Sesame Street’s Big Bird Comes Out As Transgender

A picture of the gang taken in 2009.

A picture of the gang taken in 2009.

New York – The last few years has seen more than a few eye-catching character reinventions on the long-time award-winning children’s show, Sesame Street. The changes are not surprising given that it’s on PBS, a network committed to advancing progressive values while instilling a strong sense of community among its viewers.

Take, for instance, Cookie Monster’s recent substitution of an all-cookie diet to a balanced one with vegetables as a main focus. For those of you who may not be familiar with the strangely endearing shaggy blue puppet, Cookie Monster, as his name illustrates, has always been quite the lover of all things ‘cookie’. But in 2005, writers decided that it was time for the character to promote healthier eating habits in a country ravaged by the hungry jowls of obesity.

In a similar vein, the Sesame Street franchise has introduced us to Kami, an HIV-positive character, a much older Elmo grappling with issues of puberty and masturbation, as well as Oscar the Grouch’s recent bouts with the harsh realities of homelessness and schizophrenia. All of these changes seem to be part and parcel of the show’s evolution and has helped connect viewers to a much more pertinent reflection of the world that they live in.

Sesame Street is no stranger to social commentary.

Sesame Street is no stranger to social commentary.

“It’s pivotal that our shows give an adequate representation of the actual society that we’re living in, ” observed PBS correspondent, Holman Akwame, “change is good.” These changes, however, were only the tip of the iceberg. Just last week, the iconic, fun-loving Big Bird -who has been undergoing some troubling identity issues this season- came out as transgender and will be continuing the show as a female character.

The larger-than-life, seemingly asexual bird is helping ease viewers into her new lifestyle and educating children as to the importance of accepting who they are. The groundbreaking episode, which urged viewers to practice patience, love, and support for all individuals, reached a whopping 5.5 million viewers according to Nielsen ratings- a number rivaled only by the Ken Burns documentary, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” back in 2011.

Security cautiously escorts Big Bird actor off the set shortly after recording the groundbreaking episode.

Security cautiously escorts Big Bird actor off set shortly after recording of groundbreaking episode.

“The positive responses have been overwhelming! We’ve received literally hundreds of letters and phone calls in a matter of days,” says Ben Lerman, one of the show’s co-producers. “In all honesty, we don’t expect viewers to immediately accept this change, and that’s just real life. These things do take time, true, but we believe that easing viewers into this character change will sympathetically mirror Big Bird’s transitioning process, so that -in a way- it evokes a deep empathy as the viewer feels a similar kind of transitioning. We’re hoping to create something of a video interaction or identity dialogue, if you will.”

Lerman, together with several of the show’s veteran writers, admits to having initially felt somewhat conflicted about the writing decision, but realizing the positive message would ultimately outweigh the controversy, felt truly compelled to green light the project.

Good ole Big Bird posing for the camera.

Good ole Big Bird posing for the camera.

Reception is in fact, mixed, but overall, records show that it has been surprisingly positive. “I didn’t believe it at first! It was just such an giant step forward totally out of the blue,” says Greg Halloran, Project Manager at the New York Transgender Coalition. “Gender identity is something children definitely need to know more about. I mean, Big Bird is still lovable, ole Big Bird! She simply prefers a different pronoun and this is the kind of thing people need to start acclimating to.”

Sesame Street, which has showcased a dizzying number of celebrities throughout the years, is certainly not lacking in support. “You def know you’ve made it if you get to be on Sesame Street with all those muppets, sure, ” comments Dylan McIntyre, star of the upcoming live-action video game adaptation “Contra: Real Corps”. Such sentiments certainly appear to be common among actors and musicians, many of whom admit to getting their start on the show.

“I love Sesame Street, man. It will always speak to a deep part of me. And I love Big Bird, male or female- it don’t matter,” says 43 year-old, Matthew Rivera, lead singer of the prog rock project, ‘2 Die 4′ out of Sacramento, California.

All in all, it might seem strange that a children’s show would tackle such strong issues, but Sesame Street’s track record as one the longest-running television programs in history is a testament to its rapport with the public, both young and old.

“We feel that we have a responsibility to our viewers, and we want to make sure to keep our relationship fresh every step of the way,” says Lerman. By the looks of it, that is certainly the case.

As to Big Bird’s new transition, producers at PBS are optimistic about the public’s acceptance of the new changes and will be paying close attention to productive feedback. Perhaps this is one of the secrets to a successful television program: communication. Take note, America, as PBS promises to do their best in keeping the viewers in mind, whether counting the 1-2-3’s or singing the A-B-C’s.



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253 Responses to "Sesame Street’s Big Bird Comes Out As Transgender"

  1. Deenah rae says:

    I really don’t think this is the best choice for our young children. As a transgender women myself, I don’t think I would be allowing my child to watch, we Don’t want to make our children transgender, we do want to educate them but only when they come to us with questions. Living life as a transgender individual is no joke. Its not easy by any means.

    • J says:

      If you really are transgender, then you know that there is no way to “make” someone trans* unless they already are.

      I spent the first 23 years of my life living as the wrong gender, and when I finally received a proper education on what transgender meant… I cannot begin to describe the genuine relief that there was a word for my feelings, that it was hardwired into me and that I could do something besides continue to pretend everything was fine. I remember holding back tears shopping for clothes before I started living as my true gender and the worst part was not understanding why I was so distressed.

      I never asked questions. I just assumed people who medically transitioned were weird and I never made the connection in my brain that maybe they felt what I did.

      Having a trans* role model- even if that role model was a puppet- might have meant less years living in a misery I couldn’t explain.

      So if you really want to support your kid, just make it plain that you love them no matter who they are and you will support them in anything they do. Not by withholding information.

      • Harold says:

        Born a man, live a male life. Born a female, live a female life. We have set gender roles, so grow up, quit your complaining and whining, or go commit yourself to a mental institution.

        • Celeste says:

          Hey, did you know! I am bipolar and guess what. No one is appreciative of your gross use of ableism and gross transphobia. “We have set gender roles” no we don’t. They don’t exist. They’re made up and put in place so no one dares to think too hard. You don’t think too hard, do you? You don’t question what’s going on, do you? You’re ridiculous. I don’t like you. I think you should shut up and listen once in a while. Gender roles aren’t real, but your sexism and transphobia are! “We have set gender roles” but cis women are allowed to be tomboyish and cis men can’t touch femininity with a ten foot pole lest they be considered emasculated and “gay”.

          Gender roles literally cause rape. They silence male rape victims and excuse the actions of rapists. Consistent proof is shown that gender roles equally harm women and men. They literally harm EVERYONE but oh gosh, gotta keep those women in line! Look how silly they are for saying how men are hurt by them too! Get bent and I hope you don’t ever have kids because those poor kids would feel trapped and hurt by the forced gender roles you set upon them. It’s ridiculous.

          Gender roles do not exist, but the harm they do does.

          • b says:

            “I hope you don’t ever have kids because those poor kids would feel trapped and hurt by the forced gender roles you set upon them.”

            You’re so full of shit, What if you have kids and all you want to do is make them gay, talk about hurting kids.

          • Annie Onomous says:

            Yeah he should bring up his kids like that sick pedo Dr John Money thought they should be brought up. I’m saying this because I’m sure you subscribe to his beliefs, the same ones that led David Reimer to suicide.

    • alex says:

      @Deenah are you F** kidding?! By your logic, you shouldn’t even have children. Stupid hypocrite

      • V says:

        @alex and once again, liberal tolerance rears its ugly head.

        • Mike says:

          What makes you assume that because someone has tolerance that they’re a liberal? Typical narrow-mindedness.

        • did someone say liberal tolerance (with disdain), liberal and tolerance…………….well those are two values I hope we teach our children……………..did you ever notice how people who say “liberal tolerance” with disdain in their voice are just angry people, bitter, angry people who probably were not shown very much tolerance themselves as children. Thats my theory and I am sticking with it.

          • Jacob says:

            Thats just not true, I am both a liberal and consider myself generally tolerant. The issue is not that we tolerate others, it’s that we judge those who DON’T tolerate others with a level of disrespect equal or greater to the disrespect they deal out to the communities who they practice intolerance towards. It is one of my biggest struggles as a liberal to not pass judgement on all conservatives as close minded a**holes. I have often been frustrated at my fellow liberals for their eager attitude to pass just such judgement and I resent that you choose to label this mindset as “bitter” and “angry”

    • Sierra Angel says:

      As a transgender woman who is the biological parent of 2 beautiful children I can tell you that having a trans* parent will not make your child trans* any more than big bird will. My children are both straight A students, perfectly behaved, I am really lucky they are such great kids. And my gender identity isn’t an issue.

    • Jessica Vanden Boomen says:

      Quite sad how distorted your view is Deenah. “we Don’t want to make our children transgender” is a fucked up statement….rethink what you’re saying. Being trans is no choice. If it were a choice, why would anyone chose it? It’s a disenfranchised community, living in fear and danger, and targeted for hate and violence that is barely prevented or protected under the majority of law systems in the world.
      Children need to be shown that there are a variety of gender identities out there, and it is not wrong to be outside of our rigid definitions of what being a male or female is. There is nothing offered to children to understand/learn about gender identity. This is what causes stereotypes and false representations of what is is to be transgender, and this is what allows those who want to disenfranchise the community to do so with such power and grace. Educating children doesn’t have to mean we are educating them with something that is too psychologically intense, but means we are showing them that being their authentic self is who they should always be, so they can focus on thriving, living and loving life instead of hiding in shame and wasting away.

      • Kevin says:

        I have seen some people decide to transition after years of being on the fence as an adult. I can’t help but think that it does become a choice at some point, sometimes the right choice and sometimes the wrong one for some adults.

        • Sam says:


          I really liked your comment which I then interpreted as kind of a question.

          Let me break it down for you:

          Being isn’t a choice, but sometimes you may find yourself in a position where being true to yourself requires actively making decisions that in the end are a part of who you are, and make you happy. I feel like the only real fence Trans people find themselves on is the one that divides straight and queer culture. For a lot of people they would have made the decision a lot earlier- I would’ve.

          Sounds like a well adjusted life, eh? Would have loved to have Big Bird talking trans when I was a kid.


        • michelle says:

          Uh…did you reread what you wrote? Of course it’s a choice whether or not to transition…in no way does that mean being trans is a choice. If that doesn’t make sense to you, you are ill-informed and shouldn’t be opining on a topic you don’t understand.

  2. It is very surprising how people actually believe everything they read these days. Don’t forget to keep the GOP in the House!

  3. Sabby says:

    I think this is a glorious idea! Children need to learn how to accept everybody for the way they are, because they sure are not getting it from their parents or teachers. Tackling an issue, like all types of acceptance, needs to be taught while they are young.

  4. Katelyn says:

    Parents shield their kids from too much, thinking the kids will have problems, not realizing their own prejudices. People bucking this development don’t want to live in the real world, and if their kid is trangendered, he or she is not going to feel like they can talk to them about it. I can totally relate to Big Bird, as I hid my secret for 50 years. Children’s attitudes develop early, and I know I would have lived a happier life had I had this kind of support when I was watching Sesame Street. As it is, I was not quite prepared for the real world. I say kudos to the program!

  5. Kent says:

    This is just insane. Five year old don’t need to see this type of mess. How about focusing on what made Sesame Street famous: teaching kids numbers and the alphabet and manners? I’m glad my kids are grown, but I’ll be recommending that my friends who have young children skip viewing from now on.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Doesn’t fair and equal treatment of transgendered peers sort of fall under the topic of manners? The tacit understanding that transgendered individuals are not worthy of equal treatment, but in many people’s eyes actually deserve to experience constant reminders of contempt, leads to the incredibly high comparative rates of violence they experience throughout their lives. It is bad manners to bully children into silence, and to ignore the physical peril made permissable by that silence, from where I’m sitting.

    • Erica says:

      You are calling those of us that are transgender a mess….how bout you, are you so perfect that you can throw a real subdivision of you society under the bus. What are you afraid of…how about try meeting a Transgender person and doing what Jesus taught…love them and try to get to know them.

    • Jessica Vanden Boomen says:

      My heart breaks for your two dimensional family. I wish you could see yourself from this side of the glass. I still have hope and faith that by the time you pass you will know better. You seem to have no idea what life is or what it means to be a human being. Good luck with the whole “fatherhood” thing. Hope one of your kids isn’t queer cause we know who wouldn’t get the good Dad award.

    • Heather says:

      1.) This story is not real. It’s satire. Big Bird has not come out as transgendered.

      2.) It wouldn’t be any big deal if he/she did.

      3.) You’re an idiot.

  6. Danelle says:

    Actually, Sesame Street has always been famous for tackling harder issues: Mr. Hooper’s death, racial equality, etc. Teaching kids early that there are all sorts of people in the world and that all those people can be friends and live in harmony is something parents should absolutely be doing from the youngest of ages.

  7. laura says:

    this is disgusting… why are children being exposed… oh i know … its not enough we had to hear..” we’re here we’re queer get over it,, now we have to know some make believe bird is transgender,, WHY??? to support your cause… no more funding from us…

  8. Tony says:

    The transgender Big Bird is fine, I’d be more concerned teaching my 2-3 year old about masturbation, HIV, and schizophrenia

  9. Scott says:

    What the mindless critics fail to realize is that 99% of kids won’t even notice and unless you tell them there’s something wrong with it, they’ll grow up to be perfectly healthy adults who don’t have the same stick up their butts that we do. And isn’t that ultimately what we should want for the next generation? For them to be even better people than we are?

  10. Jake says:

    If anything, these issues on Sesame Street are for the parents. Children already accept everybody for who they are—it’s just how their minds work! It’s our parents and peers that begin to point out these differences and educate us as we get older. Instilling these positive values in children early on is fantastic and will hopefully open up conversations and questions between parents and their children.

    If you’re not allowing your children to watch Sesame Street just because of these issues you’re only making matters worse. Obviously you don’t want to talk about it with your kids—and if you do, why won’t you let them watch the program that illustrates so wonderfully how to handle these issues with love and acceptance?

    Even with issues like Cookie Monster—yes, the kids are being told to eat healthy, but if their parents are serving them unhealthy food what difference will it make? They should know that it is important to eat healthy. Sesame Street is as much for the parents as it is for the children.

    Hopefully parents are watching these shows with their children and not just setting them down in front of the TV.

    It’s not the kids that have a history riddled with problems accepting others, it’s the grownups. Perhaps it’s ironic that we tell people to ‘grow up’ when responding to intolerance.

  11. Mikey says:

    I think this is kinda cool, while I’d rather they left the original characters as they were, I’d be more than happy for them to introduce new characters that reflect today’s world. The truth is, all of the characters in SS, do reflect our world and it’s a good thing that we teach kids acceptance, and that our world is filled with diverse people and that we are all a little bit different!! Kudos to Sesame Street, as far as the nitty gritty of spelling and arithmetic, maybe schools should be teaching that more as well, and maybe we shouldn’t be relying on tv to do what academic professional adults are paid to do……..

  12. David says:

    All you that are worried about what your child is exposed to are the same parents that let their kids listen to pop music that is now dark and anti-religious. I’ve seen 5-10 pop artist that all have pagan symbolism in their videos and the only reason you don’t know this is because you’re too busy being closed minded. Trust me, your children are already exposed to violence, sex, drugs and anti-religion which ultimately affects them mentally more so than some bird coming out as transgender. Educated yourself on why your children are truly exposed to then bring your intolerance in check.

    • The Letter N says:

      Ok, I see where you are going with this, but do you realize the intolerance you just spouted trying to talk about intolerance? Paganism and anti-religion are not the same thing. Paganism is a form of religion, and has nothing to do destroying religion. No form of paganism is anti-religion because that would mean they would be anti-themselves. And the intolerance of people on Pagan people is horrible. BTW, in Pagan religions, Satanism and Devil Worship are completely different religions. But, one of the most common of Pagan religions, Wicca, is a lot more tolerant of others than any Abrhamic religion (Christianity, Judaism, and yes, even Muslim). So, my point is, you can’t talk about intolerance while being intolerant yourself. Educate yourself before you make wild claims based on Scare Tactics by certain groups out there.

    • eriq says:

      you make it seem like being pagan is a bad thing. its a religion like any other

  13. stephanie says:

    This is getting to far. S.S was perfectly fine!

  14. TM says:

    I once had a religious fanatic tell me they were going to stop watching PBS because they aired Barney (the purple dinosaur children’s program) and “Barney promoted Homosexuality” – so I asked, How does Barney promote homosexuality? – at which point, this person couldn’t answer because they had never actually watched the program to see what it was really about. I informed them that Barney promoted love and acceptance of all of ‘Gods children’ regardless of race, gender, or orientation… all that he – Barney taught children was to love one another… Lesson here, if you haven’t watched the program to see how Sesame Street is dealing with this story line, then don’t judge. Don’t voice your negative opinions without being educated about the subject you are spouting off about, just to make noise.

    • Alexis says:

      This is a issue that not only affects adults, I am transgendered and have been my whole life. When I was a small child this was a issue that was not spoken of and I just knew there was something wrong with me and I felt ashamed for many many years before I found out about gender identity disorder. I know for me, I remember watching Sesame Street when I was young and know that something like this would have been very helpful for me personally. It would have been so much of a better childhood without the guilt of feeling I was alone in the world like this. As far as having big bird come out, what better character than her. Someone everyone has heard of and knows, trusts, and loves. If big bird can do this so can I! So many transgender youth tragically take their own lives because of acceptance issues, or feeling of hopelessness. This gives them a role model of sorts. For the young that are not transgender, thank god!! As I would not wish this life on anyone. But it can help them understand and accept the ones that they meet that are. This world would be a much better place with more big birds, and less hate. Educate our youth, not just about letters and numbers, but about life and acceptance too!

      • Supporting Education says:

        I have read through all of these comments and most with disgust on the lack of education around this topic. Thank you for a helpful response!

    • lavelle rand says:

      Didnt the guy that originaly played barney end up being a pervert?

  15. Jade says:

    This is amazing! Being gay or transgendered comes with such difficulty growing up because you don’t have many positive role models or think you’re alone. That isolation can cause a whirlwind of problems for any ham being. Maybe with a child that feels this way seeing this character, they won’t feel so alone and in turn, will have a much easier time with their own coming out process. Kudos to Sesame Street!

  16. Matt says:

    Look I get it 2013 so a lot of you are bad parents, don’t like tolerating diversity, or teaching your children thing. But its time for a change in many things your kids have to go to school with other kids that might be HIV+ or Scitzo or transgender, welcome to America in the year 2013. We have issues our kids have issues guess what baby doll time to grow up put your big girl panties on and deal.

  17. TG says:

    What little I saw of Sesame Street as a kid (early 70’s), I never thought of Big Bird of being either male or female. It was an issue that never crossed my mind. The same could be said of the other characters on the show.

    Introducing transgender issue to pre-schoolers is a start, but LBGT issues must be continued to be taught by other means to educate children and young adults. The schools will not touch it,especially in the US Bible belt area, as it is a hot potato topic.

    Now try to get adults today to at least tolerate Trans people is harder then getting kids to do the same.

  18. Cathy K says:

    This is a wonderful approach to teaching the world, young and old, about tolerance and love regardless of diversity. Sesame Street has always been about teaching and educating, the issues of transgenderism, HIV positive living, and homelessness are real life issues that children need to recognize so that they don’t turn into their ANGRY HATEFUL PARENTS. Kudos to the producers of Sesame Street for continuing to educate our society in realistic ways.

  19. Percy says:

    Then we wonder why there are so many kids that are “confused” its stuff like this that blows me away.

    • Jared says:

      right.. because before sesame street children weren’t “confused” about their gender identity until Big Bird told them about it? I didn’t have this episode when I was “confused” about my gender as a 4-9 year old. I instead had Christian morales and beliefs looking down on me and my character and a snuggie weaved from guilt

  20. puggles says:

    You people are so stupid…

  21. Kimmy Cronk says:

    Kids have a great big heart if the parents can just lets kids learn about different types of people from the gay community they wouldn’t go out there and beat/bully someone just because there a little different there got to a stop of the hate why not with the kids

  22. Brian says:

    Fine…. I am good with the lessons of a transgender Big Bird….. But Elmo masturbating!!!!! I don’t see that kids at such a young age would learn anything…. And why mess with Elmo.

  23. Kathy miller says:

    I think this is a REALLY BAD IDEA!!!!! If this happens you’re gonna screw up lil kids minds real badBOOOOOO! To you !!!!

  24. bigberd says:

    Remember when the guy who plays elmo elicited underaged gay sex from company computers? SO PROGRESSIVE.

  25. someone with some common sense says:

    Stupid, stupid, people are so stupid. I can understand that maybe one or two characters on the show, like Bert and Ernie, could be gay, but this is teaching children that ALL people are like this. This is so far from the truth that it makes me gag. Yes, there are people like this and they should not be discriminated against, but please stop gagging me with all this forced gay crap!!!!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Gay and transgendered are not the same issue. Sesame Street does a pretty good job teaching kids that all people are people, minimizing the this kind/ that kind of argument about judging particular groups of people, that is something that parents get to teach their kids, irregardless of what a cookie monster tells them on a TV show.

    • Big D says:

      “please stop gagging me with all this forced gay crap!” – HA HA HA !!!! If you have to beg for it on a comment thread like this… you are truly sad. Come out of the closet, go to a gay bar and meet someone respectable… instead of being a closet bondage queen. I mean really.

  26. Tommy says:

    Next up, one of their characters will be a rapist/murderer. Cause, they’re people too!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Well, maybe not a rapist or murderer, but an excon(oscar looks like he might have done time) of some kind might have a teachable moment or two about invisible people living amongst us.

  27. Anna says:

    In my opinion, the age of Sesame Street’s target audience isn’t old enough to be introduced to topics like transgender. I think in early childhood, exposure to such things can do more to confuse them than really teach them.
    It seems that the value of tolerance can be taught to young children without exposing them to such divisive issues. This and other recent changes in Sesame Street seem more designed to reel in viewership and make a political statement.
    I realize that at some point I will be discussing sexuality with my children, but it won’t be until much closer to puberty. My children will no longer be watching Sesame Street.

  28. Sesame Snaps says:

    Can anyone share a link with the actual episode on it where Big Bird comes out as trans? Thanks!

  29. lavelle rand says:

    You guy are screwing with characters i grew up.with why is it that when we as adults have issues with change we force it on our children,transgender bigbird,a coolie monster that doesnt eat cookies! Its a childrens show why are we making children deal with abult issues? Let them enjoy just being a kid you pnly get to be a kid once dont make them grow up to fast,please stop trying to make beloved childrens charcters reflect how we see the world because the way children view is not the same as us.

  30. g says:

    omg i love the intolerance of all the zombies who have posted their misinformed replies to SS in regards to Big Bird becoming transgender. If you don’t like what PBS is doing w SS, then don’t let your kids watch it. That way your own zombie intolerance can be perpetuated through your children and we can all continue to live in a hate filled world, now isn’t that just amazing. As the father of a 4 year old, I for one praise SS for their progressive programming in trying to show children that everyone needs to be loved and accepted for who they are. I would be extremly dissapointed as a father if, when my child grew up, was part of a mob that bullied, beat, or was involved in the cause of anyone “different” ending their existance, & would/will have no problem w ALWAYS loving my child no matter what they become. All of you zombies that posted your zombie replies on here should do the rest of the world a favor & either A) get your reproductive organs removed so you never have children ergo stopping your zombie lifestyles from infecting the rest of the world, or B) gather the entire zombie population of peers & move to some island, where you can all perpetuate your zombie lives & leave those of us in society, who want to make this world a much happier place to live, w love and acceptance for everyone, no matter what their sexual, religous, colour of skin may be.

    • lavelle rand says:

      Zombies ooook,anyway as a parent that has raised give children and have 4yr old grandchild , 4 in college and one in high school it is YOUR job as a parent to teach your children when you feel its is time.If your leaving it up t ss to teach you cgildren how to be tolerent and compassionate,caring,considerate etc.Then your only doing your only making things worst .Its not ss responsability to teach my grand daughter how to be a good person and to love and treat EVERYONE respect its her mother and fathers and the are doing a better job than ss ever could.Stop sitting your kids in front of the idiot box,unplug them and find a way to create you own dialogue with your children a tv show should not be teaching your kids about such serious subjects. And you people are preaching tolerance and all i see on this site is people taking turns slandering each other i was under the impression that you could voice your opinions with out being judged by people who have no clue who you are,sad very sad i thought we were adults,imagine if your kid read the crazy stuff you are all saying to each,what kind of questions would they ask then?

  31. Kevin says:

    I have no problem with TG/TS people or anyone else on the gender/sex spectrum. I’m a cross-dresser and have made many TG friends as the communities sometimes overlap. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the episode and I’m not a child psychologist, but would most non-transgender children understand what being trans means? How far does the episode go in explaining transgender issues? Has anyone seen it?

  32. Mark says:


  33. Laughing Lumbus says:

    All of you do realize this is a spoof news website and none of this is real, right? Really says a lot about how quick both sides are to start screaming and preaching without even the slightest bit of research on a subject.

  34. lulututu says:

    the thing i hate about stuff like this (bert and earnie secret gay lovers, etc) is that if you know your sesame, they are all supposed to be in early elementary school. there are a few younger like elmo. as children, albeit, muppets, why do they need to be sexualized at all. people that find the need to do this clealy have way too much time on their hands

  35. Petunia says:

    One story and look at all the hate people show towards one another. I assume most of you have children, but all of you should be ashamed with yourselves. Is this how you normally react to strangers…imagine how you would make your kids feel if they read your comments. People like you make me glad that I’m not raising children in this sick twisted world we live in.

  36. Amber Amber says:

    Ppl, PLEASE!
    It’s not real news – THIS IS A SATIRE SITE. http://nationalreport.net/disclaimer/

  37. lisa says:

    Do people not understand that this is a satire site? This story is not true guys. It’s just supposed to be amusing and thought provoking.

  38. BEtty says:

    Why must this be stuck in everything?? this is a child’s program… Leave sex out.. especially perverted sex… My gosh.. Big bird is just a bird… the show is for preschoolers… Sick and tired of having the homo transgender issue shoved down our throats

  39. Lee says:

    Why Big Bird? You could have just had a new person or muppet on Sesame Street. That’s what you normally do.

  40. transvestite says:

    ) You practically need to be an AP Calculus stud just to keep track of how many cross-dressing references there are in contemporary television and film.
    In the first case, the sadistic behaviors and impulses take
    place within the context of a consensual sexual relationship,
    such as that of S&M. Lady Ga – Ga collaborated with Giorgio Armani for this collection.

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