Gov. Palin Calls for Obama’s “Inpeachment” in Series of Unfortunate Gaffes

<NationalReport>Tea Party darling Sarah Palin made headlines today for an unfortunate series of what can only be described as gaffes as Ms. Palin on multiple occasions called for the “inpeachment” of President Barack Obama.  [...]

Evidence of Massive Voter Fraud Found in Mississippi Senate Race

<NationalReport>Jackson, MS–Merely hours after the close of a bitter and divisive Senate race in Mississippi that saw Republican incumbent Thad Cochran pull out a win over Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel, irregularities in voting [...]

Geneticists Prove Existence Of God

<National Report> A team of geneticists from W.I.T., while working on decoding sequences of “Junk DNA” with the cooperation of The Human Genome Project, have made what may be the most significant human discovery to date; the [...]

DC Police on High Alert for Operation American Spring, Security Heightened

<National Report>Washington, DC–DC Metro police are on high alert on the eve of “Operation American Spring”, a protest of Tea Party Patriots that could see numbers into the millions.  The group is ascending on Washington [...]

American Lotteries Rigged Since 1970′s, Report Shows

<National Report>A recent Department of Commerce report, which has seemingly been brushed under the rug by the Obama administration, reveals that as many as 31 State lotteries in the United States are currently rigged to favor players [...]
Cat Stevens

Muslim, Cat Stevens, Saves the Life of Young Boy Mauled by Vicious Dog

<National Report>World renowned pop and folk singer, Cat Stevens, now known as ‘Yusef Islam’, (after turning his back on Jesus and converting to Islam), is credited with risking his life to jump on the back of a vicious dog, [...]

Dangerous Illegals Released by Obama Spur Crime Spree Throughout Southwest

<National Report>Phoenix, AZ–Police in Arizona have confirmed the outbreak of a massive crime spree following the release of thousands of illegals from prisons across the state.  The release, orchestrated by the U.S. Immigration [...]

Missing Airplane Found Behind Missouri Casino

by John D. Delta<National Report>CARUTHERSVILLE, MISSOURI -The missing Air Tractor AT-501 crop duster that went off radar and vanished last week has been found on a dirt road behind the Lady Luck Casino RV Park. Pilot Cooter Holland was [...]
Nevada Rancher And Federal Gov't Face Off Over Land Use Battle

Rancher, Cliven Bundy, Accused of Refusing to Pay for Breakfast at Local Eatery!

<National Report>Clark County Sheriff’s Officials in Nevada report that Cliven Bundy, the rancher who, together with dozens of gun wielding supporters, made national headlines by forcing local law enforcement and federal agents [...]
Militia Poster

Bundy Ranch & Militia Update for 4-24-14: Federal Agents Amassing in Las Vegas for War!

By Rayne Covelli Field Reporter <National Report> UPDATE: Bundy Ranch, Nevada. Rumors of a second federal raid on the Bundy Ranch scheduled for Easter Sunday were just that rumors. The anticipated raid never happened, but as of press [...]

Malaysia Airlines In Talks with Justice Dept To Provide Flights for Witness Protection Service Program

<National Report>Washington, DC–In a stunning revelation from a well placed U.S. government source, it was announced that high level talks are now being conducted in secret with the Malaysian government which would allow Malaysia [...]

Report: Record Number of Americans Now Choosing Gay Lifestyle!

<National Report>Washington, DC–A startling report just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the result of an Obama Administration directive, reveals that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of Americans choosing [...]

ACORN Teams up with Colorado Pot Shop to Register Voters by Offering Free Marijuana

<National Report>Denver, CO–Rite Greens Pot Shop is back in the news after the shop announced a “Register to Smoke” campaign that rewards those who register within the shop to receive a free 1/8 of marijuana (street [...]
glass victims

Google Sued $14 Million Over Glass

By Ashley Downes-Cox Mountain View CA — What was once a joke from the 1970′s Steve Martin comedy The Jerk now has become a modern-day reality.  A suit filed in Santa Clara county courthouse on Thursday revealed that Google is being [...]
vegan_zombie cropped - lg

Veganism… What Medical Research Says… & How to Identify Dangerous Vegans

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief Doctors and researchers visiting secret underground vegan colonies across America are reporting the unfortunate condition found in these colonies. Dr. Laura King, MD, and nutritionalist, reports finding [...]

NASA Releases Gale Crater Image of Strange Primitive Conveyance

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief Early Friday morning NASA released an image at the “Rocknest” site at Gale Crater, Mars taken by NASA/JPL’s Mars Science Laboratory Rover “Curiosity” that appears to show [...]