Colorado Governor Set To Release Those Convicted On Marijuana Related Charges, Expunge Records

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Denver, CO–With the passage of Amendment 64, Colorado residents proved themselves to be forward thinking, but while residents of the state were busy enjoying their newfound freedoms, little has been done for those serving time on marijuana related charges…until now.  Gov. John W. Hickenlooper (D) has proposed a bill that would have a major impact on the criminal justice system.  Under the new bill, convicts currently serving time on marijuana related charges will be released and the crime expunged from their records.

In Colorado alone, more than 10,000 people were arrested annually for marijuana possession according to a recent study by researchers with the Marijuana Arrest Research Project, a drug policy-reform group.  The study finds that Colorado has seen 240,000 marijuana possession arrests in the state over the past 25 years with nearly a quarter of all arrests coming in the five years between 2006 and 2010.

JC Chavez, a spokesman for the Governor’s office, spoke with local Fox Affiliate KDVR this morning and had this to say:  “The Governor has a strong background of following his heart and doing what is right and this is just a natural progression.  While the US is one of the only countries in the world that does NOT guarantee retroactive ameliorative relief in sentencing, the plan proposed by Gov. Hickenlooper would free those currently serving and simply seal all records of ‘personal’ pot possession. Sealing the records effectively makes the arrest disappear to background checks.  This doesn’t just impact the offender in Colorado, it prevents that record from showing up no matter where that user goes – even if pot is illegal in the state, making it easier for former convicts to find employment.”

Recent studies have suggested the states marijuana industry could reach $1 billion in sales in the next fiscal year.  Revised budget numbers indicate the state could add more than $100 million a year collected through tax revenues to state coffers.  This revenue, along with savings from reduced law enforcement resources, will provide the state much needed funding for school construction, health care, substance-abuse programs and public health.

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12 Responses to "Colorado Governor Set To Release Those Convicted On Marijuana Related Charges, Expunge Records"

  1. Paul Pot says:

    These convictions created a sub-class like the untouchables of India from which people were never able to rise.
    This action will release many people from their bonds of discrimination.
    It is also an indication that we are at last facing up the the extreme damage done to our society and the individuals in it by this arbitrary violation of human rights.

  2. Deborah says:

    What about those of us that were convicted of cultivation? My amended charge was “attempted” cultivation in 1992. I had 3 grams of pot (including thew soil stuck to the roots), it was in April and my plants were tiny. I want my record expunged.

  3. colin says:

    Very smart move and about fucking time…we need to do that in Canada as well but in the US there are so many petty criminals in jail learning how to be much more effective criminals that they need to apply this rational to a broad range of offenses and instead of jail, sentence them to a learning institution with the money they have been pissing away keeping them in jail..

  4. Mrs T says:

    Two things are immediately wrong with first legalizing weed and expunging former offenders. The reason I am against legalization is because Marijuana is a proven gateway drug- in other words it opens the door to stronger use of cheaper illegal street drugs and will only compound the problems we already have with drug usage in this country, the only difference will be the government will have an easier legal way of getting their hands on the profits. Getting your record expunged b/c you vote in a liberal lawmaker does not erase the fact that you did something illegal(against the law) at that time and once you find it easier to get high will not stop many from doing it illegally again via the cheaper street way. It is going to make for a very violent and unstable environment for us all in a very short time plus it promotes a sense of lawlessness. We need people to follow the laws not break them and we need people to enforce them for the safety of us all.

    • U_R_CRAZY says:

      Honestly, you’re talking out of your ass &/or lying. Marijuana is no more or less of a gateway drug than alcohol/tobacco. Countries that have legalizes marijuana & other drugs, have seen no rise in use. Also, HOW can you have some people in jail for “illegal” marijuana, while other people free for doing the same thing? You’re a digesting, ignorant, degenerate idiot. Seriously, I’ve seen very few people who are more full of shit then you are. You’re also bat-shit-crazy. I’ve already wasted to much time on you.

    • KentAZ says:

      Ah, the old “gateway drug” canard. Completely and utterly false, as are almost all of the negative, wild accusations about cannabis.

      Bottom line is this: If you’re OK with the legal status of alcohol, but think cannabis should be criminalized (as, admittedly I once did some time ago), then you are either ignorant or just plain stupid. (I’d like to think I was in the former category back then)

  5. david says:

    Time to fortify your home if you live in ‪Colorado‬. Violent potheads are going to be roaming the streets thanks to ‪Governor Hickenlooper‬. Just watch, violent crime is going to skyrocket soon as they let these criminals out.

  6. Jesus Hernandez says:

    Yo, bout damn time. I have several homeboys and hina’s behind bars for wack ass Mary Jane charges. I will be happy to share a splif with those in my familia that were rocked in the culo by the goverment. I can’t wait to smoke out wit you all soon!

  7. Wallace L. says:

    Jesus Hernandez –

    Your comment is not only ridiculous, but is everything that is wrong with our once proud country. The thought of all the dope smokers that speak like you, set free from jail (where they belong), to smoke drugs and commit crimes is enough to sicken me and my proud family. Instead of your friends being released from jail, I truly hope you find your way there. I assume most all dope users are just like you.

  8. Jane M. Agni Jane M. Agni says:

    Great, so people who refused to obey the law and got caught are now being freed into the community? Are we supposed to just hope they don’t decide to commit any new, more heinous crimes?

  9. reyna says:

    there are people that benefit from this source of medication…………so let them have it! we all hope things will change regarding this medicinal plant, and stop all this harassment to citizens that are producted people not criminals like some of them that are license to rip off people and on top of it they get pay!! what a society!

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