BREAKING… Fukushima Crisis Escalates Tons of Radioactive Waste Released into the Pacific Causes Ocean to Boil…

Sea Boils After Tons of Radioactive Waste is Dumped into Pacific Ocean By Nigel J. Covington III

<National Report> Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe just minutes ago announced that an emergency at the unstable Fukushima Nuclear Plant less than an hour ago is responsible for dumping “thousands of tons of highly radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean.” The Prime Minister said the government has sent in its own nuclear experts who are teamed with TEPCO management who are now attempting to regain control of the facility.

Fukushima March 11, 2011

Japan has been anything but forthright with the people of the world about the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster that occurred on March 11, 2011.

More than two years after the event just ten days ago it was announced that a “recent incident” had resulted in 300 tonnes (300 long tons; 330 short tons) of “heavily contaminated water” being leaked from a storage tank into the ocean daily.

On August 26, the government decided to take over running the emergency measures to tackle the radioactive water leaks, reflecting a lack of confidence in TEPCO. Now four days after the government took control the plant “thousands of tons” of highly radioactive material was dumped into the Pacific. This incident could be as much as five times greater than the one of August 20, 2013. The government has not commented on the cause of the incident nor the effect this will have globally.

Thirty-five minutes ago the government released a public statement calling for the immediate evacuation of residents within a 50 miles radius of the facility claiming the leaked material has caused the ocean to boil for several hundred yards offshore from the crippled plant.

"Fukushima Plume of Death" Will Strike Hawaii in about one hour. California will be hit about 90 minutes later.

Almost two hours after today’s incident what’s being called the “Fukushima Plume of Death” is rapidly bearing down on Hawaii. It’s estimated once Hawaii is hit California will be hit about 90 minutes after. The effects of the nuclear plume are either unknown or being kept from the public. Neither the Japanese or American government has commented on what threat the plume may pose. Right now its anyone’s guess.

As this breaking story develops look for regular updates from the National Report.

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319 Responses to "BREAKING… Fukushima Crisis Escalates Tons of Radioactive Waste Released into the Pacific Causes Ocean to Boil…"

  1. sucki moto says:

    Who really knows how serious this really is,tey won’t give you the truth,or let outsiders see for themselfs,leave Syria alone for now and bomb Japan.for what they do to whales,dolphins etc,and put their people second,

    • Donald says:

      That is the key to a good conspiracy theory: there is no way to show that it is wrong. Since you have decided that anyone who says anything besides what you believe in must have been bought off and is lying. Since whatever it is you claim can’t be verified you can say any stupid thing you want. Radioactive particles cannot cause the ocean to boil and the radiation from the first reactor leak has not reached California yet. I live right by two thriving ocean research centers and two major nuclear research labs here in California and no one is leaving. Stanford is 1 mile from me and no one is leaving. It might be good, really, because the people that would leave because of fear of something like this must be pretty dumb.

  2. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    I’ve heard the only way to deal with Fukushima is to bury it under tons and tons of earth and debris so the radiation cannot reach the surface. The Obama administration has come up with a solution which makes sense. The US will drop its biggest nukes on Fukushima and bury Japan’s greatest shame under miles of debris. That will stop the radiation from spreading, the only drawback is everything for miles around the plant will be radiated by US nukes. This was Japan’s revenge for for the US nuking them decades ago.

  3. Nikki says:

    Unfortunately , (mass) extinctions in the ocean(s) will be extreme.

    In our arrogance, humans have implemented an energy source which is extraordinarily precarious , and in a single few seconds, it’s wrath has been unleashed…and for centuries to come.

    Food sources, industries, and life , are all endangered, and yet people still lobby for this irrefutably dangerous energy source.

  4. Stacy says:

    California Rest In Peace. Simotainious Release

  5. donald kunsman says:

    Leave the coast, run for your lives…I will stay here and sacrfice my life to guard your property…tell me were you live and send me your keys .

    If I die tell m my wife I love her.

    ..f-ing morons

  6. Jerry says:

    I cant believe there is actually stupid fucking people that thinks this is funny. Retards

  7. whamprod says:

    Not to diminish the possible nuclear dangers, Nigel J. Covington III obviously did not put on his thinking cap. It takes an average of 5hrs:30min for a jetliner to cover the 2,551 miles from LAX to Oahu at an average speed of 464 miles/hour. There is simply no way in hell that radioactive plume will hit the California coastline a mere 90 minutes after hitting Hawaii. IF…… IF it were traveling in a straight line, it would have to be moving at 1,700.67 miles per hour to cover that distance, in that time. Preposterous…….and the total distance from Fukushima to California is roughly 5,500 miles.

    But here’s the rub: the Kuroshio Current is the primary current carrying any radioactivity away from Fukushima, and it does NOT run due east directly at Hawaii and California as the picture seems to imply. It is analogous to the Gulf Stream running up the east coast of the U.S., which does NOT run due east either. Both currents travel in a east-by-northeasterly direction, flowing into the North Atlantic (Gulf Stream) and the North Pacific (Kuroshio). The speed of both the Gulf and Kuroshio Currents runs between .4 meters/second, and 1.2 meters/second. EVEN IF the Kuroshio Current flowed due east, it would take over 85 days for the tip of the plume to reach California. BUT IT DOESN’T FLOW DUE EAST!

    Refer to this map: http://i38.tinypic.com/312z0wp.jpg. The plume will flow northeast into the region off of Puget Sound, where it will split off into the Alaskan Current and the California Current. The California Current (much colder water) will carry the plume south along the entire west coast until it becomes the North Equatorial Current and flows back toward Asia at approximately the same rate. Please not in the linked map (beginning of this paragraph) that Hawaii lies just outside the northern boundary of the North Equatorial Current.

    Conclusions: Hawaii is not sitting in the mouth of a radioactive shotgun. However, as the plume dilutes and spreads, there will likely be long term effects on the ocean’s biomass, particularly those parts along the Alaskan and California Currents. Examples…..The California Gray Whale’s entire population migrates from the Bering Sea, down the west coast to Baja California, their breeding ground. They may well experience some heavy exposure over the course of their 12,000 mile voyage. Who knows what will happen to their calves….mutations? A die-off? Or maybe nothing at all. We just don’t know. However, we don’t eat gray whales, but we DO eat tons and tons of Salmon, and the salmon fisheries may well be so impacted as to remove salmon from the supermarket shelves, sending the price of commercially raised salmon sky-rocketing.

    This radioactive plume is a significant cause for concern. But we conservatives/libertarians begin to sound like liberals/socialists when we scream out junk-science without taking the time to educate ourselves and speaking TRUTH, and leaving the hyperventilating to the so-called “loyal opposition.”

  8. Philloz says:

    Noticed this “DISCLAIMER: The National Report is an online portal for ‘citizen journalists.'” So I’m guessing “The National Report” is Nigel’s netbook.

    • Morgainele says:

      I think you missed the snoped review. They had a different disclaimer up first which very clearly stated the site was satirical. I suppose in the name of fooling people who can’t tell when something is over the top, they found a euphamistic way of expressing that without being so upfront. But clearly that’s what they are…a satire site.

      WHICH Hello Nigel Covington..If you were more upfront about that, it would actually probably help your circulation. For example, I would share some of your pieces if it wasn’t for the fact that you don’t have any honest disclaimer like you had before…and sadly there are a lot of people without good critical thinking skills, or are overwhelmed with the realities of our world, or are working so hard they cant discern … whatever the reason so many take this as literal– you are your site are earning disdain more than props for creativity because its become a private joke for you….at the “average” readers expense… Share the joke with readers and let them enjoy the parody…. The world NEEDS more humor. I bet you it would improve ratings.

  9. HanaM says:

    HerpDerpScience: I agree w/u! It’s people who crack jokes and assume this kind of things do not exist, when in reality it has been happening for a long time! It is only times like now they come out with it because it is something the government cannot stop/prevent/contain. And how stupid of the government to agree to let them throw/empty waste in our oceans!

    • Morgainele says:

      Hana, the problem is they are taking a real crises and sensationalizing it (as if its needs that) with a satire that so many people don’t ‘get.’ If you did some reseach on google and looked at the various snopes.com pieces on their articles you’d see the site was a comedy site. Parody more than satire really. But thats why people are making light of this piece. They are takeing a very serious situation and laying with it, AND not letting most people know they are being made fools of. There was one comment by the author where he admits to the commenter (in this thread) -that the commenter called his bluff – but you need to be able to read facetiousness to ‘get it’ The sea wasnt and is not boiling, and the plume map is not current. I mean ….read the headlines of their other articles for goodness sake, It’s clearly way over the top. Please let others know. This site is like the Onion but less transparent about it

  10. Bronwyn says:

    3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. 3 Revelations. JUST SAYING. all atheists don’t need to comment because you know it wont happen.

  11. Candice says:

    I think people will unfortunately or get horribly sick. But if you think about it…water evaporates, eventually it will cause rain water in the us right? I’m a little freaked out truthfully but that guys comment did make me chuckle, however inappropriate it was lol.

  12. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    Candice – There will be major lifestyle changes for everyone worldwide who survive this. Sadly the Japanese people will see whale hunting end when your average whale has three tails and could swallow a cruise ship. No more beating baby seals to death either. Who would eat a baby seal that has 4 eyes and is as big as Godzilla?

  13. Vicki Parker says:

    OMG!! This is awful!!

    • Cfr says:

      The worst thing about this is the rest of civilized America is going to have an influx of Progressive Californians raiding us.

  14. Drakyo says:

    YEAH! ZOMBIE!!!!

  15. satan says:


  16. irma garrett says:

    Run forest run repent people now

  17. MacGregor Newman says:

    There sure are a lot of silly, uninformed people out there. What is worse is the silly stuff in this report. God Save America!! from the foolish.

  18. arclight says:

    fukushima is an inland city not a village.. ??????

    why is there loads of people standing in the water/??? by a carcass

    gieger counter readings?



    This is NOT funny. Fucking assholes.

  20. WTFIWWYP? says:

    90 minutes from Hawaii to CA? Wow, now that’s traveling. That’s just a tick under 1600 mph. An F15 might manage that, if you didn’t count refueling time. Kinda sounds like this story needs some fact checking.

  21. mb says:

    Hey Mister, You’re a sick fuck.

  22. The End says:

    There goes the fishing industry!

    Doesn’t the Bible say 2/3 of the water will be unusable?

  23. Richard M. Boyden says:

    Disasters come and go. We deal with ‘em and they go away. The real disaster is that people think they are going to live forever. This is the most wonderful thing because it is such a wonder that anyone can think this. It absolutely isn’t true. For one who has been born, death is certain, and for one who has died, rebirth is certain. Life is eternal.

  24. 6000 says:

    “The effects of the nuclear plume are either unknown or being kept from the public. Neither the Japanese or American government has commented on what threat the plume may pose.

    Right now its anyone’s guess.”

    3 weeks on, and my guess is “absolutely f**k all”.

    • KitemanSA says:

      The effect of the “nuclear plume” are nonexistent because this PLUME is nonexistent.

      There is an area of contamination that is slowly making its way across the Pacific but the knowledgable people are not worried about it. See this from a preeminent organization about marine matters, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.


  25. Corey Suforna says:

    A country that continamates the world oceans with radio active waste should be severely fucking punished regardless of who it is even if it’s accidental!