China’s Largest Jellyfish Aquarium Empty After Visitors Eat Exhibits

Drug use while visiting the Big Fushun Jellyfish Aquarium is strictly prohibited.

Drug use while visiting the Big Fushun Jellyfish Aquarium is strictly prohibited.

(National Report) In the city of Fushun in north-east China joyous celebration has turned to guilt after visitors to the largest jellyfish aquarium in the world devour over 700 metric tons of jellyfish.

Asians and Aquariums have always been on shaky ground, but the forced closing has many schoolchildren in tears.

For anyone visiting a Chinese restaurant, the sight and smell of a greenish tank is a familiar part of the ethnic dining experience. Aquariums are common in restaurants. The problem is when visitors to an aquarium bring noodle cups and act like the tanks are tasting platters.

The Chinese will eat anything and make it look delicious. It is a characteristic that has many marine conservationists unhappy.

The displays took years to engineer and build. 40 ton tanks filled with luminous plumes danced on currents of specially engineered jets of water. The psychedelic color show was one few are able to see in the wild, making the exhibit a once in a lifetime event.

A visitor eyes lunch in the large tank filled with jellyfish.

A visitor eyes lunch in the large tank filled with jellyfish.

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7 Responses to "China’s Largest Jellyfish Aquarium Empty After Visitors Eat Exhibits"

  1. Barbara Bagwell says:

    Does anybody know if Jellyfish are Vegan?

  2. Lillian Fabricant says:

    Those Swedish fish are mostly sweetened gelatin made from a dead cow’s foot’s hoof, but it’s a different kind than the slimy jelly coating Medusas and Portuguese Men….I’m pretty sure jellyfish do eat meat, also peanut butter and shark sweat, but not breadcrusts because allergies to gluten of course.

    • Barbara Bagwell says:

      I’ve never eaten with jellyfish, but I like the vegan lamb options that include mint jelly.

      Speaking of gluten free, I heard the oddest question from this group I occasionally associate with – the Vegan Association of Gardening Indoors Not Always. “How do you ask someone at a dinner party if they are on a Gluten free diet? Answer is you don’t, they will let you know. Anyway the group is really odd and I don’t always understand them.

  3. Ora Lee says:

    I’ve actually heard that jellyfish don’t need to eat; they get everything they need to tinkle and poop and swim and squirt from photosynthesis! Hold on. Let me check my encyclopedias. I think jellyfish are listed in the 1284th volume.

    • Nigel Covington says:

      Hey Ora Lee — We can take a dim view on someone, especially an amature coming here always trying to confuse the issue with the facts! Thank You.

  4. Lillian Fabricant says:

    Smuckers tried introducing Jolly Jellyfish brand Blueberry Preserves Swirled With Chunky Cod Cream for people with peanut allergies and J.O syndrome (Jar Overload Syndrome), but it sold porly because most people can’t learn to refrigerate PB substitutes, and they didn’t use real blueberries. They used plum anuses and pomegranate embryos to save money. Consumers aren’t stupid.

  5. Dillon says:

    how the heck did they even get in there to eat them? oops we all broke into your aquariums and ate 700 metric tons of live jellyfish?? and this is supposedly an accident??? only in china xD …..