2014 Federal Tax Refunds To Be Delayed Until October 2015

2014-09-30 03.57.51<National Report>Normally when you file your taxes whatever money is owed back to you is quickly repaid. The process of getting your money back has been made even quicker in recent years through the use of E-file and direct deposit of Federal tax rebates. But starting in 2015 Federal tax refunds for the 2014 fiscal year are going to take longer for Americans to receive. A lot longer.

The deadline to have your Federal taxes filed will remain April 15th, but under new directives issued to the IRS no refunds are to be issued before October 15th, 2015. This means that early filers who normally receive their refunds around the beginning of February will have to wait an additional 7 months longer than normal to get the money owed to them.

The directive to delay tax refunds is being championed by the Obama administration, which claims that the measure will save the Federal Government billions of dollars. Every year the Federal Government returns around 350 billion dollars of what it has collected. By withholding repayment until October the Government stands to save an estimated 30 billion dollars on borrowing costs and additional interest generated from the withheld funds.

The change is not to be applied equally though. The new rebate delay only effects those who have filled for individual income tax and payroll tax refunds. Large corporations and small businesses will still be eligible to receive whatever tax is owed to them by the Federal Government within normal historic timeframes.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended the upcoming changes to IRS tax refund policy. “It’s a minor cost saving measure initiated by the administration with bipartisan support”, said Earnest. “The recommendation to initiate this new refund structure came out of the Committee On Ways And Means, under the leadership of Republican Congressman David Camp. Absolutely zero dollars are going to be kept that is owed to hardworking Americans. All you are seeing here is a policy change streamlining the way in which the IRS structures tax refund repayments. Americans who find this objectionable can always opt to bring their tax withholding more in line with the actual taxes they will owe in the future.”

Senator Rand Paul was highly critical of the upcoming change, calling it “another heinous example of the Obama administrations misguided overreach, and the peril of a constantly growing Government”. Senator John McCain also chimed in, stating that “even though the change will save money and contribute toward reducing the deficit, it does it unfairly on the backs of working Americans”.

Indeed, many Americans have come to rely on the yearly refund they receive from the IRS: planning repairs, vacations and major purchases around it. But starting next year all those plans and purchases will have to be pushed back. The checks won’t be cut until October, whether we like it or not.


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776 Responses to "2014 Federal Tax Refunds To Be Delayed Until October 2015"

  1. Bre says:

    I totally agree with you. If this is in fact true, why have we not heard about it on the news? This isn’t something that could, or would, be kept from the millions that pay taxes. This is ridiculous, just plain dumb to me.

  2. Roland says:

    I was doing my Taxes and I was like WTF. I HAVE to pay this year? I make under 25k a year but I have to pay the government. Something isn’t right about this Tax season.

    Plus what happened to the expenses you dish out for Rent, Oil, Gas, Electric. I even got married this year and they decided to say Nope Same Sex Marriage doesn’t get a Tax benefit.

    This year is So Messed up. WAY to Screw the people who make Minimum Wages and can hardly get by each week. We pay out taxes in our Paychecks and this is what the country does to us. Because of Illegal aliens and what we pay out to them, we give them at least 3/4 of out annual salaries so they can CHEAT the SYSTEM.

    Well If they don’t get a job after a year and can’t keep it for more than 4 months I say Send them Back where they came from!

    • Patricia says:

      Are u sure it’s the illegal aliens, how u call them, because when I go grocery shopping, I see bits of all races whipping out their food stamps card, not only illegals. And trust me, those illegals how u call them, they do their share paying taxes, AND THEY DON’T GET IT BACK. ..

      • none ya says:

        illegals are not supposed to have cards anyway so what the fk are they getting stamps.e

      • Nicki says:

        Immigrants aren’t legally paying taxes if some of them are! You need a social security # to do this. I’m a single mother barely making ends meet and I pay a load of taxes, do not get insurance with my company and was denied food stamps and insurance assistance for myself and even my son. If you don’t have a legal job and aren’t paying taxes you should be denied assistance unless there is valid proof you are looking for work and its short term. Hard working people who are struggling can’t even get assistance when this comes from the tax payers! It’s complete BS!!!!!

      • Used says:

        If you must know the truth I have seen illegals trying to claim taxes. I have seen them purchase fake social security cards and get welfare on one and work under the other. I have personally seen that because I have had friends who We’re dating illegals Who have admittedly said they have done that with their families. Either Way, the government would save money by looking into all that. The average worker Can’t buy fake cards to work on one and collect welfare on the other. I am hard working veteran might I say and all this is Crap. Mexicans are the only foreigners that don’t have to Sign papers where they agree not to collect welfare for 5 Yes. I know from experience. So Yes a lot of them chat our government and needs looking into. So why are they paying taxes on fake cards?

        • Used,

          I’m with you. We need to go back to 1846 at the beginning of the US Mexican War and remind these illegals who they are and run back down south and every last one. As part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which was signed in 1848 ending the US Mexican War and with US troops surrounding Mexico City, the fact is all of Mexico was taken by conquest. The US paid Mexico $15mil for the American southwest and gave them back half of their country. And its just like a lying dirty Mexican to take your money with a smile on their face then slit your throat when you turn to leave. So if we want em’ outta here looks like we going have to go old school on em’ and run them all south… but NO US Citizens. Cowboy Up. Aztalan is a fairy tale fantasy story full of crap.

          • Jay says:

            Dude screw you. Not all Mexicans are dirty and liars! My parents, both born in Mexico, came here and made an honest living! They both became US citizens and pay taxes so don’t lump us all together and “run us back where we came from”. I understand that there are a few who take advantage of the system and try to get by but majority of them try to make it out. My parents have been here for 40 years and pay taxes so please don’t be so ignorant and lump us together. Oh and by the way, two of us (my sister and myself) served in the military. WE’RE NOT ALL BAD.

          • Jay,

            I couldn’t agree more. I grew up in an elementary school of many mixed races and I had no more knowledge about racism until I was about 12 years old. I knew many of my friends celebrated holidays I did not, I knew some looked darker or had other features that weren’t the same as white people but none of it mattered to me since the kids I’m talking about were my friends. By the time I hit the 6th grade I knew about racism and hate but it made no sense to me because I grew trust with my friends and just accepted that not everyone is the same and let it go. Still am that way. I have many friends now of different races and religions and as long as my friends & I are good I don’t care what they are or what God they worship. This is way my statement excluded Americans of Hispanic or Mexican descent. My problem is with an open border and with the wets who comes across set themselves up with the benefits and remain to return to Mexico. And I’d say what you mean when you said… “I understand that there are a few who take advantage of the system.” My reply is there are a few more than just a few.

          • Dt says:

            Well this goes to all of you talking racist bullshit. First of all all those Hispanic’s or Mexican that you guys talk about sending back, are here busting their ass working for a living. But don’t forget they are also doing the dirty work that many white bitches or crack heads don’t do , and even if they buy a fake social and all that crap they still get taxes taken away. Also if you bitches are out there applying for food stamps bitch that says alot about you, meaning you did not go to school to earn a degree. So don’t get pissed at Hispanics when they not only doing your job but also the ones graduating with a big degree in their hands. By the way Mexican’s aren’t the only imigrants

          • Dt,
            I think you misunderstood. Someone who gets pissed at Hispanics for being Hispanic is probably a scumbag racist. Someone who makes a statement about illegals simply isn’t painting all Hispanics with the wide brush you use to generalize all Hispanics. That isn’t racism, that’s identifying a specific group of people within the Hispanic community and separating them out from the larger generalized Hispanic population based on their behavior. Illegals are people who came to the US unlawfully. It identifies people who are in the US illegally and many of whom steal benefits intended for American citizens without ever contributing a nickel to the system we spend a lifetime paying into. And to correct you on your comment… “But don’t forget they are also doing the dirty work that many white bitches or crack heads don’t do.” Who do you think did those jobs before the nation was inundated by wetbacks? White people, black people Mexican people & others who did the low paying dirty work you describe. What they all shared in common with each other is that they were US citizens, and it was the wetbacks who took those jobs by agreeing to do it for less. Just because you’re not old enough to remember those days, or not educated on this subject matter doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, because it did.

          • Mosha says:

            you are a fucking idiot.

          • andrewjiang5307 says:

            Obama has really put an end to tax refunds by subsidizing your healthcare then making you pay it back when your refund comes in.

            This was NEVER a health care bill it was ALWAYS a tax and control bill. That is why this administration deliberately lied about it then and continues to lie about it now. But the “gimme free stuff” crowd lapped it up like it was chocolate. The best health care system in the world ruined by one slick talking community agitator from Chicago selling snake oil to a lot of low information, low intelligence people.

            For all those who think it is so great to have health insurance for a $100/mo. or even free (mine is up to $500/month by the way… compared to $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or $10/month renters insurance from Eagle) , what do you do when it comes to your deductible that’s $10K – $12K? Your don’t really have health insurance, you just think you do. The taxpayers will still be picking up the cost of these folks just as before but at the additional cost of their own coverage being essentially raped.

            BTW, for all those that believed Obama when he said there would be no more bailouts, think again. When the insurance companies begin to lose money on these policies, and they will, it’s written right into the law that the government will make them whole, i.e., bail them out.

          • robert says:

            I read a study where 85% of illegal aliens receive some sort of government assistance and 72% of legal aliens receive some sort of assistance. startling numbers.

          • negroid says:

            DT ..uh oh nigger alert

          • tonja says:

            Sure blame everything on blacks..smh..such small minded whites..who kills their loved ones for insurance policy money..

        • DEW says:

          The government don’t give a crap, they are being payed by corporations to let them come or they’d be gone. The only way they will be shipped is when these business people want them gone, we have a totally corrupt government and political class, they have no desire to enforce the law. We can only hope these illegals will rape or kill their families then they may get off their sorry arizes and do something.

      • Lance Gomez says:

        Did you know that 40% of people who receive food stamp benefits are white? Then 25% are black and 10% are Hispanic. So what benefits are these illegals receiving? I think you mean the anglo Americans.They are the majority of that welfare benefit just FYI. You shouldn’t speak on something you do not know about.

      • DEW says:

        The “”Wetbacks”” get the food cards on their kids who live with them, some as much as 1500-2000 a month, they lie about assets and yes they get the bank. We have three neighbor wetback families that each have from 7 to 10 kids (noise day and night with trash everywhere, and no respect for anyone else’s property) and they payed for their places outright and are constantly improving their property. See it’s a racket with these cockroaches, they get 1000 at tax time on each kid + 1500 to 2000 a month in food cards that are sold at the Mexican stores for cash, while they eat the same as they did back home in MX. Just look at who drives the nice cars and have property and homes paid for these days and all on MINIMUM WAGE JOBS (the extra payed for my US)? yea right Idiot AMERICANS, these cockroaches are NOT OUR FRIENDS and are breaking the country, OUR COUNTRY, NOT THEIRS. Don’t say they just want a better life, the AMERICANS want the LIFE THE WETBACKS HAVE.

        • Deb says:

          And when those “wetbacks” that you creepily and unnaturally know so much about grow old and die, they will be surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. You, on the other hand, will leave this Earth alone, in-between layers and layers of your own filth.

          An “old bitch” neighbor of mine who I later in life came to respect and revise my opinion of once told me, ‘You never know who might give you that last sip of water.’

          It might even be one of your neighbors who you hate and are so jealous of.

    • Ken says:

      Same Sex Marriage doesn’t get a Tax benefit? And doesn’t deserve one give it up.

      • Jeff says:

        typical douchebags like you are why our whole country and system are fucked up. Drop dead.

      • Miranda says:

        I’m sorry you’re still stuck in the archaic way of thinking that same sex marriages are undeserving. The constitution of marriage is now recognized by our own government as 2 people commenting their lives together in love. So whether you agree with it not you better get use to it. They deserve tax benefits just as much as any other married couple. It’s the adulterous, abusive a-holes that should have their rights taken away. You would probably be better off keeping your prejudice opinions to yourself. Wasn’t it not that long ago that blacks & whites had to go through the same thing? Get with the times buddy.

  3. Melissa says:

    We are not supposed to be taxed unless in a state of war. It’s in the constitution. But they never officially undeclared war at the end of WWII I believe it was. That’s how they get away with taxing everyone. However, if they want to hold money that is our’s even longer, then I think that we should be entitled to the interest from our money as well. If an employer holds back money you were supposed to be paid, they can be required to pay you the full amount owed plus interest. Granted, we’re not employees of the government or the IRS. But we should get any benefits that come from our money starting from the day we file our return.

    • ZAC says:

      we are at war thank nixon for it. we are in a war a war on drugs and thats exactly why we pay like we do and have been since the 70’s.research it.

    • Moko says:

      You may want reread the Constitution. Especially the 16th Amendment.

      And if you don’t want to pay taxes, fine. But you’re not allowed to use my roads, my parks, my libraries, or my police and fire services.

  4. Lindi says:

    Wow! I’m so shocked to hear this. I hate Obama! He’s done nothing good for America. The worst president in history! Ugh! I have a child and work at Walmart. I was looking forward to this tax season. Way to piss the people off Obama!! Americans hate you. You’re an idiot. K, rant over.

    • Nik says:

      YEAH! Get mad! And call people idiots!! HA!!! Geniuses make me happy.

    • Cyndi says:

      So I guess that you are blaming President Obama for you having a child and being employed by walmart. President Obama has done more than you and your people give him credit for but your ignorance stands in the way of seeing that. If you people just look at all of the factors then you wouldn’t be so hateful. So take a step back, find a better job, and stop blaming everyone else for how you made your life. Geesh!

      • Cyndi,
        Its clear that you’re a liberal who supports the most scandal ridden administration in history. But what caught my attention with your comment is the repeated use of the term… “you people.” What do you mean by you people? I’m guessing you’re an intolerant racist by using this offensive terminology. I suggest you use better judgement in the future when commenting here. The National Report strongly discourages racist comments from people like yourself. Thank you.

        • Zach says:

          By the ‘you people’ comments, I took it she was from another country, not a different race looking down on another. Before you judge someone else who you ‘think’ is judging another, take a breath and find out. Never assume.

        • color blind says:

          Stop believing everything you hear…im sure thats not true..taxes will be on time as planned..Also CORRECTION: GEORGE W BUSH WAS WORST PRESIDENT EVER !! I hate when all the blame placed on one person..it takes a idiot to believe that..

          • Datawesomeguy says:

            @colorblind yeah, sure, bush was bad, not that he tripled the national debt while in office, that was Obama, what has Obama done? He’s pointed the blame on the rich and rallied the poor. Sure, some are poor due to the economy, but others are poor because they’re either too stupid or lazy to work, while the rich are rich because they chose to embrace the capitalist system of America, and invest and save. Most people in my area including myself hate Obama, not because he is black, but because he’s a liar and an egotistical bastard, he does not deserve to be president and it sucks that he’ll go down in history as the first African American president. What exactly has he done? He pulled American soldiers out of Afghanistan. Sure, I’ll give him that. But he’s a spineless man. Where is the support of freedom that we Americans held so dear just 25 years ago? Why is he not defending the people of Syria and Iraq? After all, the caliphate of Isis is a dictatorship that needs to be stopped. Not to mention his spread of socialist communism. But yeah, he isn’t the worst president we’ve had since Hoover. The times make the president, and everything Obama has done, unfortunately for America, wasn’t right for the time

        • Mels says:

          “You people” equals you Obama haters who like to try to speak for everyone in America. It’s all about context. I’m not saying I like or dislike Obama (as it is no one’s business but my own, thank you), but people trying to find racism in everything is getting kind of out of control.

          • Mels,
            Thank you for commenting here. Its so sad to see how the ugly head of racism has reared its evil head among Democrats & liberals in America to expose them as the most intolerant and poorly informed people in the country. In fact your reply exposes you as both misinformed and intolerant. Mels you wrote… “You people” equals you Obama haters.” Its because of narrow minded people like yourself who’ve turned everyone who might disagree with the president’s policy on anything into a racist. You also stated, “people trying to find racism in everything is getting kind of out of control.” Who is really trying to find racism with everything? Ignorant people like you, people who fear being challenged in their beliefs, people dumb enough to say… “I’m not saying I like or dislike Obama (as it is no one’s business but my own, thank you).” I don’t care who you voted for and it sounds like you’re ashamed for having voted for whoever you did. That comment exposes your excessive narcissism and inflated ego. I’m not afraid to say I voted for Obama. Wait… why would an Obama hating person vote for a black president? That alone deep sixes your entire point and exposes more about you then it does me. Keep on trying though, I suggest you comment on things you know about, things you’ve researched before offering up your stupidity before the American people to read.

        • BigSmart says:

          Obama is keeping my tax refund because I used last year’s refund to a shotgun. He probably used the CIA and NSA to figure out I’d use this refund for a new pistol. I’m glad George Bush is running again so this won’t happen again. I bet he’ll go back and fix Iraq like Obama couldn’t.

        • Bethany says:

          This comment comes from someone who uses the word wetback…

      • kevin says:

        ok wait one second here you say that obama has done alot for this country when were and how…oh i know how you messed this country up lets take a 300 trillion dollar loan and do nothing with it and the health care act …wow….that is a messed up law right there …i do have a great job but what about the people in this country that cant aford health care and they work screw them they will get fined or even go to jail for now having health care ….obama sucks blows he needs to go away …..so i have to say obama is the worst president we ever had ……….he has done nothing for this country at all

        • Michelle Minger says:

          How is Obama considered the worst President?You all forgot about the President that was in office before him!!! Would it be different if he was another color except black ?Come on now be grown if you have a $8.25 a hour paying job that’s not his fault it’s yours. He didn’t tell you to go out there in get pregnant or settle with minum wage paying jobs.Blame yourself and your parents!

          • d says:

            how stupid are you blaming the people parent you know some people cant get high paying jobs or the jobs arent availaible to them OSAMA OBAMA IS THE WORST PRESIDENT AND DONT BELIEVE HE HAD BIN LADEN KILLED EITHER HE WAS DEAD LONG BEFORE WE WERE TOLD BUT OBAMA USED IT TO GET RE-ELECTED I HATE OBAMA BUT I LOVE MY COUNTRY

      • Obama's an idiot says:

        Obama hasn’t done shit but fuck this great country up. ..dipshits…

      • Tiff says:

        You and your people? I’m guessing you aren’t American? This can’t be a racial thing seeing as how you have no idea what this individuals race is. If you are not a citizen, why don’t you research our constitution and our rights that we are supposed to have? Then you would understand why we are upset. This isn’t America anymore. A lot of us used to be proud of America. I think we still are, but like I said this is no longer America.

      • jojol says:

        U r mentally challenged and very ignorant for making such a rude comment your mentality really shows ….so racist…

      • whitey says:

        …says the lazy, unemployed, pathetic loser who sits on her oversized as* all day eating the free food she gets from food stamps, talking on her free gov’t cell phone, being healthy

    • bob says:

      have you seen america’s numbers ? compared to america’s numbers when PRESIDENT obama took over. perhaps your having to work at walmart is more a reflection of you and less a reflection of obama

    • Ambitious says:

      Yes I do believe that the people who is due a refund wants it now rather then waiting but once again the government is not doing its best toward making us happy but have you noticed that the government is only there to control and take and has been doing such for many years. This whole system is screwed up we need to address the puppet masters behind the front man (Presidents) who are really making these decisions. Our country is ran by the unseen people/corporations, look up rocka feller and the new world order. This is by far out of our control. You can not blame the puppets blame there masters.

    • vee says:

      Your stupid! Hater. Get a better job.

      • Please use good grammar says:

        You’re stupid for not paying attention to your grammar….as well as not realizing that people can’t always get a job. Most jobs now require a year of experience from a job that requires a year of experience. So they can’t get work.

    • David says:


      It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, America is full of idiots and that is why to this day, I am so glad the electoral college elects the president.

      Those who hate and blame 100% of the country’s problems exemplify what the problem is with the American people (and those who think he is a God as well too) Pure ignorance, plain and simple. You can’t blame Obama and you can’t give him all the credit either, Remember this country is a Republic, not a dictatorship (although, having one person in power in the country could me that we actually get crap done in this country).

      I found this article when searching for tax information, and found this very comical. Just so you know, National Report has never posted real news.

  5. Stacie says:

    This doesn’t seem fair. We work all year long and for years have been able to receive a refund for our working money in a reasonable time frame. Do you realize how many people who work and still have trouble making ends meet. I am saying people who make decent money and still struggle to pay bills and put food on the table. Being a single parent is hard enough and then you see something like this on top of having to make sure you have insurance or you will be paying for that too. Maybe a new budget plan should have been in place without having to postpone our income tax refunds especially with such short notice about it. Where do we get to vote about this. People look forward to this time of year for a little breathing room and then to read something like this, you don’t think people will be angered by this. I am a working single mom who doesn’t get any state help including providing my son and myself health insurance. All I can say is something like this should be voted on and we should have been notified about this way before now. It isn’t like this is a new system, maybe a little more thought on how this country budgets money should have been put in place years ago.

  6. Keaton says:

    This just gives the government enough time to come up with a plan to keep our tax return money all together. I may have to go on welfare, food stamps, ect. Sure hope my leaky roof holds out till this fall. Oh well guess we should prepare to move to the FEMA camps next. All is well, all is well…

  7. kimberly smith says:

    I just did my taxes and am waiting in a return, on top of that I also got ld off my job at the begining of January due to not enough work. My unemployment is only half of my paycheck and I was depending on my refund to help cover my rent for February so I’m not homeless. WTF.

  8. l.d.h. says:


  9. shawn says:

    We have the wonderful president Obama to thank for yet another scheme and more bullshit.

    First you have the affordable care act that while a nice idea, was very poorly planned (not to mention privately funded – wonder who’s profiting there) and even more worse was the execution and launch. Millions of Americans lost their health insurance through their employer, mammy lost their full time status or lost their jobs as well. Meanwhile many of those using the health exchange thought they purchased insurance only to goto the doctor and find they haven’t and aren’t insured at all.

    Now our socialist government (our government died the day the government used our money to buy the banks out – one of the core principles of our democratic government, not to own any part of a public company).

    Now with no vote and no notice they are violating our rights of unreasonable taxes and tariffs, and illegally holding money that does not belong to them for an additional 7 months, without any intention of paying us any interest (totaling around 30 billion) which they intended to keep to pay off their debt.

    This country is fucked.

    You can all think Obama is wonderful, he’s a self important prick who thinks as president he can do whatever he wants.

    Now he wants to keep our money for 7 months to pay a debt not ours, and deprive us the interest and profits of our own money held without consent.

    In the real day world this would land a business in a lot of trouble.

    • Danny May says:

      We really need our tax refund… We have a family and I lost my job and I got denied for unemployment and I’m now trying to appeal it…and we have absolutely no income coming in…this is the first time we have ever had to have food stamps….and we r depending on that money for bills and car payment until I can find another job….this is Our Money…..We Work hard for….but we pay the price for all of tge Obama family trips!!! Stop the Dang Trips Obama!!! I will lost everything I got!! Obama is the worst President Ever!!!!! Your taking our God….Our Freedom…. Our money… And our peace of mind….He needs put out of office and We Americans need to Stand Up Stand Up for Our Constitutional Rights!!!!! Its Us the People who can Stop this….A Nationwho Forgets God Will Fall….We better Heed those warnings!!!

  10. sara says:

    Well you can’t get him out of office when you’ve got ignorant Americans who’ve voted for him. Most people will vote for anything if they think they’re getting something for free, what they fail to realize is when theyre running for president they’ll tell you anything to get your vote now working Americans a paying dearly for they’re ignorance. There should be a limit to which Americans can vote if you’re not knowledgeable about politics you should stay out of it.

    • Cashmere says:

      Sara u may as well go ahead and come out wit your damn rope and tree….. We have the right to vote for whoever we want to vote for while u sitting around ranting my fed refund hit my account yesterday so clearly this report is not accurate not for this year any way….

      • smith says:

        You didnt get your federal refund yesterday (01/23/2015)
        Fileing didn’t open till the 20th. So stop lying it takes more than 3 day’s to get your return no matter what….. And nice going with the rope and tree fraze. NOW WHOs THE RACIST

        • Cashmere says:

          @Smith do your research dumb ass IRS was accepting returns way before the 20 returns tht had been submitted was accepted for test batches do your research and then u have a mf seat!!

  11. Jenny says:

    You idiots do know this is not true, right? If it were true, Republicans would be behind it. Obama believes in passing out handouts, remember? lol

  12. ANGRY AMERICAN says:

    I am so mad! It is the government that has put us in debt and it is the government once again punishing us for their screw ups. I am sick and tired of watching the Obama administration put money forth to help out terrorist and destroy everything our constitution stands for to turn around and demise what respect the government had left towards us Americans.

    We the people work to pay your way in your wealthy life styles. We the people watch you criminalize the rights that we hold. We the people no longer can impeach a president. We the people were no longer given a CHOICE. We did not get to VOTE for this decision nor was it told to us. You the government, do not look for the best interest in US “the people” and nor do you share the same values US the people want in our Country.

    Terrorist take better care of their people than the Obama Administration! I wish we had a better “CHANGE” than this crap you dumb Democrats voted for! Thank you to all of the Democrats for your empowering hopes for change.

    The only great thing about this situation is… Now wealth care recipients can rely on you! (Claps her hands to you pathetic people!”

  13. chasity says:


  14. Jim says:

    This article isn’t true

  15. Bcuz i can says:

    Obama the worst President? U may need to do ur History, dont be mad at him cuz u relying on ur tax refund. Go Back To school, Lame

  16. You're all idiots says:

    One. This is false. The refunds will not be delayed at all. Two. Obama has done plenty for America and I would say is one of the best presidents we have had, Bush one and Bush two are tied for the worst. I’m white by the way so don’t just assume I’m siding with him because of race. He entered into the presidency after mr bush had spent up tons of money on nothing and destroyed just about everything and has cleaned it up better than anyone else could have.

    • BJ says:

      Thank you. Seriously. Have we even stopped looking for WMD’s yet? Is Haliburton still overseas getting rich?

      When I look at the “Editor-in-Chief”‘s comments on here, it’s no wonder this website still has a link up to a story that has been proven to be false. Hack journalism…no offense to actual journalists.

    • John says:

      Obama hasn’t done anything positive since becoming president; he’s a sorry excuse for a president, man, and human being. This delay in the American people receiving money that’s entitled to them is yet another great example of our pathetic excuse for a government.

      NOT ONCE WAS THERE A DELAY IN THE GOVERNMENT TAKING TAXES OUT OF MY PAYCHECK EACH MONTH!!!!! funny how’s there is a delay in giving the American people their money back though…..IDIOTIC and PATHETIC AMERICAN GOVERNMENT

  17. Carolyn says:

    This report is nothing more than a load of tripe. I filed on the 20th, was accepted the same day. On the 26th my refund was approved. This morning I have a direct deposit date for next week.

    This nonsense was made up just to stir up the choir. There’s a reason not a single news outlet ever reported this supposed “breaking news”, it’s fake.

    • Carolyn,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, but that hardly makes it fact. I had no problem finding this same story all over lamestream media.

      • Ashley says:

        The fact she is saying she already has a deposit date makes it a more reliable opinion then the crap posted here. Editor in chief? You should be ashamed. You are still trying to push this story as true even though people have already received refunds in their account which shows the story is a bunch of bull. You are just trying to get people worked up to share the post to push more views to your page. Shameful. What happened to people becoming writers to promote the truth instead of seeing what kind of garbage they can post to get the most views.

        • Ashley,
          I don’t see a conflict. We’ve heard from plenty of people who already have received their refund money. The article was published nearly 4 months ago. I think this story was much more timely at the time it was published. Meaning its much more likely that the IRS was referring to people who filed after a certain date. And thank you so much for your glowing review of the “shameful” effort we go through daily to bring the news to the people in a timely manner with our facts checked and reported to the public without the bias and hype you find in lamestream media today. Ashley, as America’s #1 Independent News Source we take promoting the truth very seriously. Perhaps you’d be happier switching over to Fox News where the news is delivered by a fairy from Whopperville, on Allegory Island?

  18. silly tools says:

    Why would anyone belove this when people have already recived refunds.

    • d says:

      Because a lot of people are stupid (especially the Obama lovers/voters i cant stand him hes a liar obamacare is the stupidiest law ever put on the books and hes a nigger

      • Ahole828 says:

        It’s one thing to state your political opinion…it’s another to be a complete ignorant, racist, idiot. By the way, that ignorance makes your opinion worth absolutely nothing. Worthless.

  19. Disappointed says:

    So disappointed that people get their information from non credible sites. I know ppl who have already received their refunds. And if you check with the irs site it clearly states the only refunds that will be delayed are paper refunds and that’s only by a week. People check with the correct sources before getting worked up.

    • Disappointed,
      We know people who’ve received their refunds as well. Your comment would’ve been appropriate 4 months ago when this story was first published. I believe the IRS did reference refunds filed after a certain date. Not everything is a big conspiracy.

      • Informed Citizen says:

        Let’s see some sources for your claims. Links to executive directives from the office of the President, proposed legislation by Congress, or even IRS press releases would be a start. Making up quotes doesn’t count. Don’t bother responding with your cookie-cutter “well, that’s your opinion; it was true then” response.

  20. Wil C. Fry says:

    Oddly, this didn’t turn out to be true. We got our income tax refund in eight days — the fastest we’ve ever received it, and got the same amount we got the previous year (for the same circumstances).

  21. Josh says:

    Maineee instead of you racist motherfuckers keep complaining and blaming it on fucking illegals blame it on the president lol like dont say shit to the illegal immigrants if they didnt say shit to you everybody in this country is a fucking immigrant whites came from fucking england or some shit blacks from africa hispanics from south america everybody in this bitch is a fucking immigrant so stfu u pussies nobody owns america its a free country thats why its called a free country dumb asses

    • Josh,
      Thanks for your comment. But I must challenge your ignorant view of things. You call others racists out of one side of your mouth but call black Americans “shit blacks” out the other. OK now that we’ve established that you’re a racist, why do you hug illegals unless you’re one of them? We Americans need to remember that an “illegal” is someone who is a criminal and why would any nation want more and more criminals coming in? What we need to do on this matter of illegals is to restore Operation Wetback, a highly successful US government program where the military and police do large sweeps and arrest every wetback they find and deport them by the millions out of the US. That allows real American citizens to take back the jobs they once held before millions of beaners arrived and slit their throats by agreeing to work for less. Operation Wetback lowered crime rates around the country when the government engaged the program twice before. Removing millions of these lying, thieving uneducated wetbacks restores jobs and reduces crime which is more than enough reason to reinstate the operation today.

    • colorblind says:

      Well said JOSH

  22. Native American says:

    In all reality the only ones who should be here are the Native Americans and Mexicans. Euros can go home and complain. Read a history book and then talk about who should go where!

    • Native American,
      Thank you for commenting. In reality were all here because the North American Indian tribes are a conquered people. Europeans & Americans had superior weapons which assured them a victory. But the American people today who were born here like myself are all “native American.” The archaeological record shows the tribes frequently engaged in warfare with other tribes over land and resources in order to survive. And the tribe who had superior weapons during such wars usually was the tribe who ended up winning and moving in and occupying the territory once held by the conquered tribe.
      As it has been throughout history the spoils of war go to the winners that includes land, food, water, hunting grounds, minerals, etc. So the American people do have a right to be here, they did nothing different then one tribe was willing to do to another, though Indian tribes in the U.S. today often don’t reveal this data for the clear fact they need to have the so-called “evil white man” in their story telling so they can demonize Americans today and continue to make themselves out as victims though they are as capable as any American of European descent.

  23. cinimod says:

    This is bull!! Bull doodoo i say!!

  24. Romeo says:

    Its october 17 2015 still no refund.

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