15 Year Old Who “SWATTED” Gamer Convicted Of Domestic Terrorism; 25 Years To Life In Federal Prison

DeQuincy, LA — What many teenagers these days are considering a harmless prank, has landed one online gamer in more trouble than he could have ever imagined. In a Louisiana courtroom today, 15-year-old Paul Horner broke down in tears after a judge found the young man guilty on two counts of domestic terrorism and was sentenced to twenty-five years to life in federal prison.

Horner is the first person in history to be charged with what is known as ‘swatting‘, a growing trend in which a person anonymously files a false police report, such as a murder or bomb threat, in hopes of provoking the police to raid an individual’s home or business. Prosecutors in the case proved that Horner called in multiple false threats against rival online gamers, resulting in SWAT team raids of their residence.

“Swatting” is a new fad among gamers targeting those who “livestream“, broadcasting themselves and their game play live over the Internet to fans and in-game rivals alike. If a gamer is able to ascertain the personal information of a rival, by locating their IP and residential address, they will call in a dangerous threat to law enforcement and watch as the “livestreamer’s” house is forcibly entered by police.

The practice of “SWATTING” was recently brought to national attention by the YouTube video: The Creatures (Kootra) got SWAT Raided (SWATTED) #FreeKootra2014. Law Enforcement agencies say that the practice, which has been occurring with increasing frequency since 2013, wastes valuable resources and places innocent people in harm’s way. The 2014 incident, which resulted in the charges against Horner, are a prime example of this.

Defense lawyers told the courtroom that Horner, who goes by the gamertag BadAssDwg69, was upset after being repeatedly beaten by a fellow gamer at Battlefield 4. After obtaining the rival gamers information, prosecutors say Horner called police and reported a murder/hostage situation at the home. SWAT team then raided the house, shooting and critically injuring the “Livestreamer’s” father in the process. Following an investigation of the incident, Horner was charged as an adult, using provisions of the 2001 Patriot Act. Horner’s guilty charge stems from two counts of domestic terrorism, related to his manipulation of an enforcement response, and injuries to innocents resulting from those actions.

Prosecutors played audio of Horner’s 911 phone call to the jury:

“I just shot and killed four people. If any police enter my home I will kill them too,” the statement read in part.

During closing arguments, prosecuting attorney Jack Phillips explained the state’s assessment of Horner to the jury.

“There were no victims or any evidence that a shooting had taken place,” Phillips said. “Horner’s actions are pure evil, he is a menace to society and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Horner, described as affecting a brash, “hardcore” persona while online was anything but throughout the trial. At multiple times Horner broke down into fits of sobbing hysteria and calls to his mother, to the point that the presiding Judge, Arthur Digsby, was forced to have him removed. Hearing the sentence of 25 years to life, Horner began sobbing. Judge Digsby told Horner that though he felt bad for the youth, he was ultimately responsible for his own actions.

“Ignorance of consequence because of lack of thought absolves no one”, the Judge told Horner. “Thinking that your actions were only a prank did not make them only a prank.”

Raids by SWAT teams are known as the most dangerous work law enforcement can do. On December 19th of last year, near Somerville, Texas, a SWAT team deputy was shot and killed during an attempt to serve a no-knock warrant. Just before 6:00 A.M., SWAT team members entered the home of Henry Goedrich Magee. They were there to serve a warrant which would permit the team to search the mobile home in which Magee and his pregnant girlfriend were living. Reacting to the pre-dawn, forced entry, Magee grabbed a rifle propped against a bedroom door frame and fired at the unidentified intruders, killing 31 year old sheriff’s deputy Adam Sowders.

Judge Digsby finished his sentencing as he went on to admonish anyone who would try to emulate such idiocy.

“Leave your petty pride in the realm of digital fantasy where it is still safe,” Digsby said. “Because, as young mister Horner has learned, actions in the real world don’t have a reset button. And every parent should make sure their children understand that.”


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494 Responses to "15 Year Old Who “SWATTED” Gamer Convicted Of Domestic Terrorism; 25 Years To Life In Federal Prison"

  1. Kasaar says:

    I giggle at the comments…so sincere.

  2. TheBest says:

    You fuckin’ retards forgot that this kid didn’t shoot the father. a trigger happy, waste of life cop did. THAT is who needs to be punished. The kid should be banned from video games for 10 years and should also have 500,000 hours of community service. Period. Americans are truly braindead for thinking that their money is being spent intelligently in this way

    • brandon says:

      …..500,000 hours is 57 straight years (24 hours periods or 20833 days non stop). saying he would only work 10 hours a day i would take him 140 years to finish. and banning someone from gaming is retarded…..now cutting there thumbs off so they cant game and have a constant reminder of his stupidity would be more interesting. better yet, cut his thumbs off and make him point man on no knock warrants, imagine the bs that could be avoided if we started using stupid people a disposable human shields and test dummies.

    • TonysTake says:

      You didn’t give a lot of thought to your comment, didja TheBest…? Next time you try and think, be sure your brain is washed on the gentile cycle and drip dried.

    • TheBest says:

      “for thinking that their money is being spent intelligently in this way” Your english is so fucking awkward. Did you learn how to write all on your own? awwwwhh poor baby :(

      Trying to defend an hero? lmao

    • jowkc says:


      Well you’re obviously the best at being an idiot.

    • anon says:

      You’re an idiot, why would the cop be punished? The distress call that they received was, “I just shot and killed four people. If any police enter my home I will kill them too.”. It’s good practice that the cop shot the father because for all the cops know, the people in the household were willing to kill the cops. To the cops, it was either kill or be killed; they didn’t know it wasn’t a life or death situation. So pack up your cop hating act and fuck off.

      • Gary O says:

        What the cop did isn’t the point. The point of all of this is that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Sending an innocent 15 year old kid to prison for 25 years for a prank is not going to solve anything. There is no reason, that I am aware of, to think that this kid is or ever will be a danger to society. I agree that his actions deserve punishment but a realistic punishment might have been 6 months in jail and 5 years of probation. And even that would be severe. To sentence the kid to 25 years is unjustifiable murder! I think the Judge should be charged with murder and sent to prison for the rest of his life! But we can’t charge evil judges with crimes like this? Why?

        • Marshal says:

          Innocent prank? Mother fucker he got somebody SHOT. He may as well have pulled the trigger himself and got exactly what he deserved. That is far, far from innocent in my book.

        • Dave says:

          So Sending in the swat team is now a fuckin PRANK??

          Your an idiot for even thinking that setting a guy up to be swatted and saying that he has KILLED 4 people already is a fuckin PRANK.

          Innocent? Like Osama was innocent? Like Dahmer was innocent? Like Ted Bundy was innocent??

          2 counts of terrorism got him 25 years TO LIFE.

          The judge was totally correct in sentencing the Poor , baby to jail where he will become a pass around piece of ass.

          • Poo says:

            Osama, Dahmer, Bundy, all took credit for their crimes

          • cheryl says:

            My family has endured this crap twice. Marshall is right on! I think they need to go to jail even if no one is hurt and their dumb ass parents should be paying for the resources that have been waisted.

          • OldGuy says:

            Needs to happen alot more, lil bitches on the interwebs think they are bad ass. I can think of 100s of lil nerds that act just like that punk

        • Toogoobe says:

          Seeing how this was the first time anyone has been convicted and sentenced for swatting, this Judge was obviously trying to set a judicial precedence that will paint swatting as a severe crime against society and deter future swatters from repeating this sad sack’s actions. The precedence that this judge’s sentence creates will more than likely be invoked many many times in any future court cases involving similar circumstances.

          Everyone, especially the judge, is fully expecting the sentence to be later reduced to a more reasonable punishment through a future appellate court decision. As a matter of fact, the judge is probably counting on it.

        • WTF says:

          I’m sorry Gary O, did you just say an “innocent 15yr.old”? The only innocent 15yr.old is one that has not committed a crime. Since he is not an innocent 15yr.old,maybe they should throw the parents in prison instead, since they obviously did a shitty job raising him. Would that make you feel better? Because someone has to “pay” for the “crime” that “has” been commited.

          • Sam says:

            I hope you realize that what the kid did was domestic TERRORISM. Last time I checked terrorism was a capital crime. So tell me again why should they reduce this kids sentence? Because I think he needs a more severe punishment. Now I’m not much older than that kid and when I was 15, doing something like this as a “prank” would have never crossed my mind and neither would any of the people who I have talked to. The kid is 15, if he doesn’t know right from wrong then it’s his fault for not having common sense.

    • Archone says:

      I’m completely opposed to the use of no-knock warrants as a complete and utter violation of the bill of rights, of just behavior, and pure pragmatism (it’s a stupid way to arrest someone)… but the cop in this case was merely a weapon. The kid aimed the cops at the father. He even went out of his way to convince the cops that they were dealing with a situation involving a man who was armed and dangerous and ready to shoot anything that moved. In this case it wasn’t a no-knock warrant, it was “holy crap we just got a call about an armed gunman and we need to go stop him from murdering anyone else.”

    • Joe says:


      You are probably the dumbest fuck I have ever read a comment from. People like you is why the kids now a days think they can do whatever they want. The kids should go to jail.

    • Chris says:

      you say that but all we need if for someone to get killed when this stuff happens and then you’ll be singing a different tone

    • Bill Richardson says:

      Yes this money is well spent… Regardless of whether or not the response directly caused the death is irrelevant… The point of punishment is not just to punish, it is also to deter others from committing the same crime. If someone is threatening to kill small children and the police swat team saves them – You would be congratulating them… That would not change the fact that such a response was dangerous to all involved and to innocents as well… It could also have gone wrong, ending in the deaths of the children, innocents or officers. In this case and others, you are talking about someone forcing such a dangerous response on unwitting innocents and officers for no reason. If police woke a law abiding gun owner up in the middle of the night because they are falsely told that lives are in danger, they may very well be confronted by an armed person approaching them (thinking they are home invaders) and lives could be lost. Both parties might be acting responsibly, the police presented with an armed threat and the homeowner protecting his family, but the reason would be one dangerous person who called in the false report. Idiotic teenagers need to know that when they endanger the lives of others, they will pay a heavy price. We would have much less crime in this country if we really punished those who break the law, instead of giving them light (if any) punishments and country club prisons (that they keep coming back to)… Prison should be a place you want to avoid, not someplace you expect to return to. Just look at the plague of identity theft we are experiencing… It puts innocent people through hell and is rarely punished, as offenders repeat the same crime on hundreds of victims each… Do you think this would occur if prior to a jail sentence, these criminals were caned in the public square and then left out there in chains for two weeks with a sign above them stating their crime? Yeah… watch the numbers drop to near zero.

    • jrf says:

      your a fucking moron someone got shot because this retarded kid did something super dumb. At the age of 15 he knows better he is just a fucking sociopathic idiot like a lot of the gaming comunity.

      • Brent Holman says:

        I was taught right from wrong by the time I was 2. Kids these days.
        Should bill the parents for the cost, & they should be on the hook for civil penalties, if not criminal penalties. Wanna NOT immunize your kid maybe?
        And then let them do this?
        Think of the implications of these things.

    • Xiro says:

      Is this is a legitimate feeling? Are you kidding me? You’re going to blame the SWAT officer for doing their job.

      They NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE in the first place, but that dipshit teenager was the one who made the phone call. He created a fake scenario and wasn’t capable of the common sense required to understand what might happen. All the police understood was that there was a murder-hostage scenario, and that their lives could be in danger if they didn’t act appropriately.

      And don’t come back with a “well they should have been trained to identify he wasn’t a threat” bullshit response. For all we know, the father was holding something that could have been a gun in their eyes, and when you think you’re in actual danger, you have to react immediately. You don’t get to look and think for a few seconds, you just react the best you can. But I bet you don’t know shit about what its like to be a police.

      It’s like if the president ordered a nuclear strike on China as a “joke”. Are they going to blame the person in the plane who dropped the bomb? Fucking of course not, they’re going to blame the person who told them to do that shit in the first place.

      I don’t know what country you’re from, but if you’re a Canadian, please leave Canada immediately, as I don’t want to be put in the same group as a tactless retard like yourself.

  3. Cynthia Matthe4ws says:

    What is wrong here is that the Fourth Amendment in not followed! Leads should be investigated and then warrants issued. We should NOT have these SWAT team raids that do not have warrants! This caused the death of the officer! Also, the sentence for the 15 year old is too harsh and that is against our “Cruel and unusual punishment.” The punishment rightly belongs to the government that has initiated policies and procedures violating th4e Fourth Amendment!

    • Jack says:

      The problem with this type of SWAT operation is that the threat to innocent life or officer safety often take precedence over getting a warrant. It’s called “exigent circumstances.” While this individual story is fake and stated as such by The National Report (i.e. the story’s publisher), this type of incident has happened before, to various celebrities and, most notably in the gaming community, to Kootra about a month ago. It’s a stupid and dangerous prank.

    • Dave says:

      Really a 911 call stating that he had KILLED 4 people and will kill any cop coming in the door means you take a day or so to get a search warrant?

      God gave you a brain, use it.

      No cop died in this SWAT’ing, read the story.

      A deputy was killed serving a “no-knock” warrant in Texas.

      The poor slobbery baby got what he deserved.

      He was lucky no one died or it would have become a capitol offense. (for you slow people that means the death penalty applies)

  4. Tony Jordan says:

    One question: why didn’t the police verify the call came from the house they were going to SWAT before SWATTING?

    • Chidi says:

      that is really true. if he did call the police as a threat and the police called back, he would not deny it now would he. just by calling they could have saved resources. personally i think the idiot swatting deserves a long time in jail.

    • Riley says:

      Swatters can make the call look as though it come a certain number, and who is checking number when there is a call saying 4 people are dead would you want them to be sitting around checking numbers if this really happened.

  5. tom thumb says:

    Agree with most comments. If someone enters a home without notifying the home owner they should expect to be confronted regardless of who they they THINK they are. I agree that severe action should be taken against the teen, but the sentencing was grossly misused. The definition of terrorism is as follows: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    • mooper says:

      well if you want to get technical about it:

      Violence – “I just shot and killed four people. If any police enter my home I will kill them too,”

      Intimidation – ‘swatting‘, a growing trend in which a person anonymously files a false police report, such as a murder or bomb threat, in hopes of **provoking** the police to raid an individual’s home or business.

      Politics – Wildly misunderstood consequences for the overall goal of taking down a rival gamer or opponent in order to get ahead in the online gaming world where competition, streaming, and views are everything.

      There are politics in gaming, whether they are played out by 15 year olds or 50 years olds, they may not all coincide with the real world politics of government or anything else, but they exist, and have incentives and consequences just like anything else as shown here.

      There you go. Terrorism.

  6. RR says:

    Ok, some people blame the cops and say “they shot the dad cause they are trigger happy idiots… hur dur” but seriously here are the facts:

    He called up the 911 dispatch and said he shot 4 people and anyone entering the home would be shot too.

    This now sets the situation as a Homicide with deadly force as far as they (the police) know.

    Q: Why didn’t the cops verify where the call came from?
    A: Anyone able to figure out your Home Address and telephone number from you IP address can also Spoof your number with software to make it look like it’s coming from your residence, so the 911 computers will run a trace on the phone number being used and the victims’ address will show up on their PCs after all it’s all just DATA that can be spoofed.

    Case and point it’s hard to verify things when in a timely manor when you have what you think are more hostages lives on the line. I mean would you want the police to wait to make sure you really are being shot before they come to your house? If they did wait would you then be angry at them for taking too long in getting there?

    The idiot who called the cops and got some one SHOT through his actions, and you think that the punishment was too harsh? If I was shot cause some ass wanted to prank my kid I would hope they get the same or worse. That’s the whole reason there is such a thing as involuntary man slaughter, its when you didn’t mean to kill some one but it happens, you are still responsible for that like a drunk driver that kills a person while driving drunk.

    Yes more caution should have been taken by the police, they are in part responsible for the shooting, but given the situation you can’t say it’s all their fault.

    • mary says:

      This was the stupid actions of what society considers to be a child. Adolescents are not considered by society mature enough to make basic decisions, such as smoking, drinking or driving at night. Yet are society is absolutely willing to treat an irresponsible kid as a domestic terrorist because he was jealous of another kid. The very nature of the crime speaks to the child’s immaturity.

      His actions had tragic consequences. Our justice system is compounding these tragic consequences by sending that child to an adult jail where he will not be rehabilitated but instead simply terrorized every day. Children should be punished for serious crimes but the punishment should not be cruel and unusual, which in this case it is. Rehabilitation should be the ultimate goal for children who commit crimes. This is not justice. It is lunacy.

      • Blaze McNugget says:

        Forgetting about the fact he didn’t just come across the information by accident (More than likely he is a hacker of some kind) And he had the sense to spoof his number, to me means he KNEW what he was doing. And if you initiate a crime and innocents are hurt from YOUR actions YOU ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. As for them not knowing Where the number came from, I had phone with a Las Vegas number But I took it with me when I got reassigned to other bases I was still able to call EMS, fire and police without any issues so the Area code was irrelevant.

    • idiot. says:

      you’re an idiot …
      1. You can not trace down a addresse by “IP” this is a old missunderstanding by idiot n00bs like yourself who have no idea what they are talking about.
      not even the feds can trace down an ADDRESSE by using an ip, what they can do and are doing is :
      they can trace it down to an area & country +ISP, to get the actual addresse, you will need a court order and contact to the ISP , IDIOT
      2.”Anyone able to figure out your Home Address and telephone number from you IP address can also Spoof your number with software to make it look like it’s coming from your residence, so the 911 computers will run a trace on the phone number being used and the victims’ address will show up on their PCs after all it’s all just DATA that can be spoofed. ” are you serious? i can’t tell if your acutally retarded or not? you obviously have no idea what you are talking about…imbecile

  7. Vinny Bee says:

    This isnt real btw… the swatting actually happened but this didnt..

  8. liberal says:

    Everyone does stupid things aged 15. It doesn’t seem like a good way to spend what is going to amount to a huge amount of tax as I don’t agree that he is a serious danger to society. prison state and police brutality yet again

    • liberal says:

      ohhh wait is this like the day-to-day? god I loved that show

    • Lol says:

      Come ON! The fact that kids do stupid things does NOT make it OK to try to murder someone. Because that is what that kid did. He deserves to be punished.

      Another thing is, is there ANY reason for ANY country to have a sentence that lasts 20 years or over? If someone does something that mindless, surely he/she is sick, and should be put to treatment, like forever?

      Death sentence. Well that is a thing of countries that are below any modern norms. A country that has death sentence is wrong. You can’t fix death sentence. A wrongly sentenced individual is dead. No new evidence will fix that.

      The real reason for death sentence is that it’s (viewed) cheap way to punish. In reality, it’s one of the most expensive sentences there are.

      I live in a country where a life sentence is 12 years. I believe that is enough. If you have killed someone, you actually have a change to redeem yourself. Also, violence against apprehending police is minimal. The sentence can be continued, mind you, if the person in question is likely to continue his/hers bad ways.

      Also, people with brain problems are put to treatment, not jail.

  9. xxx says:

    Swatting is a potential dangerous prank and may causes deaths if anything gone wrong, so it is a very serious crime. Therefore anyone caught with swatting shall also charged with attempted murder rather than just domestic terrerisom, and aggravated/first degree murder should deaths as a result of swatting. IMO the boy should get life without parole instead of just 25 years for endangering not just the public but also SWAT team themselves.

    • John says:

      Not that I disagree with the rest of your comment. But how is the SWAT team themselves endangered when they are rushing into a house with a kid playing a video game and mom cooking dinner?

      • Reme says:

        Because if someone tries defending their house against random people bursting through the door they can get shot. It’s happened many times before, police raid the wrong house, homeowner defends themselves, cops shoot them dead.

  10. nate blanch says:

    I wish Paul Horner the best of luck!

  11. Bull Krab says:

    That’s what everyone gonna get if we mess around with our own govt.
    Not only in America, but at any country

  12. bobby says:

    look people get use to these crazy sentences for kids doing childish things..

    drugs will soon be legal everywhere for recreational use…this means 90% of inmates will be released..

    and our children will fill that void and there is nothing we can do about it

  13. James Sunderland says:

    Can someone please honestly tell me if this article is fake?

  14. dAVe says:

    America, where children are convicted like adults. What a terrible thing. Look at yourselves and what you have become.

    • John says:

      I’m sorry, are there not children in Afghanistan who shoot RPGs at fully armed men? I’m sorry wasn’t there two kids who shot up and then attempted to blow up a whole high school? Of course children are tried like adults because the crime in itself anyone with a brain would realize its not a good idea.

  15. markdavis says:

    damn battefield players !!

  16. David says:


    Stupid kids will now see that they will be held accountable for their conduct and their idiot parents who fail to teach them the penal law when our schools failed to do so.

    It was clearly FORESEEABLE that sending an armed swat team to a house where it is believed the home owner is armed and who already killed could result in an accidental shooting.

    The kid got what he deserved. If I was on that Jury, I too would hold him liable for his intentional, malicious and criminal conduct. I have NO sympathy for a person who intends to do evil.

  17. theslotz says:

    I’d say good, like my mother used to tell me, if you can’t be a good example you’ll just have to settle for being a horrible warning.
    Ideally, the fucking cop who got recorded stepping on Kootra would have also gotten himself in trouble for abusing his power and physically assaulting an unarmed person, and the incident as a whole would be raising red flags about how just “believing” people’s claims is the most retarded thing the legal system can do, men going to jail because some vindictive bitch accuses them of rape or abuse is also another problem with this ideology.

    • Chris says:

      i agree it was bad that an unarmed man was treated that way but it can’t be helped. when a swat team is called on you, you lose all your rights, and are considered a dangerous individual. you will be treated no different than a terrorist. this is so the people who need to have a swat team called on them, there are no mistakes. they go in, contain the criminals, DONE. this keeps bloodshead to a minimum. that’s why i said one day someone is going to get killed, someone is going to panic, make a “threatening” move and get killed. that is why the sentence was equivalent to say a attempt at murder case. to those saying the troller shouldn’t be sentenced so harshly, let me ask you, would you say the same to someone who tried to kill someone? why should age play a factor in an attempt at murder case when it has already been proven guilty.

  18. Winston McDaniel says:

    I’m glad that waste of life got what was coming his direction. Swatters need to be punished. Too much money being spent on a prank.

  19. Damian90 says:

    Let me get this straight. The stupid “Kid” calls not 911 but the actual police department’s full phone number, Obviously had to since his land line or cellphone would just call his local PD. Then he proceeds to tell them he has killed 4 people and would kill anyone who enters the house, I guess he then proceeded to give the full address of where he was exactly? and he gave a courtesy call to tell them of his crime from a fucking out of state cellphone. Like that is not suspicious. anyone with 2 inches of forehead would called it in, send cops not swat, reverse info cellphone, get the land line of the address provided and called. Not just fucking storm into a fucking house like that, what if the house was rigged with explosive, swat has a protocol against just barging into homes with no info on them, I believe they knew before handand did it for the rush, I do not condone what that idiot kid did he deserves 4-10 years community service every sunday tops. But what the cops did and the way it was handled showed flaws. so now if my neighbor wants to swat me I will surely die and he would get away with it because he would probably do it from a fucking payphone. come people Law enforcement has Years of experience are we to believe they were that innocent?

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