City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law


<NationalReport>In a surprise weekend vote, the city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted 4-3 to became the first US city to officially implement all aspects of Sharia Law.  The tough new law, slated to go into effect January 1st, addresses secular law including crime, politics and economics as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, fasting, prayer, diet and hygiene.

The new law could see citizens stoned for adultery or having a limb amputated for theft. Lesser offenses, such as drinking alcohol or abortion, could result in flogging and/or caning. In addition, the law imposes harsh laws with regards to women and allows for child marriage.

Some in town seem to welcome the new legislation while others have denounced the move as “abhorrent”, a threat to freedom and incompatible with the Constitution.  When asked by National Report about the need for such a law, local resident Jeremy Ahmed stated:

“It is because of our need that Allah the Almighty, in all his generosity, has created laws for us, so that we can utilize them to obtain justice. We hope to see other cities taking this action in the face of the governments inaction of passing such legislation”.

Other local residents have taken to social media sites with comments ranging from “praise be to Allah” and “long live Islam” to “RIP Dearborn” and “Only in Obama’s America would an American city consider Sharia Law”.

The city of Dearborn is a well-known safe haven for Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. With a population of around 98 thousand people, roughly 30% of its residence are Muslims making them the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States.

The dangers of Sharia Law in America were first outlined in a 2010 study produced by the Center for Security Policy (CSP) titled “Sharia: The Threat to America“, a 352-page book based on authoritative sources of Islamic law. While sharia includes strict rules for prayer and fasting, it is also an all-encompassing legal and political code that covers all aspects of life including those that have nothing to do with religion.

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765 Responses to "City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law"

  1. Alexandera says:

    Please contact me so we can get these low lifes out of our country, lets make a plan! I have several Ideas, this is strictly for the Americans that want those Low life gone, I have a plan and I will suceed! What your back you Muslims. My father fought in Peril Harbor, to fight for this country. I will get rid of all of them. to The Christians, and to the Jews only!!

    • fiaz says:

      first of all America doesn’t belong to Christian americans it belongs to the red Indians and you americans killed them 2 million of them you people killed so think before you speak

      • Justacommenter says:

        I agree that America doesn’t belong to – just – Christian Americans, as of now, it belongs to all Americans regardless of ethnicity or religion, but to state that “you Americans killed them” is just as wrong. They may have been our ancestors, but at the time they were Europeans coming TO America. Either way, the fact that Americans are held accountable for their ancestor’s actions, and not their own, is unfair in it’s own right. I’m an American, I didn’t kill a single person. Ever. Of any kind. I don’t really like standing by and being slandered for something I had no control over, because I wasn’t born. But hey, guess that’s life.

      • Erich Knox says:

        there were WAY more than 2 million aboriginal people here, but so what? no one alive today had anything to do with that. ‘us Americans’ didn’t kill them, just as no Muslim alive today was around to invade Spain or Malta or Constantinople.

      • Fiaz,

        No that is not true. The “red Indians” are a conquered people. The U.S. by way of conquest belongs to the American people. Also the Americans did nothing new. The red Indians killed each other all the time through tribal warfare. Usually to acquire new land with resources when their tribal homelands had been depleted of resources. The tribe who possessed superior weapons typically won the war. So long before white people showed up Indian tribes were doing the same thing the white men did to them. As God intended.

      • SnakZ says:

        every race has killed many people where it comes down to it is who “still does it in 2015″
        muslim killed and enslave way more then whites and even killed many more
        whites sure they traded for slaves to but its only a drop in a hat for there numbers
        Sure whites killed people but in them times even japon and china was killing people :D
        Even the indians in them days would kill people even there own race over land

        It comes down to this “In them days everyone was doing it so it was ok” WE in our time dont do that any more the problem comes down to the ones who still do it in this day of age what is “muslims” ….And yes there silly law is stupid

      • Sam says:

        Fiaz, your an idot. Get an education or better yet common sense. The idians are a conquered culture that was absorbed into what is now america. The difference is we didn’t eradicate them all together we had the common sense to realize the errors we made and established reservations to preserve the very culture you claimed we wiped out. You should take a hard look at the tribal warfare, slaughter, and decimation your culture has caused throughout the centuries all I the name of allah. It’s disgusting and barbaric, and to think God willed it is just further evidence of misguided zelotous nature of that wasteland you came from. It’s obvious god turned his back on your kind long ago given the state of the middle east. If we follow the lunacy of what’s preeched there then….everything that has happened over there must be “Allah’s will”. For the record, I’m full blooded Cherokee, and I’d ask you never to speak on behalf or In regards to any native American again. You like many of your kind preech nothing but hate, violence, and false truths because your uneducated and driven by fear through a religion you do not fully under stand. You kidnap and slaughter the innocent because it is the only way you can derive attention from the more civilized world. I doubt anyone would care if that part of the world was wiped from the map tomorrow….I doubt anyone would remember In a year. Your lands were once beautiful centers of education, culture, science, and medacine…you all blew it, and now it nothing more than a crater. You like many others of your kind are the degenerate decedent’s of greater ancestors. You should be ashamed.

        • Leeloo5lmnt says:

          Sam, That was so well said. If everyone could think the same…and my Family are from the Mi’kmaq tribe of Nova Scotia Bras D’Or First Nation area.

        • tres says:

          Thank you for your comment….I can’t for the life of me, how was that law allowed for voting. Dearborn is in AMERICA, not the middle east ! It doesn’t matter if the population Is 90% muslim ….it’s in AMERICA !!!

          • mm2114 says:

            I don’t get it either. Even if half of the people voted for it how can they impose it on everyone. I wish someone would give an update as this story is two years old.

          • Ivary says:

            Tres, you are in disbelief so am I .. This Nation is being controled by the Muslims ( instead of : when you are in Rom do as the Romans do ….. WE THE AMERICANS CATER TO OUT DEMISE …I think we need Donald Trump after all !! Have a great day , and don’t forget to pray to JESUS !

          • Rhoda says:

            Muslim’s took over the government the same way Obama got voted in, by pretending to be an American with Christian values,
            instead he has single-handedly done more to promote the barbarous Islamic rule than any one person. Hence, once they were elected in, they could control the vote.

            The United States is now being judged for her decadence of the past 50-70 years. Time to pay the piper.

        • David B says:

          What is going on in The United States of America? I am 56 years old and until Obama became president ILLEGALLY never knew NOTHING of muslims. READ IT AGAIN NOTHING of Muslims. Where did all this originate? Bush trying to make everyone mad to vote in another Bush? Jeb Bush? The Bush Family IS the problem as is the Clinton family along with Rothchilds, Rockefeller, and the huge list that have controlled everything AND if the INTERNET becomes controlled as the the two laws TTP (Trans Pacific Partnership) that were swept in under the Confederate Flag fiasco last week. We are done for! Glad I am 56 not many years left and I have cancer thanks to Monsanto, Fluoride in my drinking water since I was born. Are human beings really this stupid?

          • Just like Goebels said in Nazi Germany, (paraphrasing) ‘If you tell the people a lie enough times they will eventually believe it as truth.’

            Like the flouride in the drinking water, I remember seeing commercials as a kid about the flouride in the water and toothpaste being recommended by dentists because it was good for your teeth, etc…. What, back in the 1970’s, caused all our teeth to suddenly need extra flouride put into all the drinking water and toothpaste everywhere? How did people in the 17 & 1800’s make it all along without flourinated water and toothpaste? Heck, most of them didn’t even brush regularly or visit the dentist!

            And as for Monsanto, that was supposed to be so that we could grow disease and bug resistant crops so that we could help produce more and help feed the hungry of the world and help poor, 3rd world farmers grow crops. When in fact, corn grown from genetically modified seed from Monsanto has been shown to reduce fertility and cause multiple birth defects and cancers and all kinds of hideous things that corn would not normally do if it was left alone. And corn is found in all kinds of food in various forms. Try buying corn seed that DOESN’T come from Monsanto. Try buying it ANYWHERE in the U.S.A.. Can’t do it.

          • James Phipps says:

            The problem is that the huge majority of people in the United States are uninformed and misinformed and don’t have a clue where this is all leading !

        • AAS says:

          Sam , so well said a high five to you!

      • Fred Gates says:

        I don’t recollect killin no injuns.

      • chris says:

        hey fiaz Islam has enough to worry about right now worry about Isis Habibi

      • David Mangum says:

        Fias, you talk like a Muslim, are you.

      • history buff says:

        1) Prior to the 1800’s The British, French and Dutch PURCHASED land from the “Indians”, making it Theirs. 2) At no time in History, anywhere on the globe, prior to the 20th century did a people who conquer a land not take the land. That’s what conquering means and every.single.country.on the globe. is a result of this behavior. It has been accepted and legal since the age of man. Wonder why it’s only the Americans admit how they got their land and why anyone else thinks they are not sitting on land taken from or absorbed into or repurposed at some time in history?

        And yes, The United States DOES belong to the Christians. These countries were founded by Protestants and it is a Judeo – christian consitutional republic which governs it.

        It’s so weird that Saudi Arabia can “belong” to muslims and Vatican City can “belong” to Catholics… and the entire rest of the Middle east (apart from Israel) and much of Asia can “belong to Islam”, but the rest of the world raises a stink when the US asserts it’s PROTESTANT roots…

        So odd that so many risk their lives to get to the US, so odd the US is the society that people want to be part of…so odd so many flee their homelands to live in the US and the many protestant countries in Northern Europe…and then demand we rebuke and renounce what we are, that made them want to be part of it in the first place.

        When did being Christian become such a problem for the natives of the US and Canada? Self hatred is so pathetic.

        • macksfield says:

          history buff,
          great points and thanks for stating the truth. Yes America was founded on Christian values but with a constitution which allowed for freedom of religion. The constitution the declaration of independence our money all makes reference to a Christian God. So like it or not agree or not the United States is a Christian based country and will remain so for a very long time.

          • fucknuts says:

            actually, they dont refer to god at all in the original documents or very generically “the god of nature” or something along those lines, they never specify a religion or god to keep them separated and free

          • William says:

            fucknuts is way off in regard to lack of ‘God’ in the founding documents – makes one wonder if he was referring to our country at all.

            There are five references to God in the Declaration of Independence alone. The reams of supporting documents penned by those responsible for the Constitution and Bill of Rights make overt references to God and The Creator – as an example, Fisher Ames, the founding father who authored the First Amendment pertaining to freedom of religion wrote: “… we are spending less time in the Bible within our classrooms. The Bible should be the principle text in our schools.” That is about as unambiguous as it gets.

      • Larry says:

        Fuck Off pinko, where do you live?

      • jimdandy says:

        FIAZ, in your opinion we may not belong to a Christians nation but truth would have it that we are a Christian nation.You think that this Shariah is not a threat to your personal freedom you had better rethink your answer.I am Christian.If you are not then that is on you.See,God is going to let us see your demise I guess he thinks it will satisfy us.But if I were you I would move back to where you came from and leave America alone or you will get your hand burnt.Do you really think you can change our ways.THIS IS AMERICA LOVE IT OR GET OUT.

        • Shirley says:

          The US was founded on Christian rules. If u visit Washington DC you will see that. I don’t understand why so many people flee their countries to come to America but when they get here they want us to change our laws to fit them. If they don’t like our laws then go back where u came from. But our idiot of a president that we have now, bows down to all these radical countries especially the Muslims!!!!!! We need to Impeach Obama!!!!

      • mike says:

        every country get taken by some one new…..im sick of hearing we took it from the Indians….we did and we are here to stay it belongs to us now and …..once again every country get over ran….every race has been enslaved at one time….so mr fiaz shut the hell up if u have nothing better to say u dipstick!!!!!!

        best rearguards

      • You got punked says:

        Actually, it was disease that wiped out the indians, not murder. So you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

        Also, state YOUR race and we shall discuss the atrocities that your kind have implemented onto this world

        • Truthseeker says:

          Punked, actually many American Indians survived and intermarried with Europeans, particularly missionaries such as the Moravians from Germany in the 1600’s. I should know, I married one myself.
          My wife is a descendant of the tribe which sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch, although they didn’t get much for it because it was pretty swampy.

      • Robert says:

        Yes, America does belong to Christians – the USA was founded by christians – too bad you’re an idiot.

      • russell browne says:

        Fiaz you are a fool! The Indians never OWNED America! They never ever set up any resemblance of a unified Government! The fact is why you had so few large tribes of Indian, was because Indians such s the Sioux, Cheyenne, Apache, etc.etc. was because they annihilated all other small tribes in their way. Meaning they not only killed the tribe, but also stole all that they had. We only gave them a piece of what they had been doing to others for hundreds of years. So in REALITY America does belong to us!

        • marine one says:

          Russel you are an idiot.Do you think you are important to those in Dearborn?We have to stop this EVILor it will travel like a virus.We need to STOP SHARIAH LAW now more than ever.IF YOU STILL LOVE FREEDOM.

      • Curt says:

        I am a native American/Aboriginal/Indian.. And I have no interest in seeing north america turned into a new state of islam. I have as much respect for them as the first settlers had for my ancestors. I have no wish to see my children grow up to live in the shithole Europe has become because of the loss of backbone. People have become to accommodating to Muslims and need to learn how to say “fuck off or fit in!!” I am not afraid of any Muslim and will never change my Canada to accommodate any of them. If you don’t like it come and tell me to my face.. It’s not the first time I’ve been hated for who I am… After all I am an aboriginal/native of this country and I am not scared. Get a backbone people unless you want to live under sharia/Muslim law. I’ll never give up and never surrender. The news is not telling the real story, look into it yourselves

      • macksfield says:

        No, no go farther back, since were being ridiculous lets give 110%….what about these folks:
        Kennewick Man
        Caucasoid man
        Inuits, or Eskimos
        also don’t foregt about Southeast Asians who occupied Australia 60,000 years ago
        American Indians owe these folks big bucks. I make a motion we research and find the ancestors listed above and begin a process which accesses the funds generated by Indian casinos so we can make reparations to the real “first Americans”. And by the way, I’m pretty sure I have some Kennewick in my genes.

        • marineone says:

          I am inclined to believe what your saying.But I do not think we should provide ways to lead to our city voting to have Sharia law.I am totally against this concept and so is our constitution.It is totally illegal to even think of that crap existing in America.They came here for a better life if they still want to live that way go back to the east where there are plenty of countries that do believe in that way.Not here.Change to our ways or go home this is despicable to me.You came here seeking freedom now you are trying to change our ways to yours no way Hosea.GO BACK TO YOUR HOME and leave ours alone..

        • MarineONE says:

          SLOW DOWN? Are you joking me you are censoring my message because I type to fast?That is a new one on me.To fast with to m,any comments?BOO HOO.

      • jstar says:

        your next fiat

      • John Hrusky says:

        The Indians were defeated people. They lost, boo hoo. It happened worldwide. And, in fact, the Indians, too, look land from other Indian tribes so you should learn actual history instead of adhering to the indoctrination you have been fed.

      • Tim Ray says:

        first place Fiaz….Native Americans were not the first to the Americas, that would be the sea people from South East Asia….also it is unclear of the source for the Olmecs in Mexico….add to that the Clovis people on the Eastern Coast during the Ice Age…and another lie about the 2 million, most died from disease introduced by the Europeans and did so before they moved West….as far as killing you missed large gaps in Native Americans land grabs from each other, Hurons come to mind as well as the Sioux push West and South….as far as being kind, yes they were in a way, the general rule amongst Native Americans was….kill any who could remember and those who could not make them part of the tribe which brings up Gaza…the answer is to introduced a plague and resettle with intelligent people who know how to farm….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6IrMjfbh6E

      • John says:

        And how many people have millions have Muslims killed? To many to even count!

    • Katz says:

      Alexandera- It is difficult to take seriously the response and threats of someone who can not properly structure a sentence ( let alone an idea) can not spell and has no clue how to use punctuation.

      • Don says:

        @Katz. “It is difficult to take seriously the response and threats of someone who can not properly structure a sentence ( let alone an idea) can not spell and has no clue how to use punctuation.”
        If you truly feel this way why don’t you go stand in any large urban area in these United States. The individual/s that will approach and harm you more than likely do not possess the ability to properly structure a sentence, spell or properly use punctuation, but I bet that you will still be harmed and maimed beyond your wildest dreams.
        Katz, It doesn’t take brains or intelligence to harm, maim or kill. It takes a hard heart and conscience.
        Get off of your high horse and accept the post for what it is.
        If you don’t believe in “We the People” then Halt den Mund und springen an Bord zu helfen, Amerikas stammen diese Invasion der Eindringlinge.”

        • marine one says:

          DON,These people do not know our Lagrange and hence cannot speak it properly.But that’s not the problem.They do not need all that because they know how to use all the acquired weapons they have to take our Country sooner or later.They have an undying need to annihilate America.SO, being able to speak proper English and to write proper English has no effect on them.Your barking in the wind.

    • Iamthyebeast Sssotlohiefmjn says:

      I will join you. I wish to go to a draw muhammad and allah contest and eat pork products. I advocate a huge march on Dearborn with 10000 or more people carrying arms.

    • dprato says:

      It is my understanding that Sharia Law is unconstitutional and anyone punished under it can take the city of Dearborn to Court. The only legal laws in the US are civil laws not religious laws. But of course if you are a Muslim and allow them to abuse you for whatever crimes you commit then you get what you asked for.

      Furthermore, I looked up the Conceal and Carry reciprocity laws with regards to Michigan and they have reciprocity with a majority of the States in the US. Anyone up for a road trip to Dearborn? LOL

      If I am incorrect about Sharia being unconstitutional please state the case and let me know.

    • Bill Rice says:

      You are ignorant if you believe this crap. This is the City Council of Dearborn (link below). I live in the area. Doesn’t the right get tired of being lied to and manipulated by aholes like this? Pick out the Muslims in the City Council. http://www.cityofdearborn.org/government/city-council

      • Bill Rice says:

        The Mayor is John B. O’Reilly too. Not exactly a Arabic name. The editor on this piss poor web site should by dumped. I’m used to liars on right wing web sites, but I live in the area and if you think you can get away with this crap then you’re wrong. Yes there is a large population of Arabic people in Dearborn, many of them are Lebanese Christians, Caldean Catholics along with Syrian Muslims and others. I lived on the side street right near the Mosque in east Dearborn. There are many more Christian Churches and other churches than there are Mosques. Sharia law does not rule Dearborn. And Arabic people are not the majority.

    • Joe Boe says:

      Fucking dumb Americans !!! first of all you are a fucking disgrace to your dad, you can’t even spell Pearl Harbor properly ! This is a fake news site and you are dumb

    • M M says:

      Ha Ha Ha joke is on all you who believe this story.


      Problem is, lies like this get people unnecessarily killed, but you probably don’t care. Is your son a bully like his dumb parent?

    • cdoe says:

      ….if you are saying muslims in general, and you are pretty much implying murder and illegal prosecution I would personally shoot you in the head trying to harm innocent people.

    • tina says:

      interested to hear more

    • Marine One says:

      This is crazy this is America not Islam who the hell decided this sht?

    • Rebecca says:

      The United States is a Secular Nation. There is no establishment of religion and will be none as stated in the constitution. It does not belong to the Christians, nor the Jews. And that alone will stop Shariah Law in Wisconsin. Residents must challenge in the State Courts that Dearborn laws are unconstitutional and let the courts make their findings. Do it loudly so the media cannot deny it and you will see the anger of citizens across America lash out at the threat to our freedoms. We do not take away freedoms, they can have their religion, they cannot establish it as law anywhere in the US legally. So whatever your plan, keep it peaceful and just. The Constitution is on the side of religious freedom. A freedom to religion as well as a freedom from religion.

    • Natalia says:

      I want to be involved.
      Muslims here are getting more and more aggressive. They disrespect people of other faith and will cause many more troubles to the rest of us.

  2. FA HALL says:

    What a bunch of crap. I think i will go up and parade my 58 year old body in a bikini.
    And tell anyone who comments to “kiss my wrinkly ass”.

  3. Dalian says:

    This is a very big mistake. All muslims are behind of to convert Western countries to Islam which is a fake religion. Actually it is copied from Bible and from Torah. Idiots they think God is belong to them. They think and believe God loves them and only Islam believe to God. They know only say Allah (God) but they abuse always God. In fact God belong to Jews and to Christians but not Muslims. They are not secular for this. Their prophet as a fake and no any relation with God. Too much Freedom of westerners will help to these fuckin heads. In fact they must be kicked out from these soils.

    • pami says:

      Allah is Satan. Lets get Muslims out of the united states.

      • Spiratechnika says:

        Uhh Allah is actually the same as the god of the bible. You might want to do some studies, so that way you don’t call your god satan next time!

        • rejtx says:

          inbred idiot, your name fits you perfectly.

        • David Mangum says:

          Mohammed was a pedophile and a murderer.

          • David Mangum,
            Of course you’re correct Mohammed was a pedophile and murderer. To see the influence Mohammed had one only has to look to the Quran. What we in the West see as a pedophile is nothing more than any man’s right according to Islamic faith. Likewise murder only applies to those of Muslim faith. The Quran calls for Muslims to murder all non-Muslims. In other words, someone who is a pedophile and murderer in the Muslim world is nothing more than a man of faith.

          • David Mangum says:

            That doesn’t make it right.

        • Fiona Smith says:

          Uh, no. allah is NOT the god of the Bible. The God, notice I said “the”, as in there’s only one- is love- not hated, murder, pedophilia, slavery, suicide bombing-hopefully you got the point.

        • Ependi` says:

          NO there is no allah and allah is not one. you need to study it

        • Iamthyebeast Sssotlohiefmjn says:

          Allah is a damn heathen moon God that Muhammad a damn heathen followed after. God is called Jehovah and his son is called Jesus and Muslims are on my hunting list. I say car bombs for Dearborn.

          • Katie says:

            Really-car bombs for Dearborn? What about all the Christians who live here? Think of us. Now wouldn’t you be proud to have injured or killed one of us?

        • Correct. The God of Abraham. So we are to accept the premise that after several hundred years God changed his mind, nullified the teachings of his only Son and relegated him to one of the lesser profits and began to speak to Muhammad in his dreams which became the “new” law of the Arabian people and to be forced upon all mankind giving believers sole ownership of the Earth and all that existed therein as written in the Koran. Right. This was his answer to the rise of Christianity and resisting same. In regard to their extremism against all others let me say this. To those who show no mercy to their enemies, no mercy shall be shown. They need to review the history of America and the West during times of war. We burned, along with the British, entire cities alive. See Dresden, Germany, Tokyo, Japan and numerous other towns down the length of Japan, finally using two nuclear weapons to convince the aggressive war lords of the Emperor that he must re-assert his own authority over his military and the destruction they had brought upon the nation. It is an important lesson of history that no two liberal democracies have ever made war on each other. And authoritarians asserting themselves by making war on same do so at unimaginable risk and destruction.

  4. Moises says:

    Thank you Hussein Obummer, I bet they will make you feel right at home, back in Kenya!

  5. Darko says:

    This is crazy… Why is everyone so blind to the fact that the Muslims are colonizing our country the same way they did in the UK or Paris? Countries are toppled and taken over fairly regularly, why do you people not realize that it IS possible for it to happen here? I mean the idiot we gave power to seems to be all for it.

  6. Jack Subagyo says:

    hi,i’m Indonesian who have the largest poppulation of muslim,but I’m Christian,If i can tell you,muslim was very intolerant with us here,why you so tolerant with them? in this country built church are so difficult,and many churchs are burnt,you can read it (but translate it first) http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/GKI-Yasmin , http://www.tribunnews.com/regional/2014/12/25/perayaan-natal-di-gki-yasmin-bogor-berakhir-ricuh , http://siarbatavianews.com/news/view/1849/fui-kota-bekasi-kepung-gereja-katolik-st-stanislaus-kostka and so many again,and for your info say “marry christmas” here was forbidden for some muslim comunity,and recent some muslim make an issue to make Indonesia to be Islamic state,but the nationalist aliance fight it,until now actualy this issue always going on,and always make a “soft war” between nationalist alliance against “stupid” muslim,so i advice you,never give muslim a more space,because if they had be a majority you will feel what’s minority feel in muslim’s country,muslim intolerant here not only to christian but to hinduism,buddhism,etc,so i tell you before it was late you must prevent it to be a serious problem,thanks God bless US

    • tres says:

      That is how I see it also….people need to wake up

    • indonesian says:

      sayang orang indonesia, muslim dan tinggal di manao (daerah mayoritas kristen) dan kami tidak mendapat ijin mendirikan tempat ibadah disini. anak2 kami dipaksa mengikuti ajaran agama kristen di sekolah2 negeri.

      • indonesian says:

        I am from Indonesia, a Muslim and lived in Manado (Christian-majority areas) and we did not get permission to establish a place of worship here. Our children are forced to follow the teachings of the Christian religion in state schools.

        • MarineONE says:

          Indonesian,Didnt you come here to get away from you oppression?We do not do that here so you need to really find somewhere and go back to Indonesia If you want to practice that religion.I thought you might want to be free but those that come here and say they are American and practice something else is not an American so you know where the door is.

      • Bidrians says:

        Jack, you are not a human

    • indonesian says:

      I am from Indonesia, a Muslim and lived in Manado (Christian-majority areas) and we did not get permission to establish a place of worship here. Our children are forced to follow the teachings of the Christian religion in state schools.

      • macksfield says:

        You are very lucky to have been introduced to Christianity. I encourage you to be open to it. It can change your life for the better.

    • bje says:

      Hi Jack Subagyo, don’t try to make any generalization!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Michigan, are you out of your mind? ? Sharia law in the US. For GOD’S sake, stop the madness. This is AMERICA!

  8. El Kabong says:

    Surprised California didn’t have this happen to them first. I’m willing to bet this gets bloody in America in the not so distant future. There is no way Sharia law is compatible with the Constitution / Bill of Rights.

  9. pami says:

    we have got to start praying to God to stop this and kick Obama out.

  10. Zomby Poet says:

    Feminists, world leaders, men, everyone must speak out loudly and repeatedly against the following:
    1) Female genital mutilation
    2) Punishing rape victims
    3) Honor killing
    4) Strapping bombs to children
    5) Sexually enslaving women
    6) Murdering homosexuals
    7) Child marriage
    8) Domestic Violence
    9) Disciplining or Punishing Wives

  11. Oath Keepers rise up and hold these Oath breakers feet to the fire. These low life have sworn an OATH to defend the Constitution and have no right or power to enact laws that are against OUR CONSTITUTION. Of course they follow taiqyya, which is “Its OK to lie to fool others that are not muslim”. Time for Michigan to AWAKEN.


    • bill says:

      You know this is a joke, right?

    • Marine One says:

      These SOB’s have gotten out of line and trying to destroy our America.We had better do something as soon as Obama gets out of office this must come to an end or we will end it and all of Dearborn with it.Called Annihilation of a state.To hell with Muslims.!!!!!!!

  12. To whom it may concern:

    ATTENTION: This is a letter I sent to my local newspaper on 2/12/15 Glens Falls Poststar which was posted on 2/17/15 just in time for President’s week.

    Subject title: Obama’s allegiance is to lslam not U.S.

    I feel that it is a shame that we have a Commander in Chief who has lead this
    great nation in the wrong direction for the past six years. Instead we have a
    President who is nothing more than an arrogant, unqualified, flat out liar who
    lacks honesty,integrity and the ability to lead the country in the right
    direction.This man has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing since he was elected to
    the Presidency in 2008. Obama’s goal was to destroy America, through the
    elimination of capitolism by purposely overwhelming the U.S.economy with his out
    of control spending and failed programs such as Obamacare, the failed Stimulus
    package in 2009 ( to the tune of 887 billions dollars – where did the money go
    ?) and the list goes on. Obama wants the populace of this nation to depend on
    the goverment through social programs which are only creating a controlled nanny
    Now on the subject of Islamic terrorism, Obama repeatedly refuses to use the
    words terrorist, jihadist, jihad or Islamic Radicals when dealing with these
    terrorist attacks, beheadings and the burning to death of
    a Jordanian pilot. In 2011 he withdrew our troops from Irag against the will of
    our commanding generals in the field which led to the void being filled by this
    Islamic terrorist group ISIS who would do harm
    to America and innocent individuals around the world who do not agree with their
    Islamic Radical ideology. Let’s call a spade a spade, Obama’s allegiance is to
    Islam and to the prophet Mohammed not the United States of America. Obama had
    two main goals in 2008 1)secure his position 2) execute his social agenda
    and with the help of the left wing national media and the left wing loons, who
    have have been in a coma for the last six years, he continues do his damage.

    Mario P. Hepp
    Queensbury N.Y.

    This letter was also sent to the following:

    The Washington Post,N.Y.Times,Chicago Tribune,N.Y Daily News,Newsweek,MSNBC,FOX
    News,CNN,U.S Senator Charles Schumer,U.S Attorney General Eric Holder,the Black Action
    Network ( home of the “Nappy Haired Hoe” Al Sharpton ),National NAACP.Media Matters,L.A Times,Daily Rundown,Move On.org,Washington Examiner,
    Face the Nation,National Press Club,U.S.Senator Chuck,Schumer,,N.Y.Congressman Chris Gibson
    N.Y.Congressman Paul Tonko,U.S Senator Harry Reid,Daily Caller,House Speaker John Boehner,,Center for American Progress,The Hill,American Medical Association,Huffington Post,U.S.Senator Kristen Gillibrand,,Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,Miami Herald,Houston Cronicle,Meet the Press,Dateline,
    NAACP,CBS,NBC,ABC,Good Mourning American ,Whitehouse( home of the Anti American Black Muslim
    Scumbag Barack Hussein Obama )along with my local media.

  13. Cammanderpost36 says:

    It should be clear to all Americans that our so called “Democratic Government” only acts when the spot light is placed on them by the media….otherwise its business as usual in justifying laws to spend tax payer dollars so constituents can benefit…..it is troubling to think my children are at risk and expendable…..I think its coming time to take back America and not allow this type of cancer to exist nor allow foreigners believe they have the right to demand America change for them.

  14. SQR says:

    I’m from the damn Middle-East and as I see, there is a great will in the highest leadership level of the West to ruin it!

  15. JWM says:

    Folks, what where you doing during Civics class? The basis for our laws in the United States is the Constitution. Every immigrant and naturalized citizen takes an oath of allegiance to the United States, its’ laws and therefore the Constitution. All Federal law prevails over any state or local law. If there is any direct conflict between Federal and State law, Federal Law always prevails and the State Law is struck down as Unconstitutional. Do you really believe the City of Dearborn can enact laws that art deemed Unconstitutional ?Then there is The Bill of Rights protecting the rights of all people. Sharia Law cannot be imposed on Christians, Jews, or any other group in our population., because the religious freedoms of all people are guaranteed. You will notice there were no lawyers wasting their time commenting on this garbage. Very simply, instead of letting this stuff get you all upset, take the time to carefully read your Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. Then, if you still have questions, talk to your local District Attorney or States Attorney, as well as your elected state and Federal Congressman, Senators, Selectmen, Assemblymen. I believe what you will find out will be very refreshing and positive when you are well informed. The actions of these radical factions or political groups can only gain traction when people are not informed.

  16. dave says:

    This country became great by the grace of GOD.
    This country was founded using GOD,s laws as fundamental law.
    Transformation away from these proven laws is changing the country.
    There are now those who are using the term “PROGRESSIVE”
    GOD’s laws and Sharia law will never be able to coexist.
    GOD is patient, just and forgiving.
    Sharia (mans law) is cruel and hateful.

    Inconvenient truth:
    Progressive deception
    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and forever.

    Progressive leader. “there are many ways to god.
    Inconvenient truth
    “I am the way, the truth, and the life. NO ONE comes to the FATHER except through ME”. (Jesus Christ)

    All of the references to the millions of people which have been terminated on someone elses watch.

    Inconvenient truth;
    Millions of innocent unborn children murdered on the alter of abortion. This is on your watch.

  17. Jim says:

    As a member of the city government of Dearborn, I can attest that this is correct. Shari Law has worked in this past year and we plan to keep it.

    With that being said, I really do work for the City, and I’m more offended with the people who cannot recognize this as satire.

  18. Ron says:

    I can’t find any rules or laws regarding Sharia law in the city code. Unless I’m missing something. Plus isn’t this a “Dillon Rule” state? You can’t make any regulations more restrictive than the state constitution in those states.

  19. Ben says:

    Jim, if you work for the city of Dearborn and did not fight this along with the rest of the government officials, then you should all be charged with treason. As a resident of Michigan, I find this appealing that it even got brought up let alone voted and passed. Again if this is true, then everyone involved in the city government should be charged, convicted and sentenced to death under Shari law and then see what you think about it. Have fun with it enjoy it but don’t expect the rest of us in Michigan to save your collective backsides when it goes very wrong. Sleep in the bed you made. Enjoy.

  20. Husein says:

    Lol wow ok this is all bullshit. There is no sharia law this article is to make people hate Muslims. I’ve been a Dearborn resident all my life and we live the same way everyone else lives. This site is all bullshit and the author really need to be hanged the American way. And to all you racist people I can’t wait till your all in china since they will be the only means of life soon and you guys get chop sticks up your asses. Muslims are in your marine ranks too. I myself am a sailor so if you think this country belongs to Christians then tell me why do the Jews own everything? This website has officially lost all credibility from this article.

    • Dear Husein,
      Its no big secret that Muslims live in the U.S. or that Muslims proudly serve in America’s armed forces. Husein I assume you’re a Muslim based on your comment and failed attempt to hide the fact that Sharia law does exist. You stated… “There is no sharia law,” so you claim, but we’re not all inbred ignorant Southerners and a vast number of us already know the tenets of the Koran, the source of Sharia law. Though the “o”bama administration has done far more than any other presidency in history to censor the news media especially when it comes to Muslim related stories, the fact remains that the Muslim faith is pro-stoning women to death, pro-genocide and world cleansing of all people not Muslim, pro-raping of female children and that the U.S. today is in the first stage of a jihad. So my question to you is… Will you support your grandchildren during the third and final stage of this jihad when they are expected to murder all non-Muslim people in America and overthrow the U.S. government in order to turn the U.S. into a huge Muslim ghetto?

      • fire nigel convington says:


        sure my post will never be posted, but, you sir are an incompetent journalist and should be fire!

        • Dale says:

          I have been to those countries with the so called religion of Islam, and witnessed first hand the practice of Sharia law in those so called religious places. and Again I stand by my word that is Islam is not Compatible with western societies.

          • Dale I agree. Western societies understand the value of everyone’s life regardless of gender. Therefore Western cultures understands the importance of human rights. Human rights is a big issue to Muslims everywhere they are in the minority. That’s when human rights are important and only then. In Islamic nations there is no such thing as human rights. A Jihad can take generations or centuries to accomplish. It only falls on the generations alive at the time when Islam has become a prominent force in non-Muslim nations to commit genocide against all non-Muslims. The Muslims alive today in America will never be expected to slaughter all non-Muslim people. Islam sees human rights as sacrilegious in their society.

        • Marine One says:

          Yeah dont give your name but I will tell you if you are one of those Muslims in Dearborn get ready to haul your azz out of the us because NO we are not going to put up with your third world negligence you are a murder in disguise.We are Christians and you better remember that because that might be the last words you hear.Who the heel are all of yall? Come to America hate us and try and change what we have done for 250 tears your a crazy misinformed by your leader Obama and you will not live here.Think your free to do what you want to destroy us your out of your mind.You cant take us on we will kill you and leave you to rot.YOU are in our BACKYARD MUSLIM now get out!!!!!!Touch one of our women and your toast. Remember these words because you will here them again and again.Until the last AMERICAN is STANDING we had rather die than to live your way.SO DEATH TO SHARIAH AND DEATH TO MUSLIMS.

          • cdoe says:

            jesus, only you morons would actually think the article is true
            remember the crusades you dumbass? so your point is moot and mute

  21. AJ says:

    I’m just going to go ahead and assume the comments are as fake as the story.

    To do otherwise is far too sad.

  22. Pat Berry says:

    This is a problem as Sharia Law goes against the rights of US citizens as allowed in our constitution. If Muslims practice Sharia Law, that is their option, but others should not and do not know what that means to our rights as guaranteed by our United States Constitution. Because Muslims on the Dearborn council outnumber others members, THEY voted Sharia Law as the law in Dearborn. That is not right.

    • JADominic says:

      This is the start of our next civil war, these people have no rights coming to America to change our culture, the red line has been drawn. NO TO ISLAM

    • tres says:

      Again….this is AMERICA. I’m guessing muslims came here for freedom, to get away from the harsh living conditions of their homeland. Our laws alone should have prevented it to get on any ballet.

  23. Did Garland police ambush alleged Muhammad cartoon exhibit shooters?

    Will US Attorney Loretta Lynch investigate the Garland Texas ambush like Janet Reno investigated the Waco Texas Branch Davidians ambush?




    This shall serve as yet another tribute to members of my postal/military /government congressional, federal, state and local family and their family members; those who lost love ones or will soon lose love ones and those who may survive the American Holocaust. I write this in persecution with YHVH; your remembrance and your strength

    Thank YHVH, YHVH welcome, YHVH bless, YHVH way


    International Whistleblower Allen Carlton Jr
    Office of Special Counsel(OSC MA 93 1872)
    United States Supreme Court (USSC 99-565 & supplement).

    An error occurred during a connection to ib.mookie1.com:443.
    Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).
    (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)

    I would have saved many people in the American Holocaust if only they knew they were in the American Holocaust. National Whistleblower Allen Carlton Jr.(OSC MA 93 1872 & USSC 99-565 + supplement)

  24. jerry says:

    This article was published over two years ago, and recent commenters still haven’t discovered that it is BS. For more accurate look at Dearborn by a local resident and a local journalist, please read this: http://www.toledoblade.com/JackLessenberry/2015/05/29/Gay-Buddhist-Navy-vet-battles-anti-Muslim-stereotype-with-humor.html

  25. steve says:

    frightening, wtf is going with the lack of common sense nowadays

  26. InfidelHere says:

    Understand the “who?” (true muslims) and the “why?” (cult ideology called ISLAM) that fuels this madness all over the freakin’ globe. Go ahead and sugar coat it by calling them militants, radicals, jihadists, links to al-Qaida (my PC favorite), ISIS, ISIL or whatever is the PC term for today, but never forget the “who” and “WHY” of this madness.

    Bottom line is that if we can’t even call out the “WHY?” (cult ideology called ISLAM) and the “WHO?” (“good” muslims) that we are fighting along with understanding that a “War on Terror” is their tactic or “HOW?”, then our idiotic PC self-deception will eventually defeat us!!

  27. Allah says:

    I told you we would start willing over the American infidels. With their glorious leader, I may now have my soldiers spread my laws and repel the evils of Judaism and Christianity.

  28. Anonymouse says:

    Dearborn is a literal stones throw from my house.
    I prefer to go there over the more ‘white’ neighborhoods because they are polite, kind, considerate.
    It’s very “Arab” but that means very little.
    They don’t preach or shove their beliefs down your throat. They just live their lives. I know many converts who all say the same thing
    They beieve that all roads lead to the same place.
    Have I read the Koran? No, but I’ve read the Bible cover to cover. And for people to sit there and whine about the Koran being violent they have cherry picked the bible verses. The OT is filled with instances of not only violence but Yahweh sponsored violence, women and children not being spared.
    Religion is like that – get over it.
    The Muslim culture might not be my cup of tea but thus far there have been NO Sharia Laws passed. And the people there would roll their eyes on it.

    And as for people going on about how they want to (essentially) Muslim-ize the USA. LOL
    Right, you mean give the “Christians” a run for their money on making this a Christian nation? I have greater problems with Christians in the area pushing their reliigon down my throat than Muslims.

    • Dale says:

      That if for the time being, once they become the majority, they begin imposing their true will on the infidels as is their duty as per their Imam and koran, Islam is not a religion it is and ideology, and is not compatible with western societies.

  29. Craig says:

    We can’t have a a copy of the Ten Commandments on city property due to “separation of church and state” but we can have sharia law (e.g. Islamic Law) imposed in a city in America? I don’t get it and neither do many Americans…here’s a quote to show how screwed America will be:become if we continue down this path…

    “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”

    • Travis says:

      People actually DON’T REALIZE that this is a satirical website? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!! F***ing RETARDS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      • Craig says:

        Nope. Didn’t know it was but that don’t make me retarded. There was a story from a legit source that a MI city had tried to impose sharia law…

  30. Keith Hassel says:

    I honestly didn’t know we had come this far. I’m concerned about the crime also and believe that some severity is needed. But unless we have a way of punishing all regardless of income and title we’re no better than these types of people. These are obviously extreme measures that I’d never thought I see here in America. I was wrong again.
    I think what baffles me the most is that most of the extreme handling of situations are people who read the word. Since I’ve started I too feel the convictions and hate more the evils that exist but my heart won’t let me cross certain lines after some careful consideration and one true fact, vengeance belongs to someone not humans and is an indicator of internal issues when a person feels they must go this far. This is the type of mentality that caused the constitution to be needed..
    Just because we can’t come up with a way of dealing with people and their passions of crime doesn’t give us the right or authority to do the same and call it lawful.
    We the people the everyday people of America hold our laws and constitution in high regard and seek justice and equality where it’s needed. We are slow in our efforts to rid ourselves of a lot of our evils but we the people have always been a hopeful bunch and allow our officials a lot of forgiveness. So the citizens deserve the same. But now we’ve developed this mentality where we should be building more jails than schools so now the enemy it’s cross seas there within driving distance.
    Look people we are the nation that gave out alcohol instead of educating more people. We are the country that after gaining freedom proceeded not to distribute the wealth or the opportunities to become self-sufficient. Instead we treat our low income as though they will never be able to one and one together and come up with two. So every now and then a person can’t take any more and shoots every and anybody with no regard to anyone. But we don’t need to allow this evil to manifest. Our people and children are too disenchanted as it is.
    As far as the President is concern he’s not the issue this is a collective issue and evidently has been here log before he was. So what we are looking at here is what happens when we do the people do sit and try to allow the government to handle all of our issues. But until we develop a better way to live in harmony we will continue to see more chaotic ways of handling our problems.
    Killing and taking body parts, omg and telling people you’re going to do this. We their not smart. These people are some of the most cruel people to have ever walked the earth and all they are doing is inviting trouble to their front door. You’ve already giving your address it won’t be long before you receive visitors. But when if you keep knocking on the devils door he will answer eventually.
    God help us all!!!

  31. Anthony says:

    This is thought provoking only, it is NOT true in fact. Dearborn is NOT under muslin rule, nor has sharia law been implemented. Its a reactionary forum to see how people would react to such a thing. False Flag.
    People should investigate on their own what is real or not, and not just run off an article on a web-page on the internet somewhere. Remember people, this is ONE NATION UNDER GOD, not allah.

    • Bill R. says:

      No it’s not true. Question to you, Anthony. Who or what do you think Allah is? FYI: Allah is the name of the only God in Islam. Allah is a pre-Islamic name coming from the compound Arabic word Al-ilah which means the God, which is derived from al (the) ilah (deity). The Arabic name for “God” is the word “Al-ilah.” It is a generic title for whatever god was considered the highest god.

      • Prove it says:

        Hey, prove to me that there is a god before I start believing in something like that. Whether its name is Allah, Jehovah or George.

        • marineone says:

          Prove it,You are an idiot truly you are ignorant.WHY did somebody beat your mom up?I bet your the very one that would not go near a town like that they would stone you in the ground you will be praising allah or die.In Dearborn anyway.Dont piss on your own parade.

    • dprato says:

      I had posted here before indicating that it was my understanding that it would be unconstitutional to have religious law supersede civil law. Furthermore, if people are Muslim and have no objection to having their hands or feet cut off, well as far as I am concerned that is fine with me as long as they want to follow Sharia. As for the rest of us we are not quite that barbaric and primitive and prefer less harsh forms of justice. We also don’t care to have anyone decide in this Country which religious laws govern us by Muslims or anyone else. It would be a major error on the part of Muslims to believe the American people are going to sit by and allow them to dictate what happens in this Country. There will be war before that happens.

  32. Jerry says:

    Henry Ford must be rolling over in his grave!!

  33. White American says:

    We should nuke them all and make a sheet of glass out of their country, besides they have their sand on our oil.

  34. Dale says:

    The legal system from the Islamic faith is incompatible with civilized Western cultures. To have anyone in America abiding by Sharia law is a dangerous precedent, which is why all City / State / and Government officials at our highest offices should move swiftly to outlaw the practice. NO ONE IS ABOVE US LAW!!!! (CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES).

    I have been in a few Muslim countries and witnessed a few of the “CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST WOMEN”, but we were told that we could not intervene with the “Hosting Countries Laws”. Now Muslims from those countries are flocking to the U.S.A. in grooves and “making demands that we accept their self-rule” thereby bypassing our justice system.

    Muslims have already stated that “Muslims WILL TAKE OVER THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA” and turn it into another third world country, because they are easily buying our American politicians”. If you don’t believe me, read it for yourself under the new sharia laws of Michigan (Last time I looked, it was still a State in the USA), but is now being run under sharia law.

    My grandfather a man of Hispanic decent once told me that “America was great because immigrants embraced the AMERICAN way of life”. He, my father, brother and I Proudly served our country to support our way American Way of life.

    But, I am witnessing the destruction of our way of life, with every new immigrant that enters the USA. They are no longer willing to integrate into our society, they proudly fly their counties flags in our country and bring their bad habits, and languages into our society with no thought of ever integrating, and rather they seek to change our laws to mimic their countries laws.


    We do not have to worry about the Russian or Chinese taking over, Islam is here and they are already enforcing and changing our laws to meet their home land lawlessness. Michigan is leading the Charge. Soon we will have men marring 9 year old girls, and raping young men and women because it is ok, as long as the victims are not Muslim.

    Muslim actions will quickly clash with our laws and lead to civil war. It has happened time and time again in all counties’ which they have allowed sharia laws. Simply search the web or your local library on the effects of Islam in the African continent, France, England….. Europe.

    Those countries no longer control the areas where Muslims have imposed their own laws (Sharia), “the law of that country no longer applies to “Muslims” they have imposed their own will on those host nations. Local government officials and police are chased away by gangs (Thug’s) in those areas under the name of Islam.

    Facts a few examples:
    • Under Sharia Law Muslims are allowed to rape women and boys under 17 years of age if the person is not Muslim
    • Marry girls as young as 9 years old
    • Beat “Their Women” for no reason at all, Kill them if they wish for whatever reason they deem plausible
    • A woman’s word is not worth anything without the support of a second woman to support / corroborate her claim and only admissible if and a man is backing them up
    Why should we allow them (Muslims) to rape our women and young boys in the name of Islam?

    Soon women will begin losing their right to leave their home without a male escort (MUST BE A FAMILY MEMBER), Will have to cover up from head to toe, because under “TRUE Islam” WOMEN DO NOT RATE RIGHTS. The house hold pet will have more rights than the WOMAN of the house. Women are only there to make children, hence the reason their clitorises are removed at birth (over 200 already performed in MI) and will only be rewarded if the man is completely satisfied in how the woman treats him and meets his sexual needs.

    I have already seen the full head to toe swim suites worn by women in Florida on my last trip in 2014, I thought I was back in the Middle East.


  35. Joan says:

    If they don’t like our western ways, why are they here? Go back to your heritage and you won’t have problems, nor will we!

  36. Michael says:

    FUCK any and all Muslims. Islam is nothing but something practiced by morons. I will gladly go back on just to kill more Ragheaded fucks. Fuck Islam and all Muslims. I hope they all get killed there and anywhere else. Let’s drop a few nukes on the entire Middle East.

    • BillR says:

      I live in the area. You’re a real dumb ass if you think this is real. Try looking up who the mayor and the city council are. Bwaahaaahaaa.

  37. Ashly says:

    Why does America have tolerance for such unrest, when people originally came here to be FREE!! As an army vet, I’m disgusted we allow this Islamic behavior here. We have withstood bloodshed before to be free and allow all to be free regardless. As an atheist I am appalled by this extreme Islamic behavior. Think about reality and science. There is no God to EVEN BE FIGHTING OVER!!

  38. Nobody says:

    As things stand, war is inevitable here in America. So I say keep your powder dry because you may one day be fighting for you lives.

  39. 2nd nobody (sorry nobody) says:

    People need to stop turning into dictator for the advocating of throwing people in hell or assigning for a a diety to do it for them.gods kind to just and unjust

  40. Jon Almeida says:

    What is Sharia Law?

    It is different according to each Islamic sect. Martin Luther fought for and ended the black and white divide.
    After this Americans should be ready for Sunni vs Shia ..Ofcourse instead of a peach march there will be violent war.
    If Canada is saved we will take you in as refugees.

  41. jeff says:

    This article is slanted. Our laws are from our constitution and not the Bibles Old Testament. Jesus, who was God in the flesh, came to earth to try to teach love not hate. He was hung on a cross, died a human death for us, placed in a tomb and rose on the 3rd day and promised he would someday return to bring true peace to the world. If we lived by “Jesus Law” we would not be having this conversation because there would be no hate just LOVE>

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