Christian Waitress Stiffed By “Proud Gay Muslim”

Image of the receipt a Minnesota Perkins waitress received from a dining customer this week.

Apple Valley, MN — A Minnesota waitress got an unwelcome surprise this week when instead of getting a tip she received a disturbing note mocking her faith. It all happened at the Perkins Restaurant in Apple Valley where 37-year-old Shelly Anderson has worked as a waitress for over three years.

“I served this gentlemen and his friend. They said the service was excellent. When they paid I went back to clean up the table and that’s when I saw what one of them had written on the receipt. My heart just sank,” said Anderson. “My husband just got laid off from his job. It’s tough enough being a mother of two while having a full time job to support your family without also being ridiculed for your religious beliefs. I’m a god-fearing Christian and I’m not afraid to show it. I wear my crucifix with pride.”

On the receipt in question the words were written, ‘I don’t tip women especially ones who believe in a talking snake! From a proud gay Muslim’. The receipt then listed the tip as ‘zero’.

Anderson told CNN she believes the men knew she was Christian because of the crucifix around her neck. “I don’t ever talk about my beliefs with the customers. I just wear the cross around my neck, that’s it. For them to not tip because I’m a Christian woman is ridiculous.”

Perkins manager Paul Horner told reporters his restaurant has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to religious discrimination. “We don’t allow that type of behavior from our servers or our customers. Shelly is a great person and hard worker. She did not deserve what these men did.”

The Apple Valley Police Department is looking into this incident as a hate crime. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Inspector Phelps at (785) 273-0325. As always you can remain anonymous.


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66 Responses to "Christian Waitress Stiffed By “Proud Gay Muslim”"

  1. Steve H. says:

    This poor, hard working woman does not deserve this! Especially from a couple of terrorists who shouldn’t be in our country in the first place. Makes me sick!

    • Jeremy E says:

      Yeah, isn’t it terrible how sometimes people are treated cruelly because of their religious beliefs?

      • Terry F says:

        LOL @ Jeremy. @ steve – No one even said if the Muslim was born here in the USA or from another country. How does a religious belief dictate where someone should live? If he is a citizen of the US i wonder what your reason is to say he doesn’t belong here in the first place. Also why call him a Terrorist?

    • Brit says:

      Yeah, Steve H. because your comment is any better than what they wrote. Pathetic.

    • Muslims = terroristische? Wow Bush has done a great Job…

      • Cynthia says:

        You can’t be this stupid? You do know that your Lord Obama has killed more muslims than Bush killed while he was in the White House. Also you do know that Obama has taken all of Bushes laws, and have put them on steroids. We all losing more and more freedom every day by this Nobel Peace Prize winner, who said that he is really good at killing people.yes our country and the world is a better place because of the one, the one you libs. Love and worship. But it was Bush, that made everyone think it was muslims who were terrorist, not the muslims strapping bombs to themselves and blowing themselves up along with innocent people. I’m sure that has had nothing to do with the why not just the USA but most of the civilized world see the muslims. (eye roll).

        • Travis says:

          Surely you aren’t so ignorant as to believe that the Bush Administration had NOTHING TO DO with the fear campaign against Islam. Nothing. At. All.

          Obama has had a more “successful” war on terrorism, regardless of whether or not Islam openly supports the relatively small terrorist organizations that the media and government have so hyped. Lol.

          Ridiculous errors in thought process.

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          Actually, If you are talking about killing muslins while actually in the white house, it is Clinton, and then somewhat surprisingly, Carter responsible for the highest death tolls. There are no ways out of the First Lady’s bedroom, which is soundproofed for a reason. Carter and Clinton have such high scores because they would go after sandy tourists given the opportunity, while our other heads of state confined themselves to headcounts specifically from the annual Arab Run covert sporting event held on Washington’s birthday. White house camel based horror porn deaths have actually plummetted since the opening of Guantanamo. Cheney has actually had NO recorded kills, despite leading the pack in woundings and facial injuries.

    • Ruby Book says:

      So it’s not okay to discriminate against Christians, but we can slander Muslims all we want, right? Do you know how many civilians in Afghanistan are killed by Christian Americans each day vs. the amount of Muslim terrorist attacks? If anything, it would be more correct to assume that all Christians are terrorists! This guy was a jerk, but not a terrorist, and assuming that is incredibly ignorant and offensive.
      He has every right to be in this country. How do you know he wasn’t born here? Religion is not nationality, and this is a free country. People of all races and faiths can live in harmony.

      • Jarkko says:

        How can some one claim that people who are killed in Afghanistan, are victims of Christianity? Troops aren’t exclusively christian and they are on official government job, not because of what they personally think is their “christian” duty.

        In fact, it is Christianity that is being constantly being ridiculed openly and any criticism of Islam, even if valid, is deemed hateful and racist (Since when did religion become a race?).

        If you want to contrast the amount of people being killed by muslims vs death toll by Christians, well estimates are about 270 million people killed in the name of Islam during the past 1400 years, christian empires can barely even reach for millions.

        This cultural relativism nonsense seems to blind too many people. I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists or any of that nonsense, just commenting on this one silly comparison.

        • MG94 says:

          ” Saddam Destroyed most of his WMD’S long before that silly 2003 war started. And another thing i think you might know this but Assad and Iran are allies.Saddam totally hates Iran. You might remember the Iran-Iraq war were America,Israel and most of Nato countries supplied Saddam with the WMD’S.Truth hurts doesnt it?”. This Has to be a joke. You mention 270 million ( a nasty lie) then you convenietly forget the Native americans (butchered by christians), south america( butchered by the Iberian christians), How can you forgrt Africa the Continent that barely had any christianty until the Christians Came and Butchered them and brainwashed them with Christianity?

        • MG94 says:

          This Has to be a joke. You mention 270 million ( a nasty lie) then you convenietly forget the Native americans (butchered by christians), south america( butchered by the Iberian christians), How can you forgrt Africa the Continent that barely had any christianty until the Christians Came and Butchered them and brainwashed them with Christianity?

    • chamaco king says:

      they aren’t terrorist they r gay loool and gay people aren’t muslims,muslims kill gay people we throw them off a clif and drop rocks at them but with this fucked up human right shit we can’t kill them no more.but they aren’t humans they r gay,the cristian woman is better then them because first they r nwrong muslims aren’t gays and 2 they r gays so fuck them.

  2. A hard working Christian woman, who didn’t masturbate. Damn gay Muslims!

    • chamaco king says:

      muslims aren’t gay if he’s gay he’s not muslim he’s not even a human gays are damned by god they will go to hell, i am a muslim and i like all real muslims don’t beleave in 3dr gender me as a man a muslim i give the right for the lady thease 2 gay moitherfuckas should be killed they had no right talking like this to her.plz don’t think all who calles himself muslim is a real muslim

  3. Dennis System says:

    Well, it’s a shame what happened. But it’s nice to see the place she works at has her back.

  4. Nathaniel says:

    This reminds me of a story about a female veteran working as a waitress who didnt get tipped by a table of christians because they thought she was a lesbian.

  5. Remco says:

    Why is making fun of someone who believes snakes can talk, wrong? Making fun of someone who believes that small people live inside of mushrooms, is equally hilarious.

    • Jamie says:

      It’s wrong because making fun of ANYONE is wrong and mean. It shouldn’t matter what makes other people different, to use that as fuel to be mean is horrible.

  6. Artsy says:

    Something seems a bit off here… I’d venture to say either this was a prank/retaliation from someone she knows that has a personal grudge against her, or that even she concocted this scenario for attention. That’s my gut feeling.

  7. Man says:

    It doesn’t matter if the person mans or woman and what there belief is. That was just done right rude and disrespectful to leave such a note will you bill receipt. Making such a remark to a person that served you well. Only goes to show the world that donkeys will be donkeys. No matter what they believe. And hate to another human comes in all colors. I hope they do get charge for a hate crime and Prosecuted to the highest degree. Erase the hate and you might find that we all could relate!!!

    • Scott Otto says:

      Not tipping someone is not a hate crime you idiot.

      • Dan says:

        It says right in the article, “The Apple Valley Police Department is looking into this incident as a hate crime.” So apparently it may be in this particluar place. I think it’s a bit presumptuous to call someone an idiot for simply repeating a fact stated in the article. Just remember there is a big difference between “is not” and “should not be.”

    • chamaco king says:

      man u r so fucking wrong donkeys r an animals and we need them they help us,tho thease motherfuckas aare just a peace of no i would say shit but shit is better then them we can use shit to fertelized plants well u get the point everything is better then them they r gays,and they r defenlitly not muslims i am a muslim and we respect everybodies idea and relegion and we kill the gays by throwing them off a clif and droping rocks at them.thank u and plz know that not eveyone who call himself a muslim is a real one.

  8. Dr. Right says:

    Good for him. It isn’t right, but it counters the many bigoted, homophobic christians who have snubbed waiters recently for being atheists or gay. The biter bit for once.

    • KWTC says:

      Why is it ok that she is punished for perhaps acts of others? We live in a country where one is not punished “for the sins of the father”, so to speak. Your mindset is quite disturbing.. You’re are Dr. Right? Anything but…

  9. Richard McHarg says:

    As a proud gay-loving, naked-dancing, pagan, Scottish heterosexual, I find all this religious intrigue in the USA rather bewildering.

    Let’s face it, Guys, the biggest threat to civilisation are people who over-eat.

    It won’t be long before huge sums of money are being spent on reinforcing planes, trains and automobiles, and not to mention bridges.

    Ah, I just mentioned bridges!

    Anyway, to you American chaps and weemin, buy Scottish whisky, or Scotch as the world likes to call it, and likes to spell it as ‘whiskey’. It’s the ideal distraction from dangers to civilisation.

  10. KWTC says:

    If it occurred as described, it is terribly wrong. If one cannot afford to tip — or looks for excuses not to leave one (my suspicion), he/she should not eat out. The only reason for not tipping, or leaving a low tip, is for poor service. With that said and aside, since when is it a CRIME for not tipping? Much less, a hate crime? It was terribly rude– horribly inconsiderate and inappropriate. Illegal? If it’s not illegal to not tip your server, I can’t see how it can then possibly be a hate crime not to leave a tip.

    • ant1977 says:

      The hate crime is in the words written on the receipt. Has nothing to do with the amount left.

    • Kevin Conley says:

      Agreed, and the same people calling it a hate crime are probably laughing at the christians who are doing the same thing to gay waiters all around the country. All accounts of this are wrong…one should not be persecuted because of his or her beliefs be it religious or sexual, but i am an eye for an eye kind of guy and the christians started this hateful behavior.

  11. Dr. Martin says:

    Prayers sent.

  12. Winter's Bone says:

    I agree with the masturbating dolphin and despite our own personal beliefs, I think we can all agree that this waitress is clearly the antichrist personified.

  13. Holly says:

    “Anyone with any information” ? It looks to me that he paid with a credit card…can’t they track him that way? We read about how people are found via credit card receipts all the time…

  14. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    If a woman looks like a dude, why should he/she even expect a tip? Grow out your hair, lady!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I’ll bet the food there tastes like Burka sleeve.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Oh I get it now, it was a muslin CUSTOMER, not a server. Don’t they kill the gay ones? Why would they even get seated in the first place. Call Homeland Security that place is fishy.

  15. Bob says:

    Well, would he be a muslim or an islamic? Would he publicly identify himself as a “proud gay muslim” (shouldn’t that be a “proud gay islamic man”?) knowing that he could be stoned? (we’re not talking about smoking pot here)…and do snakes really talk? We have those damned talking Geckos that sell expensive insurance, but they taste like chicken, according to an aunt that lives in Florida, but the geckos in Florida don’t talk so what is this islamic gay guy talking about? Is this whole article intended to get us riled up against Gay Gays? Muslims/Islamics or Gay Muslims/Islamics that stiff waitresses? Good grief! Let’s get back to just hating those damed republicans that got us into this mess….wait a minute…wasn’t it Nancy Peolosi that said “We have to pass it so that we’d know what’s in it” ? Holy Hell! At this point…What Difference Does it Make! We’ll find out when Hillary’s 8 years are over…

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I believe the Arabians spell “proud” D E A D, which makes you wonder how they were ever considered a center for learning, aside maybe from some highly rated bomb-assembling colleges. Who wants a PHDead in that? Nobody’s mother that’s who.

      But point taken re: how old hillary is going to look in 2025. By then we’ll ALL be begging her to put on a burka, or crawl inside one ourselves to block the view of that (collectively but individually, of course. I mean, one lady per burka. The idea of crowded Mexican or Chinese family-filled burkas make my skin itch!). Either way, it would be wise to invest in some of that burka action now, there’s a fortune to be made there.

      • Bob says:

        Lillian, True, they communicate in sanscrit/sandscript and it doesn’t easily translate to anything that we’d understand as they do tend to subscribe to the “do as I say not as I do” rule of thumb…I do recall some drunken brawls in the dorm involving some rather inebriated muslim believers that strayed from the straight and narrow and into the bottle…and into a few coeds…and a couple of alternative lifestyle fellows as well…ah well…they straightened up when they returned “Home” to Dad and Moms. As for Hillary, hadn’t thought of that age dampening effect…(OMG) but I don’t think that she is a true believer and besides that with her money I’m sure that she can well afford to have things tightened up (especially in certain areas to keep that boy toy happy) I do forsee the lessening of poor Bill, since his use has since worn it’s welcome out, a State Funeral and a grieving widow would certainly capture the headlines for a week until he can be entombed…Alas poor Billy we knew him well….

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          I just hope we aren’t reduced to seeing her cat-fight Germany’s Angela Merkin to retain her rights to Clintondom.

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          I thought muslims were just the immature nymph form for the mature reproductive life stage of the organism, closely related to the camel, before it climbs inside a smelly chrysalis like a worm. Only then will their burkas and turbans molt off after their long, amazing migration into india in search of more chick peas and other people’s daughters to busrape.

  16. adibese says:

    This feels fake to me. I think this “Christian Woman” is looking for fame and those donated tips that others have given the gay girl. In order to drum up support for her Christian base, what could be more evil than a gay Muslim?

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      That’s an excellent point, adibese, esp. about the inconceivability of something more horrible, or self-eliminating, than a gay muslin, esp. to a christian.

      And esp. esp. one who ought to be at home with the children in the first place, not out working and serving all kinds of strangermen horny from laboring all day long.

      If this woman was a ‘genuine’ Christian, she would not accept ANY tips from ANY man, even the half-male gaylord kind, and most certainly not the noisy exploding novelty terror money muslarabian camel-hoarders print on dried out dates and falaful balls, not if she knew her proper place was to serve man, without begging for money, unless she first legally becomes his property through marriage, but not if she’s just going to use it to buy more fancy hats. She should be ashamed, and dress nicer, knowing God and Jesus are both watching her weak-willed, sore-kneed ways along the path of temptations down behind her crummy restaurant.

  17. Stu Pedasso says:

    This is wrong on so many levels. Certainly Gay Muslims should not be allowed to be served at restaurants, but women should not be working outside the home either. Clearly her husband should not have let her out of the house to become the bread winner. Probably this “tip” is the Lord’s way of telling this backsliding Christian to renounce her wicked ways and go back to serving her man the way she is supposed to.

  18. paul says:

    while what happened was pretty f**ked up, if this is prosecuted as a hate crime, i have no faith in our justice system, and fear making my next move. not tipping and leaving a disturbing note while rude and extremely inconsiderate does not consitute a crime by any means.

  19. Dan says:

    Are you all kidding me? Do you realize how insignificant this is? Someone didn’t tip her. They said they don’t tip women especially ones that believe in a talking snake. Who cares? Hate crime? Give me a break. What is wrong with people today.

    So someone ridiculed your religious beliefs… so what? Your hurt? Isn’t the whole religion thing to be above these sorts of reactions?

  20. Trina says:

    Something is weird here… Muslims are not allowed to be gay in their religion according to Sharia law. in some countries they kill them.. I think some jerk just wanted not to leave a tip and was a smart mouth. I feel very sorry for the waitress.

    • Stephen Frost says:

      Muslims vary as Christians do. Churches condemn it all the time but there are still gay Christians. The ‘something weird’ would be that this whole story is made up. They didn’t even write on a receipt and upload that, they clearly added the text on a computer. lol

  21. Kevin Conley says:

    I find this perfect irony and hilarious considering all the Christians that have been doing this same thing to gay waiters…shoe is on the other foot now isn’t it…

  22. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    Fascinating article by Mr. Horner as usual but I’m adverse to the word “stiffed” because of the sexual connotations and with the context of the article being muslim and normal American coexistence, I feel that some may find it quite offensive.

    • Paul Horner Paul Horner says:

      Well it’s a good thing I didn’t go with my first choice of a title, “Christian Waitress Boned By Proud Gay Muslim”

      • Bob says:

        Christ Paul! Could you Imagine the outcry that would have caused?

        I’d have to meet Lilliam somewhere to arrange to have her salad tossed
        for sure!


  23. mark estrada says:

    talking snakes are always a bad sign…

  24. AndrewG says:

    Well, this is actually kinda… Ironic.

    All the bigoted Christians that stiff waiters who are gay or non- Christian (whilst also leaving rude receipt notes) are kinda symbolically getting a taste of their own medicine. Sucks, doesn’t it?

    Also, reading the comments and the melodramatic tone of this article… this place is chock-full of idiots and textbook bigots. Facepalm …

  25. Remi Fasol Latido says:

    As a devout, practicing muslim, I find this whole article and the jaded, old, stale arguments that follow it to be ridiculous. The entire premise is wrong.
    Women, first of all, shouldn’t be out of the house. Being in public uncovered is a blasphemy that will entail eternal hell and damnation for the wench that ignores the true word of M (BSBUHA).
    This trollop shouldn’t be touch food being serves to men, Allah’s chosen gender.
    Add to this the Christian infection of this degenerate sow, and it is a grand case for Sharia Law to end with immolation.
    I only speak the truth. Argue if you care to, but I am right, and I never lie.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I can’t stop doing the banana-fana-fo-fana song with your name, Remi Fasol Latido! You are driving me crazy, though your words are full of wisdom. Busby Uhaul was the best damned truck choreographer hollywood ever had, those elaborate aerial driving/parking shots are unbelievable, they made Esther Williams look like a pile of puke!

  26. Chariotdrvr14 says:

    While I don’t really believe this actually occurred if it did it would understandable considering how often lately cheapskates claiming to be ‘christians’ have been stiffing hard working people on tips while claiming some kind of religious high ground. But, if someone did do it…I wouldn’t agree with it….for any reason.

    But, noting all the kind generous …moral high groundish ….racist and bigoted comments on this forum. I think this crowd has little reason to believe itself morally superior. Quite the opposite. The Tea Party will always be a failure as long as it fosters this much racism and bigoted animosity towards others.
    Something I don’t believe for one second Jesus would’ve approved of.

  27. Nick says:

    I’m not going to judge because I don’t know all the facts.

    But, how in the world is this a hate crime? ‘Hate’ modifies crime, last time I checked it is not a crime to not leave a tip.

  28. Steven says:

    I find it funny that we are in uproar over a woman being insulted regarding her religion. MANY gay men have suffered unreasonable attacks by Christians on the regular. We are constantly sinning in most of your eyes. Why on earth should they tip a woman who clearly doesn’t like what their about. Had the shoe been on the other foot I am 100% she would have done the same.

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