidel out! They are all lwasted on coke, dope, pot and ppp! Get a job and a haircut before your brain is so fried that you think a baby is a turkey and you put it in the oven! Or better yet when you are higher than a kite you just might think you can fly and then you jump off a building! This warped life style is a one way ticket to hell!

  24. TrueBlueMajority says:

    So glad I discovered this today. Bookmarked and will defnitely be a regular visitor!

  25. Dorothy Henderson says:

    As if anyone on foodstamps could afford to use them on pot even if they could.

  26. BajaK says:

    OK….let’s get to how hemp…non-psychoactive cousin of pot…IS a food…for livestock, birds, and humans. Plenty of recipes at searches of “Hemp Recipes” or “Hemp for Food”. Food stamps would be proper here.

    Why only medicinal pot, and “recreational” pot, are being re-legalized (after decades of illegitimate prohibition) is a question. There is action to re-legalize Agricultural Hemp, but because it’s not as “sexy” a story as pot, it’s getting very little media attention…even in Left and environmentalist areas. Easy search for info…at “Agricultural Hemp”.

    • Scotty B says:

      I certainly appreciate now having the ability to buy the primary ingredient for my delicious pot brownie recipe using food stamps! I am going to move the Denver so I can do this. Then I am going to organize a festival to celebrate the coming of a long awaited golden age in freedom!

      God bless the liberals, and down with the uneducated, propaganda duped conservative robots! Wake-up America! Vote for Democrats to rejuvenate this country by restoring our liberal rights!

      Scotty B

      • Brian P says:

        If you honestly think the answer lies on the “blue” side when the problem is with the whole concept of sides all together, you are the problem.

        • Scotty B says:

          Actually, it can be problematic when people cannot determine the context of a particular discussion topic. Consequently, they enter the realm of the trollish. Unfortunately for them, those who understand the discussion just had another roll on the floor due to the enormity of misunderstanding displayed.

  27. Scotty B says:

    I certainly appreciate now having the ability to buy the primary ingredient for my delicious pot brownie recipe using food stamps! I am going to move the Denver so I can do this. Then I am going to organize a festival to celebrate the coming of a long awaited golden age in freedom!

    God bless the liberals, and down with the uneducated, propaganda duped conservative robots! Wake-up America! Vote for Democrats to rejuvenate this country by restoring our liberal rights!

    Scotty B

  28. Knox Stonewall Johnson says:

    I think this is a great idea. Marijuana is not only a medicine, but a superfood when eaten. We have Medicare and Food Stamps, so I don’t see the big deal.

  29. Will says:

    To bad you can’t buy crap paper to wipe your AZZ with EBT.

  30. Real Christian Patriot says:

    Our country is going to Hell in a bong pipe! Smoke away those food stamps, you lazy, good for nothings. Obama and Hitler will meet you in the hot place, along with that wino Ted Kennedy and all the gays.

    • Scotty B says:

      Did you know that the bible was originally written on hemp paper over a couple of joints and a bottle of red wine? Of course, afterwards they had a huge feast!

    • Ted Mishler says:

      Good for nothings?
      Hot place?

      Defomation of character

      I see where you are headed, bubba lover

      Treason is any one who wars on a group of people, people like you are the criminals

      Perhaps you’d care to go to Afghanistan and guard ely lilly’s poppy fields to get people here addicted to your stomach pain pills?

      And that is legal

  31. Mary Jane Stoner says:

    I wish someone would buy me some free food. My mixed race children are starving because I bought weed with my BET card instead of food after their father abandoned us. The government needs to take the money from white working Christian males and buy me some lobster, prime rib, mountain dew and dorritos. Maybe the next 4 or 5 Nubian princes I spread my legs for won’t run out on me, but I doubt it, so someone better do something quick because me and my babies deserve better than this after all this is AMERICA!

  32. TheGoodOne says:

    I don’t wanna give some freaky-deaky stoner my hard earned money to get high! Don’t tell me this shit about “hemp being fuel” either. I want coal, oil, and gas, baby!

  33. Phillip Seymore Hoffman says:

    I buy heroine with my ebt card.

  34. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I am surprised how many people believe this story is real. It doesn’t matter which side of the issue…it is a simple non-issue because the story is satire. The sad part is somebody is going to be truly stupid enough to bring this issue up in an argument not knowing that what they are repeating is a fake news story about a fake controversy published on a fake news site with fake sources. I wouldn’t be surprised if a politician has already spoken out about how this needs to change when you CANNOT buy non-food with EBT. That would be especially sad, since a lawmaker should probably be familiar with the laws they are in charge of regulating and not easily fooled by such a fake news story. But it is strange to get so indignant about something that is simply not a true news story! Idiots!

  35. obummer says:

    This editor is a complete fool, the post is extremely misleading and extremely prejudice towards people with food stamps. EBT cards have a cash option aside from the food stamps balance this cash is for you to do as you please and that’s why you can buy whatever you want with your “cash balance”. this editor is making misleading posts and picking on people in need, how much more of a looser can you be? do you have even a clue on how harmful the crap is doctors prescribe that makes people commit suicide and go on a shooting rampage? that is bought with medicare at the tax payers expense over half the time???? vs something all natural that people have been using for hundreds of years to alleviate stress.. the globalists want you stressed and when morons get on here and bash people for smoking pot they laugh at you and say yup hes a good slave ha ha ha.

  36. WillieNelsonJr.Jr. says:

    I love this website. I get all my news from here and The Onion.

    Keep up the good work!

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