Casey Anthony Pregnant With Twins

<National Report>Casey Anthony, the woman famously acquitted in 2011 of murdering her daughter Caylee, is confirmed to be pregnant again. This time with twins. Previous reports on Anthony’s lifestyle in the three years since she [...]
Same-sex siblings to marry in California

Delaware Town To Allow Same-Sex Siblings To Marry Beginning October 1st

REHOBOTH BEACH, DE – In a stunning move, Rehoboth Beach Mayor Samuel Cooper says he “won’t veto any measure that allows gay marriage, no matter how liberal”, even if the celebrants are related. “A marriage [...]
Foley beheading hoax

CENSORED: Govt-Perpetrated Foley Beheading Scrubbed From Internet

CANDLEWATER, TX - The scene: James Foley in a set of orange overalls, with both hands cuffed behind his back as he knelt on a dusty hillside supposedly in the Middle East. A film of his “murder”, at the hands of a hooded Islamic [...]

BrightSource Energy Says Chembombs Detonated over Pacific Ocean to Blame for Bird Deaths

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief IVANPAH DRY LAKE (NR) – They’re called “streamers,” for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair while in-flight over the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating [...]
Facebook Police are Militarized

Facebook Police Force Prosecutes First Drug Bust

MENLO PARK, CA – Facebook sets new first with corporately owned police force making arrest. In it’s first official drug bust since the corporate behemoth Facebook began monitoring it’s users activity, two men were arrested [...]

Boiling Water Challenge Injures Multiple Teens

<National Report>Several teens have been severely injured over the last several days after attempting a dangerous new variation of the ice bucket challenge. The new challenge, which teens are calling the boiling water challenge, is the [...]
ISIS Members Taking The Ice Bucket Challenge

ISIS Ice-Bucket-Challenge Fundraiser To Fight “United States Devils” Passes $1 Million Mark

<National Report> Baghdad, IRAQ – What started as a deplorable fundraising fad in the United States has become the lifeblood of terrorist organizations around the world.  It’s called the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, [...]
Ice Bucket Drought

Ice Bucket Challenge Contributing to California Drought

<National Report> Los Angeles, CA - After months of worsening drought across California, a new fad is putting the state in the danger zone. Problem: The Ice Bucket Challenge. According to the latest assessment released Thursday, more [...]
Nigel Found in Park

Missing American Journalist Found Alive in Ukraine!

By Rayne Covelli American journalist and editor-in-chief for the National Report, Nigel Covington has been found alive in Krasnyi Luch, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. Early reports indicate Covington is in good health and is currently being checked [...]

Gov. Palin Calls for Obama’s “Inpeachment” in Series of Unfortunate Gaffes

<NationalReport>Tea Party darling Sarah Palin made headlines today for an unfortunate series of what can only be described as gaffes as Ms. Palin on multiple occasions called for the “inpeachment” of President Barack Obama.  [...]

Evidence of Massive Voter Fraud Found in Mississippi Senate Race

<NationalReport>Jackson, MS–Merely hours after the close of a bitter and divisive Senate race in Mississippi that saw Republican incumbent Thad Cochran pull out a win over Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel, irregularities in voting [...]

Geneticists Prove Existence Of God

<National Report> A team of geneticists from W.I.T., while working on decoding sequences of “Junk DNA” with the cooperation of The Human Genome Project, have made what may be the most significant human discovery to date; the [...]

DC Police on High Alert for Operation American Spring, Security Heightened

<National Report>Washington, DC–DC Metro police are on high alert on the eve of “Operation American Spring”, a protest of Tea Party Patriots that could see numbers into the millions.  The group is ascending on Washington [...]

American Lotteries Rigged Since 1970′s, Report Shows

<National Report>A recent Department of Commerce report, which has seemingly been brushed under the rug by the Obama administration, reveals that as many as 31 State lotteries in the United States are currently rigged to favor players [...]
Cat Stevens

Muslim, Cat Stevens, Saves the Life of Young Boy Mauled by Vicious Dog

<National Report>World renowned pop and folk singer, Cat Stevens, now known as ‘Yusef Islam’, (after turning his back on Jesus and converting to Islam), is credited with risking his life to jump on the back of a vicious dog, [...]

Dangerous Illegals Released by Obama Spur Crime Spree Throughout Southwest

<National Report>Phoenix, AZ–Police in Arizona have confirmed the outbreak of a massive crime spree following the release of thousands of illegals from prisons across the state.  The release, orchestrated by the U.S. Immigration [...]