City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law


<NationalReport>In a surprise weekend vote, the city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted 4-3 to became the first US city to officially implement all aspects of Sharia Law.  The tough new law, slated to go into effect January 1st, addresses secular law including crime, politics and economics as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, fasting, prayer, diet and hygiene.

The new law could see citizens stoned for adultery or having a limb amputated for theft. Lesser offenses, such as drinking alcohol or abortion, could result in flogging and/or caning. In addition, the law imposes harsh laws with regards to women and allows for child marriage.

Some in town seem to welcome the new legislation while others have denounced the move as “abhorrent”, a threat to freedom and incompatible with the Constitution.  When asked by National Report about the need for such a law, local resident Jeremy Ahmed stated:

“It is because of our need that Allah the Almighty, in all his generosity, has created laws for us, so that we can utilize them to obtain justice. We hope to see other cities taking this action in the face of the governments inaction of passing such legislation”.

Other local residents have taken to social media sites with comments ranging from “praise be to Allah” and “long live Islam” to “RIP Dearborn” and “Only in Obama’s America would an American city consider Sharia Law”.

The city of Dearborn is a well-known safe haven for Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. With a population of around 98 thousand people, roughly 30% of its residence are Muslims making them the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States.

The dangers of Sharia Law in America were first outlined in a 2010 study produced by the Center for Security Policy (CSP) titled “Sharia: The Threat to America“, a 352-page book based on authoritative sources of Islamic law. While sharia includes strict rules for prayer and fasting, it is also an all-encompassing legal and political code that covers all aspects of life including those that have nothing to do with religion.

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567 Responses to "City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law"

  1. raylanfear says:

    Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” It’s time to be concerned America. Enough is enough. This is the main issue of the 21st Century. Over 500,000+ Muslim refugees mainly from Somalia under the refugee immigrant resettlement program are being relocated throughout America. Did you vote for that? No one voted for this! Awareness is the issue folks, put the word out. Most families are simply far too busy just trying to survive, working two jobs, raising their children and do not have a clue what is taking place. Our mainstream news will not inform you due to political correctness. I have done the research for you. First, Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” this is the doctrine to destroy America from within, and guess what they are succeeding. One only has to look at England, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, and the rest of Europe to understand the immigration issue. It is sad, what Paris has become, have you been there lately? Multiculturalism is literally destroying Europe. There are now over 700 “Islamic no go Muslim Zones” within England, France and Germany. Islam is a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society. We are now approaching over 2400 mosques in America, along with 2.7 million Muslims here in the USA. The Mosques can be used for converting homegrown terrorists, as is the case in the Boston Marathon bombing. That number is supposed to double in the next decade. Take a look at Dearborn, Michigan (they now have Muslim zones, where the police are afraid to enter. The Muslim immigration and mosques continue with Maine, Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, Indiana, S. Dakota, California and Colorado taking in most of the immigrants so far, your state could be next. I have no issue with the peaceful Muslim that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that they want to dominate and force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. Why should America be forced into adapting to their culture? This is our America; we should not have to change one iota to accommodate them. “When good men and woman are quiet, evil always wins”. Forget about be labeled a racist, bigot or being politically correct. The time has come to speak up and take a stand. Again for the facts and truth just Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” a real eye opener. They are making inroads into our schools, universities, cities and towns and even our own government. They want Sharia law and even our textbooks changed to put a more favorable light on Islam. When Jews, Christians, Priests, Infidels are being murdered and Churches are being burned down and recently 59 students locked up in a school room, the building was set fire allowing no one to escape and anyone trying to escape was slaughtered by Islamic militants, where is the condemnation from the nearly 3 million Muslims that are here? For the majority of them there is total silence and none condemn the atrocities that continue to go on in Europe. That alone speaks volumes on their real intent. Europe is losing the battle all ready and America will be next. What you do today will affect your children and grandchildren and future generations of America yet unborn. Stand up and be counted to defeat this real threat upon America. Voice your opinion, let your congressmen, senators, and school boards, and know how you feel on the issue. Forget about being labeled and do what is right for America. We need a permanent solution, time is running out. Let us not become the next Europe. Do it for your children and grandchildren’s future folks. As for me I refuse to be silent on the issue. Thank you and please comment with your viewpoint

    • Why are they printing such a horrific story if it’s not real…..I know what your thinking and no I don’t believe most of what I read but this just seems so real…..

      • Truthbug says:

        Not seems…it is REAL! How many folks have to be wounded and bleeding before becoming painfully aware of the REALITY?? So many people, told about a problem threatening their life (style) blurt out: “Oh my! That is just terrible!”
        In the next breath they are back to worrying which ball game to watch.
        INVESTIGATE! LEARN ABOUT IT! TAKE SOME ACTION! Ask yourself and your friends: “Is there an Islamic nation fit to live in? Ignore the liars. Dig out the facts of why this nation has been so exceptionally ( yes! EXCEPTIONALLY, don’t listen to those phoney windbags “apologizing for our far better than other countries”) good for freedom seekers from all over the world.

      • carol says:

        This is real. Go to Dearborn Michigan and see for yourself. They have foot sinks in schools so kids can wash their feet before prayer time in their public schools. Open your eyes America

        • Cactus Dave says:

          carol…so what? I bet if it were something similar for Christians you wouldn’t be complaining. YOU are what is wrong with America

          • Sharon says:


          • plumberskid says:

            You are OK with muslims being able to pray in public school in Dearborn? How about letting Christians pray in public school in Dearborn? Are you OK with that too?

          • Judy says:

            Cactus Dave,
            you are so ignorant. You think it’s ok for Muslims to pray in school but not Christians? You think it’s ok for us to spend thousands of dollars for sinks for the Muslims to wash their feet in?? To spend our tax dollars for sinks for a religous belief?? If Christians wanted cross’s put on the walls so they could be prayed to would you be ok with that? I doubt it but your ok with Muslims having sinks to wash their feet???

        • sherry bex says:

          I agree

        • Mach says:

          Better foot sinks than the hand sinks they were using, trust me I had a hard time washing my hands when these dirty bastards did’ their’ ritual bath where I washed my hands.

      • TheBitterWriter says:

        But it is a true story… only it is just beginning and it is Christian law that people want to put in place… Doesn’t feel so right when it’s not your religion’s laws making it through the legal system, does it?

      • Lance Leveque says:

        This is why they are making up so much ground, because people like you question what’s clearly happening. Lela, even that your on the fence about it, there are so many other who are so cynical that they say they believe nothing they read. That’s just great, while it all happens right beneath their noses. The reason people are on the fence? Because they’re in fear of being shamed by the liberal public.

    • Alabama Dave says:

      hey, boston bombing, that was so fake and the guys were set up. Look at the film when they were both alive. Then one was dead. Just like columbine, all fake. False flag.

      The constitution does not allow the laws from other countrys to stand. The implications on all things is huge. This will be over turned or if it is not. Then, let the war begin. Because they have already started.

    • bobv says:

      raylanfear, you wrote an excellent essay on this whole problem. Help us SHINE the light on these demon worshippers and all their evils!! Join a chapter of Act! for America and other anti-islam groups, let’s get unified and drive this satanic cult out of our country!! their allah is satan, mohammed was a pedophile, murderer, adulterer, wifeabuser, hater…a satan filled person following satan, like all his followers are now.

    • tnt777 says:

      raylanfear: Very well said. I agree.

    • sharon says:

      Its funny how there is no mention about women and children getting acid thrown in there faces, or the barbaric practice of stoning women to death because of sharia law, or a little boy that gets his tiny little arm run over BY A CAR, him screaming while the car is TEARING his arm apart, WHY, because he was hungry and stole a little bit of bread. Or the forced marriages of girls ages 9 and up to men that rape them constantly. Why don’t they mention that, because they didn’t have to, no body asked. Now they have there foot in the door. And inch by inch, they will work there way through out America, pushing this crap.
      Check out http://www.honordiaries.com, this film talks about how just because a girl wants to go to school she can be subjected to sharia law, it can go as far a as them being killed, to protect the mans and families so called HONOR. Just like all those little girls that got kidnapped WHY did the get kidnapped? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL, that’s it. These men that do this are COWARDS they know nothing about what true honor really is, abusing somebody is not honorable at all, in anyway.

      • Cactus Dave says:

        How about the Bosnian Muslims who were tortured to death by Serbian “Christians”

        • berberloo says:

          Really Cactus Dave,

          Clearly you have an issue with Christianity, but will you feel the same if Sharia Law is instituted and you are forced to become a Muslim or die. I hope you don’t have sisters, daughters or a living mother, because they will all suffer under this type of law. And you can try to rewrite history all you want to but this country WAS founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. But people of all religions were allowed to come and practice freely according to their own beliefs. We don’t force people to believe one way or the other. Can you say the same thing about Islam? I think not.

      • Sherry says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with you. The reason they don’t want the girls to go to school is probably because they want to keep the girls ignorant, so they can control them. If the girls were to actually learn, they would see for themselves the falseness of their religion.

        I am praying that the God of the Universe, “The One True Living God”, will disperse his and our enemy. That he will foil the plans of the evil one. I pray that God will be glorified in all and in every way. In Jesus Precious Name…AMEN

    • thank you! God bless.

    • Suzanne says:

      You nailed it. Wake up AMERICA!!

    • Linda Walmer says:

      I wonder if you have a face book page? Where can a person join a group that will explain what we can do prevent the take over of Islam in America?

      Linda Walmer

    • Stand Gable says:

      Hey….if you want to prevent Islam from taking over….just import thousands of goats to the infected area. Muslim men will be so quick to rush to the goat…their women will be left abandoned and will quickly be ready to trade their slaving oppressive goat loving Muslim husbands for Christian men…..poof….you have just breed Islam out of the picture.

    • checkit says:

      look up deerbourne mi proof is in the pudding

    • korax corvus says:

      Won’t sharia change football if at halftime we behead the veiled cheerleaders for acting too provocatively?

    • mat says:

      sharia law is against the constitiution of this country you cant just implement it …. this needs to get shut down right now

    • Thank You. . Finally someone speaking my exact thoughts. .Thanks. .Keep on writing.

  2. Dave says:

    Where did you get this from? Did you do any fact checking? I know people that live in Dearborn and this is not true at all.

    • Riccio says:

      Dave, wake up and smell the coffee… In Nigeria a school full of Christian children were murdered by Muslims in the last week. They screams were heard all of the place…They were murdered by Muslims. http://www.persecution.com that’s where you can read it. Or be a more investigative. Muslims are peaceful people, I agree, but that is because they don’t know the Quran and the Hadith. They don’t even know how to read it, because they can’t read Arabic. They are being taught by their Imam in their buildings and you don’t want to know what they teach. Sharia calls on husbands to slap their wives around, that’s their right. They can chop off a hand when someone steals or behead a person for having a extra-marital relationship or even for asking for a divorce. A little knowledge is more then knowing some nice muslims…Islam is not a religion of peace, it means submission. Submission to Allah and his prophet Muhammed, if you do not submit, you will be humiliated or killed. Raylanfear is absolutely right. Educate yourself instead of going on feelings. That’s not what’s going to save you…

      • mytorpor says:

        Riccio, while everything you are saying is true, this story is not.

      • PattyInPortland says:

        Riccio, YOU wake up. This report is 100% bogus. It came from the National Review, a site specializing in SATIRE.

      • DanT59 says:

        I totally agree. Maybe we should make sure all flights that Obama wants to continue to all coming from West Africa should all be required to come thru Dearborn,MI. If any infectious disease breaks out we can be rid of one problem using the other.

    • hopefirst says:

      you have to read about islam here to believe: :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgsrnmzxEUY
      there is confession of ex-muslim as well:
      muslim LETTER from Ismail Mohamed:
      “I have been compromised, I have been tipped that the authorities
      are on to my apostasy and are coming for me, I have packed my bags and will be on the run shortly. This is my last post. I apologize, for posting the following for the fifth, and rest assured the last time, I am asking to read and spread the following comprehensive piece of writing exposing Islam for the brainwashed masses of esterners, it’s my sincere hope that it is propagated to as many as possible through you thankfully. There are two versions of the testimony, to share and spread, depending on where each of you live:
      For American, Canadian, Australian non-Muslims:
      I thankfully urge you to copy and paste the following onto a Microsoft Office Word file and send it via email to every one you know, more specifically the Islamophilic ones, and your parliament representatives and share it on Facebook and print it and hand out flyers to random people in the street; do whatever you can think of to make this go viral for the safety and good of all us kaffirs and the very survival of the west (spread the word, make this go viral,
      raise the alarm, ring the alarm bells!!!):
      This is the testimony of a closet ex-Muslim atheist born in Saudi Arabia and
      living since early childhood in Egypt.

      My testimony should serve as a WARNING and an ADVICE to NON-MUSLIM (‘KUFFAR’كفار or ‘KAFFARRA’ كفرة)
      WESTERNERS from a NON-MUSLIM (‘KAFFIR’ كافر)
      LIVING IN AN ISLAMIC THEOCRACY (falsely believed to be a democracy by naive westerners) shithole which I am eager to leave as soon as I can. I am a closet ex-Muslim atheist and under Islamic Sharia Law (applied fully in Saudi Arabia and Iran and, to a lesser extent, in almost all other Islamic countries), it’s a capital crime to be godless/irreligious and that is legally allowed to be punishable by vigilantes extra-judicially as well as by the judicature by death, usually by beheading, so it’s suicide to declare that I am an atheist here. Islam which literally means SUBMISSION in Arabic is a
      hell-bent-on-world-domination expansionist militant totalitarian fascist Theo-political and socio-political supremacist ideology with a judicial aspect masquerading as a religion and is the anti-thesis to everything democracy means and entails. From an Islamic theological perspective, the whole world is divided in two camps: Dar Al-Islam (دارالاسلام House of Islam; that’s the Muslim world) and Dar Al-harb (الحرب دار House of war; that’s is the non-Muslim
      world upon which Islam relentlessly wages Jihad till it’s subjugated into the fold of Islam). In Islam, there’s no separation of Mosque(by which I mean the Islamic equivalent of Church) and State—the Mosque IS the State and the judicature rules according to the Islamic legal code or aspect—the Sharia(الشريعة الإسلامية ) under which there’s no individual freedoms and freedoms taken for granted in the non-Muslim world such as criticizing Islam as with any other religion or ideology (it’s free speech NOT hate speech), apostasy of Muslims, proselytizing any other faith(for example
      renown foreign Christian missionaries are not allowed into Islamic countries and native Christians and Christian converts will be massacred by the authorities and ordinary Muslim people alike if they dare to proselytize to Muslims), being openly homosexual and having extra-marital sex are capital crimes punishable by beheading, hanging and stoning to death and it’s illegal to have pre-marital sex, drink alcoholic beverages and eat pork which are
      punishable by harsh whipping/flogging/lashing and lengthy imprisonment. Muslims have been instructed in the Qu’ran and Hadiths to spread their ideology to all the world and subjugate all countries to Islamic Sharia even if done deceitfully(‘taqiya’ and ‘kitman’ doctrine تقية وكتمان)and even by terrorizing their non-Muslim civilians and there’s no such thing as moderate Islam(Turkish PM Erdogan’s own words, Milliyet, Turkey, 21 August 2007) and the so-called moderate Muslims are not following, or ignorant of,
      their blood-drenched horrific scriptures or just sleeping terrorist cells and ‘taqyia’ practicing stealth jihadis and all practising observant devout pious Muslims who make up the overwhelming majority of Muslims are Islamists (beards and hijabs and especially niqabs are dead give-aways of Islamists) who are and will sacrifice everything for global Islamic takeover and the re-establishment of a caliphate governed by Shariah laws under which all non-Muslims will either be forced to SUBMIT and convert to Islam or be beheaded except for Jews and Christians(people of the book أهل الكتاب ) who would be made to convert to Islam or pay tribute tax (‘jizya’ جزية) to their Muslim masters and live as persecuted, cowed and threatened second class citizens (‘zemmys’, ذميين)with most of their human rights forcibly denied and subjected to state-approved deadly attacks by rampaging Muslim mobs on a daily basis with no prosecution of the Muslim perpetrators whatsoever.(Google and read the pact of Caliph Omar Bin Al-Khattab with the Copts عهد الخليفة عمر مع الاقباط النصاري who had been by far the most tolerant Caliph to grasp the scale of the unbearably appalling conditions under which ‘zemmys’ have lived even under his rule and are, to a lesser degree, living today in the Muslim world).. All western citizens who cherish FREEDOM should immediately STOP electing
      Muslim-appeasing liberals and politically correct leftists who will foolishly cause the west to be Islamized by their Muslim mass immigration policies and support for government provision of generous social welfare for, among other impoverished people, the notoriously massively procreating Muslim families(demographic jihad) and the leftists’ advocacy and endorsement of cultural ‘enrichment’ and multiculturalism(which is a good thing but not with
      Islamic culture)or else live hell under Islamic Sharia. Since its inception, Islam has always been at WAR with the WEST –in fact has always been at WAR with the REST (the entire non-Muslim world) –and for the west to finally conquer Islam, FREEDOM-valuing/loving patriotic Americans, Canadians and Australians
      MUST elect cultural nationalist politicians for parliament, government and presidency even if they are not white from the likes of Allen West (especially that, in his case, the Muslim-appeasing politically-correct leftists cannot play the race card against him) including the white nationalists and white
      supremacists among infidel voters who are well-aware of the reality of Islam and, who will have to:
      1) STOP buying oil from oil-rich Muslim countries especially Saudia Arabia as a large proportion of Saudi petrodollars serve as the chief source of funding the spread of Wahabi Salafi sect of Islam (most intolerant understanding of the most intolerant ideology الوهابية السلفية ) and financing Jihad all over the world and but instead import oil from Canada, Brazil, Mexico and reluctantly Venezuela and Russia.
      2) STOP immigration of Muslims and allow only non-Muslim immigrants into America, Canada and Australia.
      3) DEPORT Muslim immigrants especially Islamists (beards, hijabs and niqabs are dead give-aways of Islamists) to their homelands and leave them to die off as most Muslim states are technological and economic failures and will not have the resources to even provide medical care and food for their people if it was not for the huge oil export revenues of some oil-rich Muslim countries and the
      civilized developed world generously giving vital aid and basic life necessities to the oil-poor ones

    • WTF ?? Seriously ?? says:

      Hard to believe these things wrote about are taking place in the USA, I totally understand your initial response being “”this is terrible”” and you’re so glad that your (OUR) country would never allow something that’s soooooooo, “Un-American” as well as unacceptable, barbaric, third world lifestyle, inhumane, and just flat out beyond , “absolutely ridiculous”, and surely something that’d never be a subject matter that we would ever consider taking as a serious proposal from a congregation of people that have the very same beliefs that we’ve categorized as people of terrorist organizations that have been tied to every act of terrorism conducted here in the USA so there’s no way that the American people would allow or approve of a terrorist community becoming their own sovereign safe place to come live and set their own rules that they expect everyone to abide by, but yes, it’s true and just the beginning.. I personally can not really accept anything about this and nobody would be able to make any sense of this to me because it’s so wrong there isn’t an explanation that would make this acceptable.. I feel like this is fake. Can this actually be serious ?? Aren’t we currently spending more money than we could imagine on trying to protect us from this ?? And simultaneously spending the same amount supporting this ?? Very weird to say the very least.

  3. mytorpor says:

    Do a bit of research, while this certainly sounds like something that could happen in Dearborn, it is not actually true.

  4. Gloria says:

    FYI, I live in MI about 2 miles from Dearborn and this story is false. When it 1st came out I contacted the city council, police department and our governor, they all told me it was NOT true! Get your facts straight before you post false stories!

  5. Patricia says:

    This is happening all over the world, so if you don’t believe that Islam is dangerous you have your head in the sand.

    Radical muslims, Islamic Brotherhood both of which you don’t want in your country. Halal certification on everything so as to pay for their mosques and to spread the word of hate, evil and Sharia Law.

    Sharia Law is only a benefit to men, the type of lazy men who walk around in their pyjamas but refuse to work, migrate to countries that have a social security system so they can make the non-muslims of those countries support them and the many wives and children.

    I like their way of life, then let them stay in Islamic countries, places like UK, USA, Australia and Europe are not places for muslims to live.

  6. protectionist says:

    You guys are assholes. You are fucking up he internet. If you can’t do humor, satire, or whatever you call this idiocy, without confusing everybody, then stay the hell off the internet. It’s tough enough to scan through the many articles for research without you assclowns mucking everything up.

  7. mike says:

    If you don’t like he United States Constitution and consider it a threat, then get the heck out of America. There is millions that will help you pack up! your not welcome here!

  8. Javier says:

    Educating muslims is not a way out as Osama Bin Laden himself was an Engineer. Governments across the globe are not going to ban Islam and this is a plain truth.

    I feel the only thing that we could do is allow Muslims to follow Sheri-ah Laws. I mean in its fullest and hardest manner. Every country should have two legal systems, one Sheri-ah for Muslims and the other, the normal legal system. A Muslim if and only if he converts from Islam to any other religion will be tried under the normal law. Other wise he is open to all the dangers of Sheri-ah Laws including Burk-ha, no education, Stoning, capital punishments, whipping in public etc. Any Muslim should have the option to denounce Islam even after he is caught in a crime. Then he shall not be punished under Shari-ah, but the normal legal system. Every Police station in the country should have an officer in charge to make sure Muslims are following Shari-ah. If not Strict punishments shall follow.

    If you can do this, Muslims will start running away from Islam and they will understand the stupidity in following their religion.

  9. wallidjan says:

    Sharriah law was already integrated with English law centuries ago as this law brought enlightenment to many countries hundreds of years ago so research about this before being against it, its similar to the 10 commandments brought by Moses. Sharriah has harsh punishment for criminals this because the law threatens the criminals so they don’t commit the crime for example if a murderer knows he/she will be given the death penalty then they wouldnt have murdered the person, God knows best.
    please read about the civil law in sharriah law you will love its justice on humanity
    I am a Muslim peace and love

  10. Kim says:

    30% of the Dearborn population is muslim. That tells me that 70% of the Dearborn population are idiots for allowing this to happen. That 70% better fight back or get the heck out of there!

    • PattyInPortland says:

      It DIDN’T HAPPEN. The story is satire. Its a joke and obviously it went right over your head.

      Doesn’t ANYONE bother to check facts before flying off the handle?

      Here is something to consider. If a story seems outrageous its almost certainly either made up of whole cloth or is distorted beyond recognition. Check it out for yourself and then decide the truth of the matter.

  11. Barri says:

    Its time to organize a posse .

  12. bobv says:

    This article about Dearborn should be sent out all over, as a forewarning of what CAIR and the muslim brotherhood are planning to soon bring to pass!!! Start fighting now before its too late!!!!

  13. angryleprecauhn says:

    I guess it is time we bring cannon law back. Sharia has already been deemed illegal in this country and cannot be implemented by some fucked up Muslims in Dearbornes city council!

    Time too begin rounding up muzzies and deporting them and enslaving them too work in the FEMA camps!

  14. Mari says:

    “Full implementation of sharia Law”.
    Although Im aware that there are muslims who is trying to impose such laws in the west, and have been successfull in doing so in parts of Europe, I highly doubt this is true.

  15. ronnie says:

    If this is true we need to drop pigs blood laced with pot and wine and beer and the strongest drugs ever made. And let them kill each other.

  16. olivia says:

    If they want to come to the U.S. Fine practice religion fine. Violate our constitution that Americans fought hard to achieve as a state of independence, separation of power, and freedom to the people not fine. I hope Americans are prepared to come together in the future to prevent a down ward spiral from occurring. This is not Islam.

  17. Towelheads says:

    Sharia law and the muzzzlims need to get out of the US. They are ugly and don’t need to procreate anymore. Plus they stink like bad Hummus.

  18. Floridastorm says:

    Actually the Muslims living in Detroit and setting the terms is a problem but not as much of a problem as in New York City where they block off entire streets and sidewalks during their prayer times. Also, they have even tried to do their call to prayer over loud speakers on top of the mosques. Lawsuits have stopped them. However, these people never give up because they have no shame and are totally inconsiderate. I worked and lived in the Middle East for about 20 years. Believe me these people are the most arrogant and belligerent fools on the planet and have no regard for the rights of anyone but themselves. Total jackasses.

  19. raylanfear says:

    Should never have been allowed to happen in America. Either adapt to our culture or take Islam and Sharia law, back to Saudi Arabia, Amen. Ayaan Hirsi Ali should be honored around the World for honesty about Islam she is a former Muslim that speaks from her personal experience. Further comment here: http://wp.me/p2GpDB-dQ

  20. Kiss My What says:

    Sharia can kiss my culo. Muslims can get out of the USA and go back to their third world piece of crap country.

    Muslim (Islam) are the sickiest piece of humans in the universe.

    Their bitches are a bunch of whores.

  21. DrBubba says:

    Horay! Here’s your chance to stone a Muzz-slime to death! LEGALLY! This could be great fun!

  22. E says:

    I’m surprised Hanoi Jane hasn’t sided up with these shariah wackos. Or is that yet to come?

    And let’s not forget Sally Field, another Hanoi Jane.

  23. PattyInPortland says:

    I’m wasting perfectly good electrons writing this but please


    it when someone tells you something that seems to be unbelievable. You simply cannot believe everything that you find on the web, hear on the radio or see on TV.

    Find out the facts and then decide whether to believe it or recognize it as baloney.

  24. Isthy says:

    Maasha Allah,

    They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. Al-Qur’an – Chapter (61), verse-8

    • Iwontell F Uwontell says:

      You can take your allah (lowercase intended to show lack of respect) and your Prophet wannabe muhammad (lowercase intended) and shove them up your ass. I will rip the pages out of your quran (lowercase intended) and wipe the shit off my ass with it. It’s good for nothing else. In the Holy Bible everything that Jesus Christ did as in preaching God’s word and

  25. Dalton says:

    Time for Homeland Security to move in and clean the town out or the state national guard. I hope this is not true because it goes against all our laws. I find it odd that Christians are being trashed by the liberals and they say nothing about this.

    • dev says:

      Dalton, Homeland Security is staffed with all Muslims, if you think I am kidding check it out yourself. Caliph Obama is their mentor. It is too late, America woke up too late. The ISIS, HAMAS crowd are no different today than they were in the time of Mohammad. They threaten with death unless you convert…..What possible religion does that? Even the Church learned it was no way to go. What we need will never happen. America, let the front door open, now you worry about who came in. So very sad.

  26. America says:

    Constitutional Rights shall not be infringed upon.

    Those that allow them to make these laws and those that allow the citizens, who would be punished because of those laws, challenge them and refuse to accept them as law.

    If I disagree with a law I can challenge it and if said laws infringe upon my rights, as per granted within the constitution, I will win and the law will be removed from all practice.

    So I dare your city to try and push these laws through and practice them fully in this country because if someone disapproves of your laws and/or religion you cannot punish them you have to accept that and walk away.


    Separation of Church and State!

    • von says:

      I personally don’t understand why Muslims put their trust in a self proclaimed ” prophet ” (Muhammad ) who was nothing more than a man who plagiarized the Bible , the true word of God.

  27. I can’t believe this is going in here in the states and for the first time
    I can say that am ashame to be an American !! This is ridiculous
    There ways of believing !! All I know that if they try forcing Christians to
    Become Muslims and even kill some… I know we’ll have a massacre
    And it ain’t gonna be Christians but Muslims dying here !!! You can
    Do that In the Middle East but here we will kill you before you try to
    Do something like that !! America stands together !! So don’t get
    Those idiotic believes to our people cause we will desapier you all .

  28. Kim Rank says:

    This is a Christian nation and sharia law should not be allowed under our constitution.

  29. Chris Ebenezer says:

    Why do we need Sharia law when America was founded on the most wonderful set of laws, based on the Bible.

  30. Chris Ebenezer says:

    Sharia law is man made and the Ten commandments are God given and comes with so much grace and mercy with it. Please do not let the devil deceive this tolerant country

  31. Fact Finder? says:

    You keep telling people to check the facts. Have you? Where are your resources? I want to know where you are getting your information that this isn’t happening in America. Have you watched videos on Youtube where normal people have posted about their experiences? Have you checked the multitudes of websites that report happenings here in America about the Sharia Law? RELIABLE sources have even reported on it. I’m open minded and not gullible to believe everything that I read, but if you are telling me that it’s not true and that I’m just falling into conspiracy theory thinking, then I want to know where you get your information so that I can see it from both sides. PLEASE…..TELL ME WHERE YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION? THANKS.

    • Louis Koiner says:

      Although the threat is real….especially in todays PC world, the story is satire. The observance of sharia law by the court would be by default a support of a govt mandated religion (don’t want to be in violation of the law…. be muslim) and by it’s very observance and nature unconstitutional.

  32. Rene says:

    History is repeating itself. The pope is using the muslims to knock off his religious enemies like he did before. All countries that are not under his direct control will be destroyed by the pope’s muslim military warriors in the name of religion.

  33. Ben says:

    To begin with Sharia is unconstitutional, it is not a form of law. Sharia law is in fact a form of government and we have one. Islam is a government with some rules pertaining to religion. Islam is not a religion and should not be spoke of as a religion.

  34. Jos Bri says:

    Where is the ACLU ON THIS ONE?

  35. Jeff Bromstad says:


  36. soultana says:


  37. soultana says:

    THE JEWS are governing the world and the Jews are governing the Muslims too!

  38. Joe Kolaski says:

    You stupid motherfucker .

  39. RUSSEL says:




  40. TheMrs says:

    This is the US, there are not separate laws for religious beliefs. Where are our lawyers when we need them.

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