Alabama School – “Jesus Not Welcome at Christmas”; Common Core to Blame

Dothan<National Report>Dothan, AL — The parents of a Mayflower Middle School student in Dothan, Alabama are in shock after reading a note sent home with their child regarding the schools upcoming “holiday program”. The note, sent by the school’s administration read in part:

“The Mayflower Middle School has begun preparations for this years holiday program.  Under new federal regulations handed down through the Common Core standards, all publicly funded schools are required to be compliant with “religious tolerance” guidelines.  As a result, all religious songs/activities will be EXCLUDED from this years event in order to remain inclusive to those who may not practice Christianity.”

Upon reading the letter, parents James and Carol Fletcher were understandably outraged.  “While the male students at the school are encouraged to ‘jingle bells’ they are prohibited from expressing their love for our Savior.  I simply don’t understand how anyone could find offense with the Christmas season”, said Mr. Fletcher.

Mayflower Principal Robert Randolph responded to the story, which first broke on Fox News, at a press conference on Friday afternoon.  “I’m not sure what the big deal is here.  Folks have been talking about Common Core for a while now, but haven’t realized the implications of these new regulations.  There are no songs celebrating Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and Muslims, what makes Christians so special?”, said Randolph.

Just weeks before, the same school celebrated the Pagen holiday of Halloween.  According to Mr. Fletcher, “It’s okay to celebrate demons, but atheists have made it forbidden to celebrate Jesus.  This is part of a larger plan by the Administration to completely remove faith from America and restrict the Constitutional rights of Christians.  This was simply a preemptive strike in the War on Christmas.”

The school is just one of many public institutions waging the annual War on Christmas.  Sarah Palin recently had her name attached to a book on the subject of the liberals War on Christmas.  In the book, titled “Good Tidings, Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas“, Palin’s ghostwriter “laments the over-commercialization and homogenization of Christmas in today’s society.”

The Superintendent of the Dothan School System, Robert Moore, was unavailable for comment.

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4 Responses to "Alabama School – “Jesus Not Welcome at Christmas”; Common Core to Blame"

  1. Zeke Gobfitz says:

    Is this the Jesus in the New Testament or the Jesus who won fifty dollars in a crap game over at the PJs?

  2. Joshua Ben Barak says:

    Keep the X in X-Men!!!

  3. dolan says:

    Alabama was the first state in the union to legalize Christmas in 1836, so if we can;t sing Christmas songs, we should ban it and make it illegal like it used to be. Also do away with the government holidays for Christmas too meaning no paid vacation for such. see how that works for the hypocrites. If you are going to ban part why not ban it altogether. This violates the state and US constitutions and if we do not stop them now, then when???? Everyone has the right of freedom of religion of their faith no matter if it is a pagan holiday such as Christmas.

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