Reformed Homosexual Antoine Dodson Tweets of Impending Baby-Daddy-Dom


Antoine Dodson Will Make A Fantastic Father As A Reformed Homosexual

<NR>Antoine Dodson, the former flaming rainbow child and star of the “Bed Intruder” video that went viral faster than a case of the clap in a bath house has announced he is to be a father.

Dodson renounced his limp-wristed ways and became a Hebrew Israelite after facing criticism and embarrassment from friends and family members over his public appearances where he sashayed and flounced about like a tarted up sparkle pony on 50 hits of molly.

Antoine Dodson expressed remorse after getting chewed out by disgruntled family members for his hyper-effeminate public displays and vowed to change. He ditched the wigs and glitter for more masculine attire. He devoured the bible like a starving child unleashed on an all-you-can-eat buffet. He chanted affirmations day and night, night and day, in an effort to kindle a hankering for shapely female bodies, rather than sweaty muscular male ones.

Once he had meticulously cleansed every last morsel of gaydom from his soul, he hit the ground running more powerful than a testosterone soaked locomotive in search of the nearest womb in which to implant his red-blooded, heterosexual stallion seed.

Antoine Dodson now beams with pride as his little zygote sits marinating in the guts of some lucky lady. If his little baby happens to come down with a case of the gays, he will have a daddy who can steer him in the right direction. The godly direction.

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2 Responses to "Reformed Homosexual Antoine Dodson Tweets of Impending Baby-Daddy-Dom"

  1. I for one am proud of Antione for transvaginalling his homosexuality to the righteous path. First Kayne, now American hero Dotson – showing that sex isn’t all fun and games, it’s about responsibly reproducting. If we can turn a frown upside down, then gays can have babies of their own.

    It’s just all so beautiful, I may cry now.