Christian Scouts of America (CSA) Adds 100,000 New Scouts… But No Gays

By Nigel J. Covington III

The Wilderness Boys CSA program is very similar to what the BSA offers.

The Wilderness Boys CSA program is very similar to what the BSA offers.

<National Report> Today the National Supreme Council of the Assembly of God Church announced the Christian Scouts of America (CSA), an alternative to the Boy Scouts of America, added 100,000 new members to its scouting program since the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced less than two weeks ago it will accept lecherous deviant homosexuals into the Boy Scouts.

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The BSA has been under fire for its policy to exclude faggots, rump-rangers, ass-queens, analsexuals, pedophiles, gay-for-pay boys, queer-muffins, bumhole engineers, cock-gobblers, donut punchers, knob jockeys, poo pushers, bean queens (Mexican), rectal pioneers, shit stabbers, turd burglars, and sausage jockeys (U.K).

And its the usual suspects who for years have collaborated to eradicate God and destroy the United States of America, the LGBT community, Obama supporters, NAMBLA, semen laden homosexuals, douche-bag liberals, sleazy democrats, Veterans, disease ridden sodomites, hippies, retards, Walmart employees, welfare recipients, and minorities are all to blame.

This innocent boy (L) suddenly realises he's in danger from his pedophile BSA Scout Master

This innocent boy (L) suddenly realises he’s in trouble as his pedophile BSA Scout Master (R) attempts to grab him

All of these low-life types are willing to disregard the health and welfare of America’s most innocent by ignoring a long-standing and stalwart policy that was put into place to protect boys from diseased and dangerous homosexuals, pedophiles, child rapists, and Catholic priests.

Sadly last Monday the BSA National Council caved under the weight of liberal public opinion, gay protests, governmental regulations and the reputed blackmail of nearly half its adult scout leaders and staff by former scouts who claim they were roofied and subsequently sodomized at BSA camps and functions or were sold into the child sex trade run by Mexican drug cartels. And we all know Mexicans will sell their young for a buck.

“The Boy Scouts have been paying out for decades just like the Vatican to keep their sex-abuse cases out of the public view,” said David Phelan, 17, a former Boy Scout. Phelan claims he’s been receiving cash payoffs from the BSA since he was 15, after two scoutmasters got him drunk then repeatedly violated him from both ends at the same time while he was attending the National Boy Scout Jamboree in 2011.

Jerry Cooper (R) being interviewed by local TV station.

Jerry Cooper (R) being interviewed by local TV station.

“Last week the BSA abandoned its responsibility to protect its young members, instead opting to sell them into human bondage by condemning them to the utter hell of the dark seedy, diseased homosexual underground,” said Jeff Cooper president of the Family of Christ Council.

Cooper added, “The Christian Scouts of America trains young boys to develop a Christlike character, servant leadership skills, good citizenship skills and civic responsibility all in a learning and pleasurable environment where the code of silence is understood and respected. We offer everything the BSA does and more with the one exception, the CSA forbids convicted felons, registered sex offenders, pedophiles, and dangerous homosexuals from joining.”

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“This is exactly why the CSA has experienced a tsunami of new members in less than two weeks, because we at the CSA would never consider allowing sodomites access to your child unlike the BSA,” Copper added.

I spoke to one parent who strongly supports the CSA effort. Regina Stapleton, 38, said she has a 15 year-old son who left the BSA to join the CSA. “Parents wake-up! We have every right to protect our children and that means keeping or forcing the gay agenda out of our schools, churches and communities. And that includes all youth programs,” she said.

Regina Stapleton (R) with her son Ryan sent a clear message to the Boy Scouts about the new BSA policy.

Regina Stapleton (R) with her son Ryan sending a clear message to the Boy Scouts about its pro-gay policy.


“My husband and I taught our kids how to properly handle firearms from a young age. And we taught our boys to shoot any fag who is following or leering at them. They also know to come get my husband or I to bury the son of a bitch right where the kids punched the c@ck-sucker’s ticket,” Stapleton added.

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Jerry Belini, Jr., spokesperson for the Assembly of God Council said, “Its sad to see such a long established organization like the BSA turn on its innocents in order to support pedophilia, immoral behavior, and the abomination of homosexuality while ignoring over a century of successful fundamental ideals and values-based leadership training that the BSA was founded on.”


According to the CSA handbook I was given, the CSA is open to all normal straight (heterosexual) boys who want to grow up too become “real men.” The booklet includes a list of CSA training courses that teaches young boys how to become young men. Among the courses listed are… survival skills, how to live off the land, rapture preparedness training, first-aid, and firearms training.

If nothing else its clear to this reporter that the CSA and its Christian associations are finally willing to stand up to the lecherous sodomites who hate God but are hungry to shove their tongues up Satan’s fecal-hole in order to destroy an American institution that’s 103 years-old.

Camp Wilderness if the CSA's flagship year round facility and its home to the Wilderness Boys who are older scouts

Camp Wilderness is the CSA’s flagship year round facility and its home to the Wilderness Boys who are older scouts

The handbook provides details and photographs of the CSA’s flagship facility known as Camp Wilderness in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Camp Wilderness is also home to the CSA’s Wilderness Boys program.

Sgt. Randy Protrowski, USMC, Ret. who runs Camp Wilderness agreed to speak with the National Report. Protrowski said the camp provides boys with a “Christian spiritual foundation based in scripture as well as a physical training regimen designed to build firm tight hard Christian bodies, sculpted buns, tight rippling abs and a ripped upper torso.”


“We take in young boys and turn out Christian men who are prepared to go out into the world and share the word of Christ. Men who are willing to serve in God’s blessed U.S. Armed Forces as the modern-day guardians of Christianity, and protectors of God’s chosen nation… the United States of America. CSA teaches these young men to serve proudly as God’s chosen warriors protecting the divine rights of freedom, liberty and peace for all humankind,” he added.

The CSA offers disadvantaged youth a way to pay for camp through its work program

The CSA offers disadvantaged youth a way to pay for camp through its work program

Membership includes…

• Accident Coverage For All CSA Functions
• Uniforms & Patches
• Cost Friendly Activities So Disadvantaged Boys Can Participate
• Professionally Trained Staff
• Use of facilities
• Boys Ministries
• Monthly Subscription to CSA Magazine

Activities include…

• Bible Study
• Camping
• Hiking
• Sports
• Camp-outs
• Locker Room Hazing
• Firearms Training
• Rifle Range
• Combat Handgun Training

CSA Magazine is included with membership

CSA Magazine is included with membership

For more information about the CSA and the Wilderness Boys program you can call: (785) 273-0325, or visit their website at: www.christianscouts.com. You’ll also find us on Facebook so come and join in the fun here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/671449512880760/

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6 Responses to "Christian Scouts of America (CSA) Adds 100,000 New Scouts… But No Gays"

  1. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    Well I wish them all the luck in the world, or in America anyway. I don’t want any Swedes helping me across the road, I got enough little allen wrenches already thanks. I don’t know how well being ‘christlike ‘is going to work for them, turning the other cheek is what got this problem started in the first place. I don’t know, maybe a workshop on making a boy’s butt look like a hairy old dead hebrew ass WOULD help cut down on gay addiction. It couldn’t hurt.

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      Lillian, its impossible to argue with the wisdom and simple logic behind your comment. I sure wouldn’t f@ck no old hairy ass Jew.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        I may be simple, but even I know better than to waste time ‘f@cking’ with a Jewsass, or ‘Jesus’ in the common parlance representing the proper ebonic form of the name of the son of Black God. Those people are like elephants,what with the long memories and prison-sharpened matzo shivs, you’ll PLOTZ you will, I’m telling you, you might as well move to Boca Raton, get a nice rugelach merit badge from the local (not low-cal!) J.S.A., why not?

  2. Barbara Bagwell says:

    It used to be that the scouting was about throwing tomahawks, wearing brown uniforms and three finger salutes. All that went out the window with Liberalism and public spanking. Now we have merit badges for applying sunscreen to each other and hair removal. It is just enough to make a person spit on the ground several times, maybe even gag a little bit.

  3. Nicki says:

    Just b/c one Is gay does not make them some perverted weirdo…it is erroneous to think that! What one does in his/her life is between them and God…not for me to judge.

  4. Mike says:

    Not to sure this is a joke or real. Christians don’t talk this way. The web site is fake and the phone number is always busy. I believe this story is from a liberal trying to make Christians look bad

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