Militant website/AP Photo

Terrorist Exchanged For Bowe Bergdahl Now Top ISIS Commander

<National Report>Mullah Mohammed Fazi, one of the five Guantanamo Bay detainees released by the Obama administration in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, has been confirmed to be currently in Iraq. Fazi, the Taliban’s former Defense Minister, [...]

NYC Bum Makes 10k A Week Begging Quarters

<National Report>A dirty, bedraggled, sad and broken looking man wanders the streets and subways of New York City. His name is Jim Tooney, not that you’d ever think to ask. He looks like the kind of man deserving of mercy to some, [...]
Ray and Janay Rice

Gun Control Advocates Applaud Ray Rice for Using His Bare Hands

NEW YORK – Given its recent history, the National Football League would likely be demanding more gun control if running back Ray Rice used a firearm to attack his wife in an elevator instead of his bare hands. But today the NFL is using [...]
free weed

California City Gives Free Medical Marijuana to Blacks

The worst kind of welfare. Weed. That’s what the Berkeley City Council in California has unanimously approved, ordering medical marijuana dispensaries to donate a percentage of their stash to patients making less than $32,000 a year and [...]

Statutory Rape Victim Forced to Pay Child Support

SEATTLE— Olivia Easiplunder became a mother at 14. While in high school, Olivia had sex with a 26-year-old man, her teacher. As she sees it now, he took advantage of a lonely kid going through a rough patch at home. State law says a child [...]
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Used Artifical insemination To Conceive

ORLANDO, FL – In a shocking revelation on Thursday it was revealed that Casey Anthony, former mom indicted for murder of her child Caylee, is now pregnant with twins. The story has since been corroborated online by NRTV Entertainment. Now, [...]
Feds Cracking Down on Memes

Federal Agencies Targeting Users Who Create Memes

WASHINGTON, DC – Through a National Science Foundation grant, the federal government is bankrolling a database of “suspicious memes” and other “false and misleading” political ideas posted on social media. So [...]
Merck Top Ten Cancers

Merck Pharmaceutical Lists 10-Best Cancers of 2014

WILMINGTON, DE – It’s That time of year again.  The end of summer ushers in the much-anticipated Merck Pharmaceutical annual list of the Top Ten Cancers.  Industry and patients alike are all abuzz about the new cancer power [...]
POLICE Murder Citizens

US Department of Justice Reports an Average of 36,000 Innocent Civilians Are Murdered By Police Each Year

WALDORF, MD — Nearly seven hundred times a week in the United States, a catholic police officer killed a baptist citizen during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported [...]

Casey Anthony Pregnant With Twins

<National Report>Casey Anthony, the woman famously acquitted in 2011 of murdering her daughter Caylee, is confirmed to be pregnant again. This time with twins. Previous reports on Anthony’s lifestyle in the three years since she [...]
Same-sex siblings to marry in California

Delaware Town To Allow Same-Sex Siblings To Marry Beginning October 1st

REHOBOTH BEACH, DE – In a stunning move, Rehoboth Beach Mayor Samuel Cooper says he “won’t veto any measure that allows gay marriage, no matter how liberal”, even if the celebrants are related. “A marriage [...]
Foley beheading hoax

CENSORED: Govt-Perpetrated Foley Beheading Scrubbed From Internet

CANDLEWATER, TX – The scene: James Foley in a set of orange overalls, with both hands cuffed behind his back as he knelt on a dusty hillside supposedly in the Middle East. A film of his “murder”, at the hands of a hooded [...]

BrightSource Energy Says Chembombs Detonated over Pacific Ocean to Blame for Bird Deaths

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief IVANPAH DRY LAKE (NR) – They’re called “streamers,” for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair while in-flight over the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating [...]
Facebook Police are Militarized

Facebook Police Force Prosecutes First Drug Bust

MENLO PARK, CA – Facebook sets new first with corporately owned police force making arrest. In it’s first official drug bust since the corporate behemoth Facebook began monitoring it’s users activity, two men were arrested [...]

Boiling Water Challenge Injures Multiple Teens

<National Report>Several teens have been severely injured over the last several days after attempting a dangerous new variation of the ice bucket challenge. The new challenge, which teens are calling the boiling water challenge, is the [...]
ISIS Members Taking The Ice Bucket Challenge

ISIS Ice-Bucket-Challenge Fundraiser To Fight “United States Devils” Passes $1 Million Mark

<National Report> Baghdad, IRAQ – What started as a deplorable fundraising fad in the United States has become the lifeblood of terrorist organizations around the world.  It’s called the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, [...]